Review of Oman Air flight Muscat Paris in Economy

Airline Oman Air
Flight WY133
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 08:20
Take-off 16 Nov 14, 02:10
Arrival at 16 Nov 14, 07:30
WY   #6 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 135 reviews
By GOLD 7638
Published on 27th December 2014
This is the connecting flight on a KUL – MCT – CDG trip; the KUL-MCT flight was described here.

The previous FR ended just before the security check, where waiting was minimal because few passengers seemed to be connecting to another flight. A short connection in the middle of the night does not help make a terminal seem very attractive.

photo IMG_3691a

Actually, we spent hardly more than half an hour in the terminal, from our arrival by bus to the departure by another bus. It obviously did not help having a good idea of what MCT is really like.

photo IMG_3692a

MCT is plane spotter-friendly, but there are only WY planes around, and my pictures are quite blurry, too.

photo IMG_3694a

You can guess that there will be a bus when the gate is at the lower level, but there is actually no jetbridge in MCT (a new terminal should open soon).

photo IMG_3696a

Another unwritten rule of airports is that the tarmac level is less attractive.

photo IMG_3697a

Boarding of Flight WY133 is already announced

photo IMG_3698a

After our BP was checked, we arrived in this purely functional room – I mean by that that there had been no serious attempt of decoration.

photo IMG_3699a

But Allah be praised! The kids who had been so noisy on the flight from KUL were not connecting to CDG :)

There are a couple electric plugs, but none was powered.

photo IMG_3705a

On the other hand, if your laptop's battery has enough energy (which is likely if you flew in on a WY A330, since all seat have power ports), and if your cell phone ca receive a SMS here, you can get two hours of free internet connection.

photo IMG_3707a

This allows me to display the current corporate screenshot

photo IMG_3708a

I did not need to wait all that long before boarding of the flight was announced. You can tell a flight to CDG from abroad at that
- many passengers speak French, quite loudly so
- they bunch up at the door, avoiding any semblance of a waiting line

This demonstrates their mastership of French and of two dimensional space, a possible basis for their complex of superiority. It also reminds me that my vacation is unfortunately soon to be over.
There is no jostling though, possibly because all know that there is nothing special in being among the first to board the bus.

photo IMG_3710a

We quickly reached this 332, too close to be able to take a picture of it in full

photo IMG_3713a

The plane is A4O-DA, whose first commercial flight was on 13 August 2009.

photo IMG_3715a

I let the other passengers board – no ground staff hints at any picture taking restriction.

photo IMG_3720a

This is the A330 next to ours. It is not the moon, but an artifact caused by a projector.

photo IMG_3722a

There is only me left on the tarmac, and therefore about time to board

photo IMG_3726aphoto IMG_3729a

The advantage of being the last passenger boarding from the first bus is that I have nobody behind me, and that I can therefore take all my time to take pictures of the J cabin, or rather the second J cabin – there are three rows in the first one and two in this one.

photo IMG_3730a

A royal seat pitch

photo IMG_3731a

The seat diagram is 1-2-1. In order to put things in perspective, this is the layout chosen by its 332… in F. I was told that WY will change to a less generous layout soon, so hurry up if you want to indulge in this space at J prices !

photo IMG_3732a

It makes it possible to have storage space alongside the windows.

photo IMG_3733a

I like the subdued color scheme; the decoration is a world apart from EK's showy taste.

photo IMG_3734aphoto IMG_3735a

I nevertheless must leave this luxurious environment and reach the economy cabin.

photo IMG_3738a

… where there is much more economy in the seat pitch

photo IMG_3739aphoto IMG_3740a

I had not paid attention to these footrests on the previous flight.

photo IMG_3741a

There is of course not much difference between a right window seat on the previous flight's 332 and the left window seat of this one.

photo IMG_3742a

The seat pitch and the space for the hand luggage is equally satisfactory

photo IMG_3743a

The safety card, with an equally veiled passenger

photo IMG_3744aphoto IMG_3745a

The safety card was placed on a table folding in two parts. The dimensions are 43 cm x 25 cm, a crucial (really?) information which was missing in the previous FR.

