Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Stockholm in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG960
Class Economy
Seat 62A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 11:55
Take-off 26 May 24, 00:05
Arrival at 26 May 24, 07:00
TG   #48 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
By SILVER 3660
Published on 1st June 2024



Given that my wife and me usually plan a separate trip every year, I decided to go ahead to my usual destination down in Southeast Asia, while my wife fancied a trip to the Mediterranean for herself. As competition becomes fiercer by the year down to Thailand from Europe, it opens a lot of possibilities and cheap prices.

Given that there are plentiful of direct flights to Bangkok from Amsterdam both flown by KLM & EVA Air, you also have plentiful of one stop connections with many airliners and given that Air India, which I was skeptical to book at first, offered a very cheap one-way fare to Bangkok with an excellent stopover time in New Delhi, I couldn't ignore this ticket. The return was with THAI via Stockholm and resulted in a total fare of 950 EUR in both directions with luggage (without domestic flights). KLM was charging 1000 EUR without cabin luggage and EVA Air unfortunately did not fly on the days I needed them to.


As I was staying in Pattaya and my flight was departing around midnight, I pre-ordered a taxi via for about 20.15 (8.15 PM) to leave Pattaya with about a ride that will take approximately 90 minutes or so without any traffic. 

photo 20240525_205426

The chap dropped me right in front of Gate 5, which was surprisingly close to THAI's check-in counter.

photo 20240525_213957

Unlike the last time I was flying with THAI to Frankfurt, the line was deserted with many counters being open. The lady behind the counter informed/asked me whether I'd like to change my seat given that I was in the last row of the plane. I kindly asked her if someone else was occupying any seat next to me. She replied that the middle seat wasn't taken and I kindly neglected her offer to change as all other seats did require me to sit next to someone or be in one of the middle rows.

photo 20240525_214142

Check-in did not take more than a few minutes as she had to insert my documents. Boarding pass followed and she informed that I will need to proceed to gate C6 before a certain time. She also told me that luggage will be directed to Amsterdam and did not require any pick up in Stockholm.

Once those formalities were complete, I went to the upper floor through security and border control. About six months ago, this process was long and tedious, however on today's departure this caused no issue with no line at either passport and security. It does seem that Suvarnabhumi has listened to many complaints and actually managed to speed up the process.

photo 20240525_214615

Border control & Security took about five minutes to clear before being dropped in this iconic part of Suvarnabhumi. As Priority Pass gives me plenty of options to visit multiple lounges, but I decided to go to the main miracle lounge in the vicinity of Gate D5.

photo 20240525_215239

The lounge itself does offer plenty of seating, but tends to be quite crowdy at certain points of food. They do offer a variety of hot and cold food including options for halal food.

photo 20240525_215907

A tiny salad bar which limited options consisting of a few greens and some fruits.

photo 20240525_220546

On the other side of the salad bar, you can find the hot options which were all thai dishes ranging from some stir-fried veggies to curries. Warm croissants and other pastries were also available.

photo 20240525_220800

A cooking station was also available where one can choose between three different dishes.

photo 20240525_221013

The lounge is quite spacious with plenty of seating as I said previously, however they could do with some better cleaning as tables seem to be occupied by persons while in fact they weren't as dishes were left alone on the table for too long.

photo 20240525_220627

My choice of food for today's flight with the dish ''Kao Man Kai'', which I ordered from the cooking station and my favourite Thai beer LEO.

photo 20240525_221151

With boarding time approaching, I decided to leave the gate and head over to my gate for today's departure. Upon arriving to my gate, they were still not boarding.

photo 20240525_232945

Found myself a seat in the far aft corner and boarding was eventually called about ten minutes past our scheduled boarding time and went accordingly. I did not bother to jump up and proceed directly to the aircraft as we had a flight of approximately 12 hours to go.

photo 20240525_234450-81193

It was unfortunately impossible to grab a decent photo of our bird for today's departure as most of the light was reflecting.

