Review of AirAsia Japan flight Fukuoka Tokyo in Economy

Airline AirAsia Japan
Flight JW8544
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 01 Jul 13, 14:15
Arrival at 01 Jul 13, 16:05
JW 2 reviews
By 3136
Published on 23rd April 2014
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Here I am again for another report on a Japanese domestic flight. This time, it is on the late AirAsia Japan which ceased its operation last October. And it is the return of the previous Jetstar Japan report.
Here is the complicated routing I followed.
  1. Tôkyô Narita NRT – Fukuoka FUK, Jetstar Japan GK135, Airbus A320
  2. Fukuoka FUK – Tôkyô Narita NRT, AirAsia Japan JW8544, Airbus A32A

At the time of the flight, there was 3 pure LCC in Japan; Peach based at KIX plus AirAsia Japan and Jetstar Japan at NRT. Japanese regulations imposes the first shareholder of a Japanese airline to be Japanese, the first two are affiliated with ANA, the latter with JAL. AirAsia Japan is a joint-venture between ANA and the famous Malaysian AirAsia. To cut costs, the airline reservation system was based on the one used in the rest of Asia. But the Japanese market has some specificity: many people use off-line travel agencies or pay at the convenience stores. Moreover, not all the sections of the website were translated in Japanese. These short-cuts cost the airline with lower flight loads than the other 2 LCC. AirAsia decided to quit the joint venture and ANA considered its options: ending this LCC, continue alone or with partner under a new name or merge it with Peach. If you follow well enough airlines news, you probably know what the conclusion is… ;-)

After this short introduction about the LCC market in Japan one year ago. Unfortunately, I could not find the pictures I took of the check-in area. The next 2 pictures are also present in the outbound trip report but give a rough idea of the landside part of the domestic terminal.
photo DSCN0896_zps4ae8bb3f

photo DSCN0895_zpsa3f27b08

FUK has its observation deck on the unique runway. Decks are always appreciated to spend time while watching ground operations and aircraft movements before boarding.
photo DSCN1015_zps77ed4d10

Local traffic today.
ANA 772 at take-off, probably heading for HND
photo DSCN1008_zps182c619a

Embraer 175 from Fuji Dream Airlines. Each E175 from FDA has a different color as livery. Ok, not so complicated as they use only 7 aircrafts.

Those two are more reputed to use highly dense wide-body aircrafts on domestic route than to use regional planes.
photo DSCN1011_zps6ad74a36

JAL Express in its new livery.
photo DSCN1012_zps6f658432

Jetstar Japan ready for boarding with other regional jets. I did not know that Iberia Express was coming to Japan^^
photo DSCN1016_zpscc8107ee

Across the runway is the international terminal waiting for aircrafts.
photo DSCN1022_zps7b3f165b

Meanwhile, FDA was pushed back and come across a StarFlyer, a “low cost, high quality” airline or LCHQC^^ I should try it as they advertise a 36 inch pitch and personal IFE!
photo DSCN1024_zps62536e6b

Skymark landing
photo DSCN1026_zps84aab7a3

And to conclude, an ANA 767 during landing.
photo DSCN1031_zpsde27401c

From the top, the shopping mall before the security screening.
photo DSCN1014_zpsb82432f1

Before going through security, the boarding pass has to be stamped by a JW ground staff ticking the sequence number on his list. As my identity has not been being checked, the boarding pass is my only travel document. My DL Skymiles card is only missing as DL offered last year 500 miles for domestic flights within Japan for its Japanese residents. It was a pain in the *** to claim those miles and I am still fighting…
photo DSCN1034_zps0f00149e

You might have noticed the previous picture was taken in a “room forbidden to below 20 years old”.

Departures screen which looks pretty recent.^^
photo DSCN1033_zps0e3f7c35

And finally, the boarding lobby.
photo DSCN1035_zps93c4a67a

photo DSCN1036_zps41d3b6a9

Before boarding, it is still time to buy fish-based omiyage…
photo DSCN1037_zpsd2c86a09

Poor activity at the gates, only an ANA 737 is waiting.
photo DSCN1039_zps6a95ace2

The JW aircraft is arriving at 13h54, 21 minutes before ETD.
photo DSCN1041_zpsb0263bd0

“Ouatiszatt?” I should board an A320, not a B737! It is really an A320, the new model with sharklets!
photo DSCN1040_zpsd1c91586

Oh, you were not grounded that day, you!
photo DSCN1044_zps52f9e42f

After a quick and efficient deboarding of the previous PAX, it is now time to board as quickly and efficiently.
photo DSCN1047_zps0382d45b

Window view with a sharklet. Looks like Jaws.
photo DSCN1050_zps073f15df

During the boarding process, let us have a look on the seat. Pitch cannot be described as generous.
photo DSCN1048_zps14213d91

I know, it is a LCC, I cannot expect high comfort. Nevertheless, there are 2 things I appreciate with this seat compared to the Jetstar one. Seat back is tougher and I do not feel the neighbor vertebra. And the seat pocket.
photo DSCN1051_zpsbc1c73ad

Seat recline. And the seat has some width while some European carriers are offering very thin seats and no-recline…
photo DSCN1071_zps9dde1229

Unlike Jetstar, the on board magazine is completely bilingual.
photo DSCN1069_zps33330da8
photo DSCN1070_zps510ab59e

The BoB carte with similar prices.
photo DSCN1053_zps3f615689
photo DSCN1054_zps6d7df3be
photo DSCN1055_zps36c67470
photo DSCN1056_zpseaa0da35

Safety demonstrations were performed in BOTH Japanese and English. Followed by taxi to the runway
photo DSCN1059_zps8fadb472

