Review of Air France Hop flight Gothenburg Paris in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1553
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 11 May 24, 06:00
Arrival at 11 May 24, 08:20
AF   #48 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1005 reviews
Published on 12th May 2024


The day prior to this flight I was notified by operations that they will position me back home from Gothenburg as I was finishing my three week's duty and asked whether I had any suggestion for a flight back home. Given that KLM was asking an exorbitant amount of money for a short flight to Amsterdam which would have costed around 570 EUR for a one-way direct flight to Amsterdam. Knowing this and that operations would prefer a cheaper flight if possible, I kindly asked them to book me on Air France with a stopover for three hours in Paris Charles de Gaulle with a price tag of about 240 EUR and this also gave me a chance to fly Air France for the very first time.

About an hour later I received my tickets on my mail and realised that operations misspelled my name. After verifying this mistake, I told them that I will contact the customer service of Air France to change my surname and was done so very quickly for no additional charge. Air France did an excellent job on this and was very responsive, so well done.

So the route for today is as followed;


  • AF1553 - Economy - Gothenburg → Paris - Embraer E-190 You are here
  • AF1640 - Economy - Paris → Amsterdam - Airbus A320 Coming soon


Given that the flight is quite an early flight and I was staying at the Landvetter Airport Hotel, I decided to grab a minor bite at breakfast, which starts at 3.30 AM, before heading out to the terminal, which is about a 5 to 10 minute walk. They do however also offer a 24/7 shuttle service in case you require it, but I found it not worthy to use it for the short walking distance to be fair.

photo 20240511_035736

Arriving about 90 minutes to departure, the airport was quite deserted with about two taxi's dropping off some passengers.

photo 20240511_041450

Yet the terminal itself is a bit more lively with about six or seven flights departing around the time. Two Lufthansa's, Air France, KLM & SAS.

photo 20240511_041651

Took one of the kiosks to print my boarding pass and luggage tag. System wasn't the fastest, yet it was simple and easy to go through.

photo 20240511_041730

While the line for people trying to check in via one of the manned counter was quite busy, the luggage drop off was deserted and it only took seconds to drop my luggage by scanning your boarding pass & luggage tag.

photo 20240511_042141

Security took about 10 to 15 minutes to clear which to be fair wasn't way to crowded, yet required us to take out every single item that is liquid or electronic. Due to some construction work and the opening hours of the lounge which I can use with my priority pass, I did not opt to use it.

photo 20240511_043746-49353

Instead I did some plane spotting with this Lufthansa Airbus A320neo occupying the stand next to our aircraft with a departure to Frankfurt as LH821.

photo 20240511_043750

Another A320neo of SAS that would depart to Malaga as SK2907 about 20 minutes later than our flight and an ATR 72 of Braathens in the background that would depart to Stockholm Bromma.

photo 20240511_044122

On the other side of our aircraft was yet another Airbus A320neo of SAS that would depart an hour after our departure to Stockholm Arlanda.

photo 20240511_054743

And here is our flight for today. F-HBLR is a 14.5 year old Embraer 190 that was newly delivered to KLM Cityhopper in November 2009. An aircraft I have been on when it was flying for KLM Cityhopper as PH-EZI and even made a report about it, which you can find here.

photo 20240511_045910

Boarding was scheduled to start at 5.30 AM,  but boarding was called around 5.42 AM. Boarding though went quite speedy and was completed well in advance of our scheduled departure time. Upon entering the aircraft, we were kindly greeted by one of the flight attendants.

photo 20240511_054431

Legroom wasn't great nor bad. I guess it was sufficient for a 2 hour flight to Paris, however the cabin wasn't really the cleanest and heavy signs of wear and tear on the seat.

photo 20240511_055347

Cabin wasn't really properly cleaned either despite it being like four to five hours on ground with coffee or other stains visible.

photo 20240511_061415

So apparently someone thought it was a wise decision to dispose their chewing gum on the safety card, which to me felt like it has been there already for a while….

photo 20240511_061501

Window view from my seat.

photo 20240511_055356

Cabin view while boarding was completed.

photo 20240511_055408

Pushback was performed a minute ahead of our scheduled departure.

photo 20240511_060417photo 20240511_060504

About ten minutes past our scheduled departure we were rolling for departure from Runway 03 in a northerly direction before turning to the right to find our way southwesterly to Paris.

photo 20240511_061101photo 20240511_061220

The literature in the seat pocket contained only of a sickbag and a safety card.

