Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Munich Paderborn in Economy

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH2180
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 15 Jun 13, 18:10
Arrival at 15 Jun 13, 19:10
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Published on 31st July 2014

Hello everybody,
I share my first report in English but I’m only 16 years old…

Welcome on board the second leg of my trip in Germany, June 2013, which was n published in my native French,.

After a first leg from Paris to Munich, it’s time to reach my final destination which in Paderborn, a small city located in Germany (Westphalia).

This report is the opportunity to discover a regional German route and a new airport in the database but also the services of CityLine, which is one of Lufthansa’s subsidiaries.


On my way to Paderborn, I have to wait more or less than three hours before my connecting flight at Munich Airport, terminal 2 (Lufthansa and Star Alliance members terminal). However it’s a great experience for me, first time traveling alone and first connecting flight of my life.

A Canadair Regional Jet (also known as CRJ) was initially operated my flight. But in aviation as we can observe changes at short notice, the flight is finally operated by an E-Jet, a new plane for me.

Lufthansa operates daily three or four turnarounds from Munich to Paderborn. Definitely it’s a short-haul flight.

I would like to remember you the following trip summary :

  1. 1- Paris, Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) - Munich, Franz Josef Strauß (MUC).
  2. Lufthansa, Airbus A320-214. HERE : IN FRENCH ONLY 2- Munich, Franz Josef Strauß (MUC) - Paderborn, Lippstadt (PAD). Lufthansa Cityline, Embraer 195LR (ERJ-190-200LR) YOU ARE HERE 3- Paderborn, Lippstadt (PAD) - Munich, Franz Josef Strauß (MUC). Lufthansa Cityline, Embraer 195LR (ERJ-190-200LR) HERE : IN FRENCH ONLY 4- Munich, Franz Josef Strauß (MUC) - Paris, Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG). Lufthansa, Airbus A319-114 HERE : IN FRENCH


First of all, I take this opportunity to report Munich Airport, which is a wonderful airport, I would say. I had a great time here and I was not disappointed for my first visit in Lufthansa’s second hub inside Germany.
After my flight LH2231 from Paris, the bus left me directly in front of the entrance of the Schengen area (G gates) at 2:35 pm. Arrivals and departures are not separated like in the US : it’s definitely an easier process for connecting flights.

Look at the FIDS: my domestic flight number LH2180 is expected on time, scheduled at 6:10 pm at gate G06.
photo p6150110

Terminal map : 950 meters long between Pier North and Pier South.
Level 3 : check-in area and arrivals.
Level 4 : G gates (Schengen)
Level 5 : H gates
photo p6220610

I decided to explore the Pier South despite the fact that it’s the opposite of my boarding gate. We can discover the famous Allianz Arena.
photo p6220611

We can go faster with this kind of conveyor belt.
photo p6220614

Waiting area with a lot of comfortable seats. I was really impressed by the cleanliness inside the terminal. Munich Airport is one of the best European airports, I think.
photo p6150210

A lot of services are available such as free newspapers but also free coffee to go kindly offered by Lufthansa.
photo p6150112

The hot chocolate was tasty but finally it was hard to choose as an important selection of hot beverages is offered.
photo p6150113

Children have also a kid corner with a plane of Lufthansa. Indeed DAILU is an Airbus 319 of Lufthansa with the special Jetfriends livery (Lu and Cosmos stickers).
photo p6150115

Now I’m in Pier South where we can see a part of the regional fleet in front of the building. The terminal is quite “spotter-friendly” which is appreciable.

A little spotting now :

A CRJ700 of Lufthansa CityLine (D-ACPM) also known as “Heidenheim an der Brenz”.
photo p6150116

An Airbus A321 of Lufthansa named Freudenstadt/Schwarzwald.
photo p6150248

First time of my life I saw a B787-8, here a B787-8 of Qatar to Doha-DOH.
photo p6150117photo p6150119

It’s difficult to have a great view on the apron and the aircrafts as there are many gateways.
photo p6150118

A lot of A340-600s are based in Munich Airport :
photo p6150253

photo p6150247

We can use computers with Internet access for free twenty minutes only.
photo p6150212

I took the opportunity to check some Flight-Reports.
photo p6150122

We can find a lot of shops and restaurants in the center of the terminal building.
photo p6220510

The entrance of the Senator Lounge but no way unfortunately, I’m not traveling in Business Class and I’m only a M&M member with no status.
photo p6150123

As MUC is located near Ingolstadt … Welcome in Bavaria !
photo p6150213

My A320, D-AIZL is already on its way to Dublin, DUB.
photo p6150214

A great narrow-body jet of Egyptair (SU-GEC) is on its way back to Cairo, CAI.
photo p6150216

