Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Nice in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1064
Class Economy
Seat 35F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 26 Dec 13, 07:00
Arrival at 26 Dec 13, 08:30
LH   #69 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 26th November 2014
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Hi all,

Last December, I was going to visit Marseilles with one of my friends. I met him at Nice and we went by train to Marseilles. My flight was originally supposed to leave at 7:00 pm on Dec. 25th but since there was a very heavy rain storm in Nice. They had closed the airport. I had no idea that they would close an entire airport due to rain.

Because of this our flight got postponed to the 26th at 7:00 am and they gave us a hotel near the airport to stay for the night, which was good.

Below are pictures from Frankfurt airport. I really like this airport. It's very clean and is huge and great for taking pictures.

I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

photo image002_zps277bb13f

photo image008_zps247a27cb

photo image007_zpsf67b7565

photo image004_zps6dacbd18

photo image005_zps070c47ff

photo image010_zps59b5037e

photo image011_zps3463d07c

photo image013_zpsd5b32de7

photo image009_zpsdbe03670

photo image017_zps7f56eaf6

photo image020_zpscfaa0ea3

photo image022_zps150af04c

photo image021_zpsc27ea1ce

photo image024_zps6b690606

photo image028_zpse52b13ca

photo image030_zps3bd4ef0f

photo image031_zps1713aed3

photo image027_zps9397dfc9

photo image032_zpse365e1f2

It's very nice to have welcoming messages in the airports for passengers :)

photo image035_zps1ec6a678

photo image036_zpsac59913a

photo image042_zpsdac0d5e9

photo image044_zps5a824636

photo image045_zpsd6df1e94

photo image049_zpsd21a5a18

photo image054_zpse9113c53

photo image055_zpsdfe72f23

photo image056_zpsffec07f8

photo image057_zpsfce17e46

photo image062_zps182ce48f

photo image063_zps4a2a662c

photo image065_zps3f29623b

photo image075_zps3c152224

photo image079_zpsa340593b

photo image081_zpsd69d5a9c

photo image086_zpsd0852fd1

photo image087_zpse10df931

Pier A- Used for flights mostly within Europe- Upstairs is Pier Z that is used for International flights and is an exact replica of Pier A

photo image089_zpsf7fe5ce9

photo image093_zps2489d121

photo image095_zps36fab930

photo image096_zps8eda1aca

photo image103_zpsa78dad78

Pier A- A huge corridor with gates to the left

photo image106_zps16d1f31f

They have made small sections with lounge seating for all passengers, which is a very nice idea and the seats were very comfortable

photo image109_zps16804532

photo image110_zps5a61309e

photo image111_zpsc9473d86

photo image112_zpsf2419650

photo image113_zps90aed987

photo image114_zpsc22c9900

photo image115_zps0365ecc8

photo image117_zps1be23c91

photo image119_zpsd51b13af

photo image126_zps6954c397

photo image128_zpsc459f352

photo image129_zps80700c2d

photo image135_zps09457948

photo image139_zpse08fd112

photo image144_zps9006d431

photo image146_zps18a9e575

photo image147_zps0516c242

photo image148_zps90d87f37

photo image149_zpsf892d54f

photo image150_zps96a6c705

I walked to the end of Pier A and at the end of this pic you can see the end of it

photo image151_zpsd73dcfd0

photo image153_zpsfb8c629b

photo image154_zps576b4a23

The end of Pier A

photo image159_zpsdab1b36f

Looking all the way back

photo image164_zpsfb98bf26

I passed security as I had to go landside to walk around and then came back in

The empty security

photo image385_zps94bec963

photo image386_zps9f730662

photo image388_zps9445d876

photo image389_zps063bf517

photo image392_zps00bf45e3

photo image394_zps348a2e53

photo image398_zps6bb9787e

Then they told us that the airport in Nice was closed due to heavy rain and our flight had postponed by 12 hours. Therefore we all went to the hotel

photo image400_zps385bf0bd

Inside the hotel room- It was a small and nice room

photo image404_zps1ef96f08

photo image407_zpseea00450

Some airplane models that I had bought from Zurich airport

photo image409_zps78edbd11

Back to the airport by 5:30 and I had my first ever meet with the most amazing and beautiful aircraft- Boeing 747-800

