Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Tehran in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH600
Class Economy
Seat 53K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 04:50
Take-off 20 Dec 14, 17:25
Arrival at 21 Dec 14, 00:45
LH   #67 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 8th February 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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This part covers the flight to Tehran with Lufthansa

FRA check in hall

photo image213_zps2e59fc22

photo image215_zps6a4fbb06

photo image216_zps71912eb1

photo image227_zpsfeed7386

Post passport control at the B gates international section

photo image229_zps33db5aa1

photo image230_zpscde7c0c3

photo image231_zps4dcf3be4

photo image233_zps50e4414e

photo image235_zps72658853

photo image236_zps82f1c2c7

photo image240_zps918c108e

photo image241_zps481cb4d8

photo image242_zpse371367a

photo image243_zpsb883c1a7

photo image247_zps5dce93dd

I love how close to the windows the planes are at FRA

photo image253_zps74a6e710

photo image257_zpsfc7d813f

photo image263_zpsc7032731

photo image264_zps9c816956

photo image258_zpsb9fac295

photo image255_zps5b8339f6

photo image268_zps86a6e61d

photo image269_zpsa63af7a3

photo image270_zps4e667571

photo image275_zpsda43d8b8

photo image277_zps04d2bd83

photo image280_zps13099df7

photo image282_zps96c6e85f

photo image284_zpsc9dc49e0

photo image287_zps999058e3

photo image288_zps400b9d85

photo image293_zps5ce4da4d

photo image299_zps6ec6c35b

The gate for Tehran

photo image303_zps0e1b5841

Our plane

photo image272_zpsd04eaba2


photo image304_zpsc4180b60

photo image306_zps9a57c6df

photo image307_zps5bb52da7

The leg room was fine but the width of the seat was so tight. When I sat down for a second I thought I can't seat in this tight seat for the next 5 hours. It was a very big dissapointment. The tightest seat I have ever been on in my life and I have a normal waist line.

photo image308_zpsd8866f74

The magazine

photo image326_zpsd78595d1

But the cabin feels very fresh and nice with a good ambiance

photo image309_zps2ce2e7a5

photo image310_zps67287f29

photo image311_zpsb09aa7e8

photo image312_zps1dda42ff

They had the security announcement in Farsi (Persian) too, which was a nice touch

photo image313_zpsebd0ee44

After the take off a snack was served

photo image316_zpsbb425f08

photo image317_zpsf70ce881

Then the main dish, I chose Beef and it was really excellent. I really like the food on Lufthansa

photo image318_zpsfe3413a2

photo image319_zps89c9111c

photo image320_zpse224a79a

It was the first time I saw that the restrooms in this A340-600 were located downstairs, which was really cool. There were about 5 restrooms downstairs

photo image322_zpsf5bbd45b

photo image321_zps092aac14


photo image324_zps96107811

It was raining very hard in Tehran and I could not take any pix

photo image325_zps6e37abcf

photo image327_zps523b72e9

photo image328_zpsa76fd228

Our plane

photo image329_zpscc679c74

photo image330_zps92ad8558

Towards the passport control with some nice pictures of some of Iran's touristic sights on walls

photo image331_zpsfff5a0f9

Tehran's Azadi square

photo image332_zps08c493d0

Shiraz Eram Garden

photo image333_zpsf96ab805

A garden in Kerman

photo image334_zps852742bc

Passport contorl area

photo image335_zps6a7771f8

photo image336_zps44bfd10b

These are the Lufthansa crew going to the city. In Iran our stupid government has a dress code for people and all ladies are required to wear a short overcoat and a scarf in public.

photo image340_zps2630c5f0

photo image341_zpsde68d577

Baggage Claim area downstairs

photo image342_zps7d202bab

photo image344_zpsd6cee90f

photo image345_zpsf7f5802b

Pictures of Tehran

Tehran is a huge and vibrant metropolis, the biggest city in the middle east with more than 14 Million people in the metropolitan area. It's such a cool city with great people, very safe for people and tourists compared to its huge size and population. It is very modern with an amazing metro system, highways, shopping centers, coffee shops, restos and the list goes on. Although we have a crazy government and they put rules and restrictions on people, people still try to enjoy their life and our lives are separate and very much disconnected from the government there. Unfortunately we have a dress code imposed by the government that women have to wear a scarf and an overcoat in public and men can't wear shorts. Also alcohol is banned in Iran and most people smuggle them into the country.

