Review of Thai Airways flight Paris Bangkok in Business

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG931
Class Business
Seat 15F
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 11:00
Take-off 06 Nov 14, 13:30
Arrival at 07 Nov 14, 06:30
TG   #43 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
Published on 24th November 2014
You may watch the video report here if you like

French report here:

Rodo_Af a french member of this site took the exact same flight on the same day in Y, you can access his extensive report in French here::


This trip will be my last big trip for the year, originally I was planning on burning my TK miles before the devaluation kicked in last June. For 70k miles you could fly roundtrip from Europe to the US or Asia. Of course you had to add the taxes which came to about 450 euros, definitely a big amount but still cheaper than purchasing a full J fare. What decided on the destination was an informal gathering in Singapore this November, so I had to get to SIN from CDG :)

I was all ready to book until my wife informed she didn’t want me to travel without her, so I added her to my plans which in turn made me turn to other alternatives to book the trip as I did not have enough miles for 2 round trips in J.

There are alot of experts, whether here or on Flyertalk when it comes to building interesting routings, in my case I benefitted once from an error fare to fly CPT-GVA with TK in J, aside from that, nothing. My thing for this end of the year is to use tricks to get award tickets for as little mileage as possible. I’m certainly no pioneer in this game but that certainly didn’t stop the fun of doing it!

For discretion purposes I won’t say where I booked, those who know where will understand why and those who don’t are welcome to contact me if they are interested. I should also mention that this particular ticket is no longer bookable.

I used a specific Star Alliance carrier for this, with very flexible routing rules, allowing you to basically fly one airline from point A to point B forcing results for that said airline as long as it flew there without code sharing. My first choice was SQ which has 0 availability to where I wanted to go, next up was TG. And this is where I lucked out.

I booked a CDG-DME ticket via BKK for… 22,500 miles and some 170 USD in taxes and fees. A direct CDG-BKK ticket would have cost 67,500 miles so I save no less than 90,000 miles for 2 tickets in business! At a total cost of cca 510 USD one way this is probably one of the lowest cpm ever recorded for a J fare.

There was one last safety precaution to take, visa requirements for Russia. As I had no intentions of ending up in Russia, I purchased a fully refundable DME-RIX ticket at 300 euros per person which I cancelled upon arrival at my destination. I was refunded the whole amount minus 6 euros so 594 euros.

And to get to SIN from BKK I purchased 2 O/W’s at 65 euros each on Tiger Airways

The routing is thus the following:

1) VIE-CDG with Air France: report in French here:
2) CDG-BKK with Thai in business (YOU ARE HERE)
3) Arielle et Simba got married here
4) LAX without me
5) Is it Asia ?
6) When business class isn’t business
7) CDG-VIE with Air France in Y


On the 5th of November I’ve been waiting for the OLCI to open. I’m abit frustrated with companies who only allow the process to open 24 hours before the flight is set to leave. Many offer 48 if not 72 hours convenient times, in case you need to print boarding passes, 24 hours is far too short in case you don’t have access to a printer.

In this case I wanted to see if I could print my boarding passes, of course I will not be able to since I am flying to a visa issued country and will be presented with some sort of coupon to present at the check in desk.

D day comes, we arrive at CDG T1 around 10:30 or 3 hours before takeoff. Here are the 3 major A380’s serving T1 (QR is the 4th big addition recently)

HS-TUF. TG’s newest A380, 1.5 years of age
photo DSC07437 (Copy)

SQ, truly the best of the best in my opinion
photo DSC07435 (Copy)photo DSC07436 (Copy)

I haven’t departed from T1 in quite some time
photo DSC07438 (Copy)photo DSC07439 (Copy)

photo DSC07440 (Copy)photo DSC074401

This is the first time flying the A380 for me. Seeing the queue for check in in economy was quite impressive. There’s a dedicated area for J and P pax with an agent controlling the entrance. Once through we are directed to the P counter as there’s someone at the J one, nice!

The check in clerk seems abit lost with our itinerary and will not be able to print our boarding passes. His supervisor will step in and after asking for our visas I produce our air Baltic boarding passes for our 8th November Flight (this is where early check in comes in handy, had they not allowed OLCI 72 hours prior to takeoff I would not have been able to print these).

