Review of Kuwait Airways flight Kuwait City Dubai in Economy

Airline Kuwait Airways
Flight KU673
Class Economy
Seat 29K
Aircraft Airbus A300-600
Flight time 12:35
Take-off 04 Jan 15, 16:45
Arrival at 05 Jan 15, 06:20
KU 18 reviews
Published on 22nd February 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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Below is the part from my connection in Kuwait and the flight to Dubai:

Kuwait International Airport air side- A very nice and clean terminal but it's hard to spot planes as you have to go to the gate area for each flight in order to see the planes:

photo image457_zps94ad4a4c

photo image458_zps9355f3b3

photo image459_zpsd8f275d6

To the right is the passport control that people pass through to come air side

photo image461_zps087bfac9

Passport control

photo image517_zps70d8dd81

Very spacious shopping area with high ceilings

photo image462_zpse4705053

photo image466_zps55ca8998

photo image467_zpsf3bad5ed

photo image469_zpse2e9dc62

The long corridor with gates on both sides

photo image470_zpsa6b28e05

photo image471_zps7238f4d1

photo image472_zps8eae0bcf

photo image475_zps34454060

photo image476_zps2184f5ce

photo image479_zpsd57715a8

photo image480_zps1b3b6db2

photo image484_zpsab83df18

photo image485_zps2b6b8494

photo image486_zps116cce53

The end of the terminal with lounge to the right side

photo image487_zps7edc1493

photo image488_zpsd59ba6d4

photo image489_zpsb9149f1c

photo image490_zpsc77d35af

photo image492_zpsdf9af852

photo image494_zpsc6651fba

photo image495_zps013e9429

The very end of the terminal

photo image498_zps58721712

photo image506_zpse3f20c5a

Looking back

photo image500_zps7cde5c53

The main shopping area

photo image513_zps10a217fe

Down to passport contorl to enter Kuwait

photo image515_zps001d04aa

photo image516_zpsfc810bb5

photo image519_zps2bb7d07b

photo image521_zps44ab660b

The gates on the left wing of the terminal

photo image523_zpsf2cee90f

photo image524_zps4345225a

photo image525_zpsb73576a8

photo image526_zps67729b7f

photo image527_zps70d03472

photo image528_zps9e5bf4e5

photo image529_zps6d6e77b7

photo image531_zpscbbcf93b

photo image532_zps831d63bc

photo image534_zps98175725

photo image535_zpsaad62dda

photo image536_zps9b71cf32

photo image537_zpsfe3cdd25

photo image539_zpsb6e1c281

Our flight to Dubai was delayed for 2 hours

photo image542_zps75acc9bd

photo image560_zpse9621541

photo image543_zps03e9f25c

photo image544_zps0b134ae0

The gates at the right wing

photo image545_zps170aff8c

Emirates Lounge

photo image551_zps9140eecd

photo image552_zps388a49dc

photo image554_zps36e37bdf

The last 2 air bridges on the right wing are especially reserved for Jazeera airways and this is their gate area

photo image557_zpsdaaa1dd0

photo image558_zpsb1babb06

photo image562_zps42125f4f

photo image564_zpsaeb0f6be

photo image563_zps3a828b73

Their flights for the day

photo image565_zps2236f148

photo image566_zps5e9b1ae1

photo image567_zps5c013af8

photo image573_zpsa1903c58

photo image574_zps29e4c053

photo image576_zps835d8a94

photo image577_zps15650764

photo image578_zps7ebea750

photo image580_zpsf306db47

photo image581_zps9f772c99

Then I went to a resto and they had a Persian style Kabob, which was very tasty. Kuwait's currency is the most expensive in the world I guess. 1 Kuwait Dinar = 4 USD. My food was around 4.5 Dinars, which is around 18 USD, not bad for the airport food, which is usually over priced any ways.

photo image586_zps8813c5c2

photo image587_zpsc51995e5

Their money is so strong that they have 1/4 and 1/2 Dinar bills too, very interesting :D

