Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Tokyo in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ12
Class Business
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:45
Take-off 11 Nov 14, 09:20
Arrival at 11 Nov 14, 17:05
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
Published on 12th February 2015
Report en Français ici:

I’d like to thank Mr. Mohamed Ahmad, chief cabin steward on our flight, his crew was truly excellent!

Welcome to this report, a translation of a report I made back in November. It had been a long time dream of mine to fly SQ. as one of the leading airlines in the world. When you’re accustomed to what European and North American airlines offer, it feels kind of surreal to step on board this airline and experience something completely different. Read on to discover a newb’s take on this critically acclaimed airline.

A few Notes on this report and flight:
- Long report with a Japanese tourist bonus at the end
- I purchased this ticket with LM, at 30,000 miles and 52 USD in taxes (the same flight now costs 36,000 miles which is still very good value if one can find availability)

Video report here

We had an absolute blast in Singapore, it was our first time there and it was quite interesting to see this city/state. Some people have said that Singapore to some degree isn’t really Asia, and when you see the way the city was designed, you would feel in an American city, but then some things would take you back to reality like the fact they drive on the left, the absolutely awesome Chinatown and Clarke Quay, Singapore would make for an awesome place to live would I not be so sensitive to heat and humidity.

After 3.5 days of eating, walking, swimming and museuming, it was time for us to move on to the next part of our journey. And to do this we would be flying on the A380 for a second time across 3,350 miles to Tokyo. It’s interesting that this is a regional flight when flights from Europe to the Middle East are often shorter than this.

We had decided to take a taxi to the airport, it’s more expensive but still affordable and as we had to depart the hotel at 6:30 AM plus haul 30lb cabin bags, the subway would’ve been too difficult. At 21 SGD including nighttime surcharge, we felt this was more than reasonable.

On a side note, we were very pleased with the Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay at about 98 euros a night Breakfast Included. The rooms are small but perfectly adequate for 2 people.

We arrived precisely 2 hours before departure, it was already hot and muggy outside, we were looking forward to the cooler temperatures of Japan.

Changi’s airport is a world benchmark and this isn’t news to anyone, very spacious:
photo DSC08465 (Copy)

Our flight is on time
photo DSC08466 (Copy)photo DSC08467 (Copy)

Check in was a breeze, our cabin bags were not weighed (thank God lol). Immigration on the other hand was very slow to an agent who was either new, either super slooooow, this will be the only blemish in our stay @Changi
photo DSC08468 (Copy)photo DSC08469 (Copy)

Welcome to the SilverKris Lounge @Changi T3
photo DSC08470 (Copy)

The lounge attendants were very pleasant as expected
photo DSC08472 (Copy)

Grand Marnier
photo DSC08474 (Copy)

The food spread is pretty good, mostly breakfast options but lots to choose from
photo DSC08475 (Copy)

Enjoy the different offerings :)

Sadly I was coming on with a cold so I wasn’t very hungry

The staple of any good business lounge. Free flowing Espresso :-D
photo DSC08491 (Copy)photo DSC08492 (Copy)photo DSC08493 (Copy)

The lounge is not very full at the moment which makes for a pleasant stay.

My meager selection
photo DSC08499 (Copy)

We find seating in a square for privacy, and 10 mins later 2 ladies join us when there’sstill plenty of room in the rest of the lounge for everyone’s privacy. I tried scaring them away with intense nose blowing but that didn’t seem to work lol

As a whole we felt this lounge to be a good business class lounge , it’s one fault is the lack of natural light, otherwise it’s very good.

Our flight was announced for boarding before even leaving the lounge , thankfully for us (and I did not know this at the time), our gate A5 was very close, but we still had to clear security.
photo DSC08501 (Copy)photo DSC08502 (Copy)

TK’s imposing presence
photo DSC08503 (Copy)

Our boarding passes
photo DSC08505 (Copy)

Boarding is already near completion by the time we show up
photo DSC08506 (Copy)

And here she is, 9V-SKT, SQ’s latest A380 I believe, 6th September 2012
photo DSC08507 (Copy)

Leaving Singapore is bittersweet, but I’ll be back I’m sure! This flight is bound for LAX with a stop in NRT, there used to be a non-stop flight operated on an A340-500 which was discontinued at the end of 2013
photo DSC08509 (Copy)

Me before the beast
photo DSC08512 (Copy)

