Review of Qatar Airways flight Casablanca Doha in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR1398
Class Business
Seat 2B
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:25
Take-off 02 Jan 15, 18:20
Arrival at 03 Jan 15, 04:45
QR   #8 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 627 reviews
Published on 14th January 2015
La question, refers to the slouched bear grilling under a lamp that sits in the new airport DOH;)
photo LAS201412_0308photo LAS201412_0309photo LAS201412_0311

Bloody version more suited to my interpretation.
photo LAS201412_0312

But wait! Before I continue, I have many other things to tell you;)

I start my travel from Marrakech going by train to Casablanca airport after a transfer to Casa Voyageurs: in Marrakech it is impossible to buy the Casa Voyageurs / Casa Airport ticket.
photo LAS201412_0191photo LAS201412_0193

The train is comfortable even if the trip is rather long: more than 3 hours 30 minutes to Casa Voyageurs.
photo LAS201412_0194photo LAS201412_0195

I was only able to connect to the site 24 hours before the second flight departure time and it was not possible to obtain the boarding passes
photo LAS201412_0197photo LAS201412_0198

The flight is on time and here are the check-in desks.
photo LAS201412_0200

I arrived early at the gloomy terminal.

I arrived when they were preparing the check in area that fortunately opens quite early relative to the departure time for the flight
photo LAS201412_0206photo LAS201412_0207

There will also be a special treatment for a Pax and her son who will register before the check in opening (maybe because she was carrying fish and they did not want it to spoil lol?)
photo LAS201412_0208

Registration will be conducted in a professional and efficient manner but I couldn't have my boarding pass for my AA flight
photo LAS201412_0239photo LAS201412_0240photo LAS201412_0209

I found the airport signs rather bad.

Passage through the fast lane where the customs officers were thinking that I was a currency exchange booth asking how many euros, dollars and pounds I had lol
photo LAS201412_0210

It will take a long time for the immigration officer to finish the formalities for a man and his three women.

photo LAS201412_0211

A slightly overrated shop;)
photo LAS201412_0212

Some spotting but this is difficult and the traffic is very low at this time

Direction airline lounge accessible by a lift before which I had passed without seeing
photo LAS201412_0217

The invitation QR issued said our lounge but in fact it is the RAM salon
photo LAS201412_0218

Upon my arrival the lounge was acceptable, but as it got closer to departure time it became noisy and crowded, made even more uncomfortable due to lack of toilets and showers.

An officer saw that I took a shot of the buffet, called a manager who asked me if I found things ok and followed my request for an orange juice.

The juice was at room temperature and I head to the bar to ask for ice
photo LAS201412_0232

No one is there to do his job
photo LAS201412_0233

There are several location with PCs
photo LAS201412_0234

I come back later and found the bartender hiding behind the counter glued to his cell phone: I expect him to finish his conversation and get me the ice. He then drops a small cube on my glass.

I'll come back another time to ask for ice and he will be downright nasty.

The food selection is very basic and not very good

The drink selection is very limited too

my selection
photo LAS201412_0235

It is not very clean and the Clearing of dirty plates is not done regularly
photo LAS201412_0236photo LAS201412_0237

Photo Corporate excellent FR I can only recommend;)
photo LAS201412_0238photo LAS201412_0240

The living room became noisy and I went to the bathroom before I headed for boarding.
My gate
photo LAS201412_0241
A7-AEG is an Airbus A333 which made its maiden flight on 23/02/2006
photo LAS201412_0242photo LAS201412_0245

The flight is announced for boarding but nothing happens
photo LAS201412_0243

In fact only economy class embarks

In front of me at the disorganized queue there were two English (FTers?) Lol

Then comes a wheelchair with a Thai pax … and his companions, a dozen people who pass by Business access and blocks the line

Finally it was boarding time and there was a dedicated Business jetbrige: I was welcomed by Julia who showed my seat and asked my choice of welcome drink and oshibori (cold or hot)
photo LAS201412_0247

She will address me by my name throughout the flight.