After seeing them she’s able to override the system without too much hassle and it is with great trepidation that I am handed the following:
photo DSC07453 (Copy)photo DSC07466 (Copy)photo DSC07455 (Copy)

Here’s the A380 setup for Thai, the layout still looks abit dense in my opinion although not as dense as on Air France’s bird, 507 vs 516/ SQ has an amazingly spacious configuration with 409 or 471 seats depending on the bird. I’ve circled our seats in red on the upper deck photo: 15E/F
photo A380_plan_pont_principalphoto A380_plan_pont_superieur1

I’ll be honest I was pretty stressed up until now, whilst driving to CDG I was imagining possible scenarios in my head about asking to short check bags to having overweight cabin bags (we both had 35lbs cabin bags when the allowance is 15 even in business!). Thankfully they did not even question or ask to weigh or bags (which cannot be said about another airline we took later!)

Once our boarding passes in hand, we really felt like the trip was beginning. Knowing we were about to fly business class on the A380 for pennies on the dollar, we were very excited! Having looked a few days prior, a O/W J fare CDG-BKK was close to 3,000 euros with TG (And I certainly do not think it is worth even half that)

Let’s go check out the Stat Alliance lounge as we still had about an hour to kill before boarding

Tubular belle
photo DSC07441 (Copy)

Quite a nice day in early November here
photo DSC07443 (Copy)photo DSC07444 (Copy)

Signs and directions are pretty good here.
photo DSC07445 (Copy)

Fast track access totally empty, we were through in seconds
photo DSC07446 (Copy)

The lounges are on the roof of the camembert shaped T1 and sadly inhibits any sort of spotting
photo DSC07447 (Copy)photo DSC07448 (Copy)

My wife at the lounge, a first for her, abit anxious as we just left our 7 month daughter with her grandparents for the next 12 days.

As a whole, the lounge wasn’t bad, our impressions were probably positive due to the low occupancy rate, the problem is that the ceilings are low and it lacks natural light. I can definitely see being claustrophobic if it was packed. The buffet was nothing to write home about, still the breakfast offer, but the coffee machine was there and that’s all I needed anyways as I wanted to save space for TG’s renown J catering LOL…
photo DSC07450 (Copy)photo DSC07451 (Copy)photo DSC07452 (Copy)

Smoking area
photo DSC07456 (Copy)

There’s a bit of natural light at the entrance next to the smoking lounge

You have to come down these stairs to enter (the first class lounge is at the top), there is an elevator which was out of service
photo DSC07461 (Copy)

The lounge design is very simple, which certainly doesn’t deter from its look

No spotting :(
photo DSC07467 (Copy)

The time has come for us to meet our very first A380 !
photo DSC07469 (Copy)

Hard to see her :(
photo DSC07471 (Copy)photo DSC07473 (Copy)

Boarding priorities
photo DSC07477 (Copy)photo DSC07478 (Copy)

The Misses before entering the whale
photo DSC07480 (Copy)photo DSC07481 (Copy)

The welcome on board is not the best, the attendants seem very busy and not interested in greeting us, the J cabin is almost full, 58 of 60 seats, not sure about F loads
photo DSC07483 (Copy)

Welcome drink, a Champagne I’ve never heard of before with a pretty bland taste
photo DSC07484 (Copy)

Oshibori after being seated
photo DSC07486 (Copy)

The cabin from our seats, these seats are excellent when traveling with someone but as a solo traveler are to be avoided plus there’s no window
photo DSC07487 (Copy)

The IFE is excellent, superb image quality
photo DSC07488 (Copy)

The cabin filled up quickly
photo DSC07489 (Copy)

The menu, the champagne was a Palmer & Co Brut Reserve, which is completely unknown to me
photo DSC07490 (Copy)photo DSC07492 (Copy)photo DSC07493 (Copy)

Satays, I will finally get to try them !
photo DSC07496 (Copy)photo DSC07497 (Copy)

Amenity kit: The look is not very business-like, reminded me of a high school pencil case
photo DSC07498 (Copy)

Its content is definitely decent though
photo DSC07499 (Copy)

They eye shades are of mediocre quality
photo DSC07501 (Copy)

The FA takes orders for lunch, they noted well that we had pre ordered our meals (beef steak for me, lamb shank for my wife)
photo DSC07502 (Copy)

The Flight Attendants were a disappointment for me. Not proactive at all, hardly smiling, though on the left side of the cabin they were better than on mine
photo DSC07503 (Copy)

These seats are definitely very private
photo DSC07505 (Copy)

The main galley for the business (and probably First) right behind the 1st door of the upper deck
photo DSC07507 (Copy)

One of the FA’s comes to me and ushers me to seat 24J so I can film the takeoff (I had requested this upon boarding but was told the cabin was full, pleasant surprise.