A lovely passenger offers to take us both in front of our plane, so nice!
photo DSC08514 (Copy)

773 SQ headed to MNL or HKG
photo DSC08516 (Copy)

One must turn right, to turn left :)
photo DSC08517 (Copy)

The A380 is such a large and imposing plane, it is hard to believe it can fly…
photo DSC08518 (Copy)

Almost there!
photo DSC08519 (Copy)

The welcome on board, as you can see in the video is very warm and pleasant, setting the tone for what will be an unforgettable flight. When the Flight Attendants directed me to the right aisle and my wife to the left, she became worried that we would not be seated together, this was without knowing how wide SQ J seats were LOL
photo DSC08520 (Copy)

Alittle souvenir thanks to one of the wonderful FA’s
photo DSC08522 (Copy)

The view from 14K
photo DSC08523 (Copy)

Aple juice as a welcome drink, too early for bubbly
photo DSC08524 (Copy)

Mohamed our chief steward will approach us to confirm our BTC options and will comment on my wife’s choice saying it’s a good one (He is Malaysian and she chose a Malay dish ;) )

Seat pitch
photo DSC08525 (Copy)

First oshibori
photo DSC08526 (Copy)

This is the front cabin, be careful upon choosing seats 11A or 11K. Not only are they narrower but they have no windows. For a night flight 11K is a good choice as it is bulkhead and the lavatory is on the left side of the aircraft
photo DSC08527 (Copy)

SQ everywhere
photo DSC08528 (Copy)

The planned flight path
photo DSC08529 (Copy)

Me posing…
photo DSC08536 (Copy)

I will borrow seat 12K to be able to film the takeoff and take photos. You can clearly see the difference in width of the seat in front of me (11K)
photo DSC08537 (Copy)photo DSC08538 (Copy)

Push back is on time
photo DSC08539 (Copy)

I would love to try this airline in the future
photo DSC08540 (Copy)

Our neighbor had already pushed back
photo DSC08541 (Copy)photo DSC08542 (Copy)photo DSC08543 (Copy)

772 SQ
photo DSC08544 (Copy)photo DSC08545 (Copy)

Air Asia landing
photo DSC08546 (Copy)photo DSC08546

photo DSC08548 (Copy)photo DSC08548

Another AK
photo DSC08549 (Copy)photo DSC08550 (Copy)photo DSC08550

Jet Airways
photo DSC08551 (Copy)photo DSC08552 (Copy)photo DSC08552

This A380 will be taking off from Runway 02L where we will get to taxi abit longer to depart from 02C
photo DSC08553 (Copy)photo DSC08556 (Copy)

Love these bridges, surreal to me that such a heavy plane can pass on these (CDG has them also)
photo DSC08558 (Copy)

Another 772
photo DSC08561 (Copy)photo DSC08565 (Copy)

A333 SQ
photo DSC08566 (Copy)

This 773 was next to us at the gate, 02C for him too!
photo DSC08568 (Copy)

Takeoff in such a quiet manner (see video for full takeoff roll)
photo DSC08573 (Copy)

See you soon Changi! (I hope)
photo DSC08574 (Copy)

After a thin cloud layer, the blue sky before our eyes
photo DSC08577 (Copy)photo DSC08578 (Copy)

Coming back to my original seat I now realize while writing this report that I forgot to do 3 things:
- Test the headphones
- Photograph the menu
- Take the menu home with me

It’s a shame as I do not remember what was offered aside from a Japanese bento box with lots of goodies inside!

Headset with amenity kit, if you can call it that, I will say though that the eye shades and socks feel very qualitative with everything else you could need stocked up in the lavatories.
photo DSC08580 (Copy)

I’ve been wanting to try a Singapore Sling for a long time, it was decent but I’ll stick to Tattinger in the future :-D
photo DSC08583 (Copy)

SQ girls at work!
photo DSC08584 (Copy)

SQ Satays. I was abit surprised to receive these now as it was only 10:30 in the morning and a FA had told me lunch would be served around noon so in 90 minutes time. My wife was not at all hungry so I got to eat 6 sticks!
photo DSC08586 (Copy)photo DSC08592 (Copy)

Chicken and lamb
photo DSC08593 (Copy)

Close up
photo DSC08595 (Copy)

Needless to say these were delicious, far superior to what TG gave us on our CDG-BKK flight.
photo DSC08597 (Copy)

Front stairway to… Heaven?
photo DSC08598 (Copy)