My kit is already in my seat (provisional) but nothing on the next seat, which makes me hope that it will remain empty
photo LAS201412_0248photo LAS201412_0250

the cabin

The pitch
photo LAS201412_0254

the amenity kit
photo LAS201412_0257photo LAS201412_0277

Toothbrush / toothpaste and shaving (poor quality) are available in the toilet

The pouch contents
photo LAS201412_0269

Safety card
photo LAS201412_0270photo LAS201412_0271

The menu and wine list in their leather cases
photo LAS201412_0258

Wine list


Shortly after I get my flute of Pol Roger Rosé 2006: excellent but unfortunately it won't last
photo LAS201412_0273photo LAS201412_0275

The cabin fills gradually and FAs are quickly overwhelmed by the surge of new passengers and the service has been limited to one glass of drinks.

Seat control
photo LAS201412_0274

A few minutes before closing I saw several pax boarding in sweatpants : no it is not a pititoms' army;)

One of them just settled in next to me and he was as a Qatari athlete : he also wanted me to change my seat with his friend in 2B

The cabin was full and we left very late.

Video of the safety instructions
photo LAS201412_0279

Considering that this flight was at nightime and any external pictures wouldn't be possible, I agreed to the seat change and I switched to 2B
photo LAS201412_0280

I went from a talkative Qatari to a silent Japanese.

Julia took orders for dinner

Time passed by and my drink was served with a rather good amuse bouche.
photo LAS201412_0284photo LAS201412_0282

We were here
photo LAS201412_0285

Then Julia arrived with bread, butter and bread plate, she assumed that her colleague has already placed the tablecloth and napkin.

That was not the case so she turned back and returned with them
photo LAS201412_0287

Countless passes were made by the two FAS and this proved to be overwhelming affecting the service in a full cabin

Then I got my first appetizer: mezze
photo LAS201412_0288

I do not know if it's because I was used to eating among Lebanese friends but they were really not good: no taste or flavor.

I think any catering / restaurant can do better

Shortly after the captain required FAs to take their seat because we were going through a major zone of turbulence for about fifteen minutes

This does not help the service: when I finished the mezze some passengers didn't yet have their table set

I waited almost an hour for the soup and meanwhile Julia apologized profusely and told me that there was no more champagne rosé :(
photo LAS201412_0289

We were just beyond Algiers!
photo LAS201412_0292

I then switched to Bordeaux which was just average
photo LAS201412_0291

First World problem but mainly Five Stars problem lol

Then I got my soup: lots of olive oil to cover the taste of the lentils, not a success!
photo LAS201412_0293

I felt sorry for Julia and her colleague that despite running in all directions they were unable to serve all pax on time

To make matters worst, the seat of my neighbor crashed and several FAs converged into the aisle to attempt a repair
photo LAS201412_0300

Julia saw that I was still a bit hungry so she brought me the last appetizer that I had not tasted yet because my hot dish took a long time to heat up
photo LAS201412_0295

This one also lacked flavor and was swimming in olive oil.

Then my main meal finally arrived (we passed Tunis by now) : the fish tajine
photo LAS201412_0299

This was average despite the quality of the fish and its firmness.

Then I was waiting for the dessert : it was served on my tablecloth which was still full of crumbs and it was tasteless despite a good presentation.
photo LAS201412_0301

I will accompany it with a Bonnezeaux that I did not like.
photo LAS201412_0303

It was then 3 hours 30 since I started my meal and given the importance of the service in the premium cabin by the two FAs there was no proactive service for drinks!
photo LAS201412_0305

A note also (without being too critical) that there was no oshibori offered in the QR protocol except except the one (hot or cold) I received during boarding.

Distribution of a small bottle of water and a box of Godiva chocolates
photo LAS201412_0306

I then tried to rest but whatever position I was trying (Kama Sutra amateurs should refrain) it was impossible to turn that slide into restful position.

It was worst than those AF or LH slides (the worst in my experience)

Finally I was happy to hear the landing announcement, this was short lived since we were parking to a remote position

Julia said goodbye to me : her service was the main element of satisfaction of the flight!

