Review of Singapore Airlines flight Frankfurt Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ325
Class Economy
Seat 36A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:20
Take-off 17 Feb 14, 21:55
Arrival at 18 Feb 14, 17:15
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
Published on 15th April 2014
Hello !

We live in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and we fly to France 1 or 2 times a year, with Air France via LAX. I’m tired to always fly with the same companie, the same plane, always transiting in LAX.

Here are the Flight Reports of my first round-the-world trip, with my family (2 adults and 1 child 3 years old), in Economy class.

Routing is PPT – LAX – CDG – TLS – FRA – SIN – AKL – PPT
Companies will be Air France, Lufthansa Cityline, Singapore Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui

    1ST PART : From Tahiti to France : I did it my way Papeete [PPT] - Los Angeles [LAX], Air France AF77, B772, Economy, January 26, 2014 CLICK HERE Los Angeles [LAX] - Paris [CDG], Air France AF77, B772, Economy, January 26, 2014 CLICK HERE Paris [CDG] - Toulouse [TLS], Air France AF7788, A320, Economy, January 27, 2014 CLICK HERE 2ND PART : Going East : New Horizons Toulouse [TLS] - Frankfurt [FRA], Lufthansa Cityline LH1099, CR7, Economy, February 17, 2014 CLICK HERE Frankfurt [FRA] - Singapore [SIN], Singapore Airlines SQ325, B77W, Economy, February 17, 2014
    3RD PART : Back to Tahiti : Full Circle Singapore [SIN] - Auckland [AKL], Singapore Airlines SQ285, B77W, Economy, February 22, 2014 CLICK HERE Auckland [AKL] - Papeete [PPT], Air Tahiti Nui TN102, A343, Economy, February 23, 2014 CLICK HERE

Here’s the essential data to understand my routing : I fly with Singapore Airlines

photo FR101 FRA SIN (1)

Several reasons for that :
- At first,, where I 've read so many glowing reports on this companie, irrespective of class of travel
- Thanks to Turkish Airlines for giving us a status match Staralliance Gold, allowing us to benefit a comfortable luggage franchise on this return trip (5 bags for 3 of us)
- The desire to visit new places and enjoy my long journey between Tahiti and France for this. Several Asian cities attract me, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai … My choice was the first, which happens to be very easy to reach with the companie that I choose.

Starting point of the trip is France, so we purchased ticket at SQ agency of Paris. Contact by email have brought me as a single answer please contact us by phone … Not very easy when you live on the other side of the world with 12 hour time difference. But after that, all phone contacts were particularly pleasant and efficient with very courteous and helpful staff for each of my call.

Back to the journey

We arrive from Toulouse and after a short drive in paxbus, we disembark into the terminal A. It’s a chance I had a look in advance from where departs my next flight, I found no departures board on my arrival in the terminal. Either I 'm blind, either it is sorely lacking clear informations.

We walk in the corridors of the terminal and something tells me that we are in Germany

photo FR101 FRA SIN (2)

We descend to access the terminal B which I think is my destination. The crossing is not very short and a pannel on terminal A side of this corridor finally shows departing flights … but only from Terminal A and not those from the other side Terminal B. We engage in a walk that we do not want to repeat in the other direction …

photo FR101 FRA SIN (3)

Fortunately on the other side, a table of departure finally informs me on my flight that leaves right from terminal B. Phew!

photo FR101 FRA SIN (4)

So here we are at the right place

photo FR101 FRA SIN (5)

This is a short connection and I don’t have time to visit LH Business Lounge

photo FR101 FRA SIN (6)

We are at the gate where my name is called to present the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets (first time it happens for me)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (7)photo FR101 FRA SIN (8)

The waiting time is short

photo FR101 FRA SIN (9)

Jusy time to spot my plane despite some recalcitrant reflections (9V- SWH, B77W which made its first flight exactly 7 years before this one)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (10)photo FR101 FRA SIN (11)

Boarding starts on time

photo FR101 FRA SIN (12)

We first go through a part of the business cabin. I’d really like to try this seat, but it is not for us

photo FR101 FRA SIN (13)photo FR101 FRA SIN (14)

We are here at our place in economy class, welcomed by smiling SQ girls. Nice cabin configuration 3-3-3

photo FR101 FRA SIN (15)

Our seats on the left side of the cabin

photo FR101 FRA SIN (16)

I sit and finds a correct pitch (32 announced, like Air France) but the 19 wide (2 more than AF) is an important advantage, thank you the 3-3-3 configuration

photo FR101 FRA SIN (17)

IFE with multiple connectics

photo FR101 FRA SIN (18)

Several small details designed for the comfort of pax :
The small mirror in the tablet for makeup (I did not used !)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (19)

The electrical outlet in the armrest (2 for each block of 3 seats)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (20)

Safety card and vomit bag

photo FR101 FRA SIN (21)

In-Flight magazines

photo FR101 FRA SIN (22)

In SilverKris magazine, the SQ fleet , in which we can now lament the absence of A345

photo FR101 FRA SIN (23)

A hostess comes to inquire about the name of our son and brings him a small plane-shaped toy (now decorating his bed since returning home)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (24)


photo FR101 FRA SIN (25)