photo image418_zps83ad1452

photo image420_zps9b976185

photo image421_zps8de76fd0

photo image423_zps586bfee4

photo image425_zps59192619

photo image427_zps46f8e49b

Me and my love :D

photo image457_zpsea39c3ba

There were many other heavies parked at the gates, which was very nice to see :)

photo image428_zps316ce61d

photo image429_zpsf5692927

photo image411_zpse6038090

photo image431_zpse0664833

photo image433_zpsaecf8e2e

photo image434_zps99a63779

photo image435_zpsff9918fd

photo image436_zps2bc58d78

photo image437_zpsa3396ee6

photo image438_zps3b2b7f1e

photo image440_zpsd00338cc

photo image441_zpsbecb7d3a

photo image442_zps5efa3222

photo image443_zps7a230bcb

photo image445_zps2e729483

photo image447_zps12f5545c

photo image448_zpsf717f34e

photo image451_zps8d64dabb

We were bussed to our plane- First we had to go down the airbridge

photo image459_zpscd8de1b8

photo image460_zps4663b957

photo image461_zpseaec7c3c

photo image463_zpsa32ae584

Passing by a Thai A380 while it was taxing

photo image467_zps6858f292

photo image468_zpsb213a468

When we go to the plane, they had not yet finished fueling the aircraft, so we had to wait in the bus for 15 minutes till this person finished his work and we can go up the stairs to the plane

photo image475_zps921e0c0e

Finally we were able to board

photo image477_zps15c8f243

photo image478_zps58c00558

photo image479_zps388d0226

photo image481_zps9dc10d2d

photo image482_zps3f0f72c3

They gave out this blueberry yogurt with drinks

photo image483_zps0c356db0

photo image487_zps611a1419

photo image484_zps5609e997

photo image485_zps7d63426c

photo image489_zpsf226a0d2

Descend into Nice

photo image492_zps8a5654a8

photo image499_zps745569a7

photo image500_zpsd4d0d319

photo image503_zpse93e7ab4

photo image504_zpsf5c0d6fd

photo image508_zps36f74b30

photo image509_zpsdff311fb

Baggage hall

photo image510_zps2e811ba5

Then I met with my friend and we went to Nice Ville Station early morning the day after and hopped on a TGV to Marseilles- We got first class tickets, the seats were a bit old but still very comfortable

photo image001_zps2e9090ea

photo image002_zpse081b5a2

TGV fleet guide :)

photo image007_zps75bc6a72

photo image009_zps71a47bd1

Beautiful views on the way

photo image013_zps6eee8707

Marseilles St. Charles Station

photo image021_zps3c919dbc

And here are some touristic bonus pictures of the beautiful city of Marseilles :)

