Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight Buenos Aires Rome in Economy

Flight AR1140
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 13:30
Take-off 14 Jul 14, 23:00
Arrival at 15 Jul 14, 17:30
AR 34 reviews
By 6860
Published on 13th December 2014
Hello, everyone. It's been a long time since my last FR.
I originally planned this trip to Rome FCO in June, although I had to postpone it to July, due to my Argentine-Japanese love ;)
Honestly, Aerolíneas Argentinas would be my last choice traveling to Europe, but I had an open ticket with that airline and the Flight Report database needed an AR's long haul Flight Report. Also when you are in love you tend to be less picky about airlines… lol

I expected to get an upgrade to Club Condor (AR's business class), with the Aerolíneas Plus Platinum membership and there were no more seats available in that class… Too bad, because I knew the AR's ancient IFE equipping the A340 fleet

That afternoon, check in and security were smooth. Then I moved to the new American Express Centurion Lounge. Very good design.

photo DSC00248_zpscd6d86d8

Clean and modern restroom in the Amex Lounge

photo DSC00247_zpsa3d821d1

The new Ezeiza Airport Terminal B. I don't know why, that orange ceiling reminds me Aeroflot…

photo DSC00251_zps4a6d32ca

Remember the Brazil's World Cup? This ad was obviously funny before their semifinal against Germany. It says: Dance like one of us…. What a pity Brazilian friends… lol

photo DSC00252_zps41b0775a

Boarding started with Sky Priority passengers + children under 3 years and their parents.

photo DSC00254_zpsea88d863

My plane, a former Iberia A340-300… What should I expect? Nothing extraordinary in terms of comfort…

photo DSC00259_zpsc8f684c6

photo DSC00261_zps06e91813

Once onboard I discovered the old Iberia seats.

photo DSC00262_zps92f55136

photo DSC00267_zpsf5d00e91

The cabin was surprisingly very well preserved

photo DSC00263_zps4984b61e

The seat pitch was very good for my height. I have to admit the seat was one of the most comfortable I've ever tried in long haul Economy class. You know, there was a time in the 80s and 90s when Eco seats were designed with human beings in mind…

photo DSC00268_zps42dc5712

Aerolineas Logo (condor) on the pillow

photo DSC00265_zps87de19fa

Aerolineas advanced IFE for the next 14 hours… God, help me… lol

photo DSC00264_zpsabe2b785

Safety card

photo DSC00269_zpsca9d38a3

Alta, the Aerolíneas Argentinas magazine. It says: Together with the national team. Yes, our football players were so close…

photo DSC00180_zpsa602c613

A Turkish Airlines A340-300, ready for flying to Sao Paulo (GRU) and Istambul (IST)

photo DSC00270_zps89363066

photo DSC00271_zps437a1850

Qatar Airlines B777-200LR. Sorry for the blurry pic

photo DSC00272_zps7e384d71

After a rejected take off (the captain mentioned a false alarm), we took off a few minutes later

photo DSC00277_zps4c72b1f5

photo DSC00280_zpscbba9af2

The boring Noah movie was played on the main CRT screens, or better, tubes… lol

photo DSC00281_zpse04968da

Lights on, before meal service

photo DSC00282_zps53ac7951

An hour later, dinner was served.The cabin crew was diverse. Some of them were very professional and nice. Some were… well the opposite…

photo DSC00283_zpsc9d77b25

I chose the grilled pork beef. The other option was lasagna. It was ok. The wheat salad was tasteless. The chocolate and banana tiny cake was nice

photo DSC00284_zps63893d84

The printed menu was a nice and luxurious detail (In Economy), from the Aerolineas mediocre catering service

photo DSC00285_zps18ecda04

photo DSC00286_zps6054d616

photo DSC00287_zpsfe929dc6

After finishing the meal, I was ready to explore the advanced IFE… 12 music channels. I just listened to Michael Jackson's Xscape new album and Aretha Franklin's Greatest Hits.

