Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Vienna in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1234
Class Business
Seat 2F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 13 Aug 13, 08:45
Arrival at 13 Aug 13, 10:05
LH   #50 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1455 reviews
Published on 3rd July 2014
Meine Damen und Herren begrüßen Sie meinen Flug Bericht aug LH 1234 von FRA nach VIE! This is the sixth report in this series of my first ever round-the-world trip done over my birthday in 2013.

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From the previous report, we had landed at the C gates and I would make my way through the interesting maze of Terminal 1 to get to the Schengen A gates. I had built in a nice layover so I could handle whatever craziness of transiting at FRA as well as determine which lounge I could visit.

After going through Passport Control, I made my way to the Terminal 1 Check-In Halls and checking out which airline counters would be open or set up.


photo null_zps3ab5c497
I love these old-school flipping flight display boards especially the sounds of them flipping and almost in constant motion.

photo null_zpsb25fbc6e
Ticketing area C

photo null_zpse2c381b3
SQ's check-in counters open for the FRA-JFK flight.

photo null_zpseb997968
NH's check-in area for the FRA-NRT 788 flight.

photo null_zps53cdc302
A3 check-in counters set up but still closed.

photo null_zps9f29c041
Up close of NH counters as well as AC's

photo null_zps7b64e3bb
AC and OZ counters with NH adverts hanging above.

photo th_null_zps3d5db28b
Is my VIE flight on this board?

photo null_zps9eb40b1d
There it is! I see my flight to VIE at the top. Sorry for the blurriness.

photo null_zps8dbb58a7
LH Self-check in counters with self-tagging baggage drop.

photo null_zps305e62a1
My flight moving on up

After perusing around the check-in halls and deciding not to buy the various flavors of Ritter Sport landside, I make my way to Schengen airside A-gates and see which LH lounge I could get in. The warm weather could be felt inside the terminal and I started to feel like a soggy mess. Once through security, I found the entrance to the LH F lounge and asked to see if I could utilize this lounge after having flown on F from BKK. The cheerful F lounge agent asked for asked to scan my boarding pass and I guess my VIE boarding pass allowed me access to this lounge. I know it is not the special F terminal lounge where I could obtain a special LH rubber duck, but it had a nice relaxing atmosphere to it. The agent even advised me that I should report to A28 early as the flight would depart via a bus gate. So far, all of my intra-European flights from FRA had departed and arrived via a bus gate. I always enjoy boarding and deplaning from a bus gate.

photo null_zpsb20d0cd3
Entrance to LH F Lounge

After the lounge agent welcomed me into the F Lounge around 07:15, I asked if I could request a shower. She directed me to a small desk around the corner where I could sign up for one. A male Asian attendant had been preparing the shower rooms and I guess thought I was Thai and first started talking to me in Thai, and then German, and then in English. While not as fancy as the NH showers at HND, this served it’s purpose and made me feel human and ready for nonstop roaming once I land at VIE.

photo null_zps3f6db1f6
Shower area in F lounge

photo null_zps904d9a84
My collection of stuff!

photo null_zpse512695d
Amenities at the shower facility

photo null_zpsaed2728e
No Japanese bidet here.

After the shower, I felt human again. I had changed into something more comfortable as I wanted to have dropped my bags off at the hotel room and maximized my time on a whirlwind tour of Vienna.

Once I finished, I made my way to the lounge area and found a spot to relax while waiting for my flight. This lounge remained surprisingly quiet for a connecting lounge for F passengers. The lounge felt spacious and modern. I first found a curvy lounge chair to place my stuff as a couple of lounge guests had occupied most of the sofa areas.

I decided to check out the food options available in this lounge. On hand they had a massive spread that one would find at a popular European hotel with all the cold cuts, eggs, yogurts, fruits. breads, and spreads. I had developed a bit of an appetite and wanted to sample as much as I could.

photo null_zps0322f627
Dining area in F lounge

photo null_zps9a5c217b
My comfy couch at the F lounge

photo null_zpsb5a58e7b
Milch und saft

photo null_zps823190b1
Western breakfast

photo null_zps0c273520
Cold cuts

photo null_zps42557264
Bread and cereal station

photo null_zps587f8864
Mango smoothie, orange juice, and blueberry yogurt with breakfast

photo null_zpsbc618044
Candy collection

I ate, and ate, and ate until I could eat no more. Europeans make the best yogurt and tasted delicious with the fresh fruit. I enjoyed the mango smoothie despite I wish it had a bit more mango in it with a bit of small chunks.

