Review of United flight Houston Washington in Domestic First

Airline United
Flight UA1727
Seat 1F
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 03:06
Take-off 12 May 24, 07:20
Arrival at 12 May 24, 11:26
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By GOLD 245
Published on 14th May 2024


I wasn’t going to review this flight, but I was upgraded into seat 1F at the very last minute, so I decided to do so. I was first on the upgrade list, and one person had not checked in by the time boarding was completed and all of a sudden I was upgraded so I made my way from my economy plus seat in 11A to 1F, getting some stares from some passengers trying to figure out why this man was moving seats like that.
Luckily and surprisingly, there was still space in the overhead bin for my backpack.
I couldn’t get a seat or cabin overview picture today as the flight was already full when I got to my seat, of course.
The seats were the older Continental seats with the direcTV screens which means that they are old and look dated, but they are extremely well padded and comfortable. 

photo left-armrest

Shortly after taking my seat, the flight attendant offered my a PDB of water or orange juice. I, of course went with water.

Right after that, the gate agent came on to confirm that I was Mr. shivpilot14, and just checking to ensure that I was in the right seat.

At exactly 7:20, the safety video played and we began our pushback. 

photo safety-videophoto window-pic

the flight

Pretty soon after that we were taxiing out to the runway. 

photo iah-taxi

At 7:33, we were rolling down runway 15L for our departure.

photo takeoff

At 7:39, we reached 10,000 feet indicating that we were well on our way to Washington. At this point, I pulled out my tray table and used my iPad to watch some downloaded episodes of Jack Ryan. The DirecTV option is ok, but it's not Audio/Video on demand, which will be fixed when United completes its rennovations with the United NEXT interior. 

The WiFi also did not seem to work on today's flight.

photo ipad

At 7:55, a flight attendant came by to ask about my choice for breakfast of either the Belgian waffle or the maple chicken bread pudding with gravy. The second option seemed like a weird flavor combination to me so I went with the waffle, and a coffee with Bailey’s.

A moment later, hot towels were distributed. About 5 minutes after that, my coffee with baileys was served.

photo coffee

At 8:25, my meal was brought out.

photo meal

After I finished, I was pretty tired so I decided to settle into that plush, comfortable seat for a nap.

descent and arrival

I woke up at 10:24 local time when we were beginning our initial descent into Washington-Dulles.

We touched down on runway 1R at 11:00 am and arrived at gate C27 at 11:05 am, for an early arrival. 

photo appraochphoto arrival-in-iad
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Cabin crew10.0

Houston - IAH


Washington - IAD



This flight was okay for a complimentary upgrade that I received after boarding. The seat was comfortable and well padded- the only thing is that it's a very old seat, and it's truly showing its age.

The crew on this flight was excellent. They came by several times, and even asked if I needed anything else when I finished my meal.

The DirecTV option is ok, but it is not Audio/Video on demand which will change eventually with United's NEXT interior. I personally don't like the DirecTV option because the movies that are preloaded are on a reel, so you can't pause or fast forward... etc. The screens are also old. The Wifi also didn't work on today's flight, so you couldn't even use United's personal device entertainment either...

The meal was tasty, but extremely underwhelming. The croissant was rock hard (as usual), and the waffle was not a big or decent size at all. It wasn't filling. You know a meal is bad when the highlight of the meal is the pre-packaged Greek Yogurt....

Overall, this sadly, was a "normal" flight in United Domestic First. Extremely underwhelming in many ways, but the service was excellent!

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