Seat pitch is standard for J class, the cubby hole for your feet is too small though (I’m a size 12)
photo DSC07509 (Copy)

Push back is so smooth I honestly didn’t even realize it had started, unbelievable for me and impressive
photo DSC07510 (Copy)

The cabin
photo DSC07511 (Copy)photo DSC07512 (Copy)

Great weather for flying today
photo DSC07513 (Copy)photo DSC07519 (Copy)

photo DSC07520 (Copy)

Haven’t been to T3 since February, Niki and I aren’t on very good terms lol
photo DSC07522 (Copy)

ERJ made in HOP
photo DSC07525 (Copy)

The camera resolution is pretty low, abit disappointing
photo DSC07526 (Copy)photo DSC07528 (Copy)

Runway 27L today! Right after the departure of this cattle airlines 77W bound for some far away land. I ask one passing FA to turn the camera on for my wife so she can geek out a bit too lol
photo DSC07530 (Copy)photo DSC07531 (Copy)

Takeoff roll (cf vidéo)
photo DSC07533 (Copy)

The plane is so silent, no acceleration, feels surreal compared to the 777

Here are the seats in detail. The side storage bins are super useful because although the sat is pretty big in total, storage compartments are far and few

photo DSC07546 (Copy)photo DSC07548 (Copy)photo DSC07549 (Copy)

This is supposed to be a bar area
photo DSC07550 (Copy)

Time for apéritif
photo DSC07552 (Copy)

Champagne again with pre packaged peanuts
photo DSC07553 (Copy)photo DSC07554 (Copy)

I was disappointed that a company like Thai did not serve herbal tea which is what my wife had wanted
photo DSC07555 (Copy)

Satays. I thought they were very good but very small! Asking for seconds which did not please the FA serving me
photo DSC07557 (Copy)

We are cruising south east towards BKK
photo DSC07558 (Copy)

The headphones (and the only other ones I can compare these to are TK’s) seem of very good quality and did a very good job when we were watching our movie
photo DSC07559 (Copy)

Lunch is served about 1 hour after takeoff
photo DSC07561 (Copy)photo DSC07562 (Copy)

Second Oshibori
photo DSC07563 (Copy)

Appetizer: Gravlax Salmon with duck pate: The salmon didn’t have much taste, the pate was terrible, 5/10
photo DSC07565 (Copy)

Bread was good but not hot: 7/10
photo DSC07568 (Copy)

The salad was good but on the small side : 8/10
photo DSC07569 (Copy)

Salt & Pepper shakers were pretty original but I didn’t like the plastic base they came with
photo DSC07573 (Copy)photo DSC07574 (Copy)

Appetizer tray
photo DSC07576 (Copy)

My main course Beef Tenderloin With Boletus Mushroom (Beef Tenderloin)
photo DSC07578 (Copy)photo DSC07581 (Copy)

My wife’s : Braised Lamb Shank with Sauvignon Cabernet sauce
photo DSC07583 (Copy)

Only 1 red wine was on offer when the menu showed 3.
photo DSC07585 (Copy)

My meal was ok I guess, the meat was average, slightly overcooked, the potatoes were good: 7/10
photo DSC07586 (Copy)photo DSC07592 (Copy)

My wife’s meal although super cooked was actually tastier, and was more original, she gave it an 8/10
photo DSC07597 (Copy)

The cheese course was super generous, I was surprised as Thai Airways seemed to be pretty stingy there! A well deserved 9/10
photo DSC07600 (Copy)

Flying over Romania
photo DSC07603 (Copy)

The main FA serving our part of the cabin
photo DSC07604 (Copy)photo DSC07606 (Copy)

One of the main perks of these seats is that you are shelled out from your neighbors, you do not see them nor their IFE

Desert & coffee : The chocolate tart was quite good but the coffee, mediocre : 6/10
photo DSC07615 (Copy)photo DSC07617 (Copy)

The sun is setting as we finish dinner, we are flying north of Turkey and from this point it will be dark all the way until 30 mins before we land. Sleeping on this flight will be impossible given that it’s only 5 PM in Paris

24B, the other empty seat
photo DSC07626 (Copy)

The cabin following dinner
photo DSC07627 (Copy)photo DSC07628 (Copy)photo DSC07629 (Copy)

A bottle of water, the cheapest brand in France is fiven after dinner
photo DSC07631 (Copy)photo DSC07632 (Copy)photo DSC07634 (Copy)

The lavatory is ok, on the small side and next to the galley so not much privacy

Back to my seat
photo DSC07640 (Copy)

Position full flat : The seat is completely flat, but as said a little earlier, the cubby hole for your feet is really small, I think that anyone 5’11 or less should be fine but I am 6’1 and my head and toes touched the front and back of the seat in this position. It was actually more comfortable to be at a slight angle because I wasn’t touching… In lounging position it’s one of the best, really cozy and watching films on it is a joy, our mutual grade :8.5/10 (average of 8 for me and 9 for my wife)
photo DSC07642 (Copy)

