Review of SWISS flight Boston Zurich in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX53
Class Economy
Seat 35K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:15
Take-off 23 Dec 13, 21:45
Arrival at 24 Dec 13, 11:00
LX   #29 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 922 reviews
Published on 21st November 2014
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Hi all,

This TR is about my flight from Boston to Zurich with Swiss last December.

Boston Airport

I really liked the check in hall, it was very spacious and nice with high ceilings

photo image007_zps05d17cad

photo image008_zps3ada3e72

photo image009_zpsfdc31025

photo image010_zps92b939a8

photo image017_zpsf06b0da7

photo image018_zpsa8693b97

photo image019_zpsb7a54fb8

photo image021_zpsa7aa8ad8

photo image022_zpse1d33423

Going towards security

photo image029_zps33c6c124

photo image030_zps5c87348c

photo image032_zpsaddf97fb

However the airside part of the airport is a simple rectangle and looked a bit dated and with not much to do,
Below is the map of the airside part:

photo image034_zps20c34441

photo image035_zps1c57f098

photo image063_zps2ac3eca0

photo image039_zpsd9c26ff2

photo image064_zps9e812cd2

Our plane to Zurich

photo image073_zps75f3cfe6

photo image084_zps2d432d41

photo image086_zpsddb4fadb

photo image093_zpsfa8e0d18

Swiss Frank- looks very nice and colourful

photo image091_zps525ed5b3

photo image092_zpsd3006586


photo image096_zps449af8b9

photo image099_zps145a9723

photo image100_zpsbe402850

photo image101_zpse77259a8

photo image102_zpsda0ff82b

I did not like the overall colours used in the cabin. The seats look a bit old fashioned and I did not like the black back seat since it made the cabin very dark and I don't believe black is a nice colour to choose for back seats. Grey would be so much better

photo image104_zpsf005ba46

photo image105_zpsc44c7f6f

photo image106_zpsb3342a41

photo image107_zpsdf737d69

photo image108_zps5806d417

photo image110_zps8b62b61a

photo image111_zps4531d102

photo image112_zps03495e02

Push back

photo image114_zps5a9300ae

photo image116_zpsd857e67a

Downtown Boston visible from runways

photo image119_zps344cd99a

photo image120_zpsf718d3a0

Take Off

photo image127_zps8c571cf2

photo image128_zps948061fd

photo image132_zps458c753e

photo image135_zpsc3cab46c

photo image137_zps0a28bc7d

photo image138_zps30cc3b78

photo image139_zps52a72edc

Meal service

photo image144_zpsbd84faf4

I ordered chicken but unfortunately it did not taste good at all so I just ate the other things

photo image149_zps2e292024

photo image152_zps59a384a5

Pre arrival snack, which was tasty

photo image156_zpsac7fc11c

photo image157_zpse11e83c5

photo image161_zpsc2112844

And the famous Swiss chocolate right when descend into Zurich started

photo image163_zpsefe96bdf

Flying above Basel

photo image165_zps007b9e0f

photo image166_zps25b7e235

photo image167_zps851cb49d

photo image168_zps7b73de3b

Beautiful views around Zurich area

photo image172_zps6e0add9b

photo image175_zps04b3f8c3

photo image176_zpsaf5ec065

Zurich and its lake in the distance

photo image177_zps83d97fa1

photo image179_zpsac961ee6

photo image180_zpsfc57e48c

photo image181_zps94d64f73

photo image182_zps602a5abc

photo image183_zps22baae4e

photo image184_zps677c3a16

photo image185_zps8563b145

photo image188_zps6014393d

photo image189_zps83ddcb7f

photo image190_zpse4ee3a68

photo image191_zpsdf234350

photo image192_zpsc3de8d5a

photo image193_zps5fc37ef2

photo image194_zps0add3d8a

photo image195_zps01452e3b

photo image198_zps003985c3

We landed close to the International terminal, which made our taxi very short

photo image199_zps9e79c035

photo image200_zpse9afe6fd

photo image201_zps99a2f551

photo image202_zpsdf2db7f3

photo image203_zps1ada985b

photo image204_zps311990cc

photo image205_zpse17d557f

photo image208_zps9586cfc8


photo image211_zps697bcafb

photo image213_zps31e86afb

photo image218_zps2a343eed

photo image222_zpsbd4c7dfb

photo image225_zpsadb7b0e2

photo image230_zps7b1e143c

photo image234_zps3d07da51

Beautiful welcome message

photo image235_zpsa38211c7

photo image239_zps8164528e

A tour of the International Pier E

photo image241_zps7e359131

photo image242_zps17edbc9d

photo image244_zps89f5022c

photo image245_zps30758f4e

photo image247_zpse2d77a0c

photo image248_zps5b252917

photo image250_zps6e709e4d

photo image251_zps8fa45dd5

photo image254_zps6a994d9d

photo image256_zpsb246e854

photo image257_zps911bc164

photo image259_zps6ea3ae0d

photo image261_zps4d732e91

photo image262_zps4e3aa931

photo image263_zpsa8ceba85

photo image266_zps8221aef8

photo image267_zps6c67f838

photo image270_zps507ea047

Map of the Terminal

photo image275_zpsacb087fb

photo image276_zpsfd0d9f4a

Singapore ready to take off

photo image274_zpsa6e7b885

photo image277_zps295a6390

There it goes

photo image278_zps6f307038

photo image279_zps614b193a

More around the terminal

photo image284_zps13c86ab0

photo image285_zpsd4e6b106

photo image286_zpsb665899d

Going down towards taking the train that takes people to the main terminal's passport control