Empty space to the right which I think can hold some cabin bags
photo DSC08600 (Copy)

Let’s go for alittle tour of this all upper deck business class beginning with the front cabin
photo DSC08601 (Copy)

Followed by the main cabin
photo DSC08602 (Copy)

Third cabin
photo DSC08603 (Copy)

Photo taken on seat 91A
photo DSC08604 (Copy)

photo DSC08606 (Copy)

These bulkhead seats have a huge advantage over the others, the ottoman in front is much more spacious than the little cubbyhole on the other seats which would enable you to sleep straight (as long as you aren’t too tall as you lose abit in length vs diagonal). The 2 drawbacks I can think of for these seats are:
- The IFE is further away
- The Exit floodlights are quite bright which inhibits good photo quality at night as well as attempting to sleep without eye shades.

This alone though outweighs the cons above
photo DSC08607 (Copy)photo DSC08608 (Copy)

photo DSC08609 (Copy)

Seats 91D/F
photo DSC08610 (Copy)photo DSC08611 (Copy)

I continue my little tour in this cabin with a rather light load today (about 40%) which is surprising since there used to be 3 daily flights to LAX from SIN and now there’s just the one.

As I walk back to my seat I notice the SQ girls preparing lunch, one of them immediately steps towards me and asks if I want a picture of me to which I humbly accept but request they join the photoshoot which seems to please her even more! She single handedly gets 3 of them in the photos with me and you can see the result below:
photo DSC08613 (Copy)photo DSC08614 (Copy)

For a first timer on an SQ flight, this just puts the icing on the cake, you would never see such awesomeness on a EU carrier…

Back to my throne waiting for lunch to begin
photo DSC08616 (Copy)

Testing the bed, what a spacious one at that! Soft, wide, intimate, going on 8 years of age but still high up in the competition for best J seat! My wife also agrees and finds it far superior to TG’s
photo DSC08622 (Copy)

We encountered some moderate turbulence for about 15 minutes, which the A380 handled very well. Nonetheless I wanted an espresso and it will not be served until the seatbelt sign is switched of which I think is an honorable rule.
photo DSC08623 (Copy)

Said espresso
photo DSC08626 (Copy)photo DSC08631 (Copy)

The best J seat in the sky as far as I am concerned (I’ve only flown on SA, TK, MS and TG so far)
photo DSC08637 (Copy)

The Mrs
photo DSC08639 (Copy)

These front deck lavs are awesome, so spacious and quite separated from the cabins, you could do any business you wanted there without disturbing anyone lol
photo DSC08640 (Copy)photo DSC08641 (Copy)

Non royal orchid
photo DSC08642 (Copy)photo DSC08644 (Copy)

The missing items from the amenity kit can be found here
photo DSC08647 (Copy)

When I returned to my seat, lunch had already begun and here is the appetizer, shrimp salad with parma ham, marinated bell peppers and feta, super fresh, super good, 8/10
photo DSC08651 (Copy)photo DSC08652 (Copy)

Awesome bread selection included the best garlic bread offered in the sky
photo DSC08653 (Copy)

Finally the Tattinger arrives and due to I don’t know what the bottle once open will spew itself on my lovely SQ girl’s poor little hands. She will quickly disappear (with the bottle lol) and come back later to finish filling my glass which is currently not very filled up
photo DSC08654 (Copy)

The bottle
photo DSC08656 (Copy)

Here’s my glass with a more acceptable pour and the full appetizer layout:
photo DSC08657 (Copy)photo DSC08658 (Copy)

photo DSC08660 (Copy)

photo DSC08663 (Copy)

photo DSC08669 (Copy)

Our crew is really top notch for this flight offering personalized service to every passenger (maybe due to the light load), dishes are cleared pro actively without any sort of rush.