HS-THB, the oldest Airbus A350-900 with an age of 7.8 years old was going to bring us over to Stockholm. It was newly delivered to THAI in August 2016 and is named after the districht Wichian Buri in the province Petchabun. The aircraft is capable of transporting 321 souls with 32 of them being in J class, while the remainder is in Y class. It is also powered by two powerful Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines.


Serial number:                 44
Type:                                   350-941
First flight date:               22/07/2016
Plane age:                          7.8 years
Seat configuration:         C32 Y289 Seat
Engines:                              2 x RR Trent XWB

photo 20240525_235312

Upon embarking the aircraft, I was kindly greeted by all flight attendants I came across with the last one walking me down the aisle to my seat. Given the fact that the bins were all full in my vicinity, I told the flight attendant that it was not an issue for me to keep my bag below my seat as I knew the middle seat would not be occupied.

Legroom was generous and is no issue at all and the seat itself came with a foot standard and the most important thing of my seat was that depite it being the last row, the seat had a generous recline to it.

photo 20240525_235843

Unlike Air India's Boeing 787-8 on my first flight which was around the same age, this IFE system was maintained properly and did function like it was brand new.

photo 20240525_235850

The view from my seat with a neighbouring A350 pushing back for it's departure.

photo 20240526_000725

A blanket and pillow were also awaiting for you on your seat.

photo 20240526_000430-36165

Pushback was performed about 17 minutes past our scheduled departure time and made my find my way to the tailcam which gave me a pretty nice view of the aircraft taxiing around. Definitely a feature I'd love to see on more aircraft.

photo 20240526_002822

About 30 minutes past our scheduled departure, we were departing from Runway 19R for our flight to Stockholm, which gave me an absolute beautiful view over Krung Thep.

photo 20240526_003843photo 20240526_003905

A view of the cabin during our climb out to cruise level.

photo 20240526_004449

The foot standard is definitely a nice feature if you are on the shorter side, however I did use it when the seat was in recline as the seat was tilting upwards to go into recline.

photo 20240526_004459

WiFi was available throughout the flight with the following plans. Quite on the expensive side considering that KLM for example offers free messaging throughout the entire flight and internet is often very unreliable to pay 40 USD if you opted for streaming.

photo screenshot_20240526_005029_captive-portal-login

Flight attendants were quickly out of seat to provide us with our complimentary meal & beverage service. Today's option was between chicken curry and shrimps. Unfortunately the flight attendant did not make it clear to me that the shrimp dish was served with mashed potatoes and in some sort of white sauce.

I'm glad I had some food in the lounge as I only managed to eat the shrimps and the dessert. All other things were not to my liking and did not bother to use. Wine and Soft drinks were also offered, but I politely declined as I only fancied some water, which was already served with the tray.

Starter: Salad of Ham Strips in a sour-sweet sauce
Main: Shrimps in white sauce with mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables.
Dessert: <i style="">Vanille mousse with chocolate chips
Sides: Bun with butter

photo 20240526_012611-56932

An additional beverage service was offered after meal if you fancied some more when they were busy cleaning the cabin, however I took this opportunity to grab a photo of the literature in the seat pocket in front of you, which consisted of a Duty Free Magazine, Disposal bag, a WiFi card and a safey card for the current aircraft.

photo 20240526_015420

They also handed out those shitty earphones shortly before departure…. Same shitty quality like all the other airlines.

photo 20240526_015632

Shortly after meal service, flight attendants instructed us all to lower the window blinds and this was also my queu to grab some sleep for a solid 8 to 9 hours. Woke up somewhere above Poland when it was already daylight and flight attendants were preparing for breakfast.

photo 20240526_070746

Paid a quick visit to one of the lavatories before meal service which was still quite clean as flight attendants maintained it quite regularly, however not a lot of amenities available other than some hand soap and a eau de toilette.

photo 20240526_084238-28729photo 20240526_084237-62471

After returning to my seat, flight attendants came out to provide us with our breakfast with no choice for food. The meal was the same for everyone and consisted of an omelet with sausage, some fruits, yoghurt, a bottle of water and a croissant served with butter and jam.