photo IMG_3746aphoto IMG_3748a

The IFE screen's diagonal is roughly 10.5

photo IMG_3749a

Don't expect me to bring a magnifying glass and count the pixels next time, but the resolution is very good.

photo IMG_3750a

Distribution of hot oshiboris

photo IMG_3751a

Nice, even though they are small

photo IMG_3752a

To be accurate, they are twenty centimeters, and rather thin

photo IMG_3753a

The safety demonstration is on the IFE. We have again the passenger veiled in blue and her son

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board Oman Air, please pay attention to the safety demonstration.

photo IMG_3754a

Please buckle up your safety belt by inserting the end into the buckle

(Thanks to the Arabic speaking colleague who translated the subtitles)

photo IMG_3755a

Since I am not very obedient, or rather since you can buckle up and watch the planes, this is a local one.

photo IMG_3766a

Off we are for a 5,583 km flight. It is still yesterday where we shall be today.

photo IMG_3770a

A view views of the coast while it is inhabited

photo IMG_3772aphoto IMG_3773a

Mecca is at ten o'clock, but it won't last

photo IMG_3777aphoto IMG_3779a

This 332 has power ports at each seat in economy, like the one operating the previous flight.

photo IMG_3785a

It has a green indicator light which indicates the presence of the power plug, not of power.

photo IMG_3782a

I have a proof with the dark indicators of my camera's battery charger.

photo IMG_3788a

But do not worry: like in countries where there is tap water only a few hours per day, you only need to leave the computer and charger plugged in at all times in order to receive power when there is some. There was power for my laptop at 11:50, Omani time.

photo IMG_3816a

Mecca already turned 45° in relationship to the plane

photo IMG_3790a

A breakfast is strangely served at a time which is too late for a dinner French time, and too early for a breakfast Omani time. I ate it all this because you never know if there will be enough food later, but this was definitely not the best advertising for Omani gastronomy.

photo IMG_3792a

My wife chose the option Omelet drenched with tomato sauce with stodgy potatoes and spinach (this was not in the menu, which was not displayed on the IFE), and did not like it. She was not hungry at that time in the night, anyway, and only took a few nibbles of it.

photo IMG_3793a

I went to the toilets and found out that sinks are not always plugged at the beginning of a WY flight.

photo IMG_3795a

On the other hand, the cleaning supervisors in MCT are less watchful than I am and did not notice this paper cup under the sink's furniture. Quite frankly, I suspect than no other passenger saw it.

photo IMG_3794a

The cabin in semi-night mode, with a very corporate blue mood lighting.

photo IMG_3797a

Distribution of bottles of water as previously

photo IMG_3801a

The amenity kit did not change either

photo IMG_3798a

The seats hardly recline at all, but I'll nevertheless manage to sleep.

photo IMG_3802a

We are there two hours later:

photo IMG_3803a

Mecca turned another 45° whereas the plane gave the impression of being motionless in the absence of turbulences during the night, and flew in a relatively straight line according to the airshow.

photo IMG_3805a

Another hour and a half of sleep to get there.

photo IMG_3808a

It will be more and more difficult to turn toward the holy place for the prayer at sunrise

photo IMG_3809a

It is not dawn yet at our desination, but already 11:30 am in MCT, which is no reason to call this a lunch.

photo IMG_3810a

I should have taken this picture before biting into it. It was not that good, but it was edible.

photo IMG_3815a

What about the IFE? I only checked the audio offering, which is not overwhelming, but reasonably varied.

photo IMG_3812a

Zoom on the classical music. I am always amused by classical musicians being called generically Various Artists.

photo IMG_3814a

I enjoyed Brahm's German Requiem played by Various Artists. The headphones are OK, but cannot handle the sound dynamics, from pianissimo to fortissimi.

photo IMG_3811a

What else can be done with this IFE? Buy duty free items?

photo IMG_3821a

No, don't rely on WY to show off your wealth on your wrist

photo IMG_3819a

Just because this passenger wears sportswear with a hood does not mean that it is cold. Quite on the opposite, the temperature was pleasant and well regulated, whereas it is often poorly controlled on board long haul planes, with sometimes ice-cold air drafts which can be killers.

photo IMG_3817aphoto IMG_3818a

We are getting close; this is the end of a long night which lasted nearly twenty hours, due to the season and the time zones.