Here’s my wife’s dish, Beef Rendang
photo DSC08673 (Copy)photo DSC08679 (Copy)

A very generous serving, abit too spicey for my wife but she still loved it and so did I! 9/10

Lamb chops for me
photo DSC08681 (Copy)photo DSC08682 (Copy)

They were finger licking good! Cooked to perfection too, I could’ve easily downed a pair more or two lol
photo DSC08695 (Copy)

My tray after the mutiny
photo DSC08698 (Copy)

The desert was abit disappointing, some sort of green tea cheesecake with pistachios, it tasted unnatural to me so I give it a 5/10
photo DSC08699 (Copy)photo DSC08700 (Copy)

Here comes the cheese (after desert), one of the SQ boys noticed had not touched my desert yet which he enquired about, to which I simply replied that I was French and that I eat cheese before desert lol
photo DSC08701 (Copy)

Another deception here as I feel that prepackaged low quality Coeur de Lion Camembert should not be a part of SQ’s business class offering. The other cheese however were decent, so 6/10
photo DSC08702 (Copy)

Once filled up with the good lunch we have about 3 hours to go until we arrive. There is only one service on this flight but a bar will be set up in case you get hungry
photo DSC08704 (Copy)

A lovely mocca coffee with good presentation but I was surprised not to have it in a saucer
photo DSC08705 (Copy)

The cabin is then submerged in darkness with all the shades down :( (It’s about 2 PM Tokyo time at this time)

I wasn’t tired though, so off for another walk to burn off some calories :-D With these 2 SQ girls in the galley posing for me
photo DSC08717 (Copy)

Back to 91A, I forgot to unfold the bed to see how nice it is in this section!
photo DSC08721 (Copy)

On my flight CDG-BKK I did not visit the lower deck of the A380 so this time I will not let this option pass by. For the first time of my life I will use rear stairs to change levels in a plane, it’s quite a surreal feeling! The SQ boy opening the gate told me to be careful haha
photo DSC08722 (Copy)

Very positive first impressions, spacious and bright cabin (no dimmed window shades here)
photo DSC08723 (Copy)photo DSC08725 (Copy)photo DSC08726 (Copy)

Noone seemed to be interested in this seat which is arguably the best Y seat on this plane, but again the cabin was far from full so people probably chose to spread out across several seats
photo DSC08727 (Copy)

I couldn’t find a seat section empty enough to sit and test (didn’t want people staring at me)
photo DSC08728 (Copy)photo DSC08729 (Copy)

Eventually I approach the tightly secured border between Y and R where FA’s smiled at me, not wanting to disturb them I was about to turn around before one of them approaches and offers to show me the Suites! I accept obviously though very surprised as my understanding is that they usually don’t this so my assumption is that the Suites are empty.

Suite 4K…
photo DSC08730 (Copy)

… And me ^^
photo DSC08731 (Copy)

Nice view of the engines from here :-D
photo DSC08736 (Copy)

So pretty!
photo DSC08737 (Copy)

After thanking him I make my way back to ‘the masses’ via the front stairs while he accompanies me and finishes with this ‘I hope to serve you in Suites one day Sir’ to which I replied that I would love that lol, though to be honest I do not think Suites class is worth the premium unless paying with miles.

Screen controls on the upper deck
photo DSC08740 (Copy)

The bar between the 2 first cabins
photo DSC08741 (Copy)

I chat abiy with an SQ girl and enquire about any possible 1:200 models but sadly they do not have any. I will however leave with this little souvenir package, the SQ bears are for our baby daughter whom we left in Paris with her grandparents (to their greatest delight)
photo DSC08745 (Copy)

I decide to try out the bed for an hour or so, I wake up about an hour later, this seat is excellent, the lounging options are limited with no good middle ground but nothing too bad in my opinion, I’m happy to lounge in bed position :)

The sun begins to set as we star tour descent towards Tokyo, Japan, this flight was short, far too short and I would’ve happily stayed 2 or 3 times longer
photo DSC08748 (Copy)photo DSC08749 (Copy)

91A to film the landing
photo DSC08750 (Copy)photo DSC08753 (Copy)

I don’t want to leave :/
photo DSC08754 (Copy)
I find these seats even classier in black
photo DSC08755 (Copy)photo DSC08760 (Copy)

Speedbrakes ON
photo DSC08763 (Copy)photo DSC08767 (Copy)photo DSC08773 (Copy)

Followed by the flaps as rain begins to fall
photo DSC08774 (Copy)

Heavyish touch down but still decent
photo DSC08776 (Copy)

DL 747-400
photo DSC08778 (Copy)

Welcome to Narita !
photo DSC08779 (Copy)

You can definitely tell US carriers have a stronghold here (which probably explains the mediocrity of Japanese airport lounges)
photo DSC08780 (Copy)

A380 TG from BKK (HS-TUE)
photo DSC08781 (Copy)

And finally a 76W NH next to which our plane will come to a final halt.
photo DSC08783 (Copy)photo DSC08787 (Copy)

photo DSC08788 (Copy)

