Review of United flight Manama Kuwait City in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA981
Class Economy
Seat 44A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 13 Jan 15, 22:00
Arrival at 13 Jan 15, 23:10
UA   #45 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 324 reviews
Published on 3rd March 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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Now we are going to Kuwait city via the 5th freedom flight of United Airlines from Manama to Washington D.C. via Kuwait city.

Manama's airport curbside

photo image001_zpslivm19jj

photo image002_zps8bmx1nua

Check in counters

photo image003_zpsocksa9w5

photo image004_zpslwh8sdlu

photo image005_zps1t6lcri6

photo image006_zpswn3unwjq

photo image008_zpsm7gc7kc1

Our flight check in

photo image009_zpso37ggidj

Past passport control and airside

The shops are all at the central part of the terminal and it has a right and left wing with gates

photo image011_zpsj3bna1kg

photo image012_zpsmxiwo2d2

photo image013_zpsv6ownwht

photo image015_zpshpfjs2wm

photo image016_zps0asacn8u

photo image018_zpsa412yobt

photo image019_zpsttbnns1p

photo image020_zpsgpxkqqlv

photo image021_zpshnixg8rm

photo image022_zpsfcuhsyqr

photo image023_zpshwneepbz

photo image024_zps7vjutxqc

Gates at the right wing

photo image025_zpszlmzlo5m

photo image026_zpsnxtyabtu

photo image027_zpsxsazptnr

photo image030_zpsed3hw2na

photo image032_zpstdckntqd

photo image033_zpst8zaakdq

Gulf Air to Manila

photo image034_zpszdfnauai

photo image035_zpsdvkir9lh

photo image036_zpseqvvyuga

photo image037_zpsmxmv6rm4

photo image038_zpsemqi5blv

photo image039_zpsgtgtbmqi

photo image040_zpsjbt57dh0

photo image041_zpshl0l2fc1

photo image042_zps7zyflape

photo image043_zpssigo4s04

photo image049_zpszx8ahan9

Goingo towards the left wing gates

photo image050_zpspgr3fruw

photo image052_zpspo3mlr88

photo image054_zpsmdqrodox

photo image056_zpszffdmp1k

photo image057_zps5bxoyker

Bus gates downstairs

photo image058_zpso1qaxmu9

A flight to Tehran was boarding at that time

photo image060_zpsnqdrvdrc

photo image061_zpskd9bepcv

photo image062_zpsmhfemlqg

Back upstairs

photo image063_zpsilcwuvj6

photo image064_zpsffe41jke

photo image068_zpsezwarfbs

photo image080_zpsm2qmyypj

Our flight arriving from Washington D.C. via Kuwait

photo image078_zpsih2rlo0q

photo image079_zps826m9rkp

photo image081_zps7pyahzmd

photo image083_zpsm45tvtvu

At the meantime we went to change some money for Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwait's Dinar is the strongest currency in the world 1 Kuwait Dinar= $3.50 USD

1/2 Dinar bill = $1.75 USD

photo image086_zps87sn2vct

photo image085_zpsicrlkeyl

1 Dinar

photo image087_zpsesaki3g9

photo image088_zpsz10dgbfw

10 dinar

photo image089_zpspznw36p5

photo image090_zpsgokfltzb

And their highest bill 20 dinar= around USD $70

photo image072_zpshpiugj47

Our gate area

photo image091_zpsn4shi24m

photo image092_zps0ksyegm2

photo image097_zps5dconudu


photo image100_zps8wdrk68d

photo image101_zpsbtltl3am

photo image102_zpskhtftfpd

photo image103_zpstupfyd6x

photo image105_zpsakdl5aoa

photo image107_zpsl16zjwj3

photo image110_zpshtz2682g

photo image112_zpsajrylmxx

photo image113_zpspp0la5ts

photo image114_zpspzbumpyp

photo image116_zpsecufsx3b

photo image117_zps8kopr6dr

photo image118_zpspx6ihxwx

photo image121_zpsts8sh1ix

photo image122_zps21xehxzq

photo image124_zpshcq5015o

photo image125_zpswuxlab9i

photo image126_zpskictuowf

photo image129_zpsbmbrlioq

photo image131_zpsmvujfhxd

photo image134_zpsqqqzrcll

photo image135_zpssdawimqb

photo image136_zpsv6ueojxw

photo image137_zps2o56srda

Push back

photo image139_zpsif7w1dvq

photo image142_zpsbqwduktu

photo image143_zpssqr9rad0

photo image144_zpsme20zwn3

photo image146_zpsedzaspwn

photo image147_zpscfcfnfke

photo image151_zpsvauhqjfr

photo image153_zpsfmummiqt

Take off over Manama

photo image155_zpspvimkev1

photo image156_zpsrpqedjvu

photo image157_zpsq8qn4ew8

To the left is Bahrain, the centre is King Fahad Causeway that connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia and to the left is Saudi Arabia, the city of Dammam