photo IMG_3822a

Nearly there

photo IMG_3825a

Another view of the FAs' uniform, while the passengers start standing up.

photo IMG_3831a

A last look at the aircraft which brought us here:

photo IMG_3839a

It was indeed a 332

photo IMG_3834a

I like the livery

photo IMG_3838a

Going up Terminal A's Arrivals corridor airside that I was not familiar with.

photo IMG_3843a

A Hainan Airlines A330, which now operates a direct flight to Hangzhou.

photo IMG_3844a

The same aircraft, nearly from up front

photo IMG_3851a

On the other hand, I failed to eliminate the reflexions in my pictures of B-KQI, a CX 77W CX.

photo IMG_3841a

A jam in the corridor: it is not a passport check, but a simple narrowing of the way.

photo IMG_3853a

Reaching the immigration counters, manual in the background and automated in the foreground.

photo IMG_3854a

There was nearly nobody at the automatic gates , good thing since only one out of two was in operation. The manual counters were quite efficient, actually, to the advantage of the automated gates was limited.

photo IMG_3856a

Arrival in the luggage delivery room which is both too small and poorly designed, because it is a cul-de-sac.

photo IMG_3857a

There was hardly any luggage with priority tags, and ou own arrived just afterwards, 24 minutes after the plane reached its parking position. (It's a work of art behind, called Renovation in progress).

photo IMG_3858a

It was maybe not pure chance: our luggage hat been labeled SHOCON (SHOrt CONnection) and Quick Transfer, i.e. to be handlded in priority in order not to miss the connection in MCT. Our luggage probably ended up in the priority luggage container. I had not seen the staff attach these labels at the check in in KUL.

photo IMG_3864a

All we have to do now is go through Terminals A and B, without a glance at these drivers waiting for EK passengers having some Elite status,

photo IMG_3859a

My best regards to the Flight Reporters based in Madagascar, at the sight of this MD A340,

photo IMG_3861a

… and reach the Paris public transport system which is not overloaded on a Sunday morning at dawn.

photo IMG_3863a

How do you recognize that you are a back in France? Seeing locals wearing familiar clothing, although their clothing may be more familiar to me than to you.

photo IMG_3865a

I have nothing on Muscat or Paris, so I propose a bonus on Kuala Lumpur, seen from the top of the KL Tower. Actually, from the observation platform whose inclined windows are spot clean, which justifies not going to the much more expensive open air platform.

In the center in the foreground, the 288 m high Maybank Tower, 4th in height in KL. In the distance, above the horizon, you can barely make out the triangular shape of the 310 m high Telekom Tower, the second highest tower in KL.

photo IMG_3174 panoa

The Telekom Tower's knife blade

photo IMG_3185a

There is a very long lawn on the left of the first picture. A runway? Correct!
Simpang Airport (WMKF) has been replaced by Subang (SZB), anf then by KLIA (KUL) has been Kuala Lumpur's first airport. It is now surrounded by the urban sprawl, but resisted to the appetite of real estate developers and it still being used by the air force, the police, emergency services and a small flying club.

photo IMG_3186a

The unavoidable Petronas tower, one hiding nearly completely the other.

photo IMG_3189aphoto IMG_3191a

The Saloma Theater Restaurant, in the foreground above, close to the Petronas Towers, offer a show for tourists with a buffet.

photo IMG_3207a

In the right third of the first picture…

photo IMG_3174a

… a partially hidden light green area is Merdeka (Independence) Square, with the giant screen which appeared in the tourist bonus of the previous FR.

photo IMG_3179a

The building of Malaysia's Railways Administration, in front of Kuala Lumpur's station.

photo IMG_3180a

Two very different marvels of Islam in Kuala Lumpur: the National Mosque in the foreground, and the Museum of Islamic Art behind.

photo IMG_3183a

Islamic art is also in modern architecture, like the Dayabumi Complex, an office building whose sixteen pointed star floor plan and mashrabiyah –like façades remind of this cultural heritage.
photo IMG_5882a

There are mosques too, of course, like the Federal Territory Mosque, which opened in 2000. The twenty-two domes are in glass fiber and epoxy resin: planes are not alone in using lightweight material.