I ended up moving to a sofa section right by the window to watch the various LH planes especially over at the new A++. I should have made my way to check it out, but I wanted to enjoy the peace and solitude away from the FRA crowds. While waiting in the lounge, I did notice that an agent holding a clipboard approach the sizeable group of Middle Easterners from JFK waiting in the lounge. They all gathered their stuff and headed towards a door to the side of the dining area where I assumed they had a car service waiting for them to take them to their next flight. I wish I could have gotten a car service, but I would have felt it ridiculous to drive me around the corner if they had offered.

By 08:20, I thanked the staff at the lounge and made my way to A28 for my flight. I had never been to this part of the concourse, thus it felt like discovering something new. I got to the gate and they had started to board the flight. Contrary to what the lounge agent had informed me, we would be boarding via a jetbridge onto possibly my second A321 flight. Premium passengers had already boarded and general boarding had commenced. They had mentioned this would be a full flight and may need to check-in baggage.

13 August 2013
LH 1234
ETD: 08:45
ATD: 08:51
ETA: 10:05
ATA: 10:06

photo null_zps89121ac7
Interesting blue hair while waiting to board flight to VIE

Upon this announcement, an agent spotted my small gray carry-on and asked to check my bag in. I did not mind. She asked for my boarding pass, and I handed her my boarding pass still in the LH F ticket jacket. She scanned my information and then printed a baggage tag and affixed it to my carry on along with a priority tag to it. She then affixed my baggage receipt to the back of the jacket and then rescanned my boarding pass and allowed me to go ahead and join the queue inside the jetbridge.

photo null_zpsdef7a0f3
I can see my bag with Priority tag on it

photo null_zps6b374da6
LH A321, wish this was our plane to VIE

We waited at least five minutes on the jetbridge without moving from the same spot. I wondered if the first bus had filled up and awaiting the next bus. Then the line started to move and I noticed people turning left rather than going down some stairs; that would mean boarding via a jetbridge!

photo null_zpsda13a333
Long line to board the plane. Was surprised not a bus gate

photo null_zpsd7967211
We are almost there!

photo null_zpsad71a239
Oh we are gonna take an A321 to VIE!

photo null_zpsfbcc793e
Looking towards A++ gates

photo null_zpsc806563e
I can almost touch the door!

I do my requisite touch the plane with my right hand and then I am welcomed on board by a cheery female purser Paulette and an equally cheery male FA Ivan working the front galley. I smile and give them a “Guten Tag!”

I seemed to be the last person to board in F as all the seats in the partitioned area appeared full. I had just enough space to put my bag in the overhead while I took my bulkhead window seat. My neighbor had already been seated. From the looks of his stuff, he had a AC Aeroplan Gold baggage tag and had just gotten off from an AC flight, possibly YYZ along with a guy that was sitting across the aisle.

photo null_zps1cbb1271
Leg room and my sexy red shorts to match my Austrian holiday!

While enjoying the surroundings of being on a narrowbody, the First Captain welcomed everyone on the flight and gave us the details for the flight, first in German, and then in English. He hoped everyone enjoy their flight.

photo null_zps285d9bac
Neighboring A319

Just a few minutes after I had boarded, the check-in staff closed the doors to get us on our way to VIE. I had strapped myself in to enjoy one of the shortest flight I would take on this trip. Also, I was looking forward to my very first time to visit Vienna!

photo null_zpsdf259317
Heavies over at A++

As we pushed back from the gate, the FAs did their security demonstration. It seemed like this flight would have 4 cheerful FAs and one happy purser.

photo null_zps8a9fbefb
Looks like a scorcher inside that 748.

photo null_zpsa4ade698
LH A340

photo null_zps141a8c0a
LH B744

photo null_zpsbfcde5a9
TG A380 on hardstand waiting to head back to BKK later in the evening. I wanted to have taken this flight, but when using miles, they only had Y class open. Either way I am glad I chose that LH flight in one of the most graceful planes still flying today!

I am used to short taxi times to 25C or 25L when connecting through FRA. For this flight, we headed out to runway 18 for our morning southeastern flight to VIE.

photo null_zps06c80f3c
Airborne just outside FRA

photo null_zpse1af8134
German landscape gives way to clouds.

A few minutes once we were airborne, the captain released the FAs with the first chime. Paulette gave their welcome. I could hear Ivan rustling around in the front galley. When Paulette finished she started asking customers in the J cabin if they would like to enjoy some breakfast. I figured I would take see what would be on offer and to be as comprehensive as I can on my trip reports.

photo null_zps65cedc9a
Hearty breakfast to VIE

I did not taste the müsli because I was not sure if it had any nuts because of a nut allergy. I did enjoy the rest of my tray, including the cute little bottle of milk, the first time I had seen it packaged this way. When I finished, Paulette asked if I was still hungry and sounded concerned why I did not eat the müsli. I told her I had eaten a bit in the lounge and I was not sure if it contained any nuts. She confirmed it did and offered if she could get me the snack they offered to Y customers.

photo null_zps21b8e0fb
Sleepy Canadians on their way to VIE.

