Review of Turkish Airlines flight Munich Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK 1640
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 18 May 14, 16:40
Arrival at 18 May 14, 20:15
TK   #13 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
By 6341
Published on 1st June 2014
Hi and welcome to this third installment of my series. Below you will see my itinerary so far:

TK MUC-SAW in J - you are here

Once I landed in MUC, I took the bus to T1. LH uses T2 and a few days before my trip, TK moved its operations to T1. Some might speculate that this might be a result of the partnership deterioration between LH and TK, while others will attribute it to better space utilization. Regardless of the reason, it sure doesn't make connections between these two carriers smoother. After all, isn't a seamless connection between partner carriers one of the benefits of an alliance?

I had plenty of time between my connections, but I was in a hurry to get to T1 because I wanted to catch an earlier flight from MUC-IST. I was flying on a J award ticket and decided try my luck in switching to IST which was more convenient since Lagentsecret was arriving there and waiting for me. When I arrived at the TK gate, an agent looked at my boarding pass and asked her co-worker if J tickets can standby for the flight. The other agent explained to me that the airports are different even though within the same city, so that was not possible. In the past I've been able to get away with this on U.S. domestic flights when I flew to MIA instead of FLL as these cities were treated as co-terminals. I realize that in this case I was dealing with an int'l itinerary, but was hoping that the concept of co-terminals will still work in my favor. Even if it didn't work, at least I tried.

With plenty of time to relax, I searched for the Atlantic lounge, designated for TK premium passengers at T1. I went through an area that had some construction going on and took an elevator to L3. The reception desk was just before the entrance on the hallway and upon showing my boarding pass the agent welcomed me inside. I asked to use the shower and was told to have a seat for a few minutes until someone gets me.

Upon entering there is a pantry area with snacks and beverages on the right side and an open seating area that is not very big. A hallways leads to the WC's and shower and there is another small room that had a few seats.

Snacks and beverages. These did not appeal me at all so I did not grab anything to eat. Besides I was flying on TK so the meal onboard would be good.

photo Atlantic lounge @ MUC (4) (1024x768)photo Atlantic lounge @ MUC (5) (1024x768)photo Atlantic lounge @ MUC (6) (1024x768)

There was an area with magazines and other publications but most of them were in German.

photo Atlantic lounge @ MUC (2) (1024x725)

I waited for about 20 min. and finally I went back to the desk to inquire. There was a new agent sitting at reception who did not have any idea that I was waiting for a shower. She apologized for the misunderstanding and took it upon herself to check the shower area right away. She then got back to me and invited me to use it. I asked her if there were any stations with free internet connection and she advised me that there were none unfortunately. This is not what is stated on their website.

The shower had two sinks which seemed like a waste of space, unless you plan to share the shower with a significant other.

photo Atlantic lounge @ MUC (7) (1024x768)

The shower was invigorating and had good pressure.

photo Atlantic lounge @ MUC (8) (732x1024)

Upon finishing, I stepped out and found that the floor and nearby area were wet from the water of the shower. Obviously the draining system is not that great. I took my towel and tried to wiped off the excess water from the floor. Feeling much better by now I sat at the lounge with a glass of water. The bottles were glasses and not plastic, perhaps to discourage people from taking them. The lounge was small and not that inviting. The red carpet and bright colors were a bit annoying to my taste. The lounge reminded me of the 80's and felt just utilitarian. I wish I could have taken the bus back to T2 and used the LH Business lounge there but that was a hassle at this point.

