Review of Regional Express flight Sydney Melbourne in Economy

Airline Regional Express
Flight ZL9
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 01 Apr 24, 07:00
Arrival at 01 Apr 24, 08:35
ZL 4 reviews
Published on 18th May 2024

Rex Airlines ZL9 SYDNEY - MELbourne

Flight details:
Airline: Rex Airlines
Flight: ZL9 SYD - MEL
Aircraft : Boeing 737-8FE
Seat: 4A
Depart Sydney Terminal 2 : 7:00 AM
Arrive Melbourne Tullamarine Terminal 4 : 8:35 AM
Total time: 1 hour 35 mins

Video: Rex Airlines ZL9 SYDNEY - MELbourne


This trip report is from April 2024. I would be flying to Melbourne on Regional Express [REX].


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I booked the flight through the airline website.

photo image00099

I searched the website

photo image00101

Found the time of my convenience.

photo image00100

Checked the flight information, Details were not available.

photo image00109-46038

Melbourne airport arrival information

photo image00110-81802

ONLINE Check-in

Day before departure, Logged through the website. Provided reference number to continue check-in.

photo image00103

Continued with check-in

photo image00104

Health acknowledgement was ticked.

photo image00102-61883

Provided contact number for contact tracing

photo image00105

Seat selection

photo image00106-31156

Dangerous good declaration

photo image00107

Check-in complete, boarding passed emailed.

photo image00108-47639

Received email with flight boarding pass with check-in baggage details.

photo photo113-81620

Travel to Airport

On day of travel, I took train to Central and then changed to platform 23 for Airport line.

photo 20240401_055319

Arrived at domestic terminal station and followed terminal 2 direction.

photo image00001

Following the signs, I then took escalator to Departure area.

photo image00002


Check-in for the flight was through self check kiosk. I wasn't having a check-in bag. Selected the Rex logo and then continued to the next screen.

photo image00003

I printed the boarding pass as backup.

photo image00004

Boarding pass

photo image00010


Security queue wasn't long as electronic devices don't have to be removed for x-ray. Completed security within 2 mins.

photo image00005

Departure Area

I checked the flight schedule and then walked towards the gate. Airside with near the food court.

photo image00006

Walking towards gate.

photo image00007

Terminal 2 upgraded section.

photo image00008

Walking till the end

photo image00009

Boarding gate

Passengers waiting for boarding call.

photo image00011

I checked the flightradar24 and found the aircraft details.

photo image00112-49216

Boarding for business and economy through separate lanes

photo image00012

REX VH-PAG operating ZL9 Sydney to Melbourne.

photo image00013

Sat near gate for boarding call.

photo image00014


Boarding call for business passengers

photo image00015

Soon economy passengers also called for boarding. Load was light on this flight. Probably 25 passengers in total.

photo image00016

Boarding pass scanned and allowed to continue.

photo image00017

Boarding through stairs

photo image00018

Not many to board, was quickly inside aircraft.

photo image00019


Crew at door welcoming passengers, As i was seated in the front. Found seat and got settled.

photo image00020

Cabin view as boarding continued.

photo image00021

Window view

photo image00022

Last passengers boarding

photo image00023-44396

SEAT pocket Content

Checked the seat pocket content. TrulyAus - inflight magazine, safety card, menu and air sickness bag.

photo image00024


photo image00025

Buy on Board menu

photo image00026

Meal tray

photo image00027

Waiting for door to close.

photo image00028

Individual air vents and lights.

photo image00029

Boeing 737-800 window with shades

photo image00030-91758


Cabin crew closed door and welcome announcement. Followed by Captain providing flight information. Pusback back commenced on time.

photo image00031

Crew conduced safety demonstrations followed by check.

photo image00032-65816

Airside view

photo image00033

Taxi to runway

photo image00034

Crossing runway 07-25

photo image00035

Four season Airbus parked in remote bay.

