Review of Finnair flight Amsterdam Helsinki in Economy

Airline Finnair
Flight AY1302
Class Economy
Seat 60A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 05 Jun 24, 11:55
Arrival at 05 Jun 24, 15:15
AY   #34 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 206 reviews
Published on 6th June 2024

Hi there,

On the day prior to my flight, I received a notification from operations that my standby at home was activated and that I will have to position myself to Tampere, Finland. Tampere is connected to Amsterdam's network, but this flight unfortunately does not run on a wednesday, therefore they booked me on a flight to Helsinki with Finnair with a train ride of approximately 90 minutes up north to Tampere.

The benefit of flying Finnair to Helsinki is that they are regularly using widebody aircraft on their route to Amsterdam and today I lucked out with their Airbus A350-900, which they often use due to slot restrictions at Amsterdam.

As my flight was scheduled to leave at 11:55 AM, I decided to catch the train from my hometown around 09:00 AM. The trainride itself took about an hour to get to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol meaning that I would arrive about 2 hours prior to my flight's departure.

photo 20240605_092305

Luckily enough I had no delay given that Amsterdam's Airport railnetwork is getting a major overhaul.

photo 20240605_095957

Eventually made my way to the departure hall where Finnair was using row 1-2 in Terminal 1. Those rows are generally used for all airliners that are not low-cost, have no affiliation to Skyteam and with a departure in the Schengen area. It tends to force you to use the self check-in service, which is very down to earth and should not be difficult to understand.

photo 20240605_100425

As drop off is usually not that busy and have plenty of stations, this process doesn't take more than a few minutes. 

photo 20240605_100718

Given that security was quite busy, I was glad that I was able to skip the majority of the line by my access to Privium and it took about 10 minutes for me to clear. Could have been quicker, but unfortunately my bag was pulled out for some extra scanning as my cabin luggage tend to be full of electronics. Once passed, I made my way to Lounge 28, Privium Express, which is located behind the I Amsterdam shop and does have a terrace if you wanted to use it.

photo 20240605_101756

The Privium Express Lounge isn't overly large, but was neatly maintained and gave a nice vibe. A much better vibe than the Aspire Lounge which I used quite often prior to my access of Privium. 

photo 20240605_101920

Some more seating area.

photo 20240605_101923

Decided to grab myself some coffee.

photo 20240605_102019

Food offering was limited to some pastries, bread, spreading, yoghurts, cereals and eggs. Not that impressive, but I usually am not a massive fan of western breakfast (despite being one?), so I didn't bother much to get some.

photo 20240605_102126

Wine was also on offer.

photo 20240605_102237

As the lounge was located in front of the d-pier, I decided to leave the gate about 10 minutes past our scheduled boarding time as our flight would depart from gate D73. The d-pier is a pier shared by both schengen/non schengen departures with the lower floor being used for non schengen departures. As it is shared, this pier is probably the worst one for schengen departures with limited seating capability and just a few shops to explore.

photo 20240605_111715

As the window blinds were down at our gate, this was the only photo I could take of our aircraft.

OH-LWO, a 5.2 year old Airbus A350-900 was going to bring us over to Helsinki. This aircraft was newly delivered to Finnair in April 2019 and is carrying the Moomin livery (which is a very famous Finnish Comic Strip). Finnair's A350-900 are in a 32 J Class, 304 Y Class configuration with the first 42 Y class seats being sold as Economy comfort. 

photo 20240605_111826

The boarding area was quite deserted by the time I reached the gate, which made me believe that they started to board the aircraft well in advance of the scheduled boarding time and could make my way to the aft of the aircraft without any blockage, while being greeted by most flight attendants along the way.

photo 20240605_112253

Seat 60A would be my seat for today's departure and legroom was obviously no issue at all for a 2.5 hour flight on a widebody. Don't think this legroom would cause any issue on longhaul flights either.

photo 20240605_112406

Window view from my seat with an Airbus A330 of Turkish Airways being pushed back for it's departure to Istanbul.

photo 20240605_112410

The seat also comes with an IFE system, which was activated for our flight and had a decent selection of entertainment possibilities. Enough to entertain someone for a longhaul flight. It also came with a USB plug, however was unable to locate any power socket.

photo 20240605_112414

A visual impression of the cabin, which to me feels a bit dull.

photo 20240605_112455

Unfortunately the cabin is also not equiped with individual air vents and the cabin was quite hot for quite some time given that the airconditioning system was not turned on.

