Review of Hong Kong Express Airways flight Hong Kong Kunming in Economy

Flight UO273
Class Economy
Seat 3B
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 22 Jul 14, 09:05
Arrival at 22 Jul 14, 11:30
UO 13 reviews
By 3212
Published on 26th October 2014
(I'm sorry this should be Hong Kong Express Airways, since I couldn't fill in Hong Kong Express Airways as the site hasn't been updated with this airline. I typed Hong Kong Airlines as Hong Kong Express is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Airlines and HNA. I'll immediately change the title back to Hong Kong Express Airways when the site is updated.)

Hi guys! It's Piterc and this is my second flight report.
In the last summer, I joined an exchange tour with my friends. We all know and recognise each of the 4X members in the trip. So this was a great trip for me :) The flight I took was Hong Kong Express Airways Flight 273, the latest low-cost carrier in Hong Kong.

Taking a taxi with my friends to the airport at about 6am.
photo 20140722_055812

They would follow me during the next 7 days.
photo 20140722_063407

So here comes the aircraft with a stunning livery, B-LBA!
I'm sorry I didn't take much photos in the airport and the gate. I board this aircraft using the outer bay, which mean I took the shuttle bus to get there.
photo 20140722_085207

This is something quite interesting about this airline. Hong Kong Express named their aircraft with different dim-sum(a traditional Cantonese food), but not all of the aircrafts, and mine is 'Siu Maai'.
photo 20140722_085217

Got seated. Looks familiar? Of course! This aircraft is leased from Jetstar. So there's no difference to Jetstar's cabin.
photo 20140722_085317photo 20140722_085323

Perfect legroom for a 14 year-old kid.
photo 20140722_085352

The magazine, safety instructions card and 'Express Cafe'. Once again to apologize, I didn't take closer look photos of them.
The price of the food on board was normal. Not that cheap but not that expensive.
photo 20140722_101840

The the city of Kunming, the largest city in Yunnan Providence.
photo 20140722_111810

The runway.
photo 20140722_112655

The terminal.
photo 20140722_112702

My seat at a closer look.
photo 20140722_113510

Nice nose dude.
photo 20140722_113739

An Air Asia A320.
photo 20140722_113818

photo 20140722_113925photo 20140722_113954

The baggage claim area.
photo 20140722_114909photo 20140722_115236

Well this is stupid, but… this is China!
(This is an electric showboard inside a male toilet in the terminal.)
photo 20140722_120456_HDRphoto 20140722_121710photo 20140722_125018_HDR

I was expecting a good meal after the flight, but apparently…
photo 20140722_134437
The first destination during the trip was Dali instead of Kunming. Actually we didn't stay at Kunming except to take some meals there and to fly back to Hong Kong. Originally it planned to take 3 hrs to Dali but finally it took 9 hrs because of the traffic jam :( Trust me this was definitely not a comfy ride.
photo 20140722_200026

Somewhere inside the old town in Dali.
photo 20140722_234429
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Hong Kong Express Airways

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Kunming - KMG



Overall, it was a comfy flight and probably the best amongst the low-cost airlines.
For Hong Kong Airport, there wasn't too much to talk about. Clean, modern, comfortable and convinient.
But for Kunming, well I got a lot to say...
I went inside a small convenience store next to the toilet and I thought it would be cheap. The truth told me I was too optimistic, guess how much did a 250ml water cost?

40RMB = 6.5 usd!!! HOW COME?! It's just some anonymous brands and how come you sold them at such an insanely high price?
There weren't many restaurants there though.



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    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9857 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this second flight with us.
    HK Express looks like a good low cost airline and I like it's livery !
    The cabin is ok but it's hard to judge the legroom as I ma older and bigger than you .The seats remind me of Lufthansa Eurpean flights. Naming the planes after dim sum is a funny initiative.
    Too bad you did not try the Buy On board offer for the sake of the report ;-)
    Hope to read asoon the next report from you.

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