Review of Jetstar Airways flight Melbourne Ayers Rock in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ664
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 24 Oct 14, 09:30
Arrival at 24 Oct 14, 10:50
JQ 44 reviews
By 3578
Published on 5th November 2014
So here's a reminder of the routing:
SIN to MEL: 23/10/2014 QF36 A330-300 (can be found here: )
MEL to AYQ: 24/10/2014 JQ664 A320 (you're here)
ASP to CNS: 27/10/2014 QF1948 717-200
CNS to BNE: 01/11/2014 QF799 737-800
BNE to SIN: 01/11/2014 QF51 A330-300

Once again I'll uploading the other FR as I get time to write them.

This flight was the continuation of my flight from Singapore (previous FR), and theoretically we should have been on transit. We quite weren't. Because our flight was operated by Jetstar, we had to pick up our luggage at the conveyor belt, check-it back in at the Jetstar counter and proceed to the gates, through immigration and security. So despite having more than 2 hours of transit, we ended up swallowing our breakfast in a rush. Being a LCC flight, there isn't much to say about the flight itself, since there's pretty much no service at all, so this FR will be a fairly shot one.
Back to the report.

Upon arriving from Singapore, we glimpsed at the TV screens searching for our flight.

Departure screen:
photo IMG_0371

Because we were transferring from an international flight, we had to walk to the domestic terminal.

We had to walk to the domestic terminal to check our luggage back in:
photo IMG_0372

At Melbourne Airport, Jetstar uses self-check in kiosks: just enter your name or booking reference, and it prints out your boarding passes and luggage tags.
You then proceed to the bag drop off. So despite the queue being quite long, it doesn't take much time to get through.

Although it looks quite cramped, the Jetstar counter was pretty efficient:
photo IMG_0374

We had a quick breakfast while watching airplanes come and go.

This part of the domestic terminal looks like Qantas' land:
photo IMG_0376

We then proceeded to gate 27, took the stairs to end up on the tarmac, walking to our aircraft.
I managed to snap a few pictures, though for that I was reprimanded by some Jetstar ground staff.

Today's bird:
photo IMG_0380

Information on this aircraft:
Type: A320-232
Registration: VH-VGR
S/N: 4257
Delivery year: 2010

Qantas 737-800 taxiing:
photo IMG_0379

While my boarding pass attributed me seat 17B, I swapped with my brother to get the window seat.

Boarding pass and passport with immigration stamp:
photo IMG_0396

Inflight magazines:
photo IMG_0397

QF 737-800 next to us:
photo IMG_0381

Now, what to say about the pitch. I am not tall, around 176cm. But hell did it feel tight. I could barely fit in there. It actually felt much tighter than I had previously experienced on Jetstar Asia, despite being the same aircraft. Yes the leather is quite nice, but i would rather have some fabric seat with a respectable legroom than this appalling pitch.

Probably the worst pitch I've ever experienced:
photo IMG_0382

Push back was pretty much on time, and I could take some pictures of planes at the ramp while we were taxiing.

JQ A320 parked next to us:
photo IMG_0383

Four A320s perfectly lined up:
photo IMG_0385

QF 767, 737-800, A330, and to the right an A380:
photo IMG_0387

QF A380, two 737-800 from QF and Virgin Australia and finally a Garuda A330:
photo IMG_0388

SQ A380 and China Southern A330
photo IMG_0391

We took off 10 minutes behind schedule, at around 9:40.
I honestly don't have much to say about this flight because I tried to rest as much as possible, given we had had a short night on the previous flight, and our trip in Australia would be quite hectic.
At one point I almost managed to get a comfortable position, by resting my legs on the wall in hope for ever so slightly more legroom.

That's the most comfortable position I managed to find:
photo IMG_0395

Nice landscape out the window:
photo IMG_0394

View of the cabin from the rear galley:
photo IMG_0399

Around 20 mins prior to landing we started our decent to Ayers Rock, with some beautiful landscapes out the window.

It was pretty cloudy when we started our descent:
photo IMG_0403

But it then cleared for some nice scenery:
photo IMG_0404

Australian desert's red soil brings nice contrast with the sky:
photo IMG_0405

And finally after 2 hours and 40 minutes of suffering, we landed at Ayers Rock at 10:50 local time (Melbourne is 30 minutes ahead of Ayers Rock)

Touch down:
photo IMG_0409

Ayers Rock is a small airport, so when we arrived in front of the terminal, the pilot turned the aircraft to 90 degrees, so he could go back to the runway without pushback.
We disembarked quickly, and this time nobody shouted at me when I took a photo of the bird.

The bird after the short hop:
photo IMG_0410

We arrived at the terminal, and well we couldn't really miss the conveyor belt since there was only one, right when you enter the terminal.
After 10 minutes, we collected our luggage, and started our great Australian trip!

Conveyor belt:
photo IMG_0411

There is one thing I have to say about Ayers Rock airport: it's oddly organised.
Should you wish to have something to eat upon arrival, you need to go through security, even without a boarding pass, in order to access the café which is located on the departure side… Pretty much anyone can have access to the gates without having a boarding pass. Rather odd.

Thank you for reading this rather short report. The next one will be slightly more interesting as it's on a pretty rare aircraft: a 717-200!
Once again, all comments are welcome and much appreciated.
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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu4.0

Melbourne - MEL


Ayers Rock - AYQ



Overall, it gets the work done, but nothing else.
Cabin comfort is very limited, and apart from selling a bottle of water for 10$, you don't see the crew much.
These conditions were acceptable for a short flight, but I was honestly relieved to leave the aircraft, which is probably the first time I say so.



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