Review of Air Canada flight Toronto Buenos Aires in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC092
Class Economy
Seat 31A
Flight time 14:50
Take-off 23 May 14, 22:40
Arrival at 24 May 14, 14:30
AC   #18 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 345 reviews
Published on 1st October 2014
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Dear all,

I wanted to share pictures from my trip to South America (the Argentina part of it) back in May-June this year with you guys. I hope you enjoy it.

I also want to thank all members for posting their wonderful TRs. I know it's not an easy thing and takes a long time to create these TRs and I have been too lazy to create my TR up until now but I thought to share the Argentina portion of it here and hope you guys like the pictures.

Toronto's Pearson Terminal 1- This terminal is the main home of Air Canada and has a very good vibe and energy. I really like its seashell like architecture of the check in hall. My flight was originally supposed to take off at 10:40 pm but since our aircraft was stuck in New York La Guardia due to bad weather, it did not arrive in Toronto until 12 am and we boarded the aircraft shortly after for the 1 am departure. Because of the delay Air Canada gave passengers a $10 voucher to purchase food at the terminal, which is clearly not enough to buy any main meal but anyways.

Air Canada flies to Buenos Aires via Santiago de Chile, with a layover of about 2 hours in SCL. When the plane lands in SCL, everyone has to disembark, the ones going to Santiago go to passport control and the rest of passengers continuing to Buenos Aires should go through security again, go to the main departure area, wait a bit and board the plane again.

Check-in counters of Terminal 1

photo image009_zps09f123b9

photo image025_zpsec24e6cd

photo image020_zps81b77634

photo image023_zps9ae377bd

photo image027_zpsc189357e

photo image011_zpsa14a21c1

Past security:

photo image032_zpsbd464add

photo image037_zpsa6451c4c

Saying welcome in different languages, including Persian to the left :)

photo image036_zps57514fbc

Going toward the International departure area, which is at the end of this long walkway- right below this walkway is the Transborder (flights to USA) Air Canada flights section of the terminal.

photo image041_zps00067b92

photo image046_zpsb7f5dc86

photo image047_zpscfa231e1

A look down at the deserted transborder section of terminal 1, most flights to USA are during the day or in the evening

photo image053_zps260012b8

photo image054_zps28394504

View from the end of the long walkway

photo image044_zpsfef8202a

Going down towards the Int'l gates

photo image056_zps72776880

photo image057_zps4731d7f1

Duty free shops- most of these stores are luxurious brands and very pricey, not good for normal shopping

photo image058_zpsdc5b129f

photo image059_zps4d29837d

photo image061_zpsb59a0d3c

photo image064_zps852ae4a8

photo image063_zps073b3167

The very cool thing about the Int'l part of Terminal 1 is that it looks like a huge lounge with very modern and comfy seats and ipads installed on every single one of them for the use of passengers free of charge.

photo image066_zps3b230339

photo image075_zps46775e4d

photo image067_zpsed3e52c6

photo image078_zpsb8e9554c

photo image080_zps6c3fa973

The famous artwork in the center of the shopping area

photo image069_zpsf7464bf3

photo image109_zps83771bd9

photo image087_zps6933e381

photo image081_zpsb1ed5dbc

photo image089_zps5781af67

EK- fully boraded and off to Dubai shortly after

photo image082_zps71237b3d

photo image083_zps0d7f42b6

photo image093_zps5e2b7311

photo image113_zpsc33713e1

photo image114_zps19c12b34

Board shows our flight's delayed status

photo image097_zps73e8e3cc

The only area that was not yet refurbished and turned into the lounge style seating area was our gate here in the pic below

photo image090_zpse0c36684

photo image115_zps2d0bcc83

photo image105_zpsca73107b

Terminal crew of EK looking at the plane after finishing the boarding process

photo image093_zps5e2b7311

EK being pushed back

photo image116_zpsc003f27b

photo image119_zps9543e045

photo image121_zpsf3144ff1

A shot of my location from my flightradar app

photo image123_zps6c6a39aa

And our route

photo image128_zps907372f6

photo image124_zpsc678c8e6

Now going back to my gate for borading

photo image129_zps6649117b

photo image132_zps48c772d5

photo image135_zpsd59653a3

photo image139_zpsd9684959

My comfy seat

photo image138_zps5094be00

photo image141_zps355a91e7

The legroom was great but my pic turned blurry so I did not add it

photo image136_zpsec8edc45

photo image142_zps4df4c374

Push Back

photo image145_zps0a65c8ad

And off we go- The flight time to SCL was around 10 hours and 50 minutes, the good thing was that I did not have any seatmates so I had the 2 seats to relax and rest more

photo image154_zps5555754e

Blurry pic but below us is downtown Toronto and the CN tower in red next to the Rogers Centre stadium in blue