Some countries can be quite welcoming…
photo DSC08789 (Copy)

Customs went by rather quickly and since are 30lb cabin bags were not checked, we were out in no time, we chose to take the NEX for 1500 yens to Shinagawa (50% discount only valid in this direction)
photo DSC08793 (Copy)

This Flight Report ends here but I’ve included a Japanese tourist bonus in case you are interested


We chose to stay in the Mariott Shinagawa, we were disappointed as it’s not well located and breakfast is super expensive. Aside from that the room itself was certainly very nice and the beds comfortable. Yes we had 2 single beds, no Queen or King size available.

The other issue is that Shinagawa is not served by TOEI or Tokyo Metro, you have to ride 1 stop to Sengakiji each time to enter the network so it’s not very profitable in terms of buying passes etc. Perhaps the JR Pass would’ve been a better idea.

photo DSC08797 (Copy)

Tokyo Tower
photo DSC08804 (Copy)

Dinner at Yoshinoya
photo DSC08805 (Copy)photo DSC08808 (Copy)

Zojoji Temple next to the tower
photo DSC08818 (Copy)photo DSC08820 (Copy)

1000 yens to go to the first floor
photo DSC08830 (Copy)

Rainbow bridge
photo DSC08839 (Copy)

Glass floor
photo DSC08843 (Copy)

The tower at night
photo DSC08846 (Copy)

The following day we went to Asakusa to see the Sensoji Temple
photo DSC08868 (Copy)photo DSC08871 (Copy)

Very busy place even during the week

Nect stop, Ueno and its park
photo DSC08901 (Copy)photo DSC08902 (Copy)

People love to pose in Japan :D
photo DSC08904 (Copy)photo DSC08905 (Copy)

I would love to see similar signs in Paris
photo DSC08923 (Copy)

We were highly impressed and humbled by the Japanese population, they are so disciplined and so clean, in the subways packed to the brim, people line up perfectly and wait, no one runs into one another, for me this is simply surreal…
photo DSC08924 (Copy)

Next stop, Tokyo Skytree
photo DSC08939 (Copy)photo DSC08941 (Copy)photo DSC08942 (Copy)

These guys are everywhere!
photo DSC08944 (Copy)

One of the problems about visiting Tokyo in November is how early the sun sets.
photo DSC08967 (Copy)

What you see below are public restroom in the Tokyo stations, unbelievable…
photo DSC08978 (Copy)photo DSC08979 (Copy)

We then made our way to the Tokyo Government building where you can climb up to floor 45 for free and get a beautiful view, 202 meters up!
photo DSC09003 (Copy)

Shinjuku with its animated yakitori street stands, what I learnt that I didn’t particularly like is what they are made of lol.. tripes, organs, you name it! I have to say though that whatever I tried was pretty tasty.

Disappointing Imperial Gardens, I wouldn’t waste time here if you schedule is limited, there are much, much nicer gardens to see in this city.
photo DSC09037 (Copy)photo DSC09041 (Copy)photo DSC09051 (Copy)

Back to the government building to hope to catch Mt Fuji, sadly it was cloudy and we were against the sun so no dice
photo DSC09064 (Copy)photo DSC09068 (Copy)photo DSC09075 (Copy)

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

A temple at the heart of Shinjuku
photo DSC09151 (Copy)

Early departure the next day for Kawaguchiko ??? to see Mt Fuji. 3,500 JPY round trip by express bus but you need to book in advance as they are almost always full!
photo DSC09185 (Copy)photo DSC09196 (Copy)

Absolutely stunning colors at this time of the year
photo DSC09200 (Copy)

Cable Car to climb Mount Kachi-Kachi
photo DSC09210 (Copy)photo DSC09231 (Copy)photo DSC09235 (Copy)

Fujisan is hiding
photo DSC09241 (Copy)photo DSC09245 (Copy)photo DSC09272 (Copy)

A rabbit!
photo DSC09278 (Copy)

We chose to climb down by foot, it was very much worth it, just breathtaking…

And a mini cruise on the lake to end a perfect day

A very colorful cemetery
photo DSC09372 (Copy)photo DSC09378 (Copy)

Fujisan at dusk
photo DSC09380 (Copy)photo DSC09381 (Copy)

For our last day in Tokyo I wanted to go see a small garden which not many people know about called the Happoen Gardens, I can only highly recommend you visit these, yes they are small but by far the most breath taking we saw, we spent almost 3 hours there and you can even book a tea ceremony there.

