Review of Icelandair flight Toronto Reykjavík in Economy

Airline Icelandair
Flight FI602
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 05:15
Take-off 17 May 13, 21:10
Arrival at 18 May 13, 06:25
FI   #24 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 71 reviews
Published on 11th December 2014
Hi all,

These are pictures from my trip with Icelandair from Toronto to Copenhagen via Reykjavik back in May 2013. I wanted to try Icelandair as I was curious to experience it and also they advertised in a lot of places in Toronto and even in the metro stations so I thought I'd give them a try. I chose a long layover in Iceland so that I can visit Reykjavik as well.

Toronto Airport- Terminal 3

photo image001_zps47e2cef8

photo image004_zps4cecc6ef

Lots of Air Transats around that day

photo image006_zps7feb6427

photo image011_zps104c7246

photo image012_zps00945db8

photo image013_zps381846ea

photo image021_zpsef4d2139

photo image025_zps57f08b2a

photo image028_zps7079526e

photo image030_zpsffd233fe

photo image035_zps5d74097a

photo image038_zpsd38e1ac0

photo image042_zpsfc41847e

photo image046_zpsb31b6531

photo image047_zps367947a6

photo image048_zpse4342743

photo image055_zpsaeed8faa

photo image058_zpse9b055d6

Our plane

photo image041_zps0a30e898


photo image071_zpsd33df2e2

The cabin in Icelandair is very fresh, organized, clean and has a nice vibe, I really liked it and the seat colours were great too

photo image072_zps73c0a619

photo image075_zps0ef2e467

The seats were very comfortable, with good leg room and a foot rest

photo image076_zps6ff1cce2

photo image077_zps01affd1c

photo image085_zps6afab5f6

It's very cool that Icelandair includes interesting facts about Iceland on their headrest and provide authentic and cool Icelandic items, such as the cool looking bottle of water or the pillow and other items that teach people about their country :)

photo image092_zpse28074cf

photo image079_zps219d3bb1

Distributing headphones

photo image091_zpsd2d78626

I just love these engine colours

photo image088_zpsc0593101

photo image081_zpsd8b12831

Push back

photo image102_zps28a42274

photo image103_zps5e984b23

photo image107_zps565ed185

photo image108_zpsbe78b3d8

The very nice and efficient IFE

photo image111_zps2ed8873a

photo image114_zpsead719d8

photo image115_zps3fb650cd

photo image116_zpsc4b97ffa

Take off

photo image118_zps62697c9a

Most parts of Toronto is visible here

photo image126_zps7076ca15

photo image128_zps0534ab5a

photo image133_zps7b075837

It was very cool to look back and see Toronto from afar

photo image140_zps22e2df93

photo image149_zpse596a8ee

photo image152_zpsc60cdb1f

photo image153_zpsc2276770

The only downside was that you had to buy food on the aircraft, which I did not do as we already had dinner in the airport terminal

So beautiful

photo image154_zpsc8c9e476

photo image155_zpsde5db397

photo image156_zps041bd367

Almost there

photo image157_zps7a9965cc


photo image160_zps0db2a5c2

photo image163_zps071ec544

Airport terminal

photo image164_zps09c03022

photo image166_zpsc1909b00

photo image170_zps7d0d75b5

photo image174_zps4da1bb9d

photo image175_zps8aeec397

photo image177_zps24b0da5d

Exploring the Reykjavik Airport Terminal

It was a nice airport but overcrowded when the north american flights depart all at almost the same time

photo image179_zps63110a0c

photo image180_zps9cbb56b0

photo image182_zpsd44fca2b

photo image183_zpsfb720496

photo image184_zps77e6a9c3

photo image186_zps031ec40e

photo image187_zpsc987b8e9

photo image188_zps2ee1e594

photo image191_zps5e5c84d2

photo image192_zps218d5842

photo image193_zps4c8f3d6d

The central shopping area

photo image194_zps73b49b82

photo image195_zpsad28d62e

photo image199_zps43b1b46e

photo image200_zps1b873a2d

photo image201_zps6900feb6

photo image202_zps795fb8fa

photo image203_zpsaec28aa7

photo image206_zps83b33e8e

photo image207_zpsc92c4134

photo image208_zpse322c923

photo image213_zps34e44fad

photo image215_zps213408bd

photo image223_zpse5146a95

photo image227_zps22eb3fbd

Some bonus pictures of the Reykjavik- beautiful city surrounded with breathtaking scenaries and nature

Very beautiful currency :)

photo image029_zpsae9ff0f8

photo image030_zps2fd41218

photo image080_zps829eb16f

photo image104_zps6c9ba1b2

photo image105_zpsc62cba29

photo image111_zpsa80b849c

photo image112_zps563af8a1

photo image113_zps54c3e002

photo image118_zps4af68b79

photo image121_zpsa28bdf7d

photo image135_zpsb4878daa

photo image139_zpscd0c4b0d

photo image157_zpse25fe5e3

photo image163_zpsd3777163

photo image165_zps5de6a0db

photo image167_zpsaea2be23

photo image178_zps2e76448b

photo image182_zps9b16f9e2

photo image184_zps2a80c1b3

photo image196_zpscb09eef3

photo image199_zps75b2d721

photo image212_zps5e29f75d

photo image214_zpsec4a3aa9

photo image215_zps4d2bd51a

photo image216_zpsda706546

photo image220_zps1cdb83aa

photo image226_zpsef6b30cf

photo image229_zpsd3316f28

photo image230_zps72d90ec3

photo image237_zpsaf76924d

photo image291_zpse3eb236c

photo image292_zps0bc320ee

photo image335_zps935ffd5c

photo image362_zps66e40f33

And the beautiful and vibrant city of Copenhagen

photo image280_zps0e5908d0

photo image299_zps753a00be

photo image305_zps8a8c10c1

photo image364_zpsc8f1cd18

photo image372_zps23a33e85

photo image377_zps1b852fe2

photo image391_zps4c780a36

photo image396_zps0ed58cb5

photo image421_zps4c17413c

photo image585_zps1de300a5

photo image771_zpsd78be8d0

photo image772_zps62ea130b

photo image592_zpscae13042

photo image663_zps7d46f28b

photo image677_zpsabb7e604

photo image681_zpsa3d75306

photo image688_zpsfcfb2c98

photo image694_zpsbefbc509

photo image710_zpsd544d4c1

photo image712_zps1e05ac9e

I hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.5

Toronto - YYZ


Reykjavík - KEF



Overall a great flight with Icelandair, very comfortable. The Reykjavik airport is nice but timing all north american flights one after another within the period of 2 hours made the terminal very busy and crowded and there were not enough seats available for people.



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