1/4 Dinar bill = 1 USD

photo image547_zpse8a55bb1

photo image548_zps8e568259

Going back to my gate for boarding

photo image589_zpsc7b543fb

Kuwait crew

photo image590_zps2b7817cc

photo image592_zps9647087c

photo image593_zpsa508bdbf

photo image598_zpsd18921cd

photo image591_zps22c1903b

photo image595_zpsa918d0e1

Downstairs are for bus to parked planes

photo image601_zps8aaecd37

photo image602_zps79ac9b64

Back upstairs

photo image603_zpsc6fe8f46

A look at our plane behind glasses

photo image599_zps39b15bd8

Since the flight was delayed they were giving passengers a juice, which is still nice of them, most flights do not do anything. Then passing through security and in to the gate area

photo image604_zps06ea00c3

The gate seating area

photo image612_zpsbef8443e

Our plane

photo image606_zps05c541da

photo image615_zps5bd5353d

photo image616_zpsd7607e6b


photo image619_zpsa120fbff

photo image621_zps0c8cca93

photo image622_zpsf3730ac3

First class

photo image623_zps46176a7d


photo image624_zpsc3ef00aa

Economy - It was very cool, again the flight attendant walks you to your seat and shows you the seat, which is very nice

photo image625_zps574b1693

photo image626_zpsa711534a

photo image627_zps10263d32

photo image628_zps2f458a6d

The leg room was very tight- for a 1 hour 10 minutes to Dubai it's ok but not comfortable at all for a long flight

photo image629_zps8c3644a7

photo image631_zps4665c43c

photo image632_zpsf24c4315

photo image636_zpsfca75cb3

photo image642_zpse9c4582b

photo image644_zpsb484e00f

photo image647_zpsba6a6f26

photo image650_zps603a190d

photo image653_zps23fbfefd

photo image655_zps3f2beaf4

photo image656_zpsd9561362

photo image657_zps22c6c4cf

photo image659_zps7466fa9d

Push back

photo image661_zps03549b9e

photo image662_zps91838472

Take off

photo image671_zps774a0c21

photo image673_zps3f5a4fc6

photo image674_zpsd0352722

photo image676_zps07446e32

photo image679_zpsda96e5bb

photo image682_zps91366150

photo image688_zps383cedde

photo image690_zps416e84f3

photo image696_zpsdf8263da

photo image697_zps6c3d59ea

photo image704_zpsec9d6e11

photo image709_zpsfe85ddf9

The meal service

photo image711_zps6b241e01

photo image712_zpsc9a856dd

A pizza and a snack box

photo image714_zpsb5eb4ac7

photo image716_zpsc37f20db

photo image717_zpsdef5ce60

photo image727_zps12cba40d

photo image725_zps4a4f06a6

Descend into Dubai and the view of city and the sirport in the middle

photo image728_zpsfd3d020b

photo image729_zps13c71d77

photo image732_zps337f9a21

photo image734_zps3d8fc33a

photo image739_zps5fd087c3

photo image740_zpsd294e87b

photo image741_zps557466ef

photo image743_zps2281955c

photo image745_zps82f08053

A last look to our beautiful plane

photo image748_zpsdeab3520

Walking towards passport control

photo image751_zps8b7f8e4f

photo image753_zps6f8bb7e9

photo image759_zps107bb089

photo image762_zpsbc1057a2

photo image763_zps7994398c

photo image764_zps05b98b99

photo image767_zpsa76427f7

Down to the passport control

photo image768_zpsa3240841

To the right is the entrance to departures

photo image769_zps76c2e803

People going to departures area

photo image773_zpsdd72e096

photo image772_zpsa3b42c91

A huge tunnel to the passport control

photo image775_zpsbbb3915a

photo image776_zps7d78261f

photo image777_zpsf722bbac

A sea of people at the passport contorl, not fun at all. It took us 50 minutes to pass through. Very tirding and slow moving lines

photo image779_zpsce2162ec

photo image780_zps022f25ec

photo image781_zpseb060bc7

Baggage Claim

photo image786_zpsd61e6401

photo image788_zps5c49b875


photo image790_zps4d8465d8

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Kuwait Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Kuwait City - KWI


Dubai - DXB



The legroom was very tight on this flight. The plane needs to be refurbished badly but does the job right. Only ok for short haul flights and not a good legroom for long haul ones. The legroom in their A320 is much better. The crew were very nice and professional though. Overall it was a nice experience to travel with KU. Kuwait airport is also very clean, modern, spacious and has a good number of shops and restos even though it's not a very huge airport.

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