photo image155_zpsecf59bbd

photo image157_zps8b85d2b6

photo image156_zpsbfbbb96f

Beautiful mood lighting throughout the flight

photo image158_zps70a919ee

Meal service about to begin

photo image146_zpsf2c32a43

photo image162_zps56a09337

photo image163_zpse3a28e49

My meal, which was pasta with beef and tasted very good

photo image165_zps6664d994

photo image167_zps783e0c45

Shortly after we entered Chile from the ocean

photo image172_zps6bf9b83c

photo image178_zpsf46aee30

photo image182_zps5b80d09d

photo image181_zps1f66afc9

photo image187_zps9538e5fb

Interesting huge pool next to the ocean

photo image186_zps7f074196

Then breakfast was served and I chose egg and potatoes

photo image174_zps1b0df553

photo image176_zpsc8454deb

Getting closer to SCL and flying over the amazingly beautiful Andes mountain range

photo image194_zpsb6ffd26a

photo image195_zpse5d16435

photo image197_zps7dd83a35

photo image203_zps7f338e4b

photo image199_zps2a8f6888

photo image206_zps6ceee11b

Descending to SCL

photo image218_zps9b9b50dc

photo image213_zps7ee1e829

photo image223_zps144ce8ff

photo image224_zpsc8f80a12

photo image220_zps1c686cb1

photo image222_zps2d23fbba

photo image230_zps96f53c05

Touching down

photo image231_zpscd0cb395

The terminal building

photo image236_zps95f8b9d8

LAN A320

photo image233_zpsf2f396ae

photo image235_zps6e0967e7

photo image243_zps58afd393

photo image249_zps13cfb784


photo image250_zps4858f724

photo image251_zps8e16f0f9

The Executive class

photo image253_zpsa4a4a09d

photo image254_zps4ca780df

photo image256_zps08fca453

photo image257_zpseb828a68

photo image258_zps71cd928d

photo image237_zps009c9d77

Walking towards security

photo image264_zps25899d32

photo image265_zpsd639cb57

Going upstairs after security at the air side. SCL is a nice airport and has a good vibe, has lots of shops and restos too, the only thing is that seats are a bit old but still nice and comfortable.

photo image268_zpsf21d0fcf

photo image270_zpscf4d9159

photo image267_zps4c99bb88

photo image269_zps3c39874e

photo image271_zpsaaf64532

photo image274_zpsda6b0d5e

photo image273_zpse317f039

photo image277_zps493496d2

photo image278_zps509b7a4d

photo image281_zps10ed9e4d

In some places there were these weird metal things that blocked the view

photo image275_zps111d3872

photo image279_zpsc596f2d9

photo image293_zpse503d847

photo image285_zps5f1db85e

photo image294_zps391b145e

Beautiful LAN A340

photo image297_zps9dfe1844

photo image301_zpsaa3dc370

photo image302_zps358b7bd0

photo image303_zpsbb07f791

Boarding our flight again to Buenos Aires

photo image305_zps7471e162

photo image307_zps088ae249

photo image311_zpsf4e9ef56

photo image312_zpsd1614a0a

The flight was half full

photo image313_zps3b966d73

Simply Beautiful

photo image314_zpsdca382f4

photo image315_zps6642cd1f

photo image316_zpsbb14cc3d

photo image317_zps40ce8ef4

photo image319_zpsf2b28e80

photo image320_zps26fbc419

photo image321_zpsb650a65d

photo image322_zps9ae1bd11

photo image325_zps7a878c46

photo image326_zps7cdce183

photo image329_zps4295d5d7

photo image327_zps4f519750

photo image328_zpsc5b4d155

photo image330_zpsfe1d2aaa

Ready to take off

photo image334_zps4e955b0a

View of the whole terminal

photo image335_zpsea266018

photo image336_zps5d316563

Flying right above Santiago but unfortunately the city center was covered in smog as well as most of the city but you can see the whole city in the following pix

photo image339_zps481694e1

photo image344_zps1ee3f1c2

photo image345_zps7bfb7cc8

photo image346_zps4b017252

photo image351_zps983f16f7

photo image353_zps1ecb1884

Flying above Andes

photo image357_zps9051e07c

photo image360_zps1d542da0

photo image379_zps858ec516

Crossing over Andes and entering the flat lands of Argentina

photo image380_zpsd959caef

photo image381_zpse2904fdd

photo image393_zps1ecafc1b

The meal was a turkey sandwich

photo image389_zpsf3426901

photo image397_zps6bcdce9c

photo image399_zps7b6bf131

Descending to Buenos Aires

photo image401_zps499e0028

photo image406_zpsca6a5f9d

photo image407_zps0d8518bd

photo image414_zpsfde70fdd

The new terminal at Eze

photo image418_zps308b7fb2

photo image420_zps1fd4882e

photo image427_zps020ab4b5


photo image431_zps119c75eb

photo image437_zpsce0a11ad

photo image439_zpsc1f91244

Looking down at the departures part of the new terminal

photo image443_zps2f83b512

photo image446_zpsa8bda488

photo image445_zps9f753c66

Walking towards the immigration

photo image447_zps46eeb594

photo image453_zps2b8bf9e3

photo image457_zps5495ba64

photo image460_zps3ba6e800

The old terminal- still in use to the left

photo image458_zpse255f2a5

Passport Control area

photo image462_zps2f09dd01

photo image464_zpsc12eeab7

Baggage claim hall

photo image465_zps9aa6be65

photo image466_zpse0a93d77

Outside of the terminal

photo image469_zps49520af3

Tienda Leon bus is a great way to get to the Centro of the Buenos Aires. It's cheap and very comfy and when it gets to the bus terminal, a taxi will take you to your hotel in the centro. Price for bus and taxi are included in the ticket, I think it was around $12 USD.

