Review of WestJet flight Toronto Montreal in Premium Eco

Airline WestJet
Flight WS586
Class Premium Eco
Seat 02F
Aircraft Boeing 737-600
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 13 Oct 14, 12:15
Arrival at 13 Oct 14, 13:25
WS   #4 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 42 reviews
By GOLD 2978
Published on 1st February 2015
  • Euroairport - Amsterdam, KL J / E90: HERE
  • Amsterdam - Montreal, KL J / M11: HERE
  • Montreal - Toronto WS Y / 736: HERE
  • Inbound:
  • Toronto - Montreal WS Y / 736: Now
  • Montreal - Amsterdam KL J / M11: Soon
  • Amsterdam - Euroairport KL / F70: Soon

After a short week end in that lovely city which Toronto is (should you look for a nice city in Canada to spend some time, go there!) it is already time to head back to the airport (hotel and city bonus at the end of the report)

I had to take a taxi as public transportation from my hotel was not really an option. Outbound it took us 45 minutes, inbound only 15 as it is Thanksgiving in Canada today.

I printed my documents at the automatic kiosk, as I was satisfied with the plus option on the way in, I decided to take it again.

photo DSC_0519

Then a bit of spotting and apart from the PIA plane at the end of the terminal there was nothing else than WestJet to see:

Here a split winglet, I found the design to look very aggressive but thought that I should stop flying if I begin to call winglets or split winglets aggressive ^^
photo DSC_0531photo DSC_0536

T3 map:

photo DSC_0530

Shared computers for each gate:

photo DSC_0532

Should the airport management decide to change the gate numbers, it's an easy task:

photo DSC_0533

Some AC birds at the other terminal:

photo DSC_0534photo DSC_0535

Terminal views:

photo DSC_0525photo DSC_0526

My boarding gate:

photo DSC_0537photo DSC_0538

My baby-Boeing:

photo DSC_0539photo DSC_0540


photo DSC_0541photo DSC_0542photo DSC_0543

Mozilla did not want to connect to the free airport Wi-Fi, I had to use IE. Never happened before:

photo DSC_0545photo DSC_0546photo DSC_0547

I then noticed that I forgot my I-phone charging cable at the hotel. Fortunately YUL and YYZ had Apple stores and I could buy a new one (again CAD 25. - not really cheap!)

photo DSC_0544

Boarding is launched, this time, plus passengers can board together with the special assistance passengers. The cabin is the same as on the inbound flight:

Recline and pitch still very well:

photo DSC_0553photo DSC_0557

As I already took the aircraft door in picture, here the FA panel:

photo DSC_0554

Some more WS Boeings:

Take off from the same runway as I landed, but very low ceiling, not that much pictures:

Came the catering time: I asked for the beef salami, cheese and crackers. Answer: the flight is too short, no other choice than pretzels or cookies. Drinks are limited to water/wine/beer/coffee and tea. I did not understand why on one leg the snacks are available and not on the other. Anyway.

photo DSC_0564

40 minutes later we arrived at YUL at the same door as I left three days ago:

Now, time for the bonus, and to start with, here the Renaissance Toronto Downtown that sits inside the Rogers Center, one of the biggest stadium in North America with a movable roof.

I had a very good price of CAD 135.-/night for a deluxe room. I was treated to an upgrade to a duplex suite with a stadium view thanks to my platinum status.

The living room downstairs can be sold as a private lounge when there are matches. Upstairs are the bedroom, bathroom and a whirlpool. This suite is sold CAN 1 600. - and can go up to CAN 5 000. - when there are big events. I found the price to be quite high. Unfortunately, due to Thanksgiving, the match that was scheduled on Saturday was moved to Friday, so no match for me to watch. In the same time, I don't think the upgrade would have worked in that case :)

Then a bit of Toronto, I really loved that town. Nice, clean and lots of things to see, unfortunately I only had a full day available for visiting so I packed the most in that day. I went to see the CN Tower (no climbing as there was a huge line), Railways museum and a cruise to visit Toronto Island.

As we cruised to Toronto Island we approached YTZ home of Porter. There were two retired Dash 7, one from Arkia in Israel and the other from the UN.

photo DSC_0405photo DSC_0432photo DSC_0433

Loved that:

photo DSC_0440

Our captain explained us that this zone is forbidden as when aircrafts are landing this side, with the blast, the water can be very rough.

Some views of Toronto Island and downtown:

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Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu1.0

Toronto - YYZ


Montreal - YUL



The cabin is pretty comfortable, the plus seat a real plus in term of comfort but not in term of catering on short flights like this. The crew was ok but nothing to write a book about.
IFE and on time performance perfect.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air Canada avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 11 minutes.

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  • Comment 128355 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9865 Comments
    thanks for sharing this report with us. The line up of the westjet b737 at Toronto is quite impressive !
    Not much to day about this short flight and i am not surprised by the lac'k of snacks on such a short flying Time. I fo find the plus headrests to look cheap.
  • Comment 128375 by
    eminere™ 272 Comments
    I too don't like the split winglets. They look angry to me.

    Love the gate number displays.
  • Comment 128389 by
    marathon GOLD 10065 Comments
    I too find these split winglets aggressive... and will have to adapt mentally to them :)
    Small appliances like cables or plug adapters are always outrageously expensive in airports. I felt like being fined for my negligence when it happened to me.
    Nice view of the stadium from that suite, but it seems that like most hotels, they do not envisage that a couple might want to look at their day's pictures on a laptop. It is a double bed - single desk room. Of course, if you plunked 5,000 CAD for a major game night, you are not going to watch it on the internet :)
    Thanks for sharing !
  • Comment 128425 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    The catering could probably be improved and would be an opportunity to distinguish themselves from AC, something as simple as a snackbox should be possible similar to what you see on intra-Europe flights of this length (NH/JL domestic flights of this length usually have no catering so I can't be too critical).

    The flight map is vintage early 2000s GPS quality.

    Thanks for the reports on WestJet.
  • Comment 128488 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this short report with beautiful bonus.

    You had some nice spotting and great catch with that plane with the special winglet that looks like a mutation.

    YYZ is a delightful city and your pics show a very relaxing and serene side. I would love to try Porter one of these days. It is one of those boutique airlines that strive to provide a decent level of service just like Bangkok Airways. We need more airlines like them. B6 used to be unique but sadly they are becoming more mainstream by following the rest. Congratulations on scoring a room with quite a view.

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