I have the biggest collection of Tehran pictures on the net, More than 60,000 pictures spread over more than 550 pages at:'t=351718

Some sample pix of Tehran below:

photo 397243_4735821880238_1143116345_n

photo lifegoesint

photo IMG_0386

photo NkF2ssI

photo kioomars

photo mehdi

photo mohmadd

photo david

Central Tehran

photo 24966049

photo 5723889890_13932b5513_b

photo 1402765991_3d18dbe625_o

photo 5-1

It snows in Tehran in winter and Tehran has 3 awesome ski resorts in its mountains

photo teeh4

photo 138708180459_NI_1598933304

photo dizin_ski_resort_16-1

photo dizin_ski_resort_19-1

photo dizin_ski_resort_18-1

Tehran's Metro Map

photo 1777

older map of Tehran with highways in orange it has 6 more highways added that are not shown here as they are always building new highways

photo TehranImportantPlaces-M-01

Below are my pictures of Tehran from my trip. Tehran has so many places to see and many fun areas to hang out but I could only get to see between 1/5 of its attractions as I was there for a short time:

The metro card

photo image346_zps9fd22258

photo image347_zpsc96e5afe

photo image349_zps727a096b

photo image350_zps0e85cc08

An underground passage way under a busy intersection

photo image351_zps4e46558e

photo image352_zps3ea1beee

Above the ground- This is Tehran's city theatre

photo image353_zps383903b1

photo image354_zpsb98c160b

photo image355_zpsb1c9cb5c

Near Tehran University with students around

photo image356_zpsaf0b67cc

The entrance to the university

photo image357_zpsbd9ba595

Tehran has so many nice apartments and some have nice statues outside of them

photo image359_zps955eda83

photo image358_zps9032cf61

Tehran is a very hilly city in the northern part of it and has so many high hill and downhill streets, which are very nice

photo image360_zps407fa10e

photo image361_zpsb76c4c13

photo image362_zps8d1ae89f

photo image363_zpse022c0db

photo image364_zps83ebd261

This mosque is a shrine called Imamzade Saleh Mosque

photo image365_zpsd4e2f8e5

Here its close pic

photo image368_zpse4bc1ba3

This is the Tajrish bazar located at North of Tehran, the main big grand bazar of Tehran is located in central Tehran

photo image367_zpsf531fd78

photo image366_zps93c422bd

Tehran has so many interesting looking buildings and this is a mall under contruction

photo image373_zps45c201ad

photo image372_zps7ec76e10

photo image292_zpsfd2dc132

photo image302_zpsfbf4cf29

photo image375_zpsfc0d3c1f

A bowling, cinema and resto complex

photo image376_zpsce5d48ed

Inside the complex

photo image353_zpsce13200e

photo image387_zps53314dd6

photo image388_zpsc06b3dcf

photo image389_zpsf0a956af

photo image360_zps4aa984e5

Tehran has so many shopping streets and this is one of them called Shariati

photo image318_zps2edf4712

photo image324_zps8d069532

photo image325_zps054e67a5

photo image379_zps3ef7cb3b

photo image336_zpsf33ee1aa

photo image337_zps1d9e229b

photo image382_zps14c6047b

photo image383_zps2d26e9df

photo image384_zpsd13db9f7

photo image385_zps58f1467a

photo image351_zpse85197b7

photo image391_zpsd2fb301b

photo image392_zps043f86b5

photo image393_zpsaf1db090

photo image372_zps419808fa

photo image508_zps35ddbbf1

photo image385_zps1443b2e5

photo image510_zpsb2e515fb

photo image511_zpsad4d1b16

photo image513_zps89f931b7

photo image395_zps867e2af3

Tehran has so many nice statues and artworks around the city

photo image396_zps461e0737

photo image397_zpsfc8fe507

photo image398_zps6945f9ad

This is Iran's Cinema Musuem, which is a very nice building

photo image399_zpsed7e3b20

photo image400_zpsf8423e2d

photo image401_zpsb6de937b

photo image402_zpse2fd466a

photo image403_zpsf25cd9c8

photo image404_zps828d3e14

photo image405_zps8fe1d408

photo image406_zpsd55c65d6

Tehran has so many shopping malls and this one is called Palladium

photo image407_zps56746f0b

photo image515_zps7cd1b6a3

photo image514_zpsaa7b0e6b

photo image516_zps9ca4129a

photo image517_zps9762a06b

One of Tehran's main streets is lit up at night which is very nice but the trees were dry now as it was winter

photo image518_zpsfe2ea25c

photo image408_zps4ce7010a

photo image519_zpsafb96b2e

photo image409_zps6572e8c8

photo image410_zpsc01c8bdc

photo image507_zps1b135a19

On walls of a kindergarten- I love these penguins :D

photo image411_zpsc2bac634

photo image412_zpscdbc4e4c

photo image414_zps5a4488a2

photo image415_zps9a6871c4

photo image416_zps23214a39

Vali Asr Ave. the most famous Tehran shopping and entertainment streets, filled with shops, parks, coffee shops, restaurants etc.

