Review of Alitalia flight Toronto Rome in Economy

Airline Alitalia
Flight AZ651
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Flight time 08:35
Take-off 19 Dec 11, 16:40
Arrival at 20 Dec 11, 07:15
AZ 300 reviews
Published on 17th December 2014
Hi all,

I was flying from Toronto to Athens with a stopover in Rome back in December 2011. Since I did not take many pix from Toronto to Rome I'm also including the pictures of Rome to Athens in this FR.

Back then Toronto was served with Alitalia's Boeing 767, which was not popular at all by people and most people tried to avoid connecting through Rome. You can see the cabin in pix below, which was very old and ugly. Nowadays they are serving Toronto with their A330, which is great and very nice and I have a trip report about it if you look under my profile.

Below are pix from Toronto airport

photo image001_zpsd2ab6e87

photo image002_zps95bc4e76

photo image003_zps86c30200

photo image007_zpsc8ceb542

Our plane

photo image004_zps2d2baf76

photo image005_zps454e6dc6

Very old Cabin- we got lucky and got the emergency exit seats as they had more leg room

photo image014_zps26fa6efa

photo image016_zps821e4f10

The meal was ok

photo image017_zps25f47a12

photo image018_zps2adccca3

photo image019_zpsf31de4ab

photo image020_zps908d0b84

photo image026_zpsb1458ecb

Map of the Rome's satelllite terminal

photo image029_zps8cfd8d3f

photo image027_zps121a247f

Dome plane spotting till our flight to Athens

photo image030_zps0b360c00

photo image033_zps0e912334

photo image034_zpscedec86e

photo image037_zps2be06477

photo image038_zps17d6916b

We were bussed to the plane

photo image039_zps24c56c91

photo image041_zps7ba60c8f

photo image044_zpse4840bee

photo image045_zps39509080

Nice and comfortable cabin

photo image049_zpsc6c7aaa1

photo image053_zps66aa0201

photo image054_zps45aaaa81

photo image055_zps741eb793

photo image058_zpsb0605f72

photo image059_zps797b764e

Take off

photo image061_zps401b49d6

photo image064_zps96f6385a

photo image065_zps259cd1fe

photo image067_zpsdcf434f0

photo image068_zps2ce20840

photo image070_zps1f4775b2

Beautiful scenery on approach to Athens

photo image071_zpsa4fd574d

photo image072_zpsdc236304

photo image076_zpsca556cbe

photo image078_zpsc90e490b

photo image080_zps43485bd8

photo image082_zps4cbde771

photo image083_zpsc6793e2a

photo image088_zpsf1d254fc

photo image089_zps6f0916d4

photo image090_zps7e14860a

photo image093_zpsddc19a4c

photo image094_zps3a56597b

photo image097_zps62b8070d

photo image101_zps9fc13390

photo image108_zps7a403205

photo image109_zps464ce301

photo image110_zps472310e9

Some pictures of the beautiful city of Athens

photo image115_zps2ae68e0c

photo image120_zps87ec9ddb

photo image150_zpse8b08e89

photo image164_zps3873b783

photo image176_zpsff8d8428

photo image178_zpsfe673ea0

photo image190_zps4ace5e1e

photo image250_zps657f8d63

photo image251_zps3d14848c

Monasteraki Square- The city's main square

photo image299_zps639d237e

photo image308_zpsffa307bd

photo image311_zpscc19afa2

photo image324_zpsea43f877

photo image327_zps5f1ff05f

photo image372_zps1de2bd11

photo image397_zpsbf512f36

photo image399_zps5cc4a11a

photo image404_zps2cafd02b

photo image416_zps19699422

photo image419_zps57201fb9

photo image428_zps9e4016c4

photo image433_zps5659c5ba

photo image451_zps5caa9238

Views from Mount Lycabettus- Very beautiful and organized

photo image483_zpsfe650648

photo image490_zps6c622b49

photo image518_zps068e7511

photo image523_zpsb24d66ad

photo image530_zpsf8dfc698

Athen's Ermou- Main Pedestrian area

photo image556_zps81ffa931

photo image561_zps432f8f75

photo image566_zps72d41262

photo image571_zps958e0d7c

Olympic Stadium

photo image596_zps8c4187ba

photo image597_zps4c200c23

Acropolis Area

photo image679_zpsc2662a9a

photo image685_zps5c7b1280

The new Acropolis Museum

photo image741_zpsb2d32ec0

photo image743_zps63f5f32c

The Parthenon (Main structure)

photo image761_zpsac4c48c3

Views over central Athens

photo image768_zpsa0aaab55

photo image771_zps605ee141

photo image777_zps97d8a82d

photo image793_zps0735a657

photo image796_zpsbcc3cd35

photo image833_zps0da1b7df

A very cute sales person :)

photo image129_zps1e15a326

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.0

Toronto - YYZ


Rome - FCO



The plane cabin from Toronto to Rome was very old and cramped and we were lucky to have emergency exit seats, that's why it was more comfortable. I like Rome's airport. It has nice stores and I like its ambiance. The plane cabin from Rome to Athens was much more comfortable.

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  • Comment 124782 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Wow, I had almost forgotten Alitalia had 767s...that cabin is ancient! LOL. Good thing you had exit row seats! The meal looks pretty decent--better than what you would get on a US airline anyway. It's crazy when the short haul flight has more comfortable seats than the long-haul. That happened to me before when I got stuck with an AF 77W in 3-4-3, it was terrible. I was connecting to an A320 to IST and it was such a relief to get out of those seats and on the wider A320 seats. You would think it should be the other way around!
    Thanks for sharing this report. Nice pics of Athens.
    • Comment 307065 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much Kevin, yes I wonder why the long haul seats are more cramped than the short haul. I wish they did something about it as they are getting more narrow each day. Yes, the AZ catering was good and besides the ancient looking interior it was overall a good flight :)
  • Comment 124797 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Beautiful report with great images as usual. The bonus feels like a personal tour.

    Thanks for sharing.

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