And here we go! Realizing again how FUK is integrated within the city, unlike NRT, KIX, NGO or CTS.
photo DSCN1060_zps1d5386c4
photo DSCN1061_zpsc0dd81f2
photo DSCN1062_zps542aa831

The sky is cloudy but taking the plane, it is 99% chance to see the sun!
photo DSCN1063_zps28131d61
photo DSCN1068_zpsb876531b

Some AirAsia frequent flyers may have noticed the mention ASML on my boarding pass. It is indicating I pre-ordered an Asian meal, in that case a bimbimbap which was good. The price was about 5 EUR back then and I find it to be pretty decent compared to on board catering prices of some transportation companies.
photo DSCN1072_zpsbe1d3712

The quiet flight keeps going.
photo DSCN1073_zps2f4194cb

Difficult air2air with probably a JAL.
photo DSCN1077_zps1e9353de

photo DSCN1078_zps7e278202

After the meal, it is coffee time. Powder coffee of course^^
photo DSCN1082_zps4ad275a3

Time now to visit the conveniences.
photo DSCN1089_zps0fded4e8

photo DSCN1087_zps8fbdd1f9

And view from the aft which is confirming the low flight load.
photo DSCN1088_zps04389bda

And from my seat.
photo DSCN1080_zps564e470e

photo DSCN1095_zps77c625f3

While Tôkyô is approaching, clouds are appearing.
photo DSCN1089_zps0fded4e8

photo DSCN1092_zps7e70214f

photo DSCN1093_zps2a6bd371

Choshi, East from NRT.
photo DSCN1096_zps641f42ce

photo DSCN1098_zpsb465849c

Tone river
photo DSCN1098_zpsb465849c

And lots of rice fields.
photo DSCN1100_zps602177b7

photo DSCN1103_zpsfbcd0ece

Kasumigaura lake, with Tsuchiura at its NW end and hence not too far from Tsukuba. 2nd largest lake in Japan with an area of 170 km² for the main lake.
photo DSCN1104_zps07b6e7fe
photo DSCN1105_zps56734525
photo DSCN1107_zpsb488d0d5

Through the window, a big statue, the Ushiku Daibustu. Some may have noticed it during final approach at NRT.
photo DSCN1110_zpsfaebb230

Rice fields.
photo DSCN1111_zps941babaf

You need lots of rice to feed Japan!
photo DSCN1113_zps7216dbc4

Still descending and the landscape is pretty green. NRT is a very greeny airport for one that is close from 23h to 06h…
photo DSCN1116_zps8fd16696
photo DSCN1117_zps0baace5b

Ah, the runway !
photo DSCN1118_zpsba68dc63

photo DSCN1119_zps7694cf5f

After a short taxi, PAXbus !
photo DSCN1121_zps6f079bb4

A last view of the sharklet.
photo DSCN1122_zpsf5986ed7

Journey encounters.
photo DSCN1123_zps6eae436a

photo DSCN1124_zps456c1347

photo DSCN1126_zpscaffee7e

After being off the bus, an escalator brings the PAX to the luggage belts.
photo DSCN1127_zps99925488

Looks like Paris-Beauvais or any other airports served by Ryanair^^
photo DSCN1128_zps4f20a737

No need to overstay, I only have a carry-on.
photo DSCN1129_zpsa7423ddb

Exit in the domestic part of the T2, close to the Jetstar counters.
photo DSCN1130_zps5083235f

And now, a touristic bonus. Despite I am living quite far from Tôkyô in the countryside, there are still things to visit in my prefecture, like the Ushiku Daibutsu. The statue is 110 m tall, the third tallest in the world and the tallest Daibutsu in Japan. The face is 20 m, a hand 18 m and the overall weight is 4,000 metric tons, 40% of the Eiffel Tower which is three times taller. This Daibutsu represents the Buddha Amitâbha, doctrine transmission to achieve illumination.
photo DSCN1131_zps9a7e47e4

photo IMG_0592_zpsddc51ba8

photo IMG_0593_zpsdd69d826

photo DSCN1135_zps1f790d93

photo IMG_0598_zps651af173

photo DSCN1133_zpsa73415d5

photo DSCN1136_zpse71c306d

And as it is placed under NRT air corridor, planes are never too far !
photo IMG_0591_zpsb8a9fa5b

Thanks for having read!

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Cabin crew7.5

Fukuoka - FUK


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very convenient airport, in the city center accessible by subway if I remember. Smooth security check.
The observation deck is a good point. Other than that, not much to do and the facilities look a bit old.

Still not convinced by this airport. The LCC luggage belt, I prefer not to comment.

AirAsia Japan:
On-time performance: 5-10 min delay due to the late arrival of the aircraft.
Comfort: I had the full row but I remain objective. The harder seat back prevent the back massage with my knees without removing comfort. But the pitch is too small for me. I cannot go over 5, except for an exit row.
Catering: It was good. It was a bit weird to be only served the hot meal without an entrée or a desert and any beverage.
Crew: much more friendly than on the outbound flight but nothing extraordinary.

In the end, a better impression with AirAsia. I am disappointed they made their initial mistakes that forced them to cease their operations. They have a “good” product and they had the cheapest advertisement price.
Teasing teasing, ANA decided to pursue the NRT LCC under a new name and I should have tried it in less than a month!

Information on the route Fukuoka (FUK) Tokyo (NRT)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est AirAsia Japan avec 6.8/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 48 minutes.

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    Air Asia seems to have gotten a lot of A320 with Sharklets in a short span of time. I flew on one of Air Asia's Sharkelted A320s a few months after you, only my second time flying with them. Thanks for sharing!

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