This seems to be a 500 year old bonzai
photo DSC09460 (Copy)

A shrine
photo DSC09467 (Copy)

A church

Yakitori with mystery meat in it to finish our trip!
photo DSC09511 (Copy)

Tokyo B ay
photo DSC09515 (Copy)photo DSC09522 (Copy)

Vidéo report

Thanks for reading!

See more


Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - First - 3


Singapore - SIN


Tokyo - NRT



Before this flight I had read countless reports, watched countless videos on Youtube, needless to say my expectations were high and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Seat Confort: My wife and I both loved this seat and it’s far superior to anything else we tried. Coupled with the strengths of the A380 and you get a nearly perfect experience. The bulkhead seats deserve perfect marks, in this case, a solid 9.5/10
Crew : Absolutely stunning in every way, available, charming, smiling, genuine, helpful, there is nothing better than being served by people who love their job.

IFE: -1 for the lack of camera and wifi not being free in business class (EK is now offering it for free to its Y passengers)
Catering : The most disappointing part of this flight but it was actually very good except for cheese/desert. The appetizer, the satays and the main courses and champagne were near perfect.

OTP :We arrived on time

SilverKris Lounge : It’s a solid business class lounge, the lack of natural light takes getting used to but could be a strength when needing to sleep there

Changi : Perfect except for the long passport control on departure. Anyone know if there’s a priority lane for premium passengers?

Narita : An ode to Japan, spotless, well designed, signs where they should be, we never once felt lost

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

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  • Comment 129459 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this excellent report with an equally amazing bonus.

    I agree with you about the SQ J seat. It is probably the best out there and for me it is the width that gives you plenty of space to stretch out and feel like you are sitting in your own throne. In the past before the popularity of lie flat seats, a mark of luxury was space and in a way SQ has not forgotten about this important factor when creating their J cabins.

    One quality that separates an outstanding crew from a good one is the ability to anticipate the customer's needs. When I flew SQ from HKG-SFO, I had an excellent FA who seemed to be able to read my mind. I had pre-ordered a Hainanese chicken rice and upon seeing the menu, I wanted to try the Indian lamb instead. I wanted to ask if I could have my chicken rice for breakfast and when I inquired to the FA if the lamb was available, she got back to me and said that it was not a problem and would be happy to reserve the chicken for the second service without me requesting it. That was a WOW moment for me. In addition, when I requested a snack after a nap, one of the FA's showed me a croissant sandwich or a wrap and asked if I wanted it heated or not. When I received my sandwich he also brought a snack basket with chips and other items to complement my snack.

    I find Tokyo to be one of the most fascinating cities in the world and would love to go there again. You did a great job showing its serene side.
    • Comment 310673 by
      AirCanada881 AUTHOR 1617 Comments
      Thanks for your comments Adan, your take on SQ goes to show that they are amongst the best for a reason. Airlines today understand that lie flat is the new benchmark but they do this at the expense of seat width... The seat on board TG's A380 which many other airlines use is a perfect example, and though I haven't tried it personally, BA's Club World seat looks really narrow too... SQ found the perfect compromise between lie flat and width, the Cirrus seat seems to be a close second but I've never tried it yet.

      Tokyo and Japan are amazing, part of it because everything is just so different, at first we were abit intimidated by it but very quickly we dove right in and embraced it all, though I have to say we missed out on the food offering because we didn't do our research and we didn't learn basic Japanese, we ended up at an awesome Indian place next to our hotel and it was really really delicious (I love Indian food) but to come all the way to Japan to eat Indian food is quite the oxymoron....
    • Comment 310679 by
      jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
      but to come all the way to Japan to eat Indian food is quite the oxymoron....

      Not always. Some people travel to LHR for Indian food and others to YVR or SFO for Chinese. ;)
  • Comment 129480 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 6921 Comments
    Hey Will, thanks for sharing this awesome report! Very detailed with an extensive visit of the lounge and review of onboard product. As you say, SQ does not disappoint despite very high expectations...that's really saying something. Your enthusiasm comes through in the report and I'm sure the great crew experience helped. Awesome pics, great cabin shots and bonus pics.
  • Comment 129496 by
    02022001 GOLD 4466 Comments
    Great Flight. Thanks to report it ;)

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