Review of JetStar Japan flight Tokyo Fukuoka in Economy

Airline JetStar Japan
Flight GK135
Class Economy
Seat 27F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 29 Jun 13, 08:55
Arrival at 29 Jun 13, 10:55
GK 16 reviews
By 3772
Published on 22nd April 2014
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone !

Here I am again offering a translation from one of my FR originally written in French. You can find it here.
I decided to translate this one to enrich the database with Japanese domestic carriers.

About this trip, I wanted to do a short trip in the south of Japan. As everyone that has been to Japan knows, trains are expensive here. A one-way train ticket to Kyûshû costs north of 20.000 JPY. And the journey lasts at least 4h. At this price, air travel can be competitive.
Before the arrival of the LCC in Japan, the market was mainly divided between JAL and ANA (including their subsidiaries). And domestic flights were mainly from HND. There was some from NRT but it was for transfer PAX with crazy high fares for domestic travel. Fares are also expensive out of HND.
Since a couple of years ago, LCC emerged in Japan. At the time of this flight, there were 3 pure LCC players: Jetstar Japan and Air Asia Japan from NRT and Peach from KIX. Since, Air Asia Japan ceased its operation due to low flight loads and Vanilla Air emerged from it. For people living in Tôkyô, going to NRT can be a pain in the *** as the airport is 60 km out of the city. But I do not live in Tôkyô… From my place, I can be in NRT after a 1h15 min drive and use reasonably priced long term car park. On the other hand, HND is about 1h30-2h far from my place by public transportation with either an irregular bus service or with trains and at least 2 transfers…
For me, NRT offers then cheaper flying options with LCC and is more convenient. No hesitations, I will fly out of NRT.

I left my place in the early morning and headed for Narita International Airport. I left my car at the car park and the shuttle dropped me off at the Terminal 2. As already mentioned in many FR out of NRT, there is an identity check to enter the airport zone: kind of a toll gate by car or at the station by train. It is an heritage from the violent demonstration by local farmers against the construction of the airport. This opposition is lasting against the airport extension.
Anyway, here I am at the T2 which I do not know as I only flew out of T1 up to now.
photo DSCN0769_zps4ee6d8c7

Inside, the terminal is not really bright.
photo DSCN0770_zps169f5a93

photo DSCN0771_zps7572f1cc

And here the departure schedule.
photo DSCN0772_zpse04361e8

Hey! Only international flights are displayed!?! Where are domestic flights? I looked for signs but did not find any. After asking, I was indicated to join an extremity of the terminal by walking through a loooooooong coooooooorridor.
photo DSCN0774_zps202f24d9

photo DSCN0776_zps1136024a

Passing over the arrivals lobby.
photo DSCN0775_zps582cb054

And here we are. With this bright orange, I am sure it is Jetstar! You can feel the low-cost atmosphere by looking at the ceiling.
photo DSCN0777_zps3100f499

Unlike some European LCC, the luggage size can be checked in a metallic apparatus, not paper one.
photo DSCN0778_zps5c431356

Ah, finally, the domestic departures!
photo DSCN0779_zps667b87a7

Security lines.
photo DSCN0780_zps75c62ef3

And the departure lobby after security screening.
photo DSCN0781_zps9a8b4454

Only 2 small shops without much choice.
photo DSCN0782_zpsbbeaabf5

Once again, the departures. Ok, I have a short hour to kill.
photo DSCN0783_zpsa00de842

Let see if there is anything to kill the time and not myself while waiting. It does not start well…
photo DSCN0784_zps0e7ee7b6

At least, there is a lounge. It might be important for the JL elite PAX who are flying GK thanks to the code-share agreement.
photo DSCN0785_zps93772828

Another long corridor.
photo DSCN0786_zpsfd1c2b50

photo DSCN0787_zps88eaaf40

Ok, there is probably not much further.
photo DSCN0788_zps62994495

Finally, this corridor is not completely blind! There is a window at its end on the operations. Hurrah! With local traffic.
photo DSCN0789_zps835135c8

photo DSCN0790_zps8f09020b

photo DSCN0796_zpscd71cfef

It is finally time to board. Passing boarding gates with jetbridge
photo DSCN0800_zps9392b277

In the end, going downstairs to arrive in the PAX-bus boarding lobby.
photo DSCN0801_zps6f0a5083

Some activity for my flight.
photo DSCN0802_zpse53b779c

Hopefully, the bus does not look too mean.
photo DSCN0804_zps9c4d87cb

Heading for the plane!
photo DSCN0805_zps90654234

Onboard, it looks a bit like the Tôkyô Metro at peak hours.
photo DSCN0807_zps6d542fea

photo DSCN0809_zps3e76ed50

photo DSCN0810_zps925e4c71

And here we are, close to the airplane, an A320.
photo DSCN0811_zps5747a8df

photo DSCN0813_zps691ac866

photo DSCN0815_zps67d589cd

photo DSCN0816_zps69ab8efd

Installation. It had been awhile I did not board an A320 but it stinks the LCC from the seats to the lighting.
photo DSCN0827_zps8075262c