photo image471_zpse8afda3a

Some touristic bonus pictures of the beautiful and amazing Buenos Aires

Subte- Metro

photo image540_zpsb4777468

photo image672_zps78a617c2

Colon Theatre

photo image568_zpsa5bfdc45

Corrientes Ave. one of the night life spots of BA

photo image591_zps3d45b459


photo image541_zpsa35c7277

photo image2010_zps37f98615

photo image549_zps07cf5bf0

photo image2183_zps39276f27

The night of one of the main national holidays

photo image911_zpsa597b89b

photo image914_zps049d32c0

Puerto Madero

photo image706_zpsb9b66306

photo image707_zps7144b6ca

photo image708_zpsec4a1cf9

photo image1045_zps336b6288

La Bombonera

photo image1033_zpscbbea5a2

La Boca

photo image1032_zps96fba95c

photo image1065_zps55504e57

photo image1077_zps82f6072b

photo image1131_zps7e2639c1

photo image1119_zpsfa9a1496

A flea Market

photo image687_zps8c12563d

photo image1201_zps5977a5fc

photo image1203_zps25ec8c9e

photo image1202_zpse6c8abff

photo image1273_zps757c2ae7

Galeria Pacifico

photo image1285_zps60cecdd2

photo image1306_zps42ef5fc9

Some city views

photo image1258_zpsea484a65

photo image1403_zps106a7db0

photo image1422_zpsc43583ab

photo image1428_zpsa94ed000

La Recoleta cemetery

photo image1730_zps85e467fd

photo image1736_zps0a46b985

photo image1744_zps0462771a

photo image1768_zps32fdd3a5

Abasto Shopping Center

photo image1606_zps65193cfd

photo image1635_zps6881a9cc

photo image2061_zpsb0647a93

photo image2084_zps4b8cfc2e

A very yummy sweet, tasted like Baklava

photo image2082_zps989ecba4

photo image2148_zpsf576b4eb

New York???

photo image2088_zps2a528a86

photo image1890_zps97e67ac7

I hope everyone liked this TR. Would be glad to hear your comments or any questions.

All the best :)
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Air Canada

Cabin crew9.0

Toronto - YYZ


Buenos Aires - EZE





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  • Comment 119006 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Thank you for this spectacular report, you've made me want to visit South America!

    I've always found Air Canada very good on long haul flights, above any other US carrier IMO.

  • Comment 119025 by
    KL651 TEAM 4529 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I didn't know AC used 767 aircrafts on flights to LGA!

    The catering looks ok but portions seem small. Was there any snack available during the flight?

    AC's strongpoint really seem to be their friendly crew.

    • Comment 302436 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Yes, me too, I was very surprised when I heard that they had upgraded La Guardia with the Boeing 767. you are right, the portions were small, I honestly did not go to the back galley to see if they have any snacks, but I'm sure there should be some.

  • Comment 119039 by
    02022001 4331 Comments

    The pictures (especially during the flight) are really nice ! How do you do that ? Do you use a special mode ?
    Thanks for this FR ! ;)

    • Comment 302437 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thanks so much, you may already know about this but I have downloaded a free photo editing software that is called Irfan View, you can download it online and edit your images in batches through that program. Change the contrast, sharpness, saturation and lots of other effects.

  • Comment 119107 by
    matthieugd 227 Comments

    Nice report! I have the same feeling about the T1 in YYZ, great seating (when you don't have access to a lounge :)).

  • Comment 119130 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this great report with an enticing and well photographed bonus.

    I'm surprised to see that AC has not updated the overhead bins of this 767. I guess roller boards will take the entire length to fit. Meals are fine but portions are a bit on the small side. It's nice to see a hot breakfast instead of a continental one.

    Buenos Aires looks like a dignified city holding on to her glorious past. I can imagine how magnificent it was during its peak in the earlier part of the 20th century when Argentina was one of the 10 richest countries in the world.

    For some reason the Abasto mall reminded me of Gare du Nord in Paris.

  • Comment 119407 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5969 Comments

    Awesome report! Lots of good pics and detail. Great cabin shots, especially. The mood lighting is really nice, and rare to see on a 767! AC definitely has a good overall product; a notch above fellow North American carriers. Nice tourist pics, looks like you had a good time in Argentina. I really need to take a trip down there, I've been meaning to for a while. Thanks for sharing!

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