This is the section near the Mellat Park, the sidewalk part of it

photo image418_zpsa0ff0cbb

photo image419_zpsa859bbc7

photo image420_zpsb8c0543d

Many nice and cool statues around this section of the street

photo image421_zps2c390de7

photo image422_zpsae781644

photo image423_zps609447a8

photo image424_zps1225391b

photo image425_zps8eae74aa

photo image426_zps14cf4fda

photo image427_zps066f2376

photo image428_zps7d93af78

photo image429_zps117ecaf8

photo image431_zpsafea6df2

photo image430_zps35f4ece3

photo image432_zps8cf07293

photo image433_zps1f3c3c8a

photo image434_zpsda566658

photo image435_zps4c72a375

photo image436_zps43848ee6

photo image437_zps2c697761

photo image438_zpsb141c6ce

Golestan Palace in Central Tehran

photo image439_zps5a910b7b

photo image440_zps7cdf0cc6

photo image441_zps7b34be07

photo image442_zps8722a096

photo image443_zps2b7384d9

photo image444_zpsb038ab4e

photo image445_zpscdf1f1d3

photo image446_zps1c9ddfde

photo image447_zpsd4be813d

photo image448_zps84d545ec

photo image449_zps2f3fea7d

photo image450_zps2e29e59c

photo image451_zps974595cc

photo image452_zps4941a54a

Around Tehran's Grand Bazar in Central area but I did not have time to go inside, this is outside of it- very cool and crowded area

photo image453_zpsca8297da

photo image454_zpsfd0f3aec

photo image455_zps95bbb42c

photo image456_zps58ae03d5

Kourosh Shopping Mall

photo image457_zps3284d19e

photo image458_zpse1b39f4a

photo image459_zps947df4f2

photo image460_zpsfbfeb790

photo image461_zps77af88b3

photo image462_zpsb44104dc

photo image463_zpsab4e62b3

photo image464_zps5c26f8d8

photo image465_zps0c7fe33b

These coloruful floors are cinemas only, there were around 12 huge cinema halls on 3 floors

photo image466_zps15180ed5

photo image467_zps6f95a40e

photo image468_zps1effb4a3

There was some filimg going on outside, I'm not sure what it was for

photo image469_zpsfa9cbe34

photo image470_zpsfc4d03eb

A square in Central Tehran

photo image471_zpsea6536a9

photo image472_zps22d370c1

Iran's National Museum

photo image473_zpse2130713

photo image474_zps2f15f5cf

photo image475_zps33bf98d5

photo image476_zps63f0d4cb

photo image477_zpsa7e38662

The Abgineh- Ceramics Museum

photo image478_zps02799491

photo image479_zps1f961ea4

photo image480_zpsca1dbdf2

photo image481_zps079dbbd8

photo image483_zps896a947d

photo image484_zps7142b24c

photo image485_zps17022d4d

photo image486_zps8f62d053

Around Tehran's city theater

photo image488_zps3e0f7892

photo image487_zps34825e73

photo image489_zps1e492fae

photo image490_zps1fcdcbb6

A very cool park called Abo Atash

photo image491_zpse600dca5

photo image492_zps28d9006a

photo image493_zpsb539d37f

The newly built bridge connecting this side of the park to the other side

photo image494_zps639dac7c

Great views from the bridge over the city and highway

photo image495_zps5a02ac65

photo image496_zps480632d4

photo image497_zps8f3fb9f4

photo image498_zps4a053215

photo image499_zps8d9641fa

Tehran's Planetarium

photo image500_zps7b387c37

photo image501_zps2ba5c846

photo image502_zps80fa5c6d

photo image503_zps5980f672

photo image504_zps448d7fb9

photo image506_zps5813d700

Hope you enjoyed the FR :)

See more



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I was disappointed with the seat width of Lufthansa. The seats were too tight and you were being squeezed between armrests. Other than that the crew were very nice and professional and the food was great. The IFE system was a bit old and needs to be updated for easier navigation and quality.

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La durée moyenne des vols est de 4 heures et 50 minutes.

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  • Comment 128837 by
    redadeco 47 Comments
    Merci for the report! I visited Iran a couple of years ago on LH's A330, the flight experience was similar to yours. I recall at the passport control, one of LH's FAs was about to hand in her passport to the border control guy without putting the headscarf on, she was reminded by one of her colleagues at the very last moment and I recall everyone burst out laughing at her :D

  • Comment 128838 by
    Benoit75008 7191 Comments
    Thank for for your report.
    Iran is definitely a beautiful country and i wish to go there soon.
    Teheran seem beautiful, if only people there could get peaceful life after 35 years made of political crisis.