photo 20240511_061454-85728

The lad next to me decided it was time to sleep and considered that he needs more space for his legs by spreading them so wide that the aisle and my side were both reduced in width. This was so unnecessary of him as he was shorter than me and I had plenty of legroom. I didn't bother much about it as it was a short flight, but don't be like this guy….

photo 20240511_061335

View of the cabin in-flight. One of the flight attendants requested the lady who sat in front of me to be swap seats with the bigger guy as she did not believe that the lady was strong enough to handle the emergency door. She didn't object to it, but was visible not pleased with the request.

photo 20240511_063941

By this time we were served a biscuit with coffee/tea or juices. I opted for a cup of coffee with a biscuit, while the friendly flight attendant kindly asked if I wanted some juice or water too. I politely declined.

photo 20240511_063811

In the descent to Paris.

photo 20240511_074617

The airspace around Paris was very active with many aircraft around us.

photo 20240511_075731

While lining up our approach for Runway 08R, we spotted this Boeing 777-300ER of EVA Air in parallel approach for Runway 09L

photo 20240511_075759

On short approach.

photo 20240511_080341

An Airbus A350-900 of Air France just landed on our runway while we were waiting to cross 08L.

photo 20240511_080622

With a very short ride to our stand next to an Embraer 170 of Hop!

photo 20240511_080914

Disembarkation followed soon after and was quickly done with the last view of our aircraft that brought us over.

photo 20240511_081525

Now it was time to position ourself to Terminal 2F for our next flight with about three hours to kill.

photo 20240511_081839

To go to the other terminals as a transit, you will need to use their bus shuttle service which runs every 9 minutes according to the tv screens.

photo 20240511_082441

Thanks for stopping by and will continue the next report upon reaching Terminal 2F.

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Air France Hop

Cabin crew8.0

Gothenburg - GOT


Paris - CDG



A decent flight from A to B with friendly flight attendants, however the state of the cabin in terms of cleanliness was poor.

Information on the route Gothenburg (GOT) Paris (CDG)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 8 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Gothenburg (GOT) → Paris (CDG).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 11 minutes.

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  • Comment 651111 by
    jettoajet GOLD 116 Comments
    Ashame about the mispelling on your ticket. I got worried for a minute but glad to see that Airfrance did a great job sorting it out!
    I have to say, even if the seats were showing some wear and tear, there is something great about flying on an Embraer 190 in a 2-2 configuration.

    space for his legs by spreading them so wide that the aisle and my side were both reduced in width.

    Oh gosh, good on you for not making a meal out of it. I definitely think I would have tapped him on the shoulder and said something (politely).

    Parallel approach??? How amazing! They definitely landed before you though didn’t they?

    Everytime I hear or see the word “Hop”, I think bunny😂

    I agree with your conclusion part, at least from the report that is. It got you from point A to point B (with a seat stretcher) and a cup of coffee with a biscuit. Compared to Chibcha’s report on LH, this seems a bit better.

    Thanks for this flight report! A very interesting read!
    • Comment 651183 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 649 Comments
      Unfortunately it happens quite often with operations as they are not used to foreign surnames and they have to book a large number of tickets in a short amount of time, so It's usually something I check first upon receiving my tickets.

      haha yeah don't get me started on Lufthansa, because the reasoning of them turning into a glorified LCC is that customers wanted to buy food to their own likings rather than receiving something for free in exchange for cheaper tickets..... The tickets never got cheaper though :).

      Yeah, it was quite fun into approach to Paris as you could spot tons of large birds in approach, but unfortunately we lost the battle against the 777 of EVA.

      Thanks for stopping by!
  • Comment 651395 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Nice report as always!

    Air France did an excellent job on this and was very responsive, so well done.

    That's great to hear. So many airlines can be a pain with issues like this and will charge exorbitant fees for name updates, even if it was an honest mistake!

    which to me felt like it has been there already for a while….

    Nasty! It's funny because I remember this being a very common thing when I was a kid (I used to see gum stuck to vomit bags mostly), but hadn't seen it in yeeears. Like I can't even remember the last time I've seen someone chew gum (though I guess some people still do to keep ears from popping in planes). Bad luck there and def makes AF's cleaning look not-so-thorough!

    I didn't bother much about it as it was a short flight, but don't be like this guy….

    Ugh, freaking "manspreading" hate rude! Close your damn legs! You didn't pay for more space, ugh. That's one of the reasons I prefer seats in bulkhead rows when flying in Y because of the tray tables in the armrests which, while reducing seat width a bit, created a nice little barrier that keeps strangers from touching legs for the most part.

    Overall kind of a meh flight, maybe would have been better on mainline, who knows.

    Thanks for sharing!

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