Review of Avianca Brazil flight Porto Alegre Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline Avianca Brazil
Flight O6 6123
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 10 Jan 15, 14:40
Arrival at 10 Jan 15, 16:20
O6 15 reviews
Published on 11th February 2015
Hi guys, I`m here to continue the FR (after a long time), the previous one was this:
And before we go, some photos of Porto Alegre,Balneario Gaivota(SC) and Gramado:

photo SAM_1186

Cathedral of Porto Alegre

photo SAM_1203

Governor`s palace:

photo SAM_1205

City hall:

photo SAM_1224

Usina do Gasômetro:

photo SAM_1230

Beira Rio Stadium

photo SAM_1238

Dunes at Balneario Gaivota:

photo SAM_1254

Natal Luz (Christmas of lights) at Gramado:

photo SAM_1353

Santa Claus turning the lights of the city on:

photo SAM_1382

Maria Fumaça - Bento Gonçalves (Bento Gonçalves is the major produccer of wine in Brazil, the train is also known as the Wine train - Trem do Vinho):

photo SAM_1411photo SAM_1431

Some vineyard at Bento Gonçalves (at Vale dos Vinhedos - Vineyard Valley)

photo 52a1e358b708d

Mini mundo (miniatures park):

photo SAM_1512photo IMG_20150109_143455644_HDR

Snowland - Snow park:
photo SAM_1527photo SAM_1529

And now the FR!


photo SAM_1570

Avianca check-in:
photo SAM_1575photo SAM_1576

My ticket:

photo SAM_1577

Now some spotting:

POA boarding room:

photo SAM_1597

Our bird reaching:


photo SAM_1604

Excellent legroom:

photo SAM_1605

A Gol B738 in other finger:

photo SAM_1606

Safety card:

photo SAM_1607photo SAM_1608

Old plane…

photo SAM_1610

Another Gol:

photo SAM_1611


photo SAM_1612

Take off:

Lagoa Guaiba:

photo SAM_1614

Usina do Gasômetro:

photo SAM_1615

Beira Rio:

photo SAM_1616

Porto Alegre:

photo SAM_1617

Salgado Filho International Airport:

photo SAM_1618

F100 wing:

photo SAM_1619

Cheese sandwich:

photo SAM_1621

And an orange juice:

photo SAM_1623

A coastal view:

photo SAM_1626photo SAM_1628

Avianca magazine, with an actress in the cover:

photo SAM_1629

Clouds over SP:

photo SAM_1633

A dam:

photo SAM_1636

Now, let me tell you the problem that hapenned. First the commander said that Congonhas Airport was closed beacus of the bad weather and that it`s flights were goint to GRU, so we would have to wait a little. After that Guarulhos Airport closed too, because of the weather, so, we again we entered in wait procedures. After some 3 turns over Santos the commander said we were goig to Rio Galeão, and there Avianca would see what would happen to us…

Landing at Rio de Janeiro GIG:

After some time waiting we unboarded and instructed to wait at gate 3 on Terminal:

Delta 767-400ER:

photo SAM_1641

After that they (Avianca staff) didn`t know nothing about us, and after some time said that they were waiting for a tripulation to take us to SP. And so the airport energy went over:

photo SAM_1642

So Avianca system went down and nobody knows nothing now. After a time, the lights come back and Avianca, after very discussions with us, gave a voucher for us, a dish of food at a restaurant in the airport, here`s the food:

photo IMG_20150112_221140947

It was delicious…
After something like half hour after we finish our dinner they iniciated the boarding. So after something like 6 hours at the Rio (we reached about 5 P.M. and reacher the plane by 11:00 p.m) we were going back to SP.

photo SAM_1643photo SAM_1644

Now boarded, we waited more half hour until some documents to fly were brought to the pilot. After they reach we taxied and take off:

The meal was composed of drinks and some peanuts (just peanuts because of the hour, and beacause we already ate, I think):

photo SAM_1646

After 40 minutes we were landing Guarulhos:

After landed I got this picture of an A320 with the ney Avianca's livery:

photo SAM_1648

So, it's that, I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for seeing!
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Avianca Brazil

Cabin crew8.0
In-flight Entertainment6.5

Porto Alegre - POA


Sao Paulo - GRU



Well, Avianca is a very good airline, that representes 8,5% of the domestic passengers in Brazil. She is small, but has very quality. Despite the meteriological problems it was a goos flight and I hope fly Avianca again.
OBS: Rio Galeão isn't good!

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The airline with the best average rating is Azul with 8.3/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 23 minutes.

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  • Comment 129311 by
    momolemomo GOLD 5000 Comments

    Thanks for this report !
    Very generous with the on-time perf grade.
    Wasn't it easier for Avianca to put everyone in a bus from Rio to SP ? With all the bus connecting the 2 cities, it could have been better.
    When I flew with O6 between Congonhas and Santos Dumont, we had a meal, not just a sandwich. Anyway, O6 is most of the time a good idea to travel in Brasil. Personally I prefer Azul.
    Obrigado :)

  • Comment 129331 by
    NGO85 1624 Comments

    Thank you for this report on your return flight!

    I agree, very generous with on-time performance (even if you did land at GIG on-time). I'm surprised the power went out at GIG, it looked very sunny when you were deplaning on the tarmac. At least it sounded like O6 handled the situation well.

    Seat pitch looks very good on domestic Brazilian flights.

    • Comment 129499 by
      02022001 4229 Comments

      Nice flight with Avianca. Thanks ;)

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