We push back with few minutes delay

photo FR101 FRA SIN (26)

LH A346

photo FR101 FRA SIN (27)

Safety instructions on the IFE during taxiing

photo FR101 FRA SIN (28)

Then we take off about 10 minutes later

imagephoto )

Left turn with a view on to FRA

photo FR101 FRA SIN (30)

Stewards distribute a small amenity kit to each passenger

photo FR101 FRA SIN (31)

Content is quite succinct : a pair of socks and a toothbrush

photo FR101 FRA SIN (32)

Headphones are commonplace quality for economy class

photo FR101 FRA SIN (33)

I begin my movie session with “Last Vegas” after 2 restarts of IFE because of bugs

photo FR101 FRA SIN (34)

The menu is quickly distributed

photo FR101 FRA SIN (35)

Great choice of drinks

photo FR101 FRA SIN (36)

3 choices of hot food for the evening meal

photo FR101 FRA SIN (37)

Snack is proposed between the 2 main services

photo FR101 FRA SIN (39)

And 2 choices for the latest service

photo FR101 FRA SIN (40)

I begin with appetizer, peanuts and beer

photo FR101 FRA SIN (41)

One hour after takeoff, the childmeal tray is distributed. Portions are plentiful

photo FR101 FRA SIN (42)photo FR101 FRA SIN (43)

The SQ charming girls then take care of the rest of the pax

photo FR101 FRA SIN (44)

And here is my plate with the choice of asian food “Gaeng Kiew Wan Kai”, Thai green curry chicken. Note that the bread is hot

photo FR101 FRA SIN (45)

The presence of metal cutlery is pleasant in economy class

photo FR101 FRA SIN (46)

As starter, potato salad with hot-smoked salmon is delicious

photo FR101 FRA SIN (47)

Thai specialty is very, very spicy. I like it but it should be noticed . My wife who made the same choice as me and did not have armored taste buds will appreciate moderately

photo FR101 FRA SIN (48)photo FR101 FRA SIN (49)

Ice cream Magnum is then distributed

photo FR101 FRA SIN (50)photo FR101 FRA SIN (51)

This meal was very good and plentiful for me

The kid then settled for the night

photo FR101 FRA SIN (52)

The cabin is quiet for the movie session

photo FR101 FRA SIN (53)

It’s now time to sleep

photo FR101 FRA SIN (54)

The journey is still long

photo FR101 FRA SIN (55)

We begin to fly over Turkey when I made a last picture

photo FR101 FRA SIN (56)

It's amazing to see that at the same time, @flight_report tweets about me ;)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (57)

I sit by reclining the seat. The seat advances while the backrest reclines, but it has the effect of reducing the legroom, which can be felt uncomfortable by taller people than me (I guess)

My night will be interspersed with several micro awakenings, but I manage to rest.

The mood lighting gently illuminates the cabin 6 hours later, there’s 2 hours and 30 minutes left before landing

photo FR101 FRA SIN (58)

We are above the Bay of Bengal

photo FR101 FRA SIN (59)

Oshibori again

photo FR101 FRA SIN (60)

I stand up and have a walk in the cabin

photo FR101 FRA SIN (61)


photo FR101 FRA SIN (62)

SQ girls resume service

photo FR101 FRA SIN (63)

Childmeal first, plentiful again

photo FR101 FRA SIN (64)photo FR101 FRA SIN (65)

Then the adult tray

photo FR101 FRA SIN (66)

I choose again the Asian meal, noodles are good without being excellent

photo FR101 FRA SIN (67)

Fresh fruits are very good

We are now approaching the Malaysian coast

photo FR101 FRA SIN (68)

The headphones are collected 30 minutes before landing, which is far too early for anyone who want to enjoy the IFE a longer time but don’t have his own headphones.

That leaves me plenty of time to complete the Singapore immigration form

photo FR101 FRA SIN (69)

The cabin is prepared for landing

photo FR101 FRA SIN (70)

We see the coast

photo FR101 FRA SIN (71)

1 boat

photo FR101 FRA SIN (72)

Then plenty of boats

photo FR101 FRA SIN (73)photo FR101 FRA SIN (74)

No doubt we are arriving at Singapore

The conditions are not good for a nice photo of the characteristic skyline

photo FR101 FRA SIN (75)

And we landed at 16:30 local time, with 45 minutes ahead of scheduled time

photo FR101 FRA SIN (76)

Welcome to Changi Airport

photo FR101 FRA SIN (77)

A “bling bling” intruder in this alignment

photo FR101 FRA SIN (78)

Welcome again to Changi Airport

photo FR101 FRA SIN (79)

While taxiing to reach our parking stand, we meet a B773 SQ with Staralliance livery

photo FR101 FRA SIN (80)

SQ A380

photo FR101 FRA SIN (81)

And Shanghai Airlines B767 with this horrible livery and no winglet, not that old so I thought (only 7 years old)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (82)

We are at our parking stand after less than 10 minutes

photo FR101 FRA SIN (83)

Disembarking will start a few minutes later

photo FR101 FRA SIN (84)

Good bye plane

photo FR101 FRA SIN (85)

