Review of Air Canada flight Toronto London in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC848
Class Economy
Seat 62A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:55
Take-off 08 Jul 14, 20:40
Arrival at 09 Jul 14, 08:35
AC   #18 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 345 reviews
By 11113
Published on 12th August 2014
Hello All!

This is my first flight report so please provide some feedback in the comments section. After two years living in Toronto, Canada on a working visa the time had come for me to return home to Australia. Instead of taking the usual route via Vancouver then onto Australia with AC, or through the US with AA and QF via LAX, I decided to go the opposite way round. My open jaw ticket was with Singapore Airlines and would see me fly: AC848 from YYZ to LHR; SQ319 LHR to SIN; and finally SQ227 SIN to MEL.

This flight report is for the first sector on AC848, or as it was ticketed to me, codeshare flight SQ1027. Please stay tuned for the following two reports.

I arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport with plenty of time to spare and proceeded right to check-in where I used the self service machine to print my boarding pass and baggage tags.

photo IMG_1600

One of the benefits of my open jaw flight with SQ was that I was permitted two pieces of baggage each weighing 23kg. This is SQ's baggage rule for flights from North America and as my flight commenced here this fare rule carried over to my subsequent sectors despite standing baggage rules differing. I think my fare type was a little unusual, as when I took my two bags to the drop off counter the agent added two priority tags. I do not hold any type of status.

photo IMG_1601

After a hassle free check-in I proceeded through security. The airport was very busy with families, most of which I imagined were heading to Europe for a summer vacation. I had some time to stroll around air side and take in the terminal.

photo IMG_1602photo IMG_1604

A sculpture in the centre of the terminal.

photo IMG_1608

There was free use of iPads on tables throughout. You could order food and drinks from the nearby cafes/restaurants.

photo IMG_1609

A little bit of plane spotting. There actually were't a lot of planes about.

photo IMG_1610photo IMG_1613

I had a feeling my flight would be full and when I swung by the gate people were already lined up. They were blocking any one else from passing by which was, I suspect, particularly annoying for those at the accompanying gate that had a flight to Mexico City.

Our gate agent continually came over the PA, before boarding had even commenced, to tell people to stop queuing and that no one would be getting there any faster. When boarding did commence, it followed the usual protocols.

Here's my Boeing 777-300ER for the flight to London.

photo IMG_1615

Boarding AC848.

photo IMG_1616photo IMG_1617

My seat for the next five or so hours 62A. These seats are AC's older B777 seating and as such are rather roomy unlike the new 3-4-3 configuration on the new B777s. I was in the second last row where due to the nature of the curvature of the plane the seating is 2-3-2 (not 3-3-3). I'd chosen this seat as I don't mind being up the back and being able to see that's going on in the cabin and also because secretly I'd hoped no one would sit next to me. This was not the case.

(At this point my iPhone accidentally switched to some filter, so excuse the filter.)

photo IMG_1618photo IMG_1626

On the seat there was a pillow and blanket of rather poor quality, but I guess we're in economy.

photo IMG_1624

The PTV was showing its age in both size and technology. It was touch operated, but lagged a lot. Overall the aircraft was a bit dirty and tatty. I noticed later that there was chewing gum stuck behind the headrest diagonal to me.

photo IMG_1620

Take off was at at 9.05pm. Here are a few photos from the tarmac and take off.

photo IMG_1627photo IMG_1630

Bye Toronto!

photo IMG_1631photo IMG_1633

Map tracker ready to go.

photo IMG_1635

Service began immediately with the distribution of headphones. This was followed by dinner service. No menus were distributed with the FA informing each row of the available two choices: chicken or tomato pasta. I went for the chicken which was served with a gravy of sorts, and vegetables mixed with pearl couscous. This was accompanied by a warm bread roll with butter, a bean and cabbage salad, a chocolate brownie and a bottle of water. I also went for some white wine. The food wasn't bad as such, but it was nothing special and I still felt hungry at the end. The serving sized weren't the biggest and notably there was no cheese and crackers (or the like). The brownie was dry and really not enjoyable, however I did like my hot roll!

photo IMG_1637photo IMG_1638photo IMG_1639

After dinner I watched a movie and settled in for a short sleep. When I woke the cabin lights were in full mood lighting effect. I really do enjoy this feature on planes, it really makes for a much more relaxing mood than the bright intrusive fluro lights.

photo IMG_1641

It was a few hours out from landing and breakfast service began. I say breakfast because all it consisted of was a slice of packaged banana bread. I wasn't particularly hungry, but it would have been nice to have something like fruit or yogurt to accompany this stodgy item.

photo IMG_1644photo IMG_1645

Landing was on time and we pulled up to the brand new Terminal 2 at London Heathrow. As this was still during the introductory phase of T2, there were few airlines using the terminal. This meant an easy breeze through immigration. It was also nice to find my bags among the first out on the carousel with those priority tags.

photo IMG_1647photo IMG_1648

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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.0

Toronto - YYZ


London - LHR



Overall AC848 was an okay flight, just that. The flight arrived on time, the crew were friendly and efficient and catering was passable. Cabin comfort was rated high as I found the seating spacious and comfortable, however wear and tear is beginning to show. In terms of IFE, AC's system lags a lot when in use and lacks a wide selection of material. I've flown AC in the past and will continue to rate them the best North American airline, even if they do lack a five-star service.

