Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Amsterdam Jakarta in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA89
Class Economy
Seat 27C
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:40
Take-off 07 Jun 14, 12:35
Arrival at 08 Jun 14, 07:15
GA   #16 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 203 reviews
By 22995
Published on 8th June 2014
Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening folks!

This report is the continuation of the previous flight I took from JKT to AMS. This time, it’s AMS to JKT.
The flight code is GA 089, with GA codesharing it with Etihad Airways. The plane used for this flight is the Boeing 777-300ER (PK-GIA). From quick searches around the web, I found out that PK-GIA is the first B777-300ER GA receives in mid-2013. Does this thing is doing as well as its youngest brother I took on the Inaugural flight last week? We’ll find out soon!

So it’s been 8 days since I’ve been in Europe. I went from Amsterdam to Berlin to Cologne and back to Amsterdam with several short excursions during the last leg of the journey. We went from Amsterdam to Berlin with EasyJet. The flight was rather uneventful, so I didn’t make the report about it. Then we went from Berlin- Cologne and Cologne-Amsterdam by ICE train. Since I’ve only been inside Thalys and Keisei Skyliner, I can say ICE train was okay. Europe has a lot to offer. Since I’m a self-learning cook/blogger, I gained a lot of inspiration for my cooking blog. If you’re interested, my cooking blog is Your patronage is appreciated :)

The journey began at around 8:30. Me and my Dad checked out from our hotel. We stayed at Sheraton Hotel at Schiphol airport due to its accessibility and facilities. Schiphol shopping plaza is very convenient for our needs; thanks to its supermarket and Asian food takeaway. We went on to grab our 3rd luggage from the locker between Arrivals 1 & 2. Paid a € 14 fee for the 2 day storage (it is surprisingly cheaper than the machine locker!), and arranged our suitcases so the weight is balanced between the 3.

We proceed to the Departures 3. GA is served at Check-in Row 30.
photo 001 - Departures 3

When we arrived, the Check-in is not open yet, so my father went to refund our taxes from shopping around here. Not bad, he managed to nab € 140 of taxes claim!

We went through check-in for the Business Class row. Since my father is travelling Business this time around, I can tag along to check in again. Too bad the agent failed to input my GarudaMiles into the system before she printed my BP. But she assured me that the number is still inputted, so I’m not missing anything.

photo 002 - Checkin
The screen hasn't changed yet
photo 003 - Checkin Gold
Check in for the privileged
photo 004 - Checkin Reg
Check in for most of people
photo 005 - Carpet
Sky Priority and First Class carpet
photo 018 - Boarding Pass

27C. Another aisle

So we got our boarding pass, went through the immigration smoothly (the immigration agent was very friendly, we got a good laugh !). Not much has changed in Schiphol since the last time I’ve been here. It was still bland, and not much to see or to do. Only grabbed a few Stroopwaffles as a gift for folks back home, and we proceed to the gate.

Gate G9 gave a really nice side view of our bird. I spent a good 15 minutes or so just admiring the bird.

photo 014 - The Birdphoto 015 - The Nosephoto 016 - Registration
PK-GIA, the first B77W GA receives in Mid 2013
photo 017 - Engine

Boarding was around 20 minutes late. Well, still acceptable I must say.

photo 013 - Gate G9photo 019 - Into the plane

My seat was the second row of the 2nd section of Economy seats. Legroom somehow felt a little bit bigger. Or was it my imagination? Anyway, the seats were already accompanied by blanket and pillow (both of which I never use, never liked it). The content of the back pocket was the same as my last flight with the exception of the new IFE mag for June 2014. And in my seat pocket, I found the Middle East designated inflight magazine. Guess the cleaning crew missed a spot :) (UPDATE: as it turns out, PK-GIA is continuing towards JED, so i'm guessing it's there for a reason).

photo 020 - View from seat
View from my seat
photo 021 - Seat pitch
Seat pitch was very good this time around.
photo 022 - Seat numberphoto 023 - IFE Welcomephoto 024 - New IFE mag
New GA IFE mag, renamed to 'STARS'
photo 025 - Old in  house mag
New June issue in-flight mag
photo 027 - Middle East mag
This is actually magazine for Middle East bound flight.
photo 026 - Empty middle seats
Middle seat is empty for the rest of the flight :)