photo image00036

Sydney Air control and Shep's Mound - planespotting spot with car parked to watch the action.

photo image00037

Heading towards runway 16L.

photo image00038

No queue, quick roll on the runway for departure.

photo image00039

Sunrise as aircraft picked speed.

photo image00040

Botany port

photo image00041

View after departure

photo image00042

Flying South over the Tasman sea. Aircraft flew inland after Wollongong.

photo image00043

Cabin Service

Cabin crew announced complimentary service of tea/coffee with sweet or savoury would be provided. I chose biscuits and milk tea.

photo image00044

Buy on Board was also available from the menu.

photo image00045

I finished the tea and waited for the rubbish collection.

photo image00046

Rex Boeing 737-800NG safety card

photo image00047

Cabin was empty with my aisle neighbour having moved to different seat after the service.

photo image00048

Cabin view - plenty of space onboard.

photo image00049

Checked the recline, which was adequate for the duration the flight.

photo image00050-66399

Winglet view

photo image00051

On Approach

Flying over Victoria.

photo image00052

Captain announced descent would be commencing, crew checked the cabin.

photo image00053

Aircraft lining to land

photo image00054

Landing was on runway 27

photo image00055

View of Qantas domestic terminal and extended section of international terminal.

photo image00056

Landed earlier than schedule

photo image00057

Crossing runway 16-34, Melbourne's main runway.

photo image00058

Long taxi to gate

photo image00059

View of runway 16-34

photo image00060

Crossing the runway towards terminal gate.

photo image00061

Long taxi

photo image00062

Turning towards Terminal 4

photo image00063

International section

photo image00064

Local time

photo image00065

View of Cathay Pacific Airbus A350.

photo image00066

Arriving at gate

photo image00067

Parking next to Virgin Australia Boeing 737

photo image00068

Waiting for stairs

photo image00069

Ground crew in action

photo image00070

Stairs rolled towards aircraft

photo image00071


Passengers queued for disembarkation

photo image00072

View of aircraft

photo image00073

Inside Terminal 4

Inside terminal

photo image00074

Flight schedule

photo image00075

Planespotting towards exit

photo image00076

Walking towards exit

photo image00077

Departure schedule

photo image00079

Walking towards the exit

photo image00080

Arrival Area

Exited the departure area and walked towards the escalator to the lower level

photo image00081

As I did not have check-in bag, I looked for Skybus ticket machine.

photo image00082

Baggage collection is on lower level.

photo image00084

Melbourne Airport Bus

Melbourne does not have train to airport.  
Option is to take a taxi or bus for those without personal transport.

photo image00083

I bought bus ticket to city. Bus to city is outside the arrivals.

photo image00085

Bus has wi-fi  onboard is every few minutes to city and also to Melbourne Avalon Airport.

photo image00086

Got on board

photo image00087

Bus stops at International and Qantas domestic terminal .

photo image00088

View of Qantas jets

photo image00089

Travelling on Tullamarine freeway.

photo image00090

Video: Melbourne Skybus Ride

View of city

photo image00091

V-Line train to Geelong and skyline

photo image00092

Motorway upgrade underconstruction as Melbourne becomes largest city in Australia.

photo image00093

Arriving in Southern Cross station

photo image00094

Deboarded at last stop

photo image00095

Walking towards the station

photo image00096

Southern Cross Station

photo image00097

V-Line train platforms for regional Victoria

photo image00098

Flight Information

Aircraft information

photo image00112-44365

Aircraft rotation

photo image00111

Video: Rex Airlines ZL9 Sydney to Melbourne Route

I went for a walk in the city from Southern Cross station.
Hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip


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Regional Express

Cabin crew7.0

Sydney - SYD


Melbourne - MEL



Rex departed on time and arrived earlier than schedule. Seat was comfortable for short duration. Complimentary service was a plus. I would choose Rex again instead of Virgin or Jetstar if fare is competitive. Overall a satisfactory flight.

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