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  • Comment 115018 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report and welcome on board.

    In my opinion Air Canada's blue Y seats are among the best in the market with generous pitch and width, so sad they decided to resort to cattle seats on their new planes.

    You chose quite the long way around to get home! Of course as a flight enthusiast who could blame you!

    Looking forward to the next sectors :)

    • Comment 299188 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Thanks for your comments! The seating was VERY comfortable. Dare I say the saving grace for AC's long haul flights for so many years. I remember back in 2007 when I first flew to Canada on AC when these aircraft and seating were new to the company, they really were a step up for AC. Sadly now they've resorted to packing them in cattle seats as you say.

      The long way around was not so long when I had the pleasure of exploring London, Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Singapore. ;)

  • Comment 115036 by
    Esteban GOLD 17193 Comments

    Thank you very much for your first report, which is a very good one. You covered everything and nothing is missing, a really great job!

    The catering does not impress me at all, as you said tiny portions, and no cheese nor crackers. Not good.

  • Comment 115050 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5963 Comments

    Great first report! Very detailed. You can barely tell there's a filter on the pics in the cabin...not too instagram-y, LOL. Very routing to go through LHR and SIN...definitely more interesting then connecting in YVR, LAX, or DFW etc. Are you doing stopovers in those cities on the way? looking forward to the next reports!

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

    KevinDC / Community Manager & Mod

    • Comment 299268 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Thanks Kevin! Only two of the pics have a filter: the one of my seat; and the one of my hand sizing the screen.

      Indeed, an interesting routing! One that mean I could stop over in Europe, and Singapore and all the while enjoy SQ.

      Stay tuned for the following two FR.

  • Comment 115072 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing your experience and welcome.

    You got an interesting itinerary and I am sure that your inflight experience will likely improve after this flight.

    The breakfast on AC is pathetic and the main meal is not better. Just when I thought that nobody could compete with U.S. carriers in their race to the bottom I am surprised by a new entrant competing for the title.

  • Comment 115089 by
    K2World 2024 Comments

    Thanks for this report and welcome.
    That's a quite a detour but you get the chance to fly SQ.
    Seats are comfortable and the 3-3-3 layouts is a really + but the catering ...

    PS : I lived a few months in Toronto last year and really enjoyed the city :)

  • Comment 115116 by
    flyingjapans 1352 Comments

    Thank you for this great FR!

    The 2-3-2 layout at the back of the plane is a great idea to have some privacy, but IMHO I'd prefer an aisle seat at the front so that I can get out of the plane faster and directly go through immigration before the others get there.

    The banana cake is a joke!

    • Comment 299271 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Yepppp, what a joke... banana bread. Thanks, no thanks!

      I prefer the window as I like to watch out the window and I hate people climbing over me. I also don't care about being up the back. I was in no rush to get anywhere and just want to enjoy my flight experiences as much as possible. I also find that on the off chance when you're up the back, that's where all the spare seats are found.

      Each to their own, I guess. Thanks for reading! :)

  • Comment 115197 by
    lagentsecret 12385 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your first FR etwelcome aboard

    Very detailed report

    The seat seems to be comfy

    The catering doesn't look appealing at all and the portions are way too tiny

    The breakfast is only pathetic

    See you soon with a much better company

  • Comment 115397 by
    KL651 TEAM 4536 Comments

    Welcome and thanks for this FR.

    Having 2 free pieces of luggages sure is a plus when moving back home.

    Usual standard and average service here on AC, the friendly crew helps, but I agree with you the meal portions are really small.

  • Comment 117259 by
    Aeroman380 6 Comments

    Nice report and pictures. I don't think the meal is too small considering it is only a 6 hour flight and your in economy. I don't think people fly to get fed, unless you are in first.

  • Comment 117260 by
    Aeroman380 6 Comments

    Nice report and pictures. I don't think the meal is too small considering it is only a 6 hour flight and you're in economy. I don't think people fly to get fed, unless you are in first.

    • Comment 300973 by
      ezratheodore AUTHOR 18 Comments

      Each component is not necessarily small for the main meal. However, if you contextualise it next to another airline, certain elements are not even included for the meal (for an example cheese and crackers). This in effect makes the meal small in my mind.

      In regards to the breakfast, I would not expect another full hot meal, however one slice of banana bread is little compared to other transatlantic services. Most include a baked good and a yogurt at the very least.

      Thanks for your comments.

  • Comment 160122 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Wonderful first FR!!!!! Thanks!

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