Review of Delta Air Lines flight Salt Lake City Las Vegas in Domestic First

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 1883
Seat 06
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 12 May 13, 15:15
Arrival at 12 May 13, 15:40
DL   #40 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 780 reviews
By GOLD 3734
Published on 10th June 2014
  1. Basle - Amsterdam KL/ Y F70: HERE!!
  2. Amsterdam - Seattle DL Y+ A330-300: THERE!!
  3. Seattle - Salt Lake City DL Y+ B737-800: [url]THERE!!
  4. Salt Lake City - Las Vegas DL Y+ 757-200: Now
  5. Las Vegas - Detroit DL Y+ 737-800: Soon
  6. Detroit - Paris CDG AF Y A340-300: Soon
  7. Paris CDG - Basle AF Y ERJ190: No report

My love affair with DL continues that Sunday, March 12th. After a wonderful week full of activities and wonders discoveries at Yellowstone, we head back to civilization. A bonus can be found at the end of this flight report.

We give our car rental back and proceed to the terminal. Both are very close to each other, so there is no need for a shuttle.

SLC is a very nice airport, very bright and easy to navigate.

Check in will be easy and fast and we are all added to the upgrade list. As we are three, I did not have much hope.

A bit of spotting airside, lots of DL Tails, and some AA mad dog:

photo dsc0534w

photo dsc0536x

photo dsc0540lx

Our 757:

photo dsc0544lla

photo dsc0553po

Flight will be on time:

photo dsc0546wq

15 minutes before boarding, I have a look at the upgrade list and all our seats are confirmed in First. My parents will be very happy as they never experienced a free upgrade, even if the flight is only 50 minutes, we are all pleased about it.

photo dsc0554i

This is the First class seat, very comfy, but nothing to do with a long haul F/Seat :)

photo dsc0555g

photo dsc0556wn

photo dsc0566yb

photo dsc0567t

Very good legroom:

photo dsc0563b

On time push-back and some spotting again with this CRJ Skywest:

photo dsc0575vp


photo dsc0569dj

Mountains in distance:

photo dsc0576yy

Wonderful views of the Great Salt Lake:

photo dsc0589z

photo dsc0590z

It is not pollution that you can spot in the water, but only mud from the lake floor. In fact, the lake isn't deep at all, its max depth is 10.70 meters. But it is big : 4 400km². Wikipedia is my best friend ^^


photo dsc0601s

Nice little snack, as usual, no trolley is used in DL domestic First.

photo dsc0608bl

Lake Mead:

photo dsc0610bq

Lovely views over Hoover Dam, sad, the pilots did not mention it, but as I now Nevada, I knew where to look;)

photo dsc0621vp

photo dsc0622qx

photo dsc0625kd

Boulder beach:

photo dsc0630gx

And landing:
photo dsc0632h

photo dsc0633i

photo dsc0637k

To conclude, as promised the Yellowstone bonus. This park is just amazing, if you can go, go! Run for it! Go before the high season, or after, may or september / october are the best month, as the park is quite empty and you can have the nature and the wildeness for yourself! Should you need help to plan your visit, send me a message!

Elks, you see them everywhere !!

photo dsc0376un

Mammooth Springs Terasse:

photo dsc0293je

photo dsc0204lc

photo dsc0204lc

Yes, there we are:

photo dsc0168os

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone:

photo dsc0026kj

photo dsc0097lit

photo dsc0029jl

Giant Geyser:

photo dsc0336we

photo dsc0332or

Riverside Geyser:

photo dsc0252gm

Upper Geyser Bassin, springs and more Geysers:

photo dsc0234pu

photo dsc0088jz

photo dsc0027nmo

photo dsc0291bg

photo dsc0013cm

photo dsc0482n

photo dsc0498fo

photo dsc0702k

photo dsc0727l

photo dsc0842e

photo dsc0875zi
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew10.0

Salt Lake City - SLC


Las Vegas - LAS



Another lovely flight, free upgrade, what to ask more...?

Information on the route Salt Lake City (SLC) Las Vegas (LAS)


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