Review of Air Canada flight Buenos Aires Santiago in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC093
Class Economy
Seat 28A
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 02 Jun 14, 16:00
Arrival at 02 Jun 14, 18:00
AC   #19 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 379 reviews
Published on 23rd November 2014
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Hi all,

These are pictures from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile by Air Canada. Buenos Aires has a nice airport terminal, there was an extension, which was recently added to it that has around 8 more airbridges.

Below is a pic of the airport with the extension visible to the left.

From Google

photo qrwfrqg_zps10c29172

Entrance to the airport

photo image002_zps26463935

photo image005_zps94b85faa

Inside the terminal

photo image006_zps82ef66f3

photo image007_zps21137c69

photo image011_zps0801ddba

photo image012_zpsb6ed17d6

photo image018_zps4c3ce1e1

photo image019_zps63021a55

Upstairs walking towards security

photo image020_zps589a8485

Airside in the older part of the airport

photo image024_zps6d1b622d

photo image026_zpsea1a3cb5

photo image027_zpsabc61e0a

photo image029_zpscb9e4b77

photo image031_zpse357bdc0

photo image032_zps1b6b47a0

I love the AR livery

photo image037_zpsac984c51

photo image038_zps8acb055c

photo image040_zpsac087f44

photo image041_zps5bbc6744

photo image042_zps84f1ad10

photo image043_zps020e5483

photo image044_zps714aa558

photo image045_zpsa823c933

photo image046_zpsd7f5173b

photo image047_zps5cf03548

View from the old part towards the new extension

photo image048_zps9a3c991b

photo image049_zpsd7b36838

Our plane to SCL

photo image050_zpsd0fc5468

photo image051_zps6fb95e6c

photo image053_zpsd6c001d4

photo image054_zps7e58f0db

photo image055_zps1789732f

Now walking towards the new part of the terminal, you just suddenly enter a brand new part of the terminal and there are no security checks or anything in between, you can just walk over to this side.

photo image062_zps02a42429

photo image063_zps02a27084

photo image064_zps30a62089

photo image065_zps7dd87057

photo image066_zps53429eca

photo image067_zps20aae3a3

photo image068_zpscb85577c

photo image070_zps36a3c865

photo image073_zps3dcd92fc

photo image076_zps68a5c36c

photo image077_zpsd0a101db

photo image079_zpse38b6e67

photo image081_zps78c7d489

photo image089_zps39edafd1

photo image096_zps8bd5feca

photo image097_zps3df0dc8c

photo image100_zps00d93b81

photo image101_zps3ad39488

photo image102_zps92f24f7d

Air France making a sharp turn before landing from Montevideo continuing to Paris

photo image103_zpsfe5360b4

photo image105_zps9f20d8b4

photo image112_zpsa3641895

photo image113_zps9a6fcff7

photo image111_zps96108210

photo image122_zps87c383de

photo image123_zpse2a57b22

photo image125_zpsf86794a4

photo image126_zps683a1a55

photo image127_zps775b37ce


photo image128_zpsc2f67753

photo image129_zps8da190f3

photo image130_zps2f13e0c2

photo image135_zps578a5796

photo image136_zpsa82551f4

photo image137_zps74e2edd3

photo image142_zps1802f8f3

photo image144_zps70b38e42

photo image145_zpsf581a85a

KL departing after us

photo image151_zpscb936e41

photo image152_zps4e929e47

photo image155_zps1c880b31

photo image157_zpsa1368abf

photo image162_zps232a19ae

photo image163_zps36107961

Turkey sandwhich which was tasty

photo image164_zpsf422b272

photo image165_zpse0382373

photo image166_zps86a7a5fb

photo image167_zps8fea1c6d

Flying over the beautiful Andes while descending to SCL

photo image168_zps4b78b65b

photo image169_zps3746b909

photo image170_zps552156c6

photo image171_zps11b82474

photo image173_zps9ad66a8f

photo image175_zps91e4af81

photo image176_zps532f7340

photo image180_zps73d66940

photo image181_zpsa7228dc9

photo image183_zps6d5952a9

photo image184_zps7bfa79ba

Towards immigration

photo image188_zps5c94f22a

Baggage hall

photo image189_zps608a9c3c

Some touristic bonus pictures of Santiago de Chile

photo image284_zps2e5d966a

photo image321_zpsaf543fe2

photo image325_zps9a12e5db

photo image330_zpsd1106459

photo image344_zps8f79f239

photo image357_zps271b36ce

photo image358_zps93ac7736

photo image402_zps89211e4d

photo image416_zpsc72a1211

photo image699_zpsaa683b11

This area is called Bellavista- This is Santiago's Nightlife district and all thee colorful houses are night clubs and restos beautifully painted. It gets crowded at nigh time. I have not seen such a beautifully designed night life area, very creative and very unique indeed

