Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 410
Class Economy
Seat 57H
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 31 Aug 17, 20:50
Arrival at 31 Aug 17, 22:10
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Published on 6th September 2017
Another short getaway to Bangkok over the long weekend holidays recently, flying on Thai Airways and experiencing its new A350 aircraft. And of course, lots of great food in the land of smiles!

Checked in at Terminal 1 about 1.5hrs prior to departure and boarding passes issued.

photo 36873539252_66bb71be6e_b

photo 36856239586_9190d77364_b

The aircraft had arrived from Bangkok and parked beside a fellow A350 from CX. Currently, 6 airlines (SQ, QR, TG, CX, AY, CI) operates the A350 to SIN, with LH joining soon with its re-launched flights to MUC.

photo 36873538072_687a357b7e_b

Departure Gate D32.

photo 36856237676_56a579ed45_b

Operating this flight was TG's newest A350 aircraft then ( a brand new A350 was delivered to TG a couple of days later). Snapped a few photos of the plane. It would also be my 3rd airline on the A350, having flew QR's and SQ's versions previously.

photo 36873536682_ebcbd0af35_b

photo 36856236236_b04a0c199d_b

photo 36856233506_c1fa1fe09d_b

31 August 2017
Thai Airways
TG 410
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H06M

Boarding commenced by priorities and row numbers, and was actively enforced. Welcomed at the door and directed to the correct aisle.

photo 36873535862_b2aaa6f961_b

Passed through the economy cabin with wais by each cabin crew. The seats are stylishly designed and the bulkhead has thai art-work as well. Definitely not as dull as SQ's version of the A350. A pillow and a pair of headsets were available on each seat.

photo 36856231366_38e35bb24e_b

photo 36873534782_9be7fc9564_b

photo 36856230066_b805231825_b

photo 36856226976_f1cc6ee9ac_b

A huge clear and responsive touch-screen IFE monitor at each seat. USB and headsets ports are located under the screen.

photo 36873534192_e3003f3a90_b

Legroom is quite decent and good for the long-haul too. Footrest available as well.

photo 36856224546_ccf8097cd5_b

The August edition inflight magazine, duty free and safety card.

photo 36236700373_7986189c79_b

The cute little IFE controller, though it was not needed other than for the reading lights and attendant button as the monitor is touch-screen enabled.

photo 37044359175_a4200fc817_b

Pillow and headsets. Blankets were also distributed by the crew to those who required one.

photo 37044360285_1fc0405df9_b

Menu of the flight… not. This could be the Business Class menu as it was totally different from what was served later.

photo 36647756100_20612284ca_b

photo 36873533062_71ce29f804_b

All on board and ready to go. The flight ended up totally full I believe.

photo 36236699433_8495fb1407_b

Safety video played.

photo 36236697873_bcef41e983_b

I had the aisle seat on this sector, and so no views fom the window. However, camera view is available in the IFE selection. We had a short taxi to Rwy20C and soon departed for Bangkok.

photo 36236695723_651a7a5c0d_b

2hrs to Bangkok.

photo 37044359575_9dfc4ee948_b

IFE, though variety not as huge as some other airlines, contains the latest movie selection and is sufficient for the flight. Decided to watch the comedy 'Snatched' on this short flight.

photo 36236694463_82657e12cb_b

Shortly after the seatbelt signs went off, the crew hastenly came down the aisles to deliver the special meals from the rear galley. Apparently there were quite a number of pasengers who requested special meals (around 50, according to the crew) and this required the crew to hand-deliver the meals to the pax during the first 30min of flight.

photo 36236692773_1b4f8da917_b

After the special meals were distributed, the standard meal service was conducted. The crew on this flight were definitely not the most junior among the TG crew as probably the senior crew were first trained on this new aircraft type, but service was still professional, warm and friendly.

photo 36903470251_9f059fb3bf_b

For dinner, we were offered a choice of Nasi Goreng with chicken curry or Sweet and sour Fish with rice. I chose the Fish option. Meal came with a salad starter, warm roll with butter, dessert cake and a bottle of water.

photo 36236691913_f73eb97cc3_b

photo 36236690003_d193c5c4ac_b

Starter salad with dressing and a banana cake for dessert. The cake was a bit disappointing as it was rather dry and dense.

photo 36903469531_e84dc0c3e2_b

The main was delicous though! The fish was fresh and the sauce was tangy thai-styled sauce. Portion was generous too. Thumbs up!

photo 36236687823_a6ca752ba2_b

The other option of Nasi Goreng (fried rice) with chicken curry was tasty too.

photo 36236690843_762edab3bd_b

Beverages were only served after the meal distribution, which took quite a while and most of the meal was completed before the beverage cart reached my row. Luckily there was bottled water on the tray. Guess it wa due to time constraints due to the large special meals orders as normally, TG would have both the meal and bar carts out on the aisle during meal distribution (as was the case on the return flight). Had a cup of coffee to end the meal while entertaining myself with the movie.

photo 36903467411_d20cf6f6b9_b

Visit to the nicely designed lavatory. Other than the necessities, the only other amenity available is the jasmine-scented cologne.

photo 36647740980_c709e5368f_b

photo 37044355415_d145433b82_b

View of the forward economy cabin.

photo 36647739330_61b089dbc3_b

Cabin crew clearing away the meal trays.

photo 37044354445_fa4db0542e_b

As we started the descend into BKK, a video of the arrival procedures was shown.

photo 36647736560_ce84c70ebb_b

Flight map of our routing.

photo 36647735820_58f0a96862_b

photo 37044352745_546bd20f7f_b

Landing in BKK Rwy19L. Took a video of the camera view.

Parked at the gate.

photo 36647737800_5da58e2262_b


photo 37044353735_e64277d2c9_b

Contrary to recent reports of 4hrs long immigration queues at BKK, the arrival immigration was totally empty at 10pm and we breezed through both immigration and customs in just a few minutes!

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



It was a pleasant and comfortable flight on TG on this short sector. Service was good and the full frills were provided. Ticket were also at rock-bottom prices (if bought early) which made it even more value-for-money, plus the chance to try out the TG's new A350 made it an even better experience.

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    Thanks TerryYong for a lovely detailed report on Thai Airways latest fleet addition,the stunning A350 ! I hope you enjoy my Thai Airways trip report from Lahore to Bangkok this year,the first ever review online review of this 23 year old route ! I believe the A350 will eventually fly to Lahore !

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