photo DSC00294_zps8ec8973d

There was a time, in the 20th century, that smoking was allowed during flight. This blocked ashtray is a living proof

photo DSC00295_zps418a33d5

This cabin picture showing the old CRT TVs could have been taken 20 years ago…

photo DSC00296_zps605b6355

A visit to the well maintained lavatory

photo DSC00297_zpsfc1df4a9

photo DSC00298_zps1d74b76d

After the second film ended, electronic noise was displayed for almost half an hour as part of the cutting edge IFE programming…lol

photo DSC00300_zps5063cc99

Then, I slept aprox. 6 hours. I have to admit again, the seat was very comfy.
On the other hand, no moving map. I calculated we were flying over Africa, according to my watch…

photo DSC00303_zpsa17c3cce

Dedicated to the winglets fans

photo DSC00305_zps50ce7424

photo DSC00306_zpsd251a2af

photo DSC00310_zps498f517f

Dedicated to the fuel dump nozzles and CFM56's fans… lol

photo DSC00307_zps5909a21d

photo DSC00309_zps841099f7

An hour before landing, breakfast was served. Mini focaccia (bread), banana, muffin, yogurth, butter and dulce de leche. Decent. It could have been worse.

photo DSC00314_zps1cea628b

Interesting aerial view

photo DSC00317_zpsfcccb21e

Does anyone know this airport?

photo DSC00320_zps24af743a

Idyllic Mediterranean islands

photo DSC00321_zps5fda1e25

photo DSC00322_zps7de52c3d

photo DSC00323_zpsc7f24bc5

We started approach to the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO)

photo DSC00326_zpsd0d94b71

photo DSC00327_zps4dc5c95d

photo DSC00328_zpsc34c32d2

photo DSC00330_zpsdc435772

photo DSC00332_zps0f08cd8a

Italy is stunning in summer, certainly.

photo DSC00335_zpsd2ef96f3

photo DSC00336_zps4b5dc955

I'm pretty sure we didn't dumped fuel this time, but…

photo DSC00337_zpse4d06565

photo DSC00338_zps8cef18a7

photo DSC00339_zps16e96901

photo DSC00342_zps74250497

Almost 14 hours later, we landed in Rome. The longest Aerolineas Argentinas route

photo DSC00345_zps52d8c2be

photo DSC00346_zpsf09f6af1

photo DSC00348_zps898abbde

photo DSC00353_zps8709b296

Alitalia's A330-200

photo DSC00356_zps530fa421

In my opinion the AR's winglets are among the best designed

photo DSC00357_zps4438ffd4

Royal Air Maroc's B737-800

photo DSC00358_zps9704ef7c

Finally, our plane parked

photo DSC00359_zps36fc6775

And the cargo door was unlatched

photo DSC00361_zps8a3b6d91

After disembarking through a jetway, I spotted this FCO airport ad in Japanese… ;)

photo DSC00365_zpsb615654d

Baggage claim area screen. After getting my bag, I went to a hotel in the Fiumicino town to rest, until next day when I had a flight to Berlin, my final destination and next FR.
I hope you enjoyed reading. Comments and questions are welcome.

photo DSC00367_zps6dd71682

photo DSC00368_zpsc370c9b2

Tourism bonus. Fiumicino is a very nice and relaxed town.

photo DSC00376_zps1256c210

photo DSC00377_zps687a91e4

photo DSC00383_zpsb8bef455

photo DSC00384_zps8f1581fb

photo DSC00387_zpsd737f676

photo DSC00388_zpscdc72fbf
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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew6.0

American Express Club Centurion


Buenos Aires - EZE


Rome - FCO



The American Express Centurion Lounge is small but very well designed. The food offer was very limited. Sandwiches and pastry.

A rather good flight. I expected something much worse from Aerolíneas. At Air China's standards… lol

The Sicma old Economy seats are very comfortable. Also the A340 2-4-2 seat configuration. Only beatable by the B787s 2-4-4 Economy config. only seen in ANA and JAL.