Main: Omelette with Sausage, Potato wedges & Veggies.
Sides: Bottle of Water, Plain Yoghurt, Fruit and a Croissant w/ Jam & Butter

photo 20240526_103506-64912

Decided to eat my breakfast while watching outside with this beautiful view.

photo 20240526_110242photo 20240526_114339

Cabin was cleaned well in advance and about thirty minutes prior to our arrival, the captain informed us that we were descending into Stockholm and thanked us for flying with THAI.

photo 20240526_115627photo 20240526_070212

Still loving the camera.

photo 20240526_115732

Short final to Runway 01L in quite a foggy Stockholm.

photo 20240526_070951photo 20240526_071057

With just a short ride to our gate. Disembarking the aircraft took quite some time though as there seemed to be some issue with the jet bridge as flight crew initially told us to remain seated as we would be towed to a different position…. In the end after 15 minutes or so, they found a solution with the jet bridge making us able to leave the aircraft from that stand.

photo 20240526_071341

Once again I had a poor shot from the aircraft that brought us over to Stockholm.

photo 20240526_073327

Disembaking was quite slow with passport control being in close vicinity to the gate. Border control wasn't the quickest, but went at a steady pace. All in all it took about 15 minutes to clear passport control from the moment I disembarked the aircraft and went on my way to connect to Amsterdam.

photo 20240526_073335

From here on I will continue with the last flight of this trip.

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An excellent flight with THAI to Stockholm that was worth the extra money. Legroom is generous, flight attendants were attentive, smiley and friendly and the A350 is offering a good product, however the catering was below average to poor with both dishes not to my likings.



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  • Comment 652587 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Much better overall experience than the AI flight on the outbound journey. Pretty crazy that both aircraft are close in age, but AI's looked so beat up and old, which Thai's is looking fresh and brand new.

    I pre-ordered a taxi via

    I use almost exclusively for hotel bookings but have always hesitated about booking transportation through booking. Do you believe it really is cheaper through booking? I mean I know it says it's discounted in the app, but I don't really ever trust that. Maybe I should give it a try sometime.

    They also handed out those shitty earphones shortly before departure…. Same shitty quality like all the other airlines.

    Haha yeah, they must all get them from the same manufacturer. I wish more airlines had bluetooth connectivity to IFE to paid airpods or bluetooth noise cancelling headphones.

    It's a shame to see the quality of the catering has diminished as THAI were known for their good catering in all cabins. And I remember before the pandemic that they served meals in china even in Y, not the aluminium like today.

    Other than that, a very nice flight and a nice option of going through ARN instead of a larger airport in Europe like FRA to connect.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 652593 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 657 Comments
      Hi Kevin,
      I was hesitant in the past by ordering a taxi via, though after a few experiences without any issue I could say I book them more for the convenience of not paying by cash and the ease of pre-booking rather than them being cheaper which in 90% of the cases is not. So far I found that you tend to pay 2 to 3 USD more in most part of Asia, which usually is the commission fee for

      Catering used to be better like two years ago when I had them on a flight to Frankfurt, however the ease of transiting via Stockholm is definitely preferred over Frankfurt I must say, but I was kinda shocked about the condition of the aircraft comparing it to my flight with Air India, which in my opinion says a lot about the airliner.

      Thanks for visiting,
      • Comment 652596 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
        Thanks for that info! I always suspected it wasn’t really cheaper. I love Booking for hotels because of the Genius Level 3 discounts, which definitely are real discounts as I always compare with price to book direct. But yeah, for anything else I’ve not used booking.
  • Comment 653107 by
    VM 12 Comments
    Thanks for the review, I've been looking for a TG A350 economy review. Looks like it was a great flight.

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