Soon it was time to go to the gate and I thanked the nice agent for her assistance on my way out. I sat near the gate podium and soon families with screaming children were showing up and sitting nearby, so I retired to the quiet hallway for some peace and sanity.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (4) (1024x657)

When I originally booked this trip, the itinerary stated that it was operated by SunExpress for TK. Imagine the sigh of relief I experienced when I saw this plane at the gate.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (1) (1024x683)

However, I also saw this QR 787 next to my gate.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (3) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (8) (1024x669)

Boarding commenced and there were about 6 wheelchair passengers that pre-boarded the flight, followed by J passengers and families with children. I was welcomed onboard by the purser and there were 2 male FA's at the front of the cabin directing people.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (7) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (10) (1024x683)

No real J cabin with only the middle seats blocked. However there were footrests.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (13) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (5) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (11) (1024x683)

I love the TK logo everywhere.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (14) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (20) (1024x683)

Pre-departure drinks were offered and I had the lemonade with fresh mint.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (12) (1024x683)

The door was closed and we were soon taxiing to the runway. Saw this SU plane on the way.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (15) (1024x667)

Bye MUC.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (17) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (18) (1024x724)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (19) (1024x683)

Service started at 1705 with FA closing the curtain, then distributing lokum, hot towels and menus.

The appetizer was placed on my tray and the FA wished me bon appetit, which was very nice. The tray looked wonderful but notice the position of the salt/pepper shakers. Someone did not pay attention.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (26) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (33) (1024x683)

Nice branded silverware.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (34) (1024x683)

Green beans marinated in olive oil.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (29) (1024x683)

Cheese course.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (28) (1024x683)


photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (30) (1024x683)

I accompanied the meal with a glass of cherry juice.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (39) (1024x683)

Warm breads were offered.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (35) (1024x683)

The appetizer consisted of grilled chicken slices that matched the smokiness of the aubergines perfectly. Catering is always great at TK and my meal was no exception.

For the main dish I chose the prawns in tomato sauce which were good.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (36) (1024x683)

Finally the profiterole provided a nice ending to a satisfying meal.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (40) (1024x683)

Hot towels were offered once again after the meal service.

We started our descent into SAW on this sunny afternoon.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (41) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (42) (1024x683)

Landing in SAW.

We parked at the tarmac and took a bus to the terminal. In the meantime a new crew came onboard.

photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (52) (1024x683)photo TK 1640 MUC-SAW (53) (1024x683)

Immigration was crowded and it took a long time to clear. Once outside I took the next Havatas bus to Taksim and then to IST Ataturk to meet lagentsecret. We finally arrived at the Marriott Courtyard hotel at around 0040.

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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Independent Atlantic Lounge


Munich - MUC


Istanbul - SAW



The Atlantic lounge is nothing out of this world and it was just functional. If you have time, it would be preferable to spend it at the LH lounge.

My TK flight was enjoyable with nice and smiling crew. The food was up to TK's standards and it did not disappoint.

SAW can get pretty busy and if possible I would rather land in IST due to the proximity to the city.



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  • Comment 109830 by
    Flight94 1882 Comments
    Really great trip report with wonderful pics :)

    Very nice product on TK as usual and the tray looks pretty good :)

    Last year Qatar used T2 at MUC too. But it was before the end of partnership with *A as QR is now a OneWorld member.
  • Comment 109834 by
    AirCanada881 1616 Comments
    Thank you for this new installment. Too bad you weren't able to be rebooked to IST. How was the transfer to IST from SAW?

    TK offers a solid business class soft product, too bad there were no real J seats though the seat pitch looked very generous.

    I'd be interested in knowing how this mini FR report meet up came about :)
    • Comment 295265 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      The transfer can take a lot of time. First I had to take the Havatas bus from SAW to Taksim and then from Taksim to Ataturk.

      There is a service that can be booked if you are a member of TK's Miles & Smiles and it just cost TRY 33 but you need some advance notice and if you need to cancel you have to give them at least 6 hrs. notice in order to not be penalized.

      Lagensecret and I plan to meet throughout the year on different trips. If you must know it all started in NY. ;)
  • Comment 109851 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5480 Comments
    Thanks for this new FR, nice catering for sure even if I don't like eggplant.
    The grade 9 for comfort is pretty generous imho considering it's a 3 hours flight ;)
    • Comment 295266 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      I am always delighted to read your comments.

