Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore London in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ308
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:50
Take-off 21 Feb 14, 09:10
Arrival at 21 Feb 14, 15:00
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
Published on 29th April 2014
Aircraft: 9V-SWU (Brand New)

I Flew from Hong Kong into Singapore the night before so I stayed at the Transit hotel which was my first time in doing.

Don't worry, i scribbled out the smiley LOL
Unfortunately they didn't accept pink ink at the immigration desk, the stewardess gave me a pink pen to fill it in so i wander whether she knew or not :D
So I filled it in again.
So off the Tiger Airways flight and down up the gate.
photo siaphoto S1740024photo S1740033
It took only 25 minutes to get from aircraft, through immigration and collect the bags before i was again checking in for tommorrows SQ308 flight.
I love Changi airport so much, I've spent 2x 13 hour days (out of choice) in the departures area and i still found new places to explore and i usually walk up and down all 3 terminals about 4 times in 13 hours :)
photo S1740034photo S1740037
So Check-in was easy, absolutely zero people so i checked in, the agent said you know you can't come back out once you're in there no problem i'm sleeping in the transit hotel.

He puts 2 bright yellow/pink tags on the bag saying check flight/date and off it went.

I then go to the lower levels into the supermarket and get some necessities (chocolate milkshake and some food)

Transit hotel, i was going to wait until 9pm came to get block rates rounded off but she allowed me in early which was nice.
I've misplaced the room photos but it was classy, it felt weird having curtains there and no window behind the wall though.

Bathroom was nice but i was straight to bed to get my early 9am flight.
photo S1750006
Making my way to the far end of the terminal where the brits are housed, it felt weird after being totally isolated from them for so long that i could feel the culture shock and immediately got that once on board.
photo S1750013photo S1750021photo S1750022
Getting on board and this has never happened to me before, and not with my 11 flights asia trip.

I get to my window row and i see a woman and 2 kids occupying the whole 3 rows, i say something like sorry is this row such and such, as in get out of my seat :D

She says something like oh i dont know what's your boarding cards say (to the husband) oh sorry ok.

And I just explained why i wanted to sit there i'm just filming the whole flight

The patronising begins, oh fantastic (I've got better at the responses since being fed up at getting it my whole life) I say no it's not. She say's, no not really. (Welcome back! :D)

Right down to business, i filmed the entire flight (14 hours) I'm having trouble with youtube getting the video over 15 mins when i've even uploaded 8 hour flight videos already.

There's a Timelapse of the whole flight and i do mean the whole flight.

Ground Camera in Rotterdam + Flight Radar 24 Video of my flight thanks to Rudi Van Goch

An ATC Audio of the flight Condensed to ATC only parts of the video except for take off

Rudi's channel

Andaman Islands

As always the food was lovely, the IFE seemed to have a normal IR sensor and what looks like a camera, maybe the pilots can select which seat to view?

The Cabin crew were very friendly in the back and i had a chat about the new plane and noticed they still had 100's of sandwiches left, i asked for another, he offered me more as they throw them away (a question i asked) so i stocked up for my hybernation period that i do at the heathrow travelodge to get over the depressing fact that i'm home (it only took 2 days which was pretty quick) I had enough airline food in my bag to last me 2 days :) then it was on to a london hostel to enjoy a few days there continuing to get over my jetlag and to continue making friends.


I asked to go in the cockpit just before firstclass but they were a bit hesistant and he was like im not sure, i was like ok then.

We arrived pretty much on time

photo S1750024photo S1750025

I entered the dark heathrow's terminal 3
photo S1750027photo S1750029photo S1750030

The E-Passport control was terrible, it didn't notice me and stayed on red, so i exited and went back into it and it said intrusion detected. So I was like feck it, and got out of it and saw a human instead.

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Singapore always have the best standards and warmth

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