Take off went smoothly, with minor shaking along the way. We were given amenities kit. Remember how I said on my last report that GA gave a rather nicer touch with the pouch that has zipper on it? Well, they gave it inside this ugly plastic container. And the ear plugs are missing. Kinda disappointed :(

photo 031 - Amenitiesphoto 032 - Poor Amenities

Long way to go ladies and gentleman

photo 029 - Time to arrival

Nuts and Juice were given for refreshment.
photo 033 - Peanuts

Afterwards, FA gave us the menu for this flight. We will be getting Lunch – Refreshment Meal – Breakfast.
photo 034 - Refreshment and menuphoto 035 - Menu Englishphoto 036 - Menu Indonesian

Browsed the IFE (see how it looks like on my previous report), there were new movie updated (I watched Robocop, Gravity, and Dallas Buyers Club throughout the flight), the live TV was also working perfectly, although according to the IFE, NHK is Al Jazeera :) (whoopsie!).
photo 037 - IFE Movie 1photo 038 - IFE Movie 2photo 039 - Live TV Error

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, my regular A-Jays headset is working perfectly with the headset jack.
photo 040 - Headphone Jack

By having a proper headset, it helped me enjoy the IFE much better. In house headset just doesn't cut it. GA still has to improve their Economy headset, they’re uncomfortable and under performed.

Lavatory visit was okay. Nothing much has changed since my last flight, with the exception of an empty compartment.
photo 041 - Lavatory missingphoto 042 - Amenities Lavatoryphoto 043 - Clean Lavatory

Lunch was finally served. Boy oh boy, about time. I chose the Western menu. The Gnocchi was a bit overcooked, thus making it rather soft. The Greek salad was okay. The bread was pretty good quality, definitely better than Indonesian catering. The Butter was room temperature (bravo!). The soup was warm and savory. But for me, the highlight was the chocolate cake! I think it was a simpler version of Tiramisu. Light, airy, with just enough sweetness. Love it!

photo 044 - Lunch Servicephoto 045 - Lunch Service 2

Flight goes on with minor shaking. Another set of refreshment was given, took me some Guava juice.
photo 047 - Refreshment 2

Then I helped myself to snack available at the galley. The chips were from the UK, and tasted good.
photo 048 - Galley Snacks

Then the refreshment meal was distributed out. I actually missed it because I was in the lavatory at the time. Asked an FA to get me one, but I think she got preoccupied and forgot my request :(

Asked another FA for one, and she gave me not just the Pastrami Sandwich, but also an energy bar and glass of water. Thank God for personal touch with common a sense, don’t see that a lot in Indonesia these days :)
photo 049 - Refreshment Meal

Mood light in action
photo 046 - Moodlightphoto 050 - Moodlightphoto 051 - Lights Out

Lights out as I’m typing this, but don’t think I’m not gonna get some sleep.


I did get some sleep. I woke up around 5 AM (GMT +7) to the breakfast service. It was freezing, I was literally shivering and my teeth rattling.
photo 052 - Nearly There
Nearly there
photo 053 - Sunrise
Beautiful sunrise

But thank God for the breakfast. I made a choice with the Indonesian menu. The Nasi Goreng (fried rice) was decent. At least the rice is not too dry like Briyani, just the way Indonesians like it. The freshly cut fruit was nice, yoghurt was pretty good. The Croissant was surprisingly warm and flaky. Paired with the room temperature butter, it hits the spot!
photo 054 - Breakfast 1photo 055 - Breakfast opened

As the captain announced that we’re approaching CGK, I spot a Lion Air B737-900 also in position for landing. I’m sorry kiddo, you gotta make way to the big guy :)
photo 056 - Lion air approach

Landing was smooth, with a bit of a thump. Immigration in the morning is very pleasant. There were no queue, and it went by fast. Surprisingly, the baggage claim was pretty quick too! CGK is known to have one of the worst baggage claim experience ever. All of our luggage surprisingly came out first. And off we go home :D

photo 058 - Welcomephoto 059 - Baggagephoto 057 - Final Bird shot

Waved bye bye to the birdie :(

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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew7.5

Amsterdam - AMS


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To be honest, this return flight wasn't as good as the inaugural flight i took last week. There were several points missing. But at least the catering is much better than the last. And i also got a lot more room during the flight.

I'm assuming the rather subpar performance was because there were only a short time after the aircraft arrived from CGK few hours before departure. But in modern air travel, i don't think that counts as a valid reason to be under performing.

I'm giving a rather high score for CGK's Security/Immigration/Baggage claim this time around simply because in the morning, CGK is more humane than in evening. Which is very, very pleasant.

Nevertheless, i still love flying with GA, and looking forward to more flying with them!

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