Tha cabin crew was diverse. Some of them were nice and professional. And some of them were the opposite… Typical in Aerolineas Argentinas.

The Ezeiza Airport new Terminal B is a huge improvement. And the immigration agents at FCO are among the nicest.

Information on the route Buenos Aires (EZE) Rome (FCO)


  • Comment 124484 by
    SMilano 1292 Comments

    Thanks for sharing !

    This cabine need to be refresh !
    And the catering doesn't look good...

    AR need to improve to be more competitive against LATAM for example !

    But some time old school cabine has some advantages like a comfortable seat

  • Comment 124487 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments

    Great FR, thanks. I'd have been upset that when I step inside the plane I notice the Iberia seats, as I want to try the original AR seats. AR is my most favorite livery in the world along with KLM. I just love their blue colour. So nice. Thanks for the great report :)

  • Comment 124496 by
    marathon SILVER 9626 Comments

    There was a time in the 80s and 90s when Eco seats were designed with human beings in mind : I love that!
    Now, we have IFEs... and backaches. Not mentioning the woes of giants 1.70m tall and above !
    There was a functional ashtray in the armrest on the Air France A318 I took last Sunday. It had first flown in 2006, many years after smoking was banned on all flights.
    Very nice wing views - I agree on the winglet decoration; I can't understand why some airlines leave it blank.
    ???????? means Welcome in Roma.
    Thanks for you dedication for the FR database - I note that this report did not improve AR's ranking.

    • Comment 306922 by
      Avionero AUTHOR 77 Comments

      Marathon: thanks for your comment. LOL about seats and giants complaining...
      Thanks for the Japanese translation!
      Maybe some airlines leave their winglets blank because they think painting them is not worth it, for so few passengers with a window seat.

  • Comment 124499 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12460 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    At least you had comfy seats

    The AR is average : so so FAs, the catering not appealling at all, no IFE

    Gorgeous winglets

    See you soon for your next FR

  • Comment 124514 by
    momolemomo GOLD 6739 Comments

    I always wondered how was AR's economy class. Do you know if it's different on A330 ?
    I boarded the Turkish Airlines plane next to you during its stop in Sao Paulo :D
    At least I like the livery and the winglets.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Comment 306924 by
      Avionero AUTHOR 77 Comments

      Momolemomo: thanks for your comment. The Aerolineas Argentinas A330 fleet (flying from EZE to MIA and JFK) has been refurbished and is equipped with PTV.
      It's crazy that you boarded that TK A340 few hours later. There are flight reporters everywhere :)

  • Comment 124561 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5424 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this detailed report! Good to see a new report from you. Well, Aerolineas lives up to it's reputation of being mediocre. The beautiful livery and winglets are deceiving, LOL...the rest is very average. Like everyone else has already pointed out, the good thing about the old seats is that they are comfortable and more padded than the newer generation slimline seats that are becoming the norm in aircraft interiors. The lack of seatback IFE for such a long flight would drive me insane! LOL. See you soon for the next report!

  • Comment 124570 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report. You are right, AR is a rather obscure carrier that does not get much exposure.

    Very average flight made worse by the lack of IFE.

    The small printed menu is a thoughtful touch and the livery is beautiful. The meat portion of the main dish seems generous for Y.

  • Comment 124577 by
    Avionero AUTHOR 77 Comments

    Jetsetpanda: thanks for your comment. Agree with you about the meat portion size. Don't forget Argentina is a carnivorous country... lol

  • Comment 125957 by
    Concordia 687 Comments

    So if I understand, if you take a 340 Aerolineas, you can seat in an Air France or Iberia cabin?

  • Comment 346976 by
    Carlotherocks 47 Comments

    That airport you asked for is Olbia-Costa Smeralda International Airport (OLB/LIEO) in Northern Sardinia ;) very good and detailed report!!

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