Review of Alidaunia flight Foggia San Domino in Economy

Airline Alidaunia
Flight 103112
Class Economy
Seat -
Aircraft Leonardo AW139
Flight time 00:20
Take-off 07 Aug 20, 18:00
Arrival at 07 Aug 20, 18:20
D4 0 reviews
By 306
Published on 6th June 2024

This flight report will show you a scheduled helicopter flight from Foggia airport (120km North-West of Bari, 160km North-East of Naples) to San Domino heliport, on the beautiful Tremiti islands, in the Adriatic Sea.

The regular line is operated by Alidaunia, and subsidized by the Italian region of Apulia (Puglia).
Flight number is shown as LID 103-112 (IATA code is D4, but not used anywhere).
The aircraft was an AgustaWestland (now Leonardo) AW139.

We had arrived at Bari airport on the same day from Paris, and drove to Foggia airport (ca. 1h20)


  • AF1288 - Paris CDG - Bari - Airbus A318 Not available
  • D4 103-112 - Foggia - San Domino (Tremiti Islands) - Leonardo AW139 You are here
  • D4 111-102 - San Domino (Tremiti Islands) - Foggia - Leonardo AW139 Coming soon
  • AF1289 - Bari - Paris CDG - Airbus A319 Not available

The flight does not depart from the Foggia main terminal, but from the heliport (part of the airport area) with direct road access.
Clear indications on where to go are given on your ticket:

photo heliports

This is the small Foggia heliport terminal:

photo 31913c98-94f8-4c78-be53-8e73ad71795e

Security checks are done with X-ray machines, leading you to a waiting room without any service or shop.
If you want to go to the toilet, you will have to go back to the landside part of the room, and then re-pass security check :-)
You get to the helicopter on foot:

photo 0448d34e-0a81-48a7-9bdc-02df3e2e5f12photo 0023fee4-173d-4eae-bac0-ed233b21bbb7

Under very hot August sun, the cabin, which is totally full on a Friday evening (i.e. 15 passengers), gets really hot without any aircon.
We asked to turn it on, but the pilot could not hear us, the cockpit being separated by a closed window.
After takeoff, we could finally enjoy aircon… and magnificent views of the route:

photo aeac492d-03a2-4943-b60f-a05405e59387photo e969501e-60be-49c0-8b63-09775352832f

Just above Torre Scampamorte (literaly the Death Escape Tower :-O), with the Adriatic coast on the left (Cauto beach), and Lesina lake on the right:

photo 52ca0ff0-f0f9-4cd3-85d9-0cfd5ad38f93

After 15 minutes, we fly along the South-East coast of San Domino (the main island), with a perfect view of the other Tremiti Islands: San Nicola (inhabited), Capraia and Il Cretaccio:

photo 3586d6f8-92b4-49bc-abb0-7bf91578c202

We rapidly land on San Domino. Disembarkation on foot again, on a very clean helisurface:

photo 9ab32d76-d28a-458f-87e6-05649cc2e35c

Outside the heliport, mostly people waiting for passengers. Only 2 shuttles from the main hotels (Eden and Gabbiano).
No taxi, as the island is really small and walkable :-)

photo dfb1a49e-22fd-47ac-a6cc-b48ccfdaacdc
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Cabin crew7.5

Foggia - FOG


San Domino - TQR



We don't often fly helicopters, but for EUR 141 return per person, this was not to be missed! Very efficient for a short week-end.
Only downsides: - departure from Foggia (very little connected) and not Bari, - and no aircon before takeoff.

I will be a lot more indulgent with the airline for the return flight report - only 6 passengers, and aircon on ;-)



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