Review of British Airways flight Doha Manama in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA124
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 00:25
Take-off 11 Jan 15, 23:45
Arrival at 12 Jan 15, 00:10
BA   #56 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 897 reviews
Published on 28th February 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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Now we are going to Bahrain via the 5th freedom flight of British Airways from Doha to London via Bahrain and a full pictorial tour of Doha's airport.

The curbside

photo image001_zpspztejrke

photo image002_zpsmgrnd4w1

photo image003_zpst7l9hyo0

photo image004_zpszxhupirk

Check in Hall

photo image006_zpsdmrnlghm

photo image008_zpsfjtavzou

Looking down at the arrival hall

photo image010_zpsincvhyj4

photo image009_zpsgqj12znf

photo image011_zpsfw4ytj16

photo image013_zpsrlsbptyd

photo image014_zpsqsnkxhvp

photo image015_zpsposzk6go

photo image016_zpsgfqvbvvc

photo image017_zpssuhah01q

photo image019_zpstovqvaxm

photo image015_zpsposzk6go

photo image016_zpsgfqvbvvc

photo image017_zpssuhah01q

photo image019_zpstovqvaxm

photo image020_zpscfz4wyqn

photo image021_zps765vtdfz

photo image022_zps0kn3afue

photo image024_zpspa3almbi

photo image026_zpsxcpr9x5w

photo image027_zps4gdri2uz

photo image028_zpshxafw4gi

photo image031_zps4ik4xl5i

photo image032_zpszzn999a0

photo image036_zpsnf50aka9

photo image037_zpsj56n8d0d

photo image040_zps8coaw7ec

photo image041_zpsmoqdlocp

The business/first class designated check in areas

photo image048_zpsqk7pnxls

photo image049_zpsklftmyq7

photo image050_zpsqjmb0mqh

Check in for our flight

photo image058_zpsedmwetjf

Going past and looking back at the passport control and the security check

photo image067_zpsp5cmxqeo

photo image062_zpsjriilx5h

photo image063_zps4klsaejl

photo image071_zpsyh4jgjey

photo image075_zpsr3nrofwi

First exploring the B gates on the left wing of the terminal

photo image076_zps10c1qnvk

photo image077_zps2z27sqhe

photo image080_zpsxqnnekwh

photo image081_zpsc3zzurp1

photo image085_zpsxyjqgjef

photo image087_zpsbzwfui65

photo image089_zps8bzmisrq

photo image091_zpsokb0r76r

photo image092_zpsxqy3pcro

photo image095_zpswhmmywap

photo image096_zpskm4e8apg

photo image097_zpsjzs8cpc3

photo image098_zpsy3wpx1cr

photo image103_zps4woj4gna

photo image104_zpsdq6kpjqh

photo image109_zpsgbbkke7l

photo image110_zpsnn6jdpfo

Back at the central shopping area

photo image146_zpsaezkiqr6

photo image147_zpsxegoabdn

photo image111_zpsw3ah5ro1

photo image113_zpszwyqjnko

photo image119_zpsxakkercx

photo image121_zpsnjdgo6ag

photo image123_zps10alximr

photo image127_zpsnvcpryn4

photo image129_zpsixz4jmqc

photo image132_zpsyrqxkslw

photo image135_zps4kiweqhu

photo image136_zps3c7l5ive

photo image150_zpsrcxriesi

Now exploring the A gates at the right wing of the terminal

photo image152_zpsxbemavyu

photo image154_zpsgatgmlex

photo image155_zpsetbtqkp1

photo image156_zpsynjhn4hi

photo image157_zpsdcgrnrrt

photo image158_zps8r7j7d98

photo image159_zpsgcjsxi8a

photo image164_zpsfsqf3mi0

photo image166_zpsgpvwpyy2

photo image167_zpsh3kfrxe0

photo image168_zpsmz36kzan

photo image170_zps6ywdynvo

photo image171_zpsvf01o0bs

photo image173_zpsea14kl6s

photo image175_zpso6bdrhc8

photo image176_zps1jpobfpj

photo image177_zpsxciihx87

photo image179_zps28msabho

photo image180_zpsxprn0vak

photo image181_zpsmvenh4ev

photo image182_zpsfotcuatu

photo image185_zpsbylykif7

Sri Lankan crew

photo image188_zpsmdvdbomr

photo image190_zpswwyq4hgf

photo image192_zpsnpq4y4hz

Back at the central shopping area and going to the food court that is there

photo image197_zpsqax53gmq

photo image198_zpsixnc8bv6

photo image199_zpszqqnbnd6

photo image200_zps8sv5wanw

The best place to spot planes is from the windows of the food court as the rest of the airport windows are covered with those stupid dots that prevents taking pictures

photo image201_zps8jc0qooj

photo image208_zpswd2yt89z

photo image210_zpsucy3lthf

photo image212_zpsuebdeceo

Now exploring the long part of the terminal going south to gates C, D and E

photo image215_zps5c8tdksb

photo image131_zpsziaeuzwt

photo image216_zpsbrmg9s0b

photo image219_zpsjasdv8uk

photo image221_zpsvt2tqigq

photo image222_zpskshyezpy

photo image225_zps0ddl58ny

photo image226_zpsjaxvcm6f

photo image227_zpsiljyccvo

photo image228_zpsuldte9uj

photo image229_zpstabkelyt

photo image231_zpsqnqv6l2b

photo image238_zpsgy5t57y5

The D and E gates are still under construction but there is a section that iss for bus gates that is downstairs at the end of the terminal

