Review of Emirates flight Nice Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK0078
Class Economy
Seat 19B
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:20
Take-off 31 Jul 14, 15:55
Arrival at 01 Aug 14, 00:15
EK   #1 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 590 reviews
By 6945
Published on 1st August 2014
HI! Welcome to my 4th flight report. This one details the route from Nice, France to Dubai, UAE. This is the 3rd time I take this route and the second time I make a report out of it.

You may recall that I am a teenage boy living in Qatar. I go on summer holidays to France where my family lives and take this flight to go back to Doha via the city home to the world's tallest building. My grandparents live in Mandelieu La Napoule.

So, on a warm 31st of July afternoon, my mom and I make our way to Nice Cote d'Azur International Airport for our flight departing at 15:55.

A random pick of the view outside near one of the doors at NCE:

photo DSCN2410

Another random pick:

photo DSCN2411

We made our way to the check-in counter area which was located in zone A:

photo DSCN2409photo DSCN2408

After the check-in process, my mom and I went upstairs to proceed to security. And I got pretty pissed there:

Okay, so I take off my watch, my sweater, etc. I go through the metal detector and it goes red. So the officer nearby started scanning me, then searching me with his hands, and then he said to me Turn Around. Obviously, his English seemed pretty bad. He thought I didn't speak French and therefore ignored the fact that I understand French perfectly.

Anyways, he then told me (still in bad English) to lift the bottom of my shoe, which I did. He then said Next. I was pretty confused, so I started leaving, because I thought he said Next as a cue for the other person behind me to follow.
But no, he meant Next as in my next shoe. So, once again, I lift my OTHER shoe. At that time, when it was over, the guard said to his colleague in French: Il l'a fait comme un chien. , meaning He did it like a dog.
Obviously, he was referring to the way I lift my feet. I got pretty pissed. Don't really know why but I just did.Maybe it was the way he said it, thinking I didn't understand French. Not a good impression of the personnel at NCE.

Meanwhile, our plane (B777-300ER) has touched down. After the security, I manage to get a glimpse of the aircraft, which has landed 30 minutes earlier than schedueled.

photo DSCN2412photo DSCN2413

Some very brief spotting.

A private A340-500 from Qatar:

photo DSCN2415photo DSCN2417photo DSCN2418

Another private jet:

photo DSCN2416

EasyJet has just landed:

photo DSCN2419

My bird behind the gates. Its registration was A6-ENN, delivered on the 22nd of Feburary 2014. This meaant it was very recent , and so it was equipped with the new cabin!! :D :D

photo DSCN2420photo DSCN2421

The waiting area:

photo DSCN2423photo DSCN2424

Boarding. The boarding was chaotic! It was done by zones, but no body respected them or people didn't board when it was their zone. (The flight was about 95% full in all three classes.)

Views of the aircaft:

Arrived at my seat. Huge PTV's:

photo DSCN2434photo DSCN2438

View from my seat 19B:

photo DSCN2433photo DSCN2439

Very good seat pitch:

photo DSCN2437photo DSCN2446

Overhead panel:

photo DSCN2436

Random pic:

photo DSCN2435

The hand held device. Loved the fact that you can watch a movie on the big screen and simultaneously watch the airshow, or the facts on the flight. However, I did not try seeing if you can play a game or do other stuff on that handy gadget.

photo DSCN2440photo DSCN2453

Once again, a random pic:

photo DSCN2441

The PTV next to me:

photo DSCN2443

The screen:

photo DSCN2444

Safety video playing:

photo DSCN2445

Coat hanger and power outlet. There is also a USB port.

photo DSCN2447

Captian's announcement (5 hours 35 minutes to DXB) ; FA's announcement, Pushback (10 minutes late) ; and Taxi to Runway 04R.

photo DSCN2449

For the very first time in my travels from Europe to the Middle East, all (and I mean ALL) the announcments done by the FA's were made in 3 languages: Arabic, English, and French.