I enjoyed the view from the window. All of a sudden you could notice our descent into VIE. The last J customers had finished their breakfasts and both Paulette and Ivan asked those of us awake if we would like anything else to drink prior to landing. I declined because I wanted to get into Vienna onto a running start to see as much as I could.

photo null_zpsbc563e08
VIE from above

photo null_zpsa57a6a7a
Making our approach to VIE

photo null_zps5e6d8d94
Austrian countryside

photo null_zpsf205e262
Slowly touching down at VIE

I watched our approach into VIE and before I knew it, we landed with a textbook landing onto Runway 16. I had finally arrived into VIE, an airport I had wanted to visit especially before and after the new terminal. Also it made me excited to ride OS soon.

photo null_zpsa0225057
Hardstand at VIE

photo null_zps2c4d6999
OS A321

photo null_zps0dd8269a
LO, LX, and OS

photo null_zps5bc7d95f
OS 772

photo null_zps9d14b46e
OS 763 w/ winglets

photo null_zps6de52d83
Nice line-up of OS, LO, and LX with our LH plane joining the *A lineup.

photo null_zpseab5f635
CI arriving from TPE-BKK

We deplaned either at F03 or F05. From there it was a short walk to baggage claim. I would discover my only hiccup on this whole trip. The carry-on made it onto the belt as among the first on the belt. However, I waited until the conveyor belt stopped and wondered the location of my checked insuitcase. This was not the first time my check-in did not make it with me internationally.

photo null_zpsa8f52013
Bags arriving at carousel 9 … only 1 shows up

I asked a wondering OS agent where LH baggage services would be and escorted me to the OS office. All three agents were busy, especially the one for premium passengers. My escort saw I had priority baggage and directed me to wait as the agent finished up. However she yelled I should wait outside before she called me in. At this point I had the second shock of the day and backed away. Luckily a fourth agent logged on and waved me over with a smile. I handed her all my information while she typed away. Basically my bag did not make it to my BKK-FRA flight because of the rain and would not make it till the next day on the same flight. However, I would be leaving VIE on my way home. The agent said she would send a message to BKK dispatch to send my bag on the OS BKK-VIE flight because it would land early which I could claim in time for my flight. She apologized for the delay and she handed me a Star Alliance amenity kit along with a Star Alliance t-shirt. She told me that to report in the morning and where I could enter in the morning. I thanked her for her help and made my way through.

photo null_zps475ef47a
Post customs into arrival hall. VIE is rather cool! Should I head to the OBB station?

Now let's check out the new arrivals area of VIE!

photo null_zpsdc4ab7c2
Meeting point

photo null_zpse455cc9d
I really dig this Arrival FIDS

photo null_zps8548dc14
I decide to take the CAT into Wien.

photo null_zpse5de2f13
Flight information for LH 1234 FRA-VIE from FlightTracker.

photo null_zpsbe8e4d76
Flight routing for LH 1234.

A quickie in Vienna:

photo null_zps05acee35
The cutest elephant in front of Naturhistoriches Wien.

photo null_zps0af2e888
Parlamentsgebäude, Austrian Parliament building

photo null_zps9457bf39
Tram stop in front of Parlamentsgebäude.

photo null_zps3bf09fcc
Yummy Wienerschnitzel and a cold local bier from Reinthaler's Biesl.

photo null_zps629e3a16
Schönbrunn Palace

Vielen dank für das Lesen dieser Reisebericht! Stay tuned! Only two more trips left before I start on my next series!
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Cabin crew9.0

Lufthansa First Class Lounge - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Vienna - VIE



After coming from an amazing flight in F on a 744, the use of the lounge eased me into taking a standard LH European flight. I appreciated the crew on this flight. The only downside ended up being that my check-in did not make the connection and I blame TG ground staff and the torrential rains if I wanted to be nitpick. Otherwise, the delay of my check-in enhanced this adventure.

I should have the next report posted soon.


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    aurel-lil 4206 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR very detailed.

    the global impression of the flight is quite good and breakfast looks adequate !

    blue hair, red pair of shorts, green luggage and yellow candies, there are many colors in your FR :)

    see you.

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    lagentsecret 12311 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this detailed FR

    It could be even better : when the text of the pictures is under them you have to scroll up to see the picture related to the text

    I always enjoy boarding and deplaning from a bus gate.
    So FRA is a dream for you, lol

    I wish I could have gotten a car service
    you had something bigger than a car ;)

    an agent spotted my small gray carry-on and asked to check my bag in
    An obsession for the LH gate agents : ridiculous and nasty

    The breakfast is average but the FAs were great

    However she yelled I should wait outside before she called me in
    Nice LH touch for their FC pax : NonStop pamper ;)

    See you soon on your next leg

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