Review of Austral Líneas Aéreas flight Buenos Aires Montevideo in Economy

Flight AU2374
Class Economy
Seat 21D
Aircraft Beechcraft 1900C
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 27 May 14, 08:15
Arrival at 27 May 14, 09:00
AU 17 reviews
Published on 23rd November 2014
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Hi all,

These are pictures from my flight from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. It's a short 45 minute long flight but a nice experience overall as the seats were very comfortable.

Buenos Aires Aeroparque is located right next to downtown BA and makes it avery convenient connection to the nearby cities instead of Ezeiza International, which is located very far.

Check in hall:

photo image001_zps16d3d47a

photo image002_zps0c56a817

Some cool posters on the wall

photo image006_zps2962afe4

photo image005_zpsf171eea2

photo image008_zpsf874b3bf

photo image009_zpsdc1b2c4b

photo image010_zps4fef5ef7

Going upstairs towards security check- there are more shops and eateries upstairs landside rather than on the airside, which was a bit odd

photo image011_zps1c0552e0

photo image013_zps2c8a2463

photo image014_zps3cb15e22

photo image016_zps3450ed38

photo image017_zps4f7d9202

Now airside, this was the only eatery in the international airside of the terminal.

photo image018_zps8681ef8e

photo image019_zps959f2e82

photo image022_zps0a5dfb57

photo image023_zps342fa399

photo image024_zps39206452

photo image025_zpsa9953727

Some plane spotting

photo image027_zps77cb6581

photo image028_zps9a344504

photo image030_zps334feb5b


photo image031_zps3cc0a8d4

photo image032_zpsce50e115

photo image033_zpsc50054cd

We were bused to our plane

photo image034_zps8bb0bd7e

I love the Aerolineas livery

photo image035_zpsede47f58

Our plane

photo image036_zps0fafc749

photo image037_zps6f7389e6

photo image038_zpscf1e5e82

photo image039_zps84717228

photo image041_zps363dfab8

photo image042_zps4ae5dfee

Awesome comfortable seats with great leg room

photo image043_zpsb3d67970

photo image044_zps7aa99f80

photo image045_zps74dff84d

photo image046_zps2928746e

photo image048_zpsbcfd02fb

photo image049_zps277d7613

photo image051_zps3ca7d39a

photo image053_zps1bcb31b2

photo image054_zpse9fe4933


photo image055_zpsef013f27

You could not use the IFE during the flight though, maybe it is used for longer flights but for us they just showed the safety video in it

photo image058_zps438cf54d

photo image059_zps58ae3092

photo image060_zpsa899283a

photo image065_zps15a89934

photo image067_zpsc1ab93b7

Take off- usually if you seat on the right side you get great views of downtown BA, but since the weather was a bit foggy most buildings were not visible

photo image068_zps52b4c783

photo image069_zps0c03c0cd

photo image072_zps70c01258

photo image073_zpsb752bbee

photo image074_zps8b86a7b9

Still some nice downtown views

photo image075_zps09c3d997

And Puerto Madero high rises

photo image077_zps4879866a

photo image078_zps62a920c3

photo image084_zpsad8e6814

photo image085_zpsb8df0b3c

City of La Plata close to BA

photo image086_zps197d5573

photo image087_zpsd8078b6d

photo image090_zps11d6581d

A light snack was served shortly after

photo image092_zpsfb06e698

photo image094_zps6b1eaf07

photo image095_zpsfa3395af

Shortly after we started our descent into Montevideo- you can see the city here

photo image100_zps7171805e

photo image108_zps045c6186

photo image109_zps02c541b7

photo image110_zps433d3885

photo image114_zpsb2e158f1

photo image115_zps3e71eedc

You can see the whole city here

photo image116_zpsb8176293

photo image118_zpsbf8523c9

And the Airport

photo image120_zpsf822ee69

photo image122_zps215ad627

photo image124_zps7fb094ad

photo image125_zps2f4804f5

photo image126_zpscbafc167

photo image127_zps68a72211

photo image128_zpsb811f780

Old terminal

photo image130_zps7bc93943

The beautiful and very futuristic terminal of Montevideo

photo image132_zps0d3d846a

photo image133_zpsad92a28b

photo image134_zpsc72b22c0

photo image136_zpsd89196b3

photo image137_zpsfadfdf7c

photo image138_zps6c62a56f

photo image139_zps16e761bf

photo image140_zpsa6f4d398

photo image141_zps15351d90

photo image142_zpsacffdb17

photo image144_zpsbaa5daf6

photo image148_zpsba41e79e

photo image149_zps734faec8

photo image151_zps0e4301cb

photo image152_zpse31bb922

photo image153_zps94d00aa9

photo image154_zps3aa54191

Walking towards immigration

photo image155_zps18d85438

photo image156_zpsde229369


photo image162_zps967c8a15

Baggage hall

photo image163_zps3448c0b3

photo image169_zps8d7ce074

A tour of the terminal- This airport is so beautiful in its design and very clean, the only thing is that it is very small as you can see in the pix but for sure has a nice ambiance and design