Take off:

photo DSCN2454photo DSCN2455

Our sheduled route and our actual route: It's nice to compare them:

photo DSCN2456photo DSCN2485

Leaving French territory:

photo DSCN2458

Just when the 1st drinks service was about to start and the FA's were getting out of their seats, the captain came on the PA and asked all passengers AND crew to take their seats as we were passing around an area of rough air. The same thing happened as the dinner service was about to start. That had never happened to me on a flight. Nonetheless, the turbuleneces were really strong and no doubt the FA's had to sit back down. However, the turbulences, as you will see, injured the grade of the meal…

photo DSCN2459

Big Bang Theory! Love that show!

photo DSCN2460

The person next to me took a Bloody Mary. Very impressed as they give you the tabasco, the worcestershire sauce, and the vodka.

photo DSCN2463

I took an ordinary tomato juice:

photo DSCN2464

Wing views:

Meal service, the menu read as follows:


Appetiser: Smoked swordfish served with a creamy celery remoulade and lemon wedgge garnish.

Main Course: Butter chicken ; mild chicken curry in a creamy sauce, served with steamed basmati rice and sauteed spinach.

OR - Lamb medallions ; sauteed lamb medallions served with onion sauce, accompanied by chunky mashed potato, rustic carrots and green beans.

Dessert: Triple chocolate delice ; an indulgent chocolate brownie encased in a rich chocolate mousse, topped with a dark sauce.

Beverages: Tea or Coffee


This is where we are when the lunch service commences:

photo DSCN2471

The tray, which I found pretty small: (There was metal cutlery.)

photo DSCN2473photo DSCN2474

Zoom on the appetiser, which I did not like. Can't say it wasn't good. I can just say that I rarely eat fish so I can't really judge this smoked swordfish. The remoulade accompanying it was pretty good though.

photo DSCN2475

The lamb option:

photo DSCN2476photo DSCN2478

Okay, so, the main course was simply not good. Not good at all. A huge disappointment. I wanted to take the lamb because laat year, on the same route, I had taken the lamb option and I loved it. It had been the best economy class meal of my life! This year, it was just… The labm was impossible to eat, way too hard to chew. It was like eating stone. Not to mention, it was impossible to cut. The little small knives just didn't do the work. The sauce was meh, and the mashed potato and vegetables were okay.

Nonetheless, my neighbour came up with a reason why the lamb could have been too hard, and I think I have to agree with her: The crew started heating up the trays once. Then, they had to sit back down for the second time becuase of turbulences. Once they could start their serivce again, the food had gotten cold enough and they had to heat it up again. This excessive re-heating may be the reason why the lamb was not good… Dunno?

The dessert, which was surprisingly really nice!

photo DSCN2479

The 'little bites' that come with they tray were good as well!

In the menu, it says there are 'ChocolateS' , PLURAL! I just found one .. :(

Coffee to round up this lunch service:

photo DSCN2481

After the dinner service, I started watching a movie. An hour passed and then I started noticing this: I really like this feature!

photo DSCN2483

Approcaching Dubai:

photo DSCN2484

Three pics:

photo DSCN2486photo DSCN2490photo DSCN2494

After entering a slight holding pattern, we touch down very smoothly. An amazing landing!

Arrived at the gate at 00: 26 instead of 00: 15, so 11 minutes later than scheduled.

A view of the headrest:

photo DSCN2511

View of the business class while deboarding:

Last pics of our plane:

photo DSCN2521photo DSCN2522

Thank you very much for reading my FR. I hope you have enjoyed it and remember to feel free to comment.

Have safe travels!
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Cabin crew9.0

Nice - NCE


Dubai - DXB



A great flight with Emirates! But as usual, there are some slight bummers:

Cabin comfort: Amazing seat pitch and comfortable seats. Also, the person in front of me never reclined so I had plenty of space. However, I feel by looking at my neighbor, that even if the person in front reclines, you seem to have more space than in the older cabins. Probably due to the slim seats.

