Review of Cathay Pacific flight Jakarta Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 798
Class Economy
Seat 50A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 25 Dec 14, 00:05
Arrival at 25 Dec 14, 05:50
CX   #4 out of 121 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 457 reviews
By 6127
Published on 27th December 2014
Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas!

This year, i got lucky and went to Hong Kong (actually, as i'm typing this, i'm still here) with my father. Hong Kong is a lovely place, but shame the weather wasn't so good with heavy rain during our first day, and light rain the following. Other than that, this place is gorgeous.

Here's the report on my first ever trip on Board CX.


My father decided to book CX last minute since they have better time option than GA. We picked the red-eye flight because i still had to work on Christmas Eve.

We left our house on the far end of Jakarta and heads toward the airport at 8 PM. We thought the ride was gonna be a smooth one. It wasn't. The traffic was hell. Combined with earlier torrential rain, you got yourself a traffic with no escape.

photo retouched-9038photo retouched-9047

Anyway, we managed to arrive at the airport at round 10:15 PM. We went straight to CX counter at terminal 2D. Check in was fast and the agent was friendly.

photo retouched-9048photo retouched-9050

On the other booth though, there's a large group of Chinese people who seemed to find trouble checking in. Why this matters? you'll see in a bit.

photo retouched-9052

Wasting no time, realizing the waiting room is already open, we went straight ahead. Immigration and Security was quick and we're inside.

photo retouched-9055photo retouched-9058photo retouched-9061

We were greeted by EK B77W on the neighboring gate, ready for DXB departure later that night

photo retouched-9065

Approximately around 45 minutes before our departure time, the CX finally docked to our gates. Can't see the registration number, but i think it's either a rather new plane, or it just got a refurbishment.

photo retouched-9072

Now, here's why i told you about this group of Chinese people earlier and why they matter for me and my dad. Out of nowhere, my father got called by an agent. Weird. So my father answered such calls and returned to me with a question

they asked me to move to Business class, is that okay for you?


Yes, the flight got overbooked, and they had to bumped several people (i counted 3-4 that night) to J. If there is a God of luck, i'm pretty sure he favors my dad so much. First it was the upgrade on the CGK-AMS flight earlier this year (report here >>>, now this?

Well, i can't do nothing, other than sigh and let my father know i'm okay with it. (to be honest, still jealous LOL)

Not long, boarding started, we got called by numbers, and off we go in.

My seat was exactly in the middle of the plane, and the view was pretty good. So with my father gone, i was left wondering who am i going to sit with that night. Lo and behold, one of the people from that Chinese group was seated next to me. I'm just glad he's not the kind that talks as if they were screaming, and i can manage some decent sleep that night.

Anyway, here's the look on the seat

IFE system was gorgeous. It has HD screen and fast response. I'm not complaining, but i could sure use more movie options.

Now, knowing CX was Skytrax airline of the year, i had high expectations on the service quality. But what i get was far from 5 star. If i can give a negative, i would. Service that night was horrendous. I only count 2 crew member who actively smiles and greets/helps the passenger with their needs. The rest? dreadful. Especially the ones assigned on my aisle. No hot food service that night since it's red-eye, but cold food was indeed delivered with an even colder attitude. Let's just say i'm glad the food was good enough to erase some of the bad experience.

photo retouched-9099photo retouched-9103photo retouched-9104

Flight itself was relatively smooth, a little shaking near HKG coast, but nothing major.

No visit to lavatory was done since my neighbour blocked my way for the rest of the night and i ended up sleeping.
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew3.0

Jakarta - CGK


Hong Kong - HKG



My first ever flight with CX leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. I really hope the action of these several crew members doesn't do the judge for the whole airline.

Anyway, here's what i like;
(+) On time performance
(+) HD+Responsive IFE
(+) Comfortable seat for regional flights

Thanks for reading!

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The airline with the best average rating is Cathay Pacific with 8.4/10.

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  • Comment 125219 by
    mw69 77 Comments

    Thanks a lot for this flight-report.
    An IFE with HD and fast response, is fantastic in ECONOMY class.
    No hot food service for an long-haul? Is very bad, less a point for Cathay.

  • Comment 125221 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5307 Comments

    Thanks for this great report. Your dad has so much luck with upgrades! If I were you I would have told him to ask if you could be upgraded too. They would most likely say no, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm surprised at the lack of a full hot meal. I've had hot meals on red-eyes on shorter flights in Asia on different airlines, so I'm surprised CX doesn't. The cabin looks really nice and comfortable. Thanks for sharing and enjoy Hong Kong! Happy New Year!

    • Comment 307474 by
      pokcay AUTHOR 68 Comments

      Apparently my father already did that, but no, they're not willing to upgrade me even though we're traveling together (partly because my father is member of the Marco Polo Club, so he's priority).

      As for the meal, i have to agree. We know CGk-HKG is only a 4 hour plus flight, but i personally think it wouldn't hurt for a hot meal, even though it's just a warm croissant sandwich with coffee/tea.

      Thanks Kevin! Happy new Year!

  • Comment 125222 by
    marathon GOLD 9566 Comments

    A red eye flight in economy seldom provides the best of an airline, but you seem to have had the worst of CX. I wonder though how was your dad's experience ? Bad service in flight, and also bad yield management since they bumped passengers off. Yes indeed, a group of Chinese passengers in an aircraft can be very noisy. Thanks for the report, and enjoy HK !

    • Comment 307475 by
      pokcay AUTHOR 68 Comments

      One thing worth noticing prior to boarding was an agent telling my father that several food service dedicated for J passengers might not be available for you. I don't know about that, but it's pretty weird. But he did told me the service in J was far better, although he recalls 1 of the crew serves halfheartedly.

      Thank you Marathon!

  • Comment 125344 by
    AFGK1 41 Comments

    In my opinion, Cathay doesn't deserve to be the best airline in the world. It doesn't even look as a 5 star airline. I've been on a flight and it was pretty horrible. The food looks sad, and isn't good for their image since other airlines on routes with similar lengths serve hot meals. I won't even think about flying with them again on short haul.

  • Comment 125346 by
    AFGK1 41 Comments

    In my opinion, Cathay doesn't deserve to be the best airline in the world. It doesn't even look as a 5 star airline. I've been on a flight and it was pretty horrible. I feel that their FAs are robotic and not interactive in service. The food looks sad, and isn't good for their image since other airlines on routes with similar lengths serve hot meals. I won't even think about flying with them again on short haul. Nice report though .

  • Comment 125615 by
    DChris-ST 1 Comments

    Nice report, pokcay!
    I also flew from CGK to HKG on Dec, about 2 weeks earlier using GA.
    Based on your report, i must say that i'm quite disappointed on the service. I used the red-eye flight from CGK, and GA managed to provide us hot snack after take off, and breakfast about 2 hours before landing. When i have the time, i'll try to post my trip report here, since until today, i only a passive reader, and just joined to this site.
    Well, thanks again for report


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