Finally a MD-81 (OY-KHN) named “Dan Viking” of SAS is arriving at a parking stand.
photo p6150217

After a walk from Pier South to Pier North discovering the wonderful Munich Airport Terminal 2, I reached my assigned boarding gate, which was gate number G06. I relaxed in a seat a few moment and it was comfy as it was not crowded at all.
photo p6150222

Lufthansa, Lufthansa and Lufthansa again.
photo p6150218

Lufthansa Cityline - Embraer 195 - D-AEBS also known as “Hallbergmoos”.
photo p6150251

Boarding is scheduled soon (at 05:45 pm) but at last but not least I saw a B77W of All Nippon Airlines arriving at the next gate.
photo p6150254

Paderborn in Westphalia is not an attractive leisure area for foreigners. To tell you the truth I was the only foreigner on board. A lot of families and businessmen were coming back home for the weekend on this last flight of the day to Paderborn.

My boarding gate :
photo p6150225

My Embraer 195 of CityLine (D-AEBL) is arrived and hopefully we didn’t have to take a bus to reach a remote parking stand. I was quite excited because it was my first flight with an Embraer and an E-Jet.
photo p6150223

E-Jets are pretty cool.
photo p6150224

The plane was ready for boarding with a little delay of five minutes. Passengers with status such as HON Circle or Star Gold were invited to board first. I was allowed to check-in online a day before departure and I was the first one so I selected seat 22F with an aligned window.
photo p6150226

Hello, you !
photo p6150227

The three flight attendants were kind and I received the snack directly at the front door.
photo p6150250

My seat 22F.
photo p6150228

The slim-leather seat was looking good and well designed but the backrest was totally uncomfortable. However the recline is quite appreciable for this short flight (Duration : one hour).
photo p6220513
The view from my seat.
photo p6150229

Boarding was shortly completed despite a full cabin.
photo p6220410

We were pushed-back the gate exactly on time at 06:10 pm.
photo p6150230

At the holding point of the runway 26R.
photo p6150231

“Off we go”, bye bye Bavaria.
photo p6150232

Munich Airport is now behind, I had a nice time here.
photo p6150233

Great winglet on this “regional” aircraft.
photo p6150234

No doubt : The E-Jet’s cabin is spacious and comfortable for a regional aircraft.
photo p6150235

A typically German landscape.
photo p6150236

After take-off a passenger suffered a little medical problem. Flights attendant came immediately : they were very careful and finally the passenger was evacuated in the galley.

I found a page in the Lufthansa board-magazine dedicated to my aircraft of the day.
photo p6150237

The captain was friendly, making announcements. Flight time today over Germany is very short, only 15 minutes at our cruising altitude the descent into Paderborn airport began.
photo p6150238

Legroom on board the E-Jet is smaller than the one on the A32S of Lufthansa but quite sufficient for a domestic flight.
photo p6150239

Due to the medical emergency in-flight service was delayed and I received my beverages only 15 minutes before landing. The flight attendant asked me “Would you want water without gas or sparkling water, sir ?”. It was a nice touch.
photo p6150240

The small snack consisted in salted appetizer biscuits and it was very tasty and enough.
photo p6150241

In-flight Entertainment.
photo p6150243

The crew was hurrying-up efficiently because we landed shortly after the end of the service.
photo p6150242

Kassel overview.
photo p6150244

Kassel Calden airport, which is suffering from the immediate proximity of Paderborn-Lippstadt airport.
photo p6150245photo p6150246

Fast approach into PAD with speed brakes deployed.
photo p6150310

Great Paderborn city overview in final approach.
photo p6150311
Finally we landed on time on runway 24.
photo p6150312

“Welcome to Paderborn-Lippstadt !”

We arrived at our final parking stand on time at 07:10 pm as expected.
photo p6150313

I left the plane quickly using an useful jetbridge.
photo p6150314

Bye, Bravo Lima !
photo p6150316

At the Baggage claim : my bag (checked-in in CDG) arrived quickly.
photo p6150315

Auf wiedersehen and see you soon, stay tuned !

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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Paderborn - PAD




Finally a pretty good experience with Lufthansa CityLine.

The cabin was looking good and well designed with grey slim-leather seats. However the backrest is hard and uncomfortable.

The crew was friendly but also professional. No doubt it was a pleasure to fly and to serve the customers in spite of the short flight duration and the medical problem.

No entertainment system excepted the German landscapes through the window and the interesting in-flight magazine.

The flight departed and arrived on time, well done Lufthansa.


An incredible place to be for sure.


A nice regional airport with a lot of facilities.



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