Safety demonstrations. Hopefully, I found the safety card as demo was only made in Japanese.
photo DSCN0818_zps30d93636

photo DSCN0819_zps28f4f69d

The plane is about to leave the Jetstar farm.
photo DSCN0832_zps9c997bc3

And after a short taxi, it is time for the take-off roll!
photo DSCN0830_zps75816e17

photo DSCN0836_zps8a617a25

photo DSCN0837_zps718a74db

Climbing through the clouds.
photo DSCN0839_zps8c8b69ae

And then emerged.
photo DSCN0844_zpscdb8fb7f

Let examine the content of the seat pocket. Of the front-neighbor-headrest would be more appropriated.
photo DSCN0825_zps0ecfb87f

Jetstar magazine. 95% in Japanese.
photo DSCN0820_zps553c3a6b

And the Buy-On-Board menu. Today 1 EUR = 140 JPY, 1 USD = 100 JPY.
photo DSCN0823_zpsef18156f

photo DSCN0822_zps9002b8b5

photo DSCN0821_zpsb77eadcb

And now, the seat. The pitch cannot be described as generous. My knees are massing the back of my neighbor. I should have asked him a fee for this free seat function^^
photo DSCN0824_zps3640895f

Some are lucky with a translation in Japanese… Also called an heritage of the previous owner.
photo DSCN0845_zpsd7cf8675

photo DSCN0846_zps7d753ed3

Hopefully, I have my own IFE.
photo DSCN0848_zps6a389b71

And a second own IFE, aka the window.
photo DSCN0849_zps9f867df4

photo DSCN0850_zpsa1d97010

photo DSCN0852_zpsa340d901

photo DSCN0855_zps6ce7ad6b

photo DSCN0863_zps25e91c56

The captain announced final descent and the crew prepared the cabin. Even if we were well above 10,000 ft, the stewardess coldly asked me to turn off my IFE. Which I did reluctantly.

Going through the clouds and approach.
photo DSCN0865_zpsc67307b4

photo DSCN0867_zps928058c6

photo DSCN0869_zps7bea2e88

Unlike NRT, FUK is in the city center.
photo DSCN0870_zps9d5a0764

photo DSCN0871_zps390fde7a

photo DSCN0872_zpsa483d287

photo DSCN0873_zps270ca838

And the runway !
photo DSCN0874_zps6049641e

Our neighbors.
photo DSCN0883_zpsb62d4ced

The less than a year old JA06JJ performed this flight.
photo DSCN0887_zps8ada7ce7

Across the only runway is the international terminal. I could spot 2 I appreciate.
photo DSCN0888_zps729274f5

photo DSCN0886_zps0a48ecc5

Some ground agents asked to proceed. Time to exit then.
photo DSCN0889_zps16fe47f0

This corridor yields to the luggage belt. On the other side of the windows is the domestic departures area.
photo DSCN0890_zps3eb13430

The shorter the better.
photo DSCN0894_zps77c57a79

And the arrival lobby has not a higher ceiling.
photo DSCN0895_zpsa3f27b08

photo DSCN0896_zps4ae8bb3f

And now, a short bonus about Fukuoka.
Let start not with Fukuoka but with Daizaifu, slightly outside of the city. Peaceful!
photo IMG_0549_zps7b24d1a1

photo IMG_0545_zps569f5e9c

photo DSCN0915_zpsf849773c

photo DSCN0901_zpsd0755d64

photo DSCN0905_zpsf9b48d2a

Back to the city with THE Fukuoka Tower. The presence of the airport within the city limits restricts building heights.
photo DSCN0921_zpseb04dafb

And the close beach.
photo DSCN0923_zps0a3cd07e

Fukuoka has many canals. Some huge, some less.
photo DSCN0998_zps35ed1ef5

photo DSCN0931_zps4f56d549

And right in the center, close to the castle, a huge park where it is forbidden to urinate, I think^^
photo DSCN0932_zps373328a0

photo DSCN0949_zpsa2542879

photo DSCN0933_zps21a2f63a

A few more pictures.
photo DSCN0969_zpsbaffd219

photo DSCN0976_zps8ebd9a50

photo DSCN0981_zpsd2933b9f

photo DSCN0990_zpsf4b7b763

And cherry on the cake, I found where the Finnair logo designer retired.
photo IMG_0561_zpscecc4c6d

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It is clearly not a domestic airport. The airside area is poor with nothing to do to kill time. Hopefully, you can arrive at the airport just on time for your flight as controls are as smooth as for international departures.

Clearly old airport but really convenient as it is right in the city center!

The first impression with GK is disappointment.
First, about the pricing. It was close to European flagship airlines but the comfort was really LCC.
Nothing special about punctuality.
Comfort is inexistent with knees in the “front back”.
Crew: No contact on the ground where you can check-in for free. No identity check. Onboard, the crew did its job but really no fuss.
BOB: I had a coffee which was Ok. The pricing looks decent.

I will try to translate my other FR on GK, CTS-NRT to give another opinion.
As usual, feel free to leave a (nice or less nice) comment!
C U!



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    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for this new addition to the English side. It's great to see more LCC's in the Japanese market.

    Wonderful pictures, especially the aerials views and bonus destination. Some of your images convey the serene beauty and sense of tranquility that Japan is well known for.

    The prices for buy on board are not too bad and is on par with U.S. domestic carriers, although I think the quality of the food at Jetstar might be a bit higher.
  • Comment 106560 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report! I always thought Jetstar was better...they seem to have a cool and hip image, but the reality is kinda disappointing. There's gotta be a better way to FUK :-) I know I'm aweful and tacky...I had to do it. Nice bonus pics!

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