-1 for a bit tight due to 10 abreast configuration.

Crew: They spoke a total of 14 languages and the announcements were made in three languages. Did their job with a smile.

-1 because there was not that extra detail that really made me think: Wow

Meal and catering: Extremely disappointed by the main meal.

-2 because lamb was just ... basically gross and the appetizer, well, they could have chosen something else.

-1 because Qatar and Etihad seem to offer 3 meal choices. Two being meat (including fish) and a vegetarian option. Would like to see 3 meal choices, but oh well.

-0.5 because there was not a 'before landing' snack like a sandwich or something. Maybe the flight was too short? Also, the menu is a bit misleading. They say that a selection of beverages will be available before landing but we did not get anything. The menu also says plural chocolates and there was just one. Yeah I know, I'm really picky :P

Entertainment: PERFECT! Irreproachable! Tons of selection of movies from all around the world. There were all the episodes from the season 6 of Big Bang Theory and some of the season 7. Also, the really wide screen just makes things more enjoyable to view. Simply astonishing!

On time performance: Nothing really to say.

-0.5 because, well, we did not arrive earlier than scheduled. Plus, the transit time literally took less than 5 minutes since the plane parked right next to the security check point.

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  • Comment 114401 by
    lagentsecret 12388 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    It's a comprehensive report and it's very pleasant to read

    There are stupid and rude people everywhere in the world but when working in a job with interaction with people it's unacceptable.

    Comfortable seat and great legroom : ICE is well known and it's always perfect

    The catering is a bit disappointing and you're right the tray is way too small

    The business class seems to have old seats !

    See you for a next FR

  • Comment 114403 by
    Esteban GOLD 16557 Comments

    Thank you very much for this beautiful report. Well done, and very pleasant to read.

  • Comment 114422 by
    marathon GOLD 9849 Comments

    One should never assume that a total stranger cannot understand your language. I recently witnessed the reverse situation where a tourist made a disparaging remark about a local security guard in front of him, who turned out to be fluent in that language and the situation turned ugly. I feel sorry for you, that security check staff was a shame.
    I like the systems which allow you to keep track of the airshow while watching something else, so you do not miss some specific feature on the ground.
    They obviously avoid Syria's airspace. Too bad for the ruined lamb.. oh well, it is airline economy food, isn't it ?
    Thanks for this detailed report !

    • Comment 299128 by
      Etienne16 AUTHOR 20 Comments

      Thank you for your comment!

      Totally agree with you on that!
      Yup, those systems are very handy! Loved watching TBBT and where we were on the ground without having to interrupt the show.

      And now, Emirates is also avoiding Iraki airspace. I saw on Flight Rdar 24, this flight now passes through Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

  • Comment 114444 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5851 Comments

    Thanks for this detailed and interesting report. So it sounds like NCE must have some of the same lovely and polite people working at security than CDG (sarcasm, of course). As a French expat like you, I often get annoyed at how rude some people can be in France. I hate it when Americans (I live in the US) mention that cliché, but whenever I go back to France I do notice it. Maybe it's because in the US, people are just overly polite, who knows. It's great that this route is working for EK--competition is always good and keeps the prices generally affordable. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Comment 299129 by
      Etienne16 AUTHOR 20 Comments

      Thank you very much for your comment and for taking the time ot read :)

      Yeah, its just too annoying and frustrating, but oh well, that's just the way it is.
      I go to an American School and the cliche I hear the most about France is cheese and croissants ;)

      Yeah, I'm glad this route works! I would not be surpised if an A380 is put into service in that route, since flight was pretty much full. They dominate the entire south of France with this route ever since Qatar stopped flights to Nice.

  • Comment 114887 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing your interesting and detailed experience on EK and the spotting pics of NCE airport.

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