    • Comment 310078 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks very much Benoit. Yes, I certainly hope that things get better as politics hurt people not the leaders in charge. They keep on doing all their corruption and regular people have to pay the price. Best wishes for the people of Iran :)
  • Comment 128839 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you very much for sharing this great report along with this magnificent bonus. Your pics are outstanding as usual.

    It is a shame that politics can sometimes cloud our perception of a culture and its people, particularly in the U.S. where some people cannot disassociate one thing from the other. Lately though I have seen encouraging signs with travel programs that explore this region of the world with more objectivity which I find refreshing.

    Iran has been one of those places that has fascinated me and I am fortunate that where I live there are a couple of great Persian restaurants where I can indulge in the gastronomy. This range from a humble market with a grill where the owner cooks kebab koobideh in front of me to more upscale establishments where the food is served in all its refinement.

    I don't find it surprising that Tehran is a modern metropolis. As a matter of fact, this modernity attests to the resilience of people to move forward despite huge obstacles. It's surprising that reading some other reports about IR, one finds that their 747 SP's have been immaculately maintained, despite the embargo that this country has suffered.

    LH seems to be a solid choice and it's too bad that the seats were narrow. Unfortunately I think the trend nowadays is to pack people like sardines. Personally I am a big fan of TK, especially in Y because in my opinion they offer the most value for your money.
    • Comment 310079 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks Jetsetpanda. I'm glad you liked the pictures. Wow, that's so cool that you have tried the Koobideh and other Persian foods. I like Koobideh alot too :)

      Yes, I have hear that TK is very good, I have tried many airlines in economy but LH had the tightest seats. Thanks for your comment :)
  • Comment 128846 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Then the main dish, I chose Beef and it was really excellent. I really like the food on Lufthansa
    Ha Ha you should be the One lol
    But I have to say that the beef doesn't look too bad
    Anyway the poor salad and the bit of cake are a shame

    Great bonus with a lot of beautiful pictures

    Teheran looks like a modern city even if I don't like all these malls and I prefer the old town and old buildings.
    The malls are all the same worldwide and can never have the charm of an old bazar
    • Comment 310119 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks a lot, yes, it's very easy to please me food wise I guess. It just has to taste good :)
      Yes, I agree bazars have their own culture and ambiance, which is very nice and unique and takes you back a thousand years. They are like a time tunnel for me when I enter one. I imagine how the life was many many years ago. They are so cozy and nice :)
  • Comment 128867 by
    Yonatan Paz 63 Comments
    Thank for sharing but I can't think to be in Iran, It hears very dangerous country for woman
    • Comment 310117 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      I'm very surprised by your comment. Iran is not dangerous for women at all, apparently you are still listening to media and all the politics. As you can see in pictures, Iran is very safe for women, Persian women are very powerful in the society and very assertive, there are more girls in universities in Iran than boys, a lot of women hold high rank jobs and are very active in the society and respected. We even have women bus drivers, they can have any job they want and when you are in Iran you see women active in the society and working. The only limitation comes from the government with dress code and some other stupid regulations that they have other than that Iranians are very respectful people and respect women.
  • Comment 128879 by
    IR_HP 2 Comments
    Thanks you for nice report your travel in tehran
    All the best
  • Comment 128922 by
    02022001 GOLD 4448 Comments
    Thanks for this FR to a special destination. Good pictures for this looooooong bonus ;)
  • Comment 129018 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Your reports are always a pleasure to read! The cabin looks nice from behind, but from the front, the bright yellow headrests look weird and out of place. But I get that it's LH's corporate colors. Great cabin shots. Sorry to hear the seat was tight, that's surprising for an airbus widebody--I wonder if you had a misaligned window that made the wall curve in on you? I've had that happen to be and it definitely makes it feel tighter.

    Amazing bonus pics of Iran. It's fascinating to get this rare and detailed glimpse into a country to which those of us in the US have very little exposure. Based on your pics showing that Tehran is a vibrant modern and wealthy city, I can only imagine how it could be without the oppressive government. Under the current regime, I would not consider visiting Iran, which is a shame because it really does look beautiful. Hopefully one day if things change! Thanks again for sharing this report and photos!
    • Comment 310302 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks so much Kevin. truly appreciate t. I did not know that some seats may become tighter due to the window,I'll for sure check that next time. I'm glad you liked Tehran pictures, yes, I agree that the city is doing really well under such a stupid government. Hoping for the better future :)

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