photo image289_zps33a19a9a

photo image290_zps3eff35a4

photo image291_zps8c6bb9f0

photo image293_zps49f5a0ce

photo image294_zps99994ff9

Here we go

photo image296_zps444abf46

photo image297_zpsfae679fb

photo image298_zps05e19464

photo image299_zpse1d926a7

photo image300_zps7cbc92b3

Up towards immigration

photo image301_zpsec016ec0

Baggage claim hall

photo image304_zps183178e9

photo image307_zpsffd98933

Some touristic bonus pix of Zurich

photo image327_zps88ee1803

photo image328_zps81c8b16f

photo image355_zpsd9d1a165

photo image356_zps1180bd7f

photo image362_zps16c8a54f

photo image378_zps7220e1ec


photo image380_zps8a7307d7

photo image384_zps33e7beb5

photo image390_zpsa7afaeea

photo image406_zpsb9119714

photo image407_zpsdc148514

photo image416_zps2151f9a2

So beautiful

photo image413_zps816dc9f2

photo image408_zps0319e0ec

Views from the church

photo image433_zps439ca334

photo image434_zpscfc8c6ff

photo image435_zpse65985e1

photo image436_zpsf52713bb

photo image437_zpsbeec8023

photo image509_zps82a99e35

photo image522_zps86271127

Some aerial pix of Zurich when I was flying out

photo image797_zps886700fd

photo image798_zpsff99e619

photo image801_zpsf7fa3268

photo image802_zps43b800b5

photo image803_zpscc653fb1

photo image800_zps9f89aef0

photo image796_zps0d550817

Hope you enjoyed this TR :)

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Cabin crew9.0

Boston - BOS


Zurich - ZRH



Overall a good airline but I did not like the black backseats as they made the cabin look very dark and seats looked a bit old fashioned and need to be modernized a bit. The legroom was average and could be better. The main food was not good but the breakfast was ok. Crew were nice and attentive though.
Boston airport's check in hall was very nice but the airside area looked very dated and old with not much to do. Zurich airport was very clean and very nice in every aspect.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est SWISS avec 7.8/10.

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  • Comment 122786 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for your phenomenal report with exquisite pictures. I loved the extra bonus of Zurich - one of my favorite cities in Europe.

    Good to hear that you had a nice crew. The catering is just like the ones offered by U.S. carriers. Salads as appetizers and wrapped brownies turn me off. I thought LX had printed menus in Y. Did they stop that?

    ZRH is a pretty neat airport.
  • Comment 122790 by
    Kottok 371 Comments
    Thank you for this really good FR with beautiful pictures. BOS is a really beautiful airport. It seems like there is kind of a japonese atmosphere with all this wood. Aahaha we really don't share our tastes. I consider the CHF banknotes to be old fashioned but I really like the colors chosen by LX it's elegant. AZ chose to have grey backseats and for me it gives a really cheap aspect. Thank you again .
  • Comment 122791 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10285 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this experience . A good flight , even if i agree with you the cabin is a bit dated and looks crowded. The catering looks good for economy i am surprised the chicken did not taste good as usually it´s easy to prepare .good to read that you had à good crew. A lot of very nice pictures make this FR enjoyable !
  • Comment 122815 by
    Yonatan Paz 63 Comments
  • Comment 122822 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

    Great pics of the approach and of the city of Zurich.

    I find the main meal pretty poor, with a plain salad and pre packaged dessert.
    If the main wasn't good in addition...

    Unlike you I like the brownish color of the seats, though I agree a brighter color on the back of the seat would be better.
  • Comment 122863 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Hi there. Very very nice report with a lot of good details and plenty of gorgeous pictures--I love the great cabin shots and aerial pics! I like the way the seats look from the front, but, like you, I don't like the look from behind. Awesome pics of Switzerland...really beautiful.
  • Comment 122871 by
    Chibcha SILVER 581 Comments
    BOS Terminal E looks like a bummer, nice landside, disappointing airside. The rest of the airport terminals didn't look as bad when I went there.

    I beg to differ regarding the seats, I think they look more elegant than other airlines'. The black is better IMO, considering they are less prone to look messy.

    I loved the pictures and views when arriving in Switzerland and the Zurich tourist extra!

    Thanks for the great FR, Saludos!

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