Review of Lufthansa flight Zurich Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1187
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Boeing 737-300
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 25 Dec 13, 11:05
Arrival at 25 Dec 13, 12:10
LH   #46 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1454 reviews
Published on 4th December 2014
Hi all,

Below are pictures from my flight with Lufthansa from Zurich to Frankfurt and exploring the Zurich airport.

Check-in Hall

photo image532_zpsd95ee8ff

photo image536_zpsd90a8cfb

photo image537_zps1934fda6

photo image538_zps4f37e76c

Swiss shop selling Swiss airlines branded stuff and airplane models

photo image540_zps304ad491

Automated self scan kiosks to go to security check and airside

photo image542_zps3406ba5c


photo image543_zps2360abbe

photo image544_zps0a7e9c84

photo image545_zpse87585b6

photo image546_zps3d720c6c

Train to E Gates

photo image547_zps4b89a109

photo image548_zps537bbe09

photo image550_zps67c07edb

photo image554_zpsb1959f21

photo image555_zps3622114a

photo image556_zpsc6bfb43c

photo image560_zps91c85f1a

photo image561_zps47bfc826

photo image562_zpsf76d10c1

photo image564_zps86c51aa2

photo image568_zps02b7d8fe

photo image569_zps4480efce

photo image576_zps97ebe1a7

photo image577_zps6d857123

photo image580_zps42a6b151

photo image581_zps5d65369f

photo image585_zps1e941e86

photo image587_zpsffb2893e

photo image588_zps06dfcd34

photo image595_zps0f7ab11d

photo image597_zpsdf84e846

photo image598_zpsb600514b

photo image601_zps9639317f

photo image602_zpsbda1e405

photo image603_zps9991b65c

photo image605_zpsd56384a3

photo image606_zpse7a6317e

photo image607_zps168608cf

photo image608_zps44658c23

photo image609_zpsadb3e7b9

photo image610_zps07ed77fb

photo image612_zps7e2d219f

photo image615_zps603c96a7

photo image623_zpsb6107a51

photo image627_zpse69828fa

photo image628_zps5e986d23

photo image633_zpsbc2b165a

photo image634_zpsc100a85f

photo image641_zps7a62fc9e

photo image646_zps202cf6d4

Now exploring A Gates

photo image648_zps2120486d

photo image649_zps234ff27f

photo image651_zpsbcd4261a

photo image653_zpsdfcd9a85

photo image654_zps5e7069d4

photo image655_zps72bab2fe

photo image657_zpsc5295a09

photo image665_zpsd3494aad

photo image667_zpsb330382e

photo image670_zpsdd454774

photo image673_zpsd01d6d60

photo image676_zps2b103e85

photo image680_zps09e95b37

photo image688_zps16a16b93

photo image690_zpsfa479ed4

photo image694_zps7dc2c314

photo image695_zps612b559a

photo image696_zpsc19841c5

photo image697_zpsdf4a4c2a

photo image698_zps436a9b73

photo image700_zpscf949374

photo image701_zpsc3a3574f

photo image702_zpsacb2c9c5

photo image706_zpse0d9047b

photo image710_zpsa680c7f6

photo image712_zps499d5a46

photo image717_zpscd3b5377

photo image719_zpsa20d3fff

photo image720_zps579d0b12

photo image721_zpsc3c436c7

photo image722_zps56c46618

photo image728_zps17b368a8

photo image730_zpsdd97e8f3

photo image731_zpsc3a78b11

photo image733_zps5f31f955

photo image742_zps2d042734

photo image743_zpsfaafdf2c

photo image744_zps0d957bfb

photo image749_zpsa4ddbfca

photo image754_zps0b08095a

photo image766_zps28ae5327

Our plane

photo image750_zps6074ec2c


photo image767_zpsec37a616

photo image771_zps529ff086

photo image773_zpsd7752ba6

photo image774_zpsf0ef62e7

photo image779_zps42ca10ea

photo image780_zps9e5d2df7

photo image781_zps58ba2a06

photo image782_zps7f5dcc62

photo image783_zps96bfdaa7

photo image784_zpsd46be349

Take off

photo image793_zpsf5791466

photo image794_zpsd4290c76

photo image795_zps67c74e92

photo image796_zps71793fba

Beautiful views of Zurich

photo image797_zpsd2e2e23d

photo image799_zps0f4986e3

photo image800_zps8dd28d58

photo image801_zps458a6153

photo image803_zps3efa6380

photo image809_zps558e86a8

photo image813_zpsc881e366

photo image816_zpsae0d198f

photo image817_zpscff76848

photo image819_zps27758bc6

photo image823cccca_zps5d612e6d

photo image827_zps677e069c

Descend into FRA

photo image830_zpsb98178d8

photo image833_zps7eaba680

photo image834_zpsf9190eaf

photo image836_zps8b98e53f

photo image837_zpsfb1a8687

photo image843_zpse5add0df

photo image849_zpsb2051d2b

photo image856_zps5358b415

photo image859_zpsa07d5b67
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Cabin crew8.5

Zurich - ZRH


Frankfurt - FRA



Overall a very nice and comfortable flight with Lufthansa. Zurich airport was very clean and nice and great for taking pictures.

Information on the route Zurich (ZRH) Frankfurt (FRA)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 9 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Zurich (ZRH) → Frankfurt (FRA).


The airline with the best average rating is Edelweiss Air with 7.9/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 6 minutes.

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  • Comment 123726 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9182 Comments

    Thanks for this report.

    I agree with you Zurich is a very nice airport and gives a very good impression of Switzerland. It's the exact opposite at GVA where the airport is old and leaves much to be desired.
    The Edelweiss and Swiss liveries are nice.

    There is nothing special to write home about the flight but the pitch is ok and a drink in line with the duration of this flight.

    • Comment 306243 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments

      Thanks Sktteamchcn, you are so right. I have not been to Geneva but I have seen many pictures of the airport and it truly is in a huge need of renovation. I wonder why they do not plan to renovate it just like Zurich but Zurich airport is very nice for sure :)

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