photo image027_zps192fb6ba

photo image028_zpseb84bafb

photo image040_zps946df067

photo image064_zpsfe6947d5

photo image065_zps97667af4

photo image066_zps5c1fce51

photo image093_zpsd0301ea8

photo image099_zps99e63fe6

photo image103_zps8c884cb4

photo image106_zpsc35e290d

photo image111_zps027c21f5

photo image133_zpsdf9cfe1b

photo image136_zps3e1c1a09

photo image137_zps1c272abc

photo image142_zpsb22a3139

photo image144_zps7565d787

photo image145_zpsb021c021

photo image150_zps1cafe8e7

photo image151_zps06714529

photo image152_zps46c5b4b2

photo image154_zpse60efcc5

photo image170_zpsa51fae8c

photo image174_zpsd5d4816c

photo image198_zps8746d56d

photo image199_zps94468f18

photo image200_zpsd0e1c6e0

photo image202_zpsa47136d5

photo image229_zps29dbe95d

photo image236_zpse28692f6

photo image253_zps142aede3

photo image259_zps4e404824

photo image273_zps45a30c9b

photo image274_zpsca081e04

photo image275_zps2d7c0b42

photo image277_zps293708a8

photo image278_zpsa0f3fa76


photo image290_zps261244fb

photo image303_zpsd9f4eff7

photo image338_zpsca7293d2

photo image339_zpsf295f897

photo image345_zps66146475

photo image369_zps3e679fd1

photo image366_zps6d2d0da4

photo image367_zps553d5159

photo image383_zps3f274ab5

photo image385_zpsa4595e4f

photo image393_zpsbf905160

photo image395_zps4d0a61ba

photo image421_zpsbca812f5

photo image423_zps46c51c30

photo image424_zpsa220bf20

photo image442_zpscf1be42c

photo image454_zps9edb839c

photo image465_zps37cca2ad

photo image467_zps082941e9

photo image480_zpsbdb676fc

photo image490_zpsb772e774

photo image600_zps50f1683d

photo image635_zpsfb988a04

photo image607_zps97e1de59

photo image639_zps351a3591

photo image642_zps99480138

photo image656_zps1574f192

photo image583_zps03cef4d8

photo image586_zpsd1232d04

photo image616_zps6e62ca69

photo image617_zps1045f5e3

photo image502_zpsc83be752

photo image524_zpsb455684c

photo image525_zpscba5841d

photo image539_zps4fc39a15

photo image551_zps1e3e0890

photo image565_zps8e7611f3

photo image559_zpsd6ac4ebf

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.5

Frankfurt - FRA


Nice - NCE



Lufthansa is a great and very professional airline. It was not their fault that flight got delayed due to bad weather and they offered all passengers a hotel near the airport. Frankfurt airport is great in every aspect, the only downside is that if you want to explore the airport, you need to pass through different passport controls. Nice airport terminal 1 is a bit old and very simple. It needs to be renovated and expanded.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Lufthansa avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 29 minutes.

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  • Comment 123189 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10361 Comments
    Thanks for this FR. The spotting in FRA is amazing with so many aircrafts. Not hard to see who rules at this airport !
    I personally find FRA a boring airport in terms of architecture and do not find it very convenient.
    The yogurt is nice but a pastry with it would have been even better. The crew seems to have been nice which is key to have a good feeling about a flight.
    Waiting in the bus for 15 minutes ? that's not very comfortable and LH should have anticipated this and have you wait at the gate, not so professional !
    I love Marseilles (even if I also hate some things about it !) and your nice pictures captures the essence of this sunny city which has changed a lot in a very positive way recently.
    • Comment 305792 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks Skyteamchc. I'm glad you liked the pictures.Yes, the crew were very nice and friendly considering it was a early morning flight and everyone was very sleepy. I really liked Marseilles too. It had a good vibe and some of its sights were very nice :)
  • Comment 123236 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this spectacular report.

    The south of France is indeed an enchanting corner and your pictures are evidence of that.
  • Comment 123267 by
    Michael 270 Comments
    Hi, thanks for this report with wonderful pictures!
    As Nice is my hometown, i really enjoyed the pictures of the approach. It was the ILS one, flying over Lerins islands and Antibes town.
    Actually the airport was closed on 25th December due to the combination of west wind/low visibility. In fact there is no ILS approach in this case... it happens several times a year.

    Great, you had a 32A with sharklets :)

    The trip from Nice to Marseille by train is beautiful too, especially when you're seated on the left side!
    • Comment 305843 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks very much Michael and I’m glad you liked the pictures. Also thanks for letting me know whey the airport was closed as this was a big question for me :)
      It’s great that Nice is your hometown, actually I have just wrote another FR that I had posted couple of days ago with aerial pictures above Nice and the city itself. I hope you like it. Link is below:
  • Comment 123423 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6909 Comments
    Great report once again! Nice planespotting in FRA--had the weather been nicer, you could have gone to the observation deck for some great runway views. The approach into Nice is one of the most scenic--it really is beautiful and your awesome pics bring that out. Great bonus pics.
    • Comment 305989 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much Kevin, actually a week later I went back to FRA and was able to visit the terrace but the weather is rainy most days in FRA in winter time but I still managed to get some pictures. I just posted a trip report from it. I have one or 2 more flight reports to write in order to get caught up :)

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