Review of Vision Airlines flight Las Vegas North Grand Canyon West in Economy

Airline Vision Airlines
Flight V2 9503
Class Economy
Seat 04A
Aircraft Dornier 228
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 09 May 14, 06:50
Arrival at 09 May 14, 07:45
V2 2 reviews
By GOLD 2652
Published on 24th May 2014

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While in the US I was able to book a charter flight to West Grand Canyon operated by Vision Airlines. So, here an additional report in that trip!

We'll receive our eletronic tickets by mails and are confirmed on the friday morning flight, V2 9503 leaving North Las Vegas at 06:50a

There is a dedicated terminal for all Vision Airlines flights:

photo DSC_0444

Inside it looks like any airport terminal:

photo DSC_0445photo DSC_0449

Very fast and friendly check in, we are on the third flight of the morning. The lady at check in will learn us that V2 flight numbers begin with 9 when they are operated from North Las Vegas, 5 is for Friday and 03 for third flight of the day. Easy.

Seats are assigned according to passenger's weight. I'll have the 4A and I am very happy with it as the seats on the A side have the best views to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

We'll be informed that our flight will stop at North Grand Canyon to unload some passengers. We'll be asked if this is not a problem for us, and that there are seats available on the directs flights leaving earlier. For me it is only bonus, as I have never flown to North Grand Canyon. Our little princess will be happy as well, she loves flying. The other members of my party were not that happy about it, most of them had their first time in such a small turbo prop!

A nice and unexpected treat was the snack box we all received before boarding, it containted a water bottle, chips, a cookie and a roast beef sandwich. I was so surprised that I forgot to take a picture!!

A few external pics of the Do 228 and the two leaving before us:

photo DSC_0446photo DSC_0447photo DSC_0448

Our flight is called ten minutes before departure and the copilote will lead us through the apron to the plane:

The rear exit door:

photo DSC_0670

That's my emergency exit seat, but the pitch was not better than aboard a Spirit plane ;)

photo DSC_0530photo DSC_0673

The copilot will give the safety briefing that our little lady will follow carefully:

photo DSC_0527

The safety on board card:

Fast take off, U turn over the airport and our flight path takes us to Lake Mead via the Nascar of Vegas:

photo DSC_0686photo DSC_0470

A few cockpit shoots:

photo DSC_0457photo DSC_0505photo DSC_0506

Cabin shoot and PSU:

photo DSC_0458photo DSC_0460photo DSC_0461

Here someone that enjoys the flight:

photo DSC_0462

We are approaching Hoover Dam, sorry for the low quality of the pictures, but it was hazzy that morning and the sun was rising:

After twenty minutes we'll approach North Grand Canyon Airstrip, aka Whitmore International Airport, where we'll land at the North Concourse, Terminal A ^^:

photo DSC_0512photo DSC_0515photo DSC_0517

Good sense of humour there!! We'll unload 4 passengers and will stay as the only 6 remaining in the plane. The passengers will be unloaded via the rear left door, with the right engine still running as there is no APU on the plane, nor GPU at the North Terminal. Maybe at the South ;)

photo DSC_0518photo DSC_0519photo DSC_0520

After the take off we'll fly over the airstrip, to be noted that we already landed on the gravel before the concrete surface:

photo DSC_0522

We are then off to West Grand Canyon with lovely shoots of the Canyon:

That's Guano Point:

photo DSC_0542photo DSC_0543photo DSC_0544

And the airport:

photo DSC_0535

We'll be treated with a kiss landing, and upon disembarcation, here some cabin shoots that remind me UA old colors:

photo DSC_0545photo DSC_0546photo DSC_0547

Note the noise cancelling headseats. There is a choice between audio comments about the flights or music.

Our plane:

Two baby Cessna's next to us:

photo DSC_0552

At our parking spot:

photo DSC_0556
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Vision Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Las Vegas North - VGT


Grand Canyon West - GCW



To sum up the experience, I leave a 5 out of 10 for the cabin comfort, as it is expected when you fly a Do 228. A lovely crew, very nice with our child. No flight attendant on board, but we received a snack box. That is much more than a legacy carreer. Great to have a choice between music and audio comments on such a plane.
North Las Vegas is really cool, free WIFI, snacks and drinks available for purchase. West Grand Canyon could be cleaner.

No report for the return leg, as it is strictly the same as the outbound.

Information on the route Las Vegas North (VGT) Grand Canyon West (GCW)


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  • Comment 109260 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6055 Comments

    What a cool flight! Thanks for sharing. Too bad it was hazy. I'm sure the scenery is breathtaking in real life!

  • Comment 109270 by
    marathon 9834 Comments

    It is a scheduled flight AND a scenic flight. The lighting conditions were not optimal, but the views are nonetheless spectacular.
    I note that Vision Air's Do-228s has one row of seats fewer than those of Daily Air. Either because the Americans are more likely to be overweight than the Taiwanese, or because they want all PAX to have a view (the last row in the 19 seat layout has no window). Since Daily Air did not weigh its passengers, the first reason may be the correct one ^^.
    I am surprised by the noise cancelling headsets - this aircraft did not strike me as being especially noisy.
    The country may not be exotic to most readers, but this is definitely an exotic flight. Thanks for sharing !

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