photo image429_zpsda4522bf

photo image430_zpsbd465991

photo image431_zpsbc168b2e

photo image432_zps2f183698

photo image436_zpsc372d81a

photo image439_zps7bc87a9a

photo image442_zps473d5b7a

photo image449_zps59a7562b

photo image450_zps22e9a3e3

photo image452_zps3d663239

Beautiful Chile currency- 5000 Pesos around 10 USD

photo image469_zps1bc81ec6

photo image470_zps5828f421

photo image490_zpsc8b1f39c

photo image493_zps903d0d1e

photo image495_zpsb06dbb69

photo image512_zps7ee1a9a0

photo image519_zpseb13beda

photo image524_zps9606e581

photo image530_zpsa9e5b386

photo image642_zps79019d02

photo image662_zpsfe3266c0

photo image671_zps560a0362

photo image702_zpsc43aa0ad

photo image708_zpse79a2348

photo image717_zpsce39878d

photo image746_zpsfb9703d4

photo image774_zps7f8e2561

photo image782_zpsdbe24028

photo image785_zpsbeb33709

photo image790_zps13b8b23a

photo image842_zps9561e26c

photo image846_zpsea758a24

photo image863_zps3bd07ff2

photo image864_zps8ead3c0a

photo image896_zpsd3cb24f9

photo image902_zps6d877990

photo image908_zps186f42a9

photo image1310_zps395f9eb4

photo image1323_zps11963262

photo image1329_zps88d7ea14

photo image1331_zpse38e0ec8

photo image1428_zps9334a0ca

photo image1449_zpse3064cee

photo image1454_zpse4599478

photo image1525_zps708e1ac8

photo image1533_zps338b979b

photo image1551_zpsd71a9c0a

photo image1553_zps3580c306

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Air Canada

Cabin crew8.0

Buenos Aires - EZE


Santiago - SCL



Overall a comfortable flight with Air Canada, comfortable seats and nice crew. Buenos Aires airport is very nice and clean. Santiago airport is also very nice, a bit old looking inside with old furniture but still very comfortable with nice shops to browse through.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LAN Airlines avec 7.9/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 18 minutes.

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  • Comment 123043 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! This AV 5th freedom flight is definitely a nice option between Buenos Aires and Santiago for Star Alliance flyers. AC offers a good Y product with decent catering for a short-ish flight. Awesome pics of the Andes mountains! Very nice bonus of Santiago. What a city of contrasts, from gleaming skyscrapers to old world charm and a beautiful mountain backdrop. Seems that there was some pollution on some days with a cloud hanging over the city similar to what I've seen in Mexico City.
  • Comment 123056 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10309 Comments
    Thanks for the FR and the large number of pictures both at EZE airport and of Santiago.
    Having flown from it the new addition at EZE is very moderne and provides very good spotting opportunities , a nice change from the older darker terminal.
    The Air Canada product seems good and it's nice to be able to fly airlines on 5th freedom flights. The sandwich looks good and I trust you when you say it was tasty , an adequate meal for the duration of the flight.
  • Comment 123110 by
    Chibcha SILVER 581 Comments
    Except for the new part, EZE seems unchanged since I went there 10 years ago!

    The views you had were awesome!

    The service seemed adequate for the hop across the others said, it is nice to have the 5th Freedom flight available.

    You gave me Santiago-cravings with your tourism bonus!
  • Comment 123114 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive FR

    A bunch of gorgeous pictures

    A sandwich is quite good for a north american carrier for a two hours flight ;)

  • Comment 124490 by
    Echika 4 Comments
    Pictures worth thousand words. Loved it, thanks for uploading your pictures.

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