photo image239_zpsnbfogr78

photo image241_zpswkwummmg

photo image242_zps1tuv0min

photo image243_zpsr47ptr13

photo image244_zpsvzvtf0qb

photo image248_zpscwihvbux

photo image251_zpseyyqdbib

Back at our gate

photo image253_zpsvy7w5ldu

Inside the gate area

photo image254_zpsukl7r5of


photo image255_zpsr1nkrjkh

photo image257_zps13tuybnz

photo image258_zpsqbay0bqa

photo image259_zpssccoxykg

photo image261_zpswtbllk7l

photo image262_zps9buy4tac

photo image265_zpsa4s4qk2v

photo image266_zpse61nvqbs

photo image267_zpsiscaky6j

photo image268_zpsv9pi3bis

photo image271_zpsxjebayow

photo image272_zpsltxoet7e

photo image274_zpshaxerivr

photo image275_zps5kf9pyqj

photo image276_zps7elyfdwa

photo image277_zpsxcr4uxcr

photo image278_zpscma0cuzh

photo image280_zpsvughzumh

photo image283_zpsanntgkox

photo image285_zpslfp1w7pw

photo image282_zpsnakmc2v5

photo image291_zpsfaqeh8mk

photo image290_zpsivuejtg5

View out the window

photo image292_zpsjy41qygu

photo image293_zpsidvltmux

photo image294_zps2befukzj

photo image295_zpseju7kthf

photo image299_zpsrgspacjd

photo image301_zpsb0dsp6qe

photo image306_zps4n54ycvw

photo image312_zps29bhybbk

photo image315_zpswoafpfsf

Safety video

photo image327_zpsfprepcrb


photo image318_zpsa2jtzjes

photo image319_zpsuyhcqykb

Push back

photo image329_zpshqsrihl6

photo image336_zpsjzs8b97k

photo image345_zpsbnv8qnoq

photo image348_zps3miarkfh

photo image351_zpsfrapuszh

Departing over Doha

photo image352_zpsgsraicdo

photo image354_zpshlik10in

Doha skyline area

photo image355_zpsc46xd9dp

photo image357_zpsumhqjogc

This is one of the shortest flights in the world and the shortest I had been to after flying from Vancouver to Seattle couple of years ago. As soon as we took off, around 7 minutes into the flight the captain announced to cabin crew to prepare for landing and they very fast distributed these orange juices and we landed at Bahrain after 20 minutes of light from Doha and the captain said that we are flying only at the altitude of 3 KM from the sea level, very interesting.

The orange juice

photo image363_zpslgtv3t5p

photo image366_zpse5g5soue


photo image364_zpsyqctxlqf

photo image370_zpso6cgb6ux

photo image374_zpsdujuusdn

photo image375_zpsceil6wo7

We disembarked along with the passengers going to Bahrain, the rest of people travelling to London remained on board

photo image378_zpsh2vqf7g9

photo image380_zpsxeyvcrph

photo image383_zps2vschrua

photo image387_zpspezypbav

photo image389_zpsk1sfmphk

photo image390_zpsd0fmvzot

photo image392_zpsyrda1sxs


photo image395_zpsbr1wfjtu

photo image397_zpszo7yv7wb

photo image399_zpspond9sam

On the way to passport control

photo image400_zpsbr4aszc8

photo image391_zpssmjo90fy

Passport control

photo image401_zpsn7axoupc

photo image404_zpsvddcy7vi

The arrival hall of Bahrain airport

photo image405_zpsgwiplgqj

Gulf Air crew

photo image407_zps52psjsl3

photo image408_zpsbowatxxg

Some pictures of Bahrain:

Bahrain's capital city is called Manama and is a very clean, safe and a nice city to visit.

Bahraini Dinar is also one of the most strong currencies of the world 1 Bahraini Dinar = $3 USD

The 5 Dinar Bill = $15 USD

photo image416_zpsmgxcbib4

photo image417_zpscxg2loum

10 Bahraini Dinar = $30 USD

photo image418_zpsadfzakwb

photo image419_zpsz8uhocie

Manama City

photo image427_zpsvroegnbm

photo image444_zpsjybuixmy

photo image445_zpsk9kw0z7j

photo image468_zpsoddxdiy0

photo image473_zpsjqiutojy

photo image484_zpsnccqiydd

photo image506_zps7q8pxfze

photo image553_zpszxupstfx

photo image566_zpsjlazefuj

photo image583_zpso03fewe7

photo image669_zps3l7lopfc

photo image670_zps3xqavpst

photo image679_zpsniau3kgh

photo image746_zps7okaqfbc

photo image711_zps0fx5imst

photo image730_zps3hmo5tv5

photo image794_zpsmkqar4et

photo image819_zpslc8altaq

photo image824_zpsniyreal1

photo image831_zpsowm06yiz

photo image842_zps4hhtfkwl

photo image845_zpsjrsyxept

photo image846_zpshzd27q5q

photo image857_zpslig5sbtw

photo image1054_zpsikyjbjqi

photo image1059_zpst13okqwf

photo image1120_zps2bdemykq

photo image1122_zpsjushvgzs

photo image1132_zpstgt2rbwi

photo image1213_zpsyaueejjq

photo image1223_zps1tkntwom

photo image1242_zpsk1vvxoct

photo image1258_zpsympdw5yn

photo image1260_zpsdbgxiyt2

photo image1264_zpsvro1d443

photo image1295_zps7ndfuvht

photo image1298_zps9scnubzw

photo image1303_zpssj7ftoyy

photo image1307_zpseaqaupr8

photo image1344_zps4vdzej6h

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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One of the shortest flights in the world. Comfortable seats in British Airways with nice and friendly crew. Doha airport was very clean and nice but very hard to take pictures of planes due to circle shaped figures on most windows.



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