      Indeed I am generous with the score for comfort. I had the row for myself and when I pulled up the middle seat divider I had more than enough room to stretch and place my belongings all over the place. Also, a whole row without armrests makes for a very comfortable mini sofa to lounge.
  • Comment 109867 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6802 Comments
    Thanks for this next leg in the trip! Airlines in the US have been cracking down on trying to change airports within th same city for standby, so I'm not surprised that in Europe this was denied where the concept of standing by for an earlier flight doesn't really exist. Because of lax standby rules, many pax playes the system and would buy a cheaper ticket to IAD and then try to switch to DCA for free which would have been more expensive.

    I know TK is much beloved on this site, but I find it kind of a shame how inconsistent their premium hard-products can be. The soft seems to be pretty consistent and excellent, but there are just too many different kinds of seats in J. Personally I would have been disappointed to get a Euro-business configuration over a real wide J rcliner. But I understand that the comfort grade is high because you had the whole row to yourself and that is certainly pleasant. The meal looks just amazing as usual with TK!
    • Comment 295239 by
      AirCanada881 1616 Comments
      True but at least TK doesn't call First a seat that is less comfortable than TK's comfort class lol (yes yes I know the standards in the Us are different, I'm just teasing ;) )
    • Comment 295267 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      I firmly believe that one doesn't lose anything by trying. I knew that my chances of being accommodated on the IST flight would be slim, but what do I have to lose by asking?

      I admit that TK can be inconsistent, specially on equipment and staff, but overall I like how they try to distinguish themselves from its competitors by offering something extra that nobody else does. That is an A for effort in my book.

      Thanks for your invaluable support and comments as usual.
  • Comment 109884 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The lounge is decent but far from being attractive

    BTW the LH Business is not way above

    Nice to see a TK aircraft instead of a Sun Express at the gate

    I wonder which lounge QR is using

    A good flight with a great catering as usual

    See you soon for your next leg
    • Comment 295268 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      I believe QR also uses the Atlantic lounge if I am not mistaken.

      If I remember correctly I think I had this same appetizer when I flew TK from MAD-IST back in 2012. Although TK's meals are generally excellent, they need to introduce more variety.

  • Comment 110032 by
    Chibcha SILVER 574 Comments
    Even when they deny it, I bet TK was kicked out of T2... I find Star Alliance is really floppy in making your trip easier when travelling with their members. I still fail to understand how come AV does not recognize every flight flown on Star carriers, for example, then what's the point of flying Star alliance.

    I agree with KévinDC, TKs product is fairly inconsistent on hard product-wise, nevertheless, their service and catering rocks.

    I hope you had a decent commute between SAW and IST, and an awesome time in Istambul!

    • Comment 295398 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Gracias Chibcha. My time in IST was short, just a layover on the way to TXL and back. I've been there before and it is always nice to revisit, no matter how short of a stay.

      The commute between SAW and IST would take at least 2 hrs, sometimes more depending on traffic. It required 2 bus changes at Taksim square, but it was worth it.
  • Comment 110122 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this nice FR.

    Too bad you couldn't change your flight, because it's after all the same city unlike FLL and MIA.

    Anyway, the cabin sur wasnt the best TK has to offer, but was still way better than SunExpress.

    I notice that the appetizer of vegetable marinated in olive oil is offered in all classes on TK Medium Haul flights.
    • Comment 295453 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      It would have been great if I could switch to the IST flight. I guess it depends on the agent that you get.

      TK catering is so good that certain items served in J are also found in the Y cabin. As you mentioned, the vegetable appetizer is seen in both cabins. I can also think of a few other items like lokum, fresh squeezed orange juice, lemonade, and chocolate mousse. Sometimes I have the feeling that the meals can be interchangeable and the only difference is that they are served on chinaware in J, depending on the route.


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