Hello Terminal 3

photo FR101 FRA SIN (86)

I discover this airport, large hallways and carpet

photo FR101 FRA SIN (87)photo FR101 FRA SIN (88)photo FR101 FRA SIN (89)

Here is the famous immigration hall, imposing I must recognize

photo FR101 FRA SIN (90)photo FR101 FRA SIN (91)

Passport control is quick, with a friendly agent, which earned him an Excellent

photo FR101 FRA SIN (92)

The place is bright and pleasant

photo FR101 FRA SIN (93)

Retrieving luggage

photo FR101 FRA SIN (94)

Nothing to declare

photo FR101 FRA SIN (95)

Then taxi to our hotel

photo FR101 FRA SIN (96)

We have a 4-days stop over in Singapore

Touristic Bonus

I would have liked to go to Raffles but it hurt me in the wallet.
I decided to stay at the Carlton, conveniently located right next to the previous one.
Nice room

photo FR101 FRA SIN (97)photo FR101 FRA SIN (98)

A touristic bonus in Singapore is banal

photo FR101 FRA SIN (99)

But I loved the avant-garde architecture of the city

photo FR101 FRA SIN (100)

The pool at Marina Bay Sands is reserved for hotel guests unfortunately

photo FR101 FRA SIN (101)

But we can enjoy the view (I like the floating soccer stadium)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (102)

Gardens by the Bay, looks like Pandora

photo FR101 FRA SIN (103)

Typical panel in Singapore

photo FR101 FRA SIN (104)

More original touristic bonus, Singapore with a child
The Singapore zoo is really nice, the tour is punctuated by many events, shows with animals, feeding, …

photo FR101 FRA SIN (105)

The local star is the white tiger

photo FR101 FRA SIN (106)

But the kid prefers elephants

photo FR101 FRA SIN (107)

For kids and adults too (and not very typical Singaporean) : Universal Studio

photo FR101 FRA SIN (108)

The very first attraction park for the kid, who has hooked to the concept

photo FR101 FRA SIN (109)

On the island of Sentosa, I find well-known names for me (margarita is a Polynesian specialty ?)

photo FR101 FRA SIN (110)

An evening at the roof top bar that bears his name : Altitude. It is expensive but the view worth it

photo FR101 FRA SIN (111)photo FR101 FRA SIN (112)

And finally, a meeting with local flight reporter Durian, and Numero_2 coming from Switzerland for the week end

photo FR101 FRA SIN (113)

The journey is not over yet, to be continued …
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines
I expected high level from SQ, I’m not disappointed. I posted a lot of positives in my report, I will notice just a few points that could be improved, to have the maximum score when it's not reached.
The seat that goes forward while the backrest reclines, reducing the legroom, can be uncomfortable for knees
Catering : The second service came a little too early on this red-eye flight and could be delayed by half an hour to save sleep time
Entertainment : Collection of headphones 30 minutes before arrival is a bad point in the excellence of the proposed product by SQ
SQ girls were perfect

FRA airport
All in length, like a long corridor, but clean. Lack of signage (difficult to find a departures table)

SIN airport
A pleasure to arrive at this airport. Big, beautiful, bright, nice. Walking a bit long when you land at the end of the terminal. Few people, no waiting for formalities

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 55 minutes.

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  • Comment 106831 by
    Caribel 113 Comments
    Fair and balanced FR. The children's meal seemed more substantial than the adult's :). A trick to reduce the burning sensation of capsaicin in spicy foods is to drink chocolate milk or ice cream - made with Tahitian vanilla bean, of course-.

    What an education you are passing to your son! World traveler before attending pre-school.

    I agree with you that the Bora Bora bar should only serve liquor distilled there only;).

    Great to see the summit meeting picture of fellow FR. Please do share the minutes of the agenda.

    Safe travels!
    • Comment 293593 by
      anthonytahiti AUTHOR 1563 Comments
      Thanks for your comment.
      I'm not afraid by very spicy food, but my wife wuold like to have ice cream.
      My son made his first very long haul flight (PPT LAX CDG TLS) when he was only 2 months. Sure he will be avgeek.
      Discussions with Durian and Numero_2 were all about planes, upcoming trips
  • Comment 106872 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Another fantastic report as usual and thanks for sharing it here for the benefit of all English speakers.

    Glad that SQ met your expectations as it should given its reputation as the world's most praised airline. Part of it also has to do with its brilliant marketing machine and positioning the SQ girl as an icon of service.

    Considering that SQ offers the Y passengers an amenity kit on long haul flights, hot towels instead of a packaged towelette, printed menus with well presented meals along with glassware and metal utensils, generous portions and ice cream for dessert, not to mention a pleasantly consistent crew, it is no wonder that their Y cabins are packed by discerning customers.
  • Comment 107344 by
    tn92 173 Comments
    I hope you have enjoyed your stay in Singapore! (: I see that you went to zoo and saw the white tiger, do you know there's sad story behind it?
    Nevertheless! I enjoyed reading you reports, thank you for sharing your experiences!
  • Comment 415396 by
    manuel.ariola 38 Comments
    Very nice report.... :)

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