Review of Cyprus Airways flight Larnaca Athens in Economy

Airline Cyprus Airways
Flight CY312
Class Economy
Seat 18F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 29 Dec 11, 09:50
Arrival at 29 Dec 11, 11:35
CY 1 reviews
Published on 14th December 2014
Hi all,

Below are pictures from my trip to the land of Aphrodite-the Goddess of Love (Cyprus), back in December 2011. Since on the way going to Larnaca I was so tired and did not take many pictures, I focus mostly on the return segment but include the few inbound flight pictures down here.

Athens Airport

photo image001_zpsff78d84c

photo image002_zps12cf366c

photo image005_zps85040b13

photo image006_zps629806ff

photo image007_zps210cb9c8

photo image010_zpse71ecb09

There were many shops in the Athens airport, but in order to go to the gates you had to go past security and there were no more shops after you pass the security. It'd be better is people had access to shops after entering the gates area.

photo image012_zps0708beaf

photo image013_zpsd9d0f252

Onboard our plane

photo image018_zps9d89ef21

photo image019_zpsc14fa846

photo image020_zpsb478948e

A tasty Turkey sandwich snack

photo image022_zps7cd52342

Seatback contents

photo image023_zps3c6325ad

Larnaca Airport arrival and baggage claim

photo image025_zps636ef0ac

Pictures below are from our retunr segment. Unfortunately since we go tot the airport a bit late, we did not have much time to wander around and as soon as we passed security we rushed to the plane and I could only take these few shots from the airport terminal of Larnaca. Which was small but nice and bright.

photo image651_zps1ba5b16a

photo image653_zpsd11f07c7

photo image654_zps1cf77004

photo image655_zps0044fb12


photo image657_zps6aeb4e5a

Great views of Larnaca on Take off, the whole city was visible, which was very nice

photo image659_zps157ba6da

photo image660_zps4d74441f

photo image661_zpse4aa2215

photo image662_zpsca5b2190

photo image663_zps103a03c4

More modern cabin than the one we flew in from Athens

photo image666_zpsdd3cb017

photo image667_zps1416df29

photo image669_zpsb369371a

I really like their company logo

photo image670_zps2e74e94c

photo image673_zps5c9dd0ac

photo image674_zps5499786c

A very cute Bebe :)

photo image677_zpsaf00c74a

photo image678_zps796d49db

Aphrodite Class is such a cool and authentic name, well chosen

photo image679_zpsbbc7e7d7

A look at our plane after landing

photo image680_zps3165e16c

We had a flight to Istanbul later that night and since we had some time, we decided to explore the airport a bit. Below are the pictures:

photo image681_zps3915644c

On the second floor of land side area there is a McDonald's that overlooks the apron but only the tails of aircrafts are visible at the gate and they come to view once they are taxing

photo image700_zps7f11ca7a

photo image692_zpsb83e19a7

photo image694_zps5a933a16

photo image696_zps8308266f

photo image697_zps6c945048

photo image698_zps253deaac

A look down at the shops

photo image701_zps06fd0585

photo image702_zps0d567bca

photo image714_zps5956e925

There was also a nice and small church- praying room on the second floor as well

photo image704_zps26c193f7

photo image709_zps529ff5c2

photo image710_zpsadc398cb

photo image731_zps288813fe

Alsdo there was a mini museum at the second floor as well

photo image732_zpsded280d6

photo image741_zps995daae8

Outside of the terminal

photo image747_zps05dceafc

photo image748_zps42d8efe4

photo image749_zps36773ba8

photo image751_zpsb688f3e5

photo image752_zpse516a0f5

photo image753_zps3792f669

photo image754_zps2fd65c39

photo image755_zpsaa4d13c8

photo image756_zpsd8b67483

photo image758_zpsaebf48c9

Then we headed back inside to go to gate for our flight to Istanbul with Olympic Airways. Below are 2 pictures from this flight, the cabin was the old version but seats were comfortable. The meal was nice for this short flight as well.

photo image761_zps8678874a

photo image762_zps62e26d85

Below are some bonus pictures of awesome Cyprus from Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol


photo image061_zps9a62c358

photo image093_zpsc25d87ea

photo image213_zps7ad88a25

photo image059_zps2720f0f1

photo image245_zpse9c954e8

photo image256_zps7887ea61

photo image144_zpsc57f467a

photo image283_zps2a21d9ab

photo image284_zps395a043a

photo image285_zps71c97b96

photo image287_zps03ab2204

photo image294_zpsec9a5725


photo image296_zps9d143864

Aphrodite statue picture in the tourist office

photo image320_zps997a6405

photo image325_zps68048a9b

photo image328_zps649545b4

On the way to Nicosia

photo image387_zpsef316e42

photo image388_zps9167685f

photo image389_zps8d0f98e7

photo image391_zps7be764f2


photo image395_zpsba28978e

photo image402_zps80d26993

photo image425_zps8299ef49

photo image436_zps6ce406aa

photo image440_zpsd7745c37

photo image444_zps9853aa3b

photo image446_zps5e0314b7

photo image447_zps4a4ca950

photo image448_zps51fbf33b

photo image461_zpsd358c411

photo image489_zps7c3f3286

photo image491_zpsb397f0f5

photo image492_zpsce45c478

photo image493_zps4e5992f1

photo image501_zpsffa7c9e9

photo image513_zps2df1786b

photo image549_zpsa5f76f46


photo image624_zps7fff9eba

photo image565_zps59d2f7db

photo image635_zps4f603b1f

photo image615_zps53387304

photo image618_zpsa1b16bd9

photo image612_zps4f3ef9dd

photo image637_zps14f0136f

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cyprus Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Larnaca - LCA


Athens - ATH



Overall a very comfortable flight with Cyprus Airway, nice crew and good catering.

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