photo IMG_3215a

What is covered with domes is not necessarily a mosque. These golden domes belong to the Islamic courts of Kuala Lumpur.

photo IMG_3216a

Behind the building housing the local offices of the powerful MITI (Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry), the domes of Kuala Lumpur's High Court.

photo IMG_3217a

Construction is brisk in KL. I failed to locate this building with Google Maps.

photo IMG_5876a

There are also Christian buildings in this Muslim country. St John's Cathedral was built in 1888, which makes it one of the oldest buildings in Kuala Lumpur. St John's College rented some roof space to Proton, the national car manufacturer.

photo IMG_3176a

A convent? Almost true. This primary school is heir to a school opened in 1899 by the Congregation of the Holy Infant Jesus. The present building were built in 1911.

photo IMG_3200a

In the centre of this picture, in the distance…

photo IMG_3193 panoa

… the blus roofs of the Culture Palace (Istana Budaya), a major theatre for the performing arts, on the left, and the National Gallery of Visual Arts, on the right.

photo IMG_3195a

The National Palace, i.e. the official residence of the head of state, completed in 2011.

photo IMG_3204a

This infrastructure is not touristic, but nevertheless indispensible: this is a sewage treatment facility at the foot of the tower.

photo IMG_3210a

A swimming pool is nice, less so when it is quasi-permanently in the shade of the tall buildings around it, like that of the Concorde Hotel. A monorail line runs in the foreground, with Bukit Nanas station on the left.

photo IMG_3192a

A swimming pool is much better when it is at the top of a tall building, like the Taipan Tower (It probably doubles up as a firefighting water tank).

photo IMG_3188a

I'll end on a lighter tone. My wife was attracted by the design of the brand new swimming pool of the Capsquare 2 residence and innocently took this picture.

photo IMG_5866a

She had not even noticed this woman tanning on the pool side, and only I would think about enlarging the picture enough to discover that this sunbather had unhooked her bra, which may not be common practice in KL. (My wife had a good laugh when I showed her)

photo IMG_5866b

There is stuff for all from KL Tower's observation deck on a sunny weekend day!
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Oman Air

Cabin crew8.5

Muscat - MCT


Paris - CDG



Similar aircraft, similar flight duration, and similarly smiling and efficient FAs. The catering is nothing to rave about and its nature is strange, given the time it is served. This flight was on schedule at its destination, but I penalize the day lost on the way in because of the connection which would be missed had we tried. WY could not expect to get away with that!
MCT is a small airport where there is little walking. The boarding room at tarmac level is functional only, without any attempt at making it more pleasant, but we were there only enough to use the free internet access (if you can receive a SMS).
Excellent fluidity and exceptionally quick luggage delivery in CDG. Terminal 2A is very far from CDG's train station. The RER train was empty on a Sunday morning, which made it easier with bulky luggage, but this long train ride is not very pleasant.
Thanks for reading me all the way to here!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6853 Comments
    Thank you for this entertaining report. That cover photo is a bit deveiving :-)
    I know what you mean when you are about to board a flight home from vacation and you get slightly annoyed by the little things your countrymen say and do (that happens to me more with flights back to the US). How odd to have breakfast at such an hour, although I've had breakfast served on TPAC flights in the afternoon, which is even weirder. Not sure I understand the part about the 0/10 for on-time performance.
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      Yes indeed, my title picture is a blatant trick to attract readers to a dull FR in economy ;)
      We were bumped off our flight from CDG on the way in, because the connection in MCT had become impossible (the full story is in my KUL-MCT report). We ended up being put on an AF flight the next day, wasting a full day of our vacation. AF had nothing to do with it, so I used this flight to penalize the punctuality of these CDG-MCT-KUL flight that we never boarded. Sorry I did not make myself clear.
      Thanks for your comment !
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      Ah ok, that makes sense I suppose. Although it's a shame to penalize the on-time performance of a flight that was actually on-time, I get that there's really no other way to show that 1 day delay on the way over and it certainly would not have been fair to AF to give them the bad grade, as you mention.
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      The contest may be short lived, since the opening of the new terminal will end most wanderings on the tarmac :)
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