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Airline Air Canada
Flight AC7427
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 02 May 14, 11:30
Arrival at 02 May 14, 13:05
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By 7071
Published on 22nd July 2014
Hello - Welcome to my 7th trip report. This is a short hop on Air Canada from LGA to YYZ. This was the first leg of my last 50K UA miles trans-atlantic redemption, going NYC to PRG. The intend was originally to try out YYZ-VIE onboard Austrian Airlines since I had never flown them before and it would be unlikely for me to go on a paid trip to VIE or anywhere east of that in Europe. I wasn't going to create trouble for myself by flying OS via VIE to FRA/DUS when time is more precious. However due to last minute changes I was forced to take LH via FRA with the old J product. This made it much less exciting but nonetheless a fairly comfortable trip. I booked it out of LGA instead of JFK for no particular reason - I normally work in lower Manhattan so LGA is not exactly any easier to get to than EWR or JFK. What I didn't know was that had I booked out of JFK/EWR I would have totally missed this flight. I had to go to the Algerian consulate near UN plaza to pick up my passport that was awaiting for a visa to be stamped on the day of my departure. The consulate opened at 9am, but I was not attended until 9:30am and didn't have my passport until around 10am. I ran out of the consulate and got a cab for LGA. Luckily I made it just in time before check in closed and had the opportunity to take some pictures.

photo IMG_3084

I have never flown Air Canada before. I know the airline is bilingual but had otherwise very little expectation. I approached the check in desk, which was not very busy this Friday morning.

photo IMG_3085

I (sadly) need a visa for the Schengen countries as well as Canada. It seems like that the kiosks can only process passports that don't need a visa for the destination indicated. I was quickly helped by an agent who was very friendly. My bag was tagged all the way to PRG.

photo IMG_3088

LGA is not a very modern airport. It certainly could use a face lift. Also why is there not any train/subway at this airport anyways?

photo IMG_3089

Departure board of the day.

photo IMG_3087

I had some time to visit the Maple Leaf Lounge despite the fact that I was running a little late to start with. I think this lounge was under renovation for a while. There were hopes that it could get moved post security but that obviously did not happen. It is still before security and I find that a little bit bothersome. Also for site admin please update LGA lounge drop down list. There is not a Maple Leaf Lounge option.

photo IMG_3099

The lounge looks very nice. I checked into the lounge with the same lady who handled my check in. She told me that AC doesn't have many agents at LGA and they are not using any contractors (possibly due to the language requirements I guess?) so check in agents will come staff the lounge once check in is closed.

photo IMG_3092

I took a seat in the middle section. This is defiantly better than the pre-renovation horrors at the US Airways Club and United RCC.

photo IMG_3094

Food section. There were only some fruits and chips on display. However the setup seems to indicate that there should be more offerings during peak/meal times.

photo IMG_3098

Normal beverage setup. UAL please note - no plastic cups!

photo IMG_3096

Lounge departure board. Seems like most flights are YYZ/YUL. I'm wondering if AC could ever start LGA-YTZ. That could be potentially lucrative. Porter would never in a hundred years to be able to get slots at LGA.

photo IMG_3097

Soon it was time to clear security and head to the boarding gate. Spotted a UA Express on my way down to security.

photo IMG_3101

All AC departure gates are at the end of the concourse with a service desk in the middle.

photo IMG_3106

Boarding soon started. I boarded the plane after pre-boarding completed.

photo IMG_3104

View just after take off.

photo IMG_3110

Flight map on a RJ! Never happens on US carriers.

photo IMG_3113

A drink of choice was hand delivered right after take off. The flight attendant working J was extremely friendly and spoke near perfect Spanish alongside English and French.

photo IMG_3118

Later more surprises went on. This flight is about 350 miles and a hot snack was served. This would not be all that special had it been in Asia and LH serves plated food on say FRA-VIE/CDG. However I was not expecting this in North America. I get a bag of peanuts on UA F EWR-BUF if I got lucky - sometimes the crew won't even bother with the snack basket.

photo IMG_3114

I looked out of the window for a little bit as we passed up state New York.

photo IMG_3119

And did a little bit of reading while coffee/tea was served

photo IMG_3120

Soon we landed at YYZ. A BA 744 bound for LHR was the flight aircraft I spotted upon landing. :)

photo IMG_3124

A look at the seat. It was very well padded and made my 1.5 hrs trip very comfortable.

photo IMG_3121

A few bonus plane spotting photos for you. Enjoy!

photo IMG_3128photo IMG_3129photo IMG_3131


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Overall it was a very good flight. I think by design provides more incentives for lazy writers like me to actually upload photos for short haul connecting flights since reports are published on a per-flight basis. Be on the watch out for my subsequent reports!

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5845 Comments

    Wow a hot meal on an hour flight? I knew AC was better than the US airlines, but didn't expect an actual meal on this short flight. It's definitely cool to have IFE on an E-jet! I tend to disagree with you on the accessibility of LGA, yes it sucks that there is no direct subway connection, however,from downtown, I find it very quick to get there by cab (15 minutes-ish). A little less convenient from Midtown/Uptown. JFK is pretty convenient to get to now with the train, but for those who don't want the hassle of lugging bags on a train, JFK is a good 45 minute to an hour taxi ride. I live in DC, so I kind of look at the LGA, JFK thing like DCA, IAD. Anyway, nice report with lots of great pics. Thanks for taking the time to post!

  • Comment 113423 by
    KL651 TEAM 4518 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.

    We actually don't have many reports on LH old J so this hould be interesting.

    Nice lounge and a great onboard service (for US standards) with a real hot snack and a PTV on such a short flight.

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