photo 20240605_112546

The literature in the seat pocket contained of a disposal bag and a safety card. Some earphones were also available at your seat for you to use for the IFE. Poor quality as usual.

photo 20240605_112626

While we were ready for push back, the captain announced himself that we were delayed by about 20 to 25 minutes due to restrictions given by Helsinki to our flight and apologized to us for that. Pushback was eventually performed at 12.19 PM with a delay of 24 minutes past our scheduled departure.

photo 20240605_122205

It took another 20 minutes for us to be airborne as Runway 36L was in use for departures, which is the most distant runway of Schiphol.

photo 20240605_123006photo 20240605_123613

We were rolling for departure at 12.38 PM giving us a total delay of 43 minutes with a scheduled flighttime of 1 hour 55 minutes according to the captain.

photo 20240605_123906

The table seemed to be properly cleaned and was foldable and sturdy.

photo 20240605_125212photo 20240605_125216

When passing through flight level 100, WiFi was turned on with three packages, which I found quite expensive to be fair and didn't make sense for this flight. A full flight will set you back to 20 EUR, while the flight itself takes less than 3 hours and you could save money by buying the 3 hour package for 15 EUR?

photo screenshot_20240605_124825_chrome

If you didn't pay for the WiFi, you were still able to use the app of Finnair, which gave you access to Newspapers,  Tabloids and a variety of magazines.

photo screenshot_20240605_124913_chromephoto screenshot_20240605_124918_chromephoto screenshot_20240605_124924_chrome

A few audiobooks were also available if you prefered to listen.

photo screenshot_20240605_124944_chrome

About thirty minutes past our departure, the flight attendants came around to provide their buy on board service, however Finnair provides you write complimentary tea/coffee, water and blueberry juice. Their Buy-on-Board is somewhat limited, however I only opted for Finnair's blueberry juice which I kinda like.

photo 20240605_130319

While drinking my juice, I scrolled through their IFE system which was pretty easy to use.

photo 20240605_125448

Enjoying the view.

photo 20240605_131536

As the aisle seat was already occupied by the time I reached my seat, I took an opportunity to capture a photo of the seat when my neighbour left for the lavatories.

photo 20240605_134822-68908

The captain announced himself about 20 minutes prior to landing as he was reporting that we were descending into Runway 15, gave us a weather update and thanked us for flying with Finnair and informed us that we would be leaving the aircraft via busses.

photo 20240605_142224photo 20240605_143919

On the way to our stand we passed a few Finnair birds.

photo 20240605_154001photo 20240605_154041

As we were disembarking the aircraft, I made a photo of the seat I was on during the entire flight and the problem with this seat is that row 60 isn't properly aligned to any window unless your seat is reclined.

photo 20240605_155428

Disembarkation of the aircraft went via the aft door as the aircraft pulled into a non-schengen stand as it would continue to Tokyo Haneda a few hours later. That's also the reason we were being shipped off by buses, but it always amazes that people do not listen and tried to rush to the front of the cabin to exit the aircraft as early as possible. It however gave me a great view of the aircraft that brought us over to Helsinki with the Moomin sticker being in full display.

photo 20240605_155531

Signage was clear and easy to understand.

photo 20240605_160016

And it took about 15 minutes after disembarkation for my luggage to appear on belt.

photo 20240605_160103

And now I'm off to Tampere. Thanks for stopping by!

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Cabin crew8.0

Independent Privium Club Lounge


Amsterdam - AMS


Helsinki - HEL



Great flight and it is always a pleasure to have a widebody on a shorter regional route. Good legroom with nice entertainment/wifi options, but Finnair's buy on board menu is somewhat limited.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Nice to catch the A350 on this short-haul flight. It seems that AY are using widebodies on short-haul more often since they've had to scale back on Asian operations with the closure of Russian airspace.

    A full flight will set you back to 20 EUR, while the flight itself takes less than 3 hours and you could save money by buying the 3 hour package for 15 EUR?

    Hah! That's silly, looks like they don't adapt the pricing model for short-haul and just have the same pricing as long-haul, which assumes (wrongly in this case) that the flight is well over 3 hours.

    Their Buy-on-Board is somewhat limited, however I only opted for Finnair's blueberry juice which I kinda like.

    Gotta try the Blueberry Juice on Finnair! It's too bad their BOB is limited, but it seems like there are more options for pre-order. I have some long-haul and short-haul flights on AY booked for later this year and found the pre-order food options to be pretty good and reasonably priced for the short-haul domestic sectors. Really looking forward to flying them!

    Great report as always. Thanks for sharing!

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