Check in hall

photo image172_zpseb9d2b1f

photo image173_zps9d6b1973

photo image174_zps827b35fe

photo image175_zps1e3e88d9

photo image176_zpsa838d1c0

photo image177_zps7971a790

photo image179_zps7c93d642

Roadside curb

photo image184_zps75e46ef7

photo image187_zps018d0173

photo image188_zps6db2587c

photo image191_zps60d3648d

photo image197_zpsc1823388

photo image200_zps8943ce16

There is an observation area on the upper level

photo image204_zpsacde20ac

photo image205_zpsab08885e

photo image206_zps128025ba

photo image207_zps3583e670

photo image208_zps2cf84ac6

photo image216_zps6ee6e2be

photo image225_zpsc1e5aafd

photo image226_zpsa1e12230

photo image227_zpsc1adcb13

photo image240_zpse8fd5542

Some touristic bonus pictures of Montevideo

photo image247_zpsb4c5794a

photo image248_zpsbd6f8306

photo image289_zps5749e2ae

photo image303_zpseb94b1b9

photo image351_zps76a60ae8

photo image352_zps1555d895

photo image353_zps1a32293d

photo image370_zps6d954e6d

photo image380_zpsf438b941

photo image385_zps78fd31d1

photo image406_zps46fac5a0

photo image409_zpsa0c0e6b0

photo image415_zpsa4721245

photo image421_zpsaa03a50d

photo image432_zps436b2c9d

photo image433_zpsbc48c74f

photo image453_zps3f186a27

photo image456_zps3b0a74d5

photo image465_zpscfe59b31

photo image470_zps671b3216

photo image477_zpsc126eef2

photo image479_zpsf886bb86

photo image523_zps1964259c

photo image525_zps2b46aee2

photo image526_zpse962638d

photo image533_zpsd981d1a6

photo image534_zps093e9272

photo image547_zpsa9515eb7

photo image621_zpsff1152fe

photo image630_zps803210ab

photo image684_zps77a04923

photo image682_zpsa15abe32

photo image720_zps150b281d

photo image760_zpsb723a46a

photo image792_zpse1aafc75

photo image794_zpsef217448

photo image855_zpsff5c2943

photo image865_zps95c477cf

photo image869_zpsb879c62b

photo image911_zps69f464ed

photo image913_zpseb8b7aa0

photo image1284_zps1771bb51

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)
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Austral Líneas Aéreas

Cabin crew8.0

Buenos Aires - AEP


Montevideo - MVD



Overall a very comfortable flight with Austral with great seat comfort and cabin ambiance. AEP could have more shops and restos on the airside as it was very boring airside. Montevideo airport is very clean and has a great design the only thing is that it's very small but it was great otherwise.

Information on the route Buenos Aires (AEP) Montevideo (MVD)


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  • Comment 122976 by
    Chibcha SILVER 581 Comments
    Very nice pictures, I loved how Bs As looked, Montevideo looked really charming. That first picture of the terminal in Carrasco looked like something out of a Science Fiction movie!

    Thanks for sharing, saludos!
  • Comment 123039 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Thanks for sharing another very nice and interesting report! I really love E190s, they're the most comfortable planes in Y in my opinion. Pretty cool to have seatback PTVs on a short flight on an E190! Amazing aerial shots or Buenos Aires and Montevideo, really very beautiful! I had no idea Montevideo had such a nice and modern airport--looks awesome. Great bonus pictures of Montevideo, it seems a little more rustic than Buenos Aires, but has an old world charm. Thanks for taking us on this trip of discovery!
  • Comment 373129 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 1003 Comments
    Tell you what????
    This report helped me decide between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
    Now I have a ticket to fly to Montevideo next July!!!
    I can't wait!!

    Thanks! :)
    • Comment 373304 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      That's great but Buenos Aires is so much bigger and has so much more to see, If I had to choose between the 2 to visit I'd choose Buenos Aires for sure. But both cities are great and very close to each other.
      • Comment 373307 by
        Pilpintu TEAM 1003 Comments
        LOL. May be next time!! XDDD

        Can you believe that this is going to be the THIRD time I see Buenos Aires from the air??? The first time I was on my way from Santiago to Madrid. The second time I was on my way from Santiago to Florianópolis!! Now I will land there for some minutes at AEP, at least!!

        I have nothing against Buenos Aires. It's just that it's so large that I will have to leave a whole month to enjoy the visit. :)
  • Comment 373303 by
    whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
    That's great but in my opinion you should see both cities, but Buenos Aires has so much more to do than Montevideo and is a lovely city and you should not miss it. If I were to chose between one of them to visit, I'd choose BA :)
  • Comment 449227 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 1003 Comments
    Hi again!

    I came across your report again and thought I'd let you know that I eventually went to Montevideo, as I told you I was planning to do. You might have seen my reports here. Well, it was fantastic! I'm coming back next September because I made friends there, and I still have to visit some places.

    Your pictures bring many nice memories now that I am familiar with all those places, so I enjoyed reading yor report twice as much this time!

    Thanks again for sharing!

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