We are here
photo DSC07643 (Copy)

A funny movie called Chef
photo DSC07645 (Copy)

My wife wanted something hot midflight, and since they didn’t have herbal tea, she ordered a bowl of noodles which she said was very good, 8/10
photo DSC07649 (Copy)

Middle of the night
photo DSC07650 (Copy)

The menu was also available on the screen
photo DSC07651 (Copy)

The orange juice was not good
photo DSC07653 (Copy)

Our neighbour sitting in 14D ^^
photo DSC07654 (Copy)

We will not have slept at all, the seat is narrow and quite nosy when activated, Imagine all these seats going up and down around you, and because the plane itself is so quiet, the motors powering the seats is all you hear!

1 :50 before landing, breakfast is served but we are not too hungry, overall it was ok, but I found out the offering was the same as in economy which to me makes no sense, 7/10
photo DSC07655 (Copy)

Mediocre espresso, again
photo DSC07660 (Copy)

For the main course we had to choose (as far as before lunch was served) between eggs and pancakes. The sausages served with the eggs were simply inedible. The potatoes were however good and the eggs weren’t too dry, a solid 5/10
photo DSC07672 (Copy)

My wife’s pancakes, she liked them: 7/10
photo DSC07673 (Copy)

Exasperated by the coffee I ask for hot cocoa which is marginally better, 7/10
photo DSC07677 (Copy)

The sun is slowly starting to clear the night and at this point the only turbulence of the whole flight occur for small half hour
photo DSC07678 (Copy)photo DSC07679 (Copy)photo DSC07680 (Copy)


I wasn’t motivated enough to go downstairs, the way was blocked anyways :-P
photo DSC07686 (Copy)

Upper deck Y cabin
photo DSC07688 (Copy)photo DSC07689 (Copy)photo DSC07690 (Copy)

Nice sunrise
photo DSC07692 (Copy)

We are slowly approaching
photo DSC07695 (Copy)photo DSC07697 (Copy)

Last shots of the cabin before deplaning
photo DSC07698 (Copy)photo DSC07699 (Copy)photo DSC07700 (Copy)

Thai Smile A320
photo DSC07701 (Copy)

Welcome to BKK!
photo DSC07702 (Copy)

Again, you may view the full video report here:

See more


Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Star Alliance Lounge - 1


Paris - CDG


Bangkok - BKK



So the marks: I’ll begin by saying that after reading and watching countless reports online, I basically knew what to expect and I ‘d say I was neither disappointed nor impressed (except by the A380)

Comfort: Thai needs to revisit its product, the hard is good but far from the best, I wasn’t able to sleep, the seat was too narrow and short, it wasn’t hard but still.
In lounging position the seat is perfect. The IFE is excellent with a superb resolution.

Catering: The worst part of this flight. Perhaps if I had chosen the Thai option it would’ve been better. The presentation needs to be urgently revisited and the should change silverware

PNC: Average at best, 0 pro activity, no smiles, too bad

IFE: Perfect, lots of films, loved the flight map

OTP: No problems there

The Star Alliance Lounge in CDG: It did its job for the short time we were there but I wouldn’t want to be there for more than an hour, would get claustrophobic

CDG: Flying business out of CDG makes the whole experience much smoother and quick

BKK: Lots of walking, interesting design but poor connection facilities for passengers transferring on LCC’s

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Bangkok (BKK)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 45 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Paris (CDG) → Bangkok (BKK).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Thai Airways avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 12 minutes.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the translated version. Don't have much to say since I already said it in the other one :-) Great pics!
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    Thanks for the English version and sharing agin with us those beautiful pics. The meals don't look as bad as your comments imply , but you were the one to tatse it . I agree on their presentation that should be improved and also on your comments on FA's. If Thai FAs dont' smile who will ?
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    Thank you for sharing this interesting report with wonderful pics as usual.

    Glad you were able to take advantage of that trick. Sometimes I wonder if its is counterproductive to even mention these tips as airline executives might be reading these FR's.

    Nothing like flying a new plane and the A380 is one beautiful whale. My baptism was with AF and I was glad that I did it with one of the original customers for that aircraft.

    I am intrigued by the salt/pepper design. TG has some creativity potential but sometimes they mess it up. For example, I hate that design of the half orchid and half computer design on their headrests in Y.
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      Thanks Adan, as you noticed I did not mention the name of the company I used :) Also as I said in the report and as you probably know, this particular routing is no longer bookable just like the chainsaw which I never got to take advantage of :(

      Agree with you on all the other points :)
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