Review of British Airways flight London Manchester in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA1404
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 20 Sep 14, 20:20
Arrival at 20 Sep 14, 21:00
BA   #64 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 968 reviews
Published on 24th September 2014
Edited Video:

After a good filming day it was time to fly back to Manchester

I had done all the satellite terminals and did a long walk underground via the so labelled staff exit at the lift near boots in T5C and how Eerie that was, to not have one person in there except for one buggy mover vehicle.

As I passed T5B i could hear the Tannoy announcements for their flights, about 10 minutes later I arrived back into T5A by going up in the lift and coming out and probably confusing the passengers as to why i'm exiting the lift when it would seem to only be a one way system.
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I had something in my mind that the boarding would be stopped 10 minutes before departure so i was just strolling and even took a picture of the FIDS gate closing it said. I continued to Gate A4 and there she was the gate agent asking me and another family to come over as the flight it closing, i got there 1 minute before gate close, wow, the gate closes 20 mins before departure, i must have got complacent after always arriving an hour early at gates during my Asia trip and didnt closely look at boarding times anymore.

The main reason i left it slightly down to the minute was to finish off the BA777 timelapse to Capetown which ended up with the tug driver forgetting to remove the chock and the aircraft bouncing back a bit (you'll see that video soon so remember to subscribe)
Now here's the next funny bit, i pass my boarding card to the lady at the boarding area, she takes a deep breath and a noise of shock comes out, that's not you double checks my face, she's friendly throughout but just shocked as it was an asian man who's photograph is attached to the computer's boarding pass (they take pictures i think for domestic flights instead of passports)

So tonight we are boarding via the bus and stairs, i really do enjoy this method more than using a gate. This means that you can get great video shots of the outside of the aircraft from the ground to the enging and along the side.

Once on board we are greeted by the friendly young crew and i settle into the seat.

We have the middle seat free tonight so this was nice, i get my camera out ready to film the pushback and flight.
As it was dark and overcast after the climb i filmed most of it inside, our row got missed after the right set of seats, so i had to ask the male crewmember who was serving that passenger for a tea which was served with a choice of bicuits or crisps, so the crisps it was.
I do feel though that the portions are quite small compared to what they used to serve like for the morning flight we did which was cookies instead of their usual bacon pannini.

During the descent i got some good cloud shots but i think somewhere i hit the pause button so i ended up with a non full flight video, ah well at least i got the approach and landing.

We arrive on time and it's off to the bus terminal, it got confusing leaving the baggage area as with virgin in the same terminal, it's one way out but with ba the exit was in anther direction which i missed at first as it's behind from one corridor that you exit towards the baggage.

I arrived at the bus station a minute late but the bus driver saw through the darkened glass that i was looking for a bus and he parked back up which is friendly service for a town center bus company.

I'm glad with BA that the staff were actually warm and not just doing their job to the professional standard that they do.

The pilot at the end had his back to the door greeting the passengers as they left with a nice smile on his face. I think with the Questionaire I had later it seems they want a more customer service orientated pilot as there were a few questions about, did you ask the pilot about such and such and how did he respond.

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British Airways

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  • Comment 118814 by
    jollygiant 52 Comments
    Quite nice report! How were the Kent Crisps? (I'm from North America and we don't have those here)
  • Comment 119597 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Cool Report. LHR and MAN are both great airports for spotting. I flew BA two weeks ago and was very happy with them. I've been addicted to SkyTeam for a few years and had forgotten what a decent choice BA was....maybe not enough to make me leave ST and all my miles, but a nice alternative. For me it was mostly a good alternative to avoiding the AF strike when I had to make an emergenc trip from the US to France. Product wise, whereas you get a small bag of cookies or a small snack on medium-haul on AF, I got sanwhiches and a Gin and Tonic from LHR-TLS and back...not bad. Thanks for sharing this report!

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