photo image158_zpsauitomae


photo image162_zpsg5ssww4a

photo image163_zpspggyxuqf

photo image165_zpswfkt3yfl

Cheese and tomato sandwich and roast beef mini sandwiches for snack

photo image166_zpsoicx8ll6

After around half an hour we started our descent in Kuwait

photo image167_zpsyncryhfu

photo image170_zpsgv9pxjk7

photo image179_zpsgtiqvfab

photo image180_zpsstirasao

Here all passengers even the ones going to D.C. had to disembark and reboard again

photo image183_zpsnpliwdsj

photo image184_zpsndyyvgeb

photo image186_zps5qwm9a6k

Kuwait airport

photo image187_zps88jdmc7k

photo image188_zpsvopdr0tb

photo image189_zps5etshooz

photo image190_zps9r4ds7s6

photo image191_zpshyznppha

our flight crew going to Kuwait and switching with another set of crews

photo image192_zpshz3fox82

Baggage claim

photo image196_zpsh6q2tvzb

photo image197_zpsy7ndqzxm

Arrival hall

photo image198_zpsozpktdfd

photo image200_zpsvbuh1dtk

Some pictures of the great city of Kuwait

They have so many cats here same as Tehran

photo image204_zpshhs2pe4q


photo image206_zpsb3q1iypt

There are so many beach cats too who live by the beach and between rocks, they were so cute

photo image233_zpseym5qyzd

photo image243_zpsvytritod

photo image244_zpsadgdwvsl

Beautiful Kuwait Towers

photo image242_zpsovaq12bb

photo image290_zpsrtdedpqm

photo image291_zpsiaoc17da

Some maintenance work going on in the towers

photo image296_zps055ufqro

photo image331_zps3skrivio

photo image297_zpskcu9cjau

photo image343_zpsixrsz6rk

Souq Sharq shopping centre

photo image370_zpsanuytj1z

photo image603_zpswpr2cbsm

photo image378_zpsxpahxqm1

The beautiful Al Hamra Tower

photo image518_zpsmal7hmbr

photo image546_zpscdg3wbhb

photo image548_zps5ot3bfzv

photo image558_zpsohinbssj

photo image560_zpsrk3i6sbo

Shopping mall under the tower

photo image570_zpsjwgtr2s6

photo image572_zpsx5jfxjn3

photo image589_zpsmnwsftu2

photo image624_zps5oe46qoi

photo image630_zpsvspqvoll

photo image656_zpsrqauvvhn

photo image662_zpsogdkdqlw

photo image679_zpsyhzfejab

Liberation Tower

photo image711_zpsp44zqtsq

photo image714_zpsfdyh3kpv

The amazing Avenues Mall- This is the best mall I have ever seen in any city and super huge. It has around 900 stores. A bit less than Dubai mall but twice the length of Dubai Mall. It spans for 2 big city blocks, you can see how huge it is by the picture below from Google

photo Avenue_zpsxgahfzjq

photo image726_zpsk4jv3dck

photo image731_zpsdgmktcud

photo image733_zpspfrtxt8s

photo image734_zpssafyzp3l

photo image740_zpshjroua26

The luxury section of the mall

photo image743_zpszpfou7np

photo image745_zpsflglptcw

photo image747_zpsfbljyssw

photo image754_zpsbbpfi2zh

photo image759_zpsjxcbf8m1

photo image760_zpsvevbjvec

photo image762_zpskaxmuzjy

photo image763_zps4s0vniro

photo image765_zpslcdc28vb

photo image798_zpsbfmez4u0

photo image894_zpss5fdfpbv

photo image1008_zpszuymxptt

photo image1042_zpsuafkxpre

photo image1061_zpssiiilcre

Some local show add, which I found interesting with portraits of local Kuwaiti people :)

photo image1178_zpsy8qenn3i

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.5

Manama - BAH


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Overall a nice flight with United. The seats were comfortable, but the legroom could be better. The crew were very nice and friendly. Bahrain airport was a small and old looking airport that does the job right.



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