During the flight she would make sure that the toilets were properly presentable whenever I wanted to use them

We were waiting for the bridge after a scramble to find out which door we had to use

Passengers were grouped together in the bus which was not comfortable despite an attempt to make it premium and we were deposited at the bottom of an escalator.

As we were already 45 minutes late here was in what mess I came! :(
photo LAS201412_0307

This airport was not really a success lol

See you soon

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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew10.0

Royal Air Maroc Zenith 2 - 2


Casablanca - CMN


Doha - DOH



In the end a very mixed flight with the following details

Comfort: very uncomfortable seat if you want to rest, so 5/10 and -1 for the landing and boarding bus mess, +1 for the kit / mask etc ...

Crew: Julia perfect from start to finish so a minimum of 10

Meals and catering: a rather attractive wine list even though I was disappointed by some choices so 5/5 and -1 for running out of champagne rosé, well presented dishes but tasteless and without creativity 2.5 / 5 + 1 for the presentation

IFE : I am especially fond of music and Geovision. Do not count on QR for good entertainment 5/10

Punctuality: arrived 45 minutes late in this disorganized airport therefore a very penalizing 7/10, and I took 3 points off for the poor procedure

The marks may seem harsh, but they correspond to a company that communicates a lot about its 5-star Skytrax status and claims to go beyond expectations of its customers, which was not the case during this flight

I have already been very disappointed with the purchase of the ticket, the last segment should have been with AA to LAX on an A321, but after being waitlisted for that segment despite having the right inventory available, my booking was cancelled within 15 days without any explanations

They have a Very special concept of customer service.

I was very disappointed with the RAM lounge : the attitude of the bartender was unprofessional, the food and drink offerings were subpar for a hub location of a company of this size

Casablanca airport is disappointing : only the accessibility by train is a positive factor

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Qatar Airways avec 8.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 7 heures et 20 minutes.

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  • Comment 126770 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this new report!

    I have a few questions... :-)

    Is that bear called la question...I don't get it. How is it bloody. It is ugly and weird, that's for sure, LOL

    Is Casa Voyageur the name of a connecting train that goes to the airport from the train station?

    Casablanca airport does not look very pleasant...rather ugly, in fact. That's funny that the immigration agents were asking you about currencies, maybe they wanted a tip? lol

    I'm surprised that the RAM lounge does not have a restroom or showers in their main hub. The bartender's attitude is completely unacceptable, I would've snatched that cell phone out of his hand or went to find a rude! And when he dropped the ice cube in your glass did he grab it with his fingers? Nasty!

    Too bad you did not find the seat comfortable and that your seat neighbor's seat broke. Between that and the poor lounge experience this was not a Business class experience that you would expect from a 5-star airline. The bright side is that you had a great crew, which can make up for a lot of product shortcomings, but there's only so much they can do. Overall this looks like a disappointing experience with QR...not 5-start at all!
  • Comment 126772 by
    lagentsecret AUTHOR 12184 Comments
    Hello Kévin

    The beat reminds me an old crime story in which the suspect is questioned under the light of a lamp.

    It became bloody because of the color of the light that was changing

    Casa Voyageur is the name of the train station where the train to the airport is starting ?
  • Comment 126780 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR.

    Overall a disappointing flight experience. The uncomfortable seats, tasteless meals, lacking beverages and chaotic airport contribute to the negative marks of a company that claims to be 5 stars.

    Hopefully your next segment will reassure your expectations.
  • Comment 126961 by
    Caribel 113 Comments
    Victoria's Secret overrated? TAKE THAT BACK!!! ;) Many FR marriages depend on this institution.

    The attitude of the bartender suggests he got the job by being friend of a friend or in his knees. Your guess is as good as mine.

    The lack of flavor in most of the dishes suggests that as a cost saving measure, food is brought frozen to the airport caterer. Therefore, the catering service just assembles the meals. Running out of Pol Roger Rose 2006? Someone stop the insanity! Julia could have offered to use the supply from the duty free cart :). Bonnezeaux wine is no Chateau d'Yquem apparently. Perhaps Coteaux du Layon Chaume may have hit the spot better.

    Always enjoy your detailed observations. I have a grin savoring your well thought humor.

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