Review of FlyDubai flight Kuwait City Dubai in Economy

Airline FlyDubai
Flight FZ56
Class Economy
Seat 29F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 16 Jan 15, 10:35
Arrival at 16 Jan 15, 13:20
FZ 29 reviews
Published on 7th March 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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In this segment we were going back to Dubai for the last part of our trip before heading back to Canada. I had no idea that Fly Dubai has its own terminal at Kuwait and when the taxi driver by passed the main terminal I was a bit shocked as I thought he is going the wrong way and then he said that Fly Dubai has its terminal on the other side of the airport.

Then we arrived at the Sheikh Saad Terminal here that is designated to Fly Dubai. The terminal was very tiny with not much to do at all.

photo image4010_zpsxkdajhlt

photo image4011_zpsz2kp7mxl

photo image4012_zpsuddjdrbm

photo image4015_zpsnrcuujqg

Small check in area

photo image4016_zpsypfyxtul

photo image4017_zpsidtsrfdo

photo image4020_zpsvtvgjhbf

Small shopping area before security check at the centre of the terminal with a small food court upstairs

photo image4021_zpss3bb0czg

photo image4022_zpsq0k9qjgy

Upstairs with windows overlooking the apron, which was nice

photo image4024_zpsuvr2yenr

photo image4025_zps7v2vupyq

photo image4026_zps0eluzebs

photo image4027_zps5tdrlkzv

The flight prior to us leaving for Dubai

photo image4028_zpspmefmti0

photo image4029_zpsyo6gmvre

photo image4030_zpsrmbg8q9e

photo image4031_zpsz4o75oeh

photo image4032_zpssekeinq4

photo image4035_zpsthbikkux

photo image4037_zpssoxpt78n

photo image4038_zpse8lhcy2m

photo image4039_zpswbmjmzsb

Beutiful KUwait A340. I love Kuwait's livery :)

photo image4041_zpsdztubdpe

photo image4042_zpshexpdgna

photo image4043_zpspcnjk6mc

photo image4044_zpshelj6alo

Location of the terminal compared to the main terminal

photo image4045_zpsjjbxgrxi

photo image4046_zpsnqsnbc87

photo image4050_zpsm6cvo3ih

Then we went past small secuirty check and passport control to air side- Air side was just a small waiting area with no shops at all.

photo image4051_zpsow4k0rkt

We sat next to the window and I could take some pictures of planes going by

photo image4052_zpssmytomtm

photo image4054_zps6u0ojot3

Our plane from Dubai just landed

photo image4055_zpskm8ltfse

photo image4058_zps7yoy9ie8

photo image4059_zpssvmoxwan

photo image4061_zpsi5h8uwod

Here it is

photo image4062_zpsfrx3pgg2

photo image4064_zpslno7vmap

photo image4065_zpspqdq6yau

photo image4067_zps4plm1ea1

Flight crew opening the doors

photo image4069_zpsl2jnivmc

photo image4070_zpss8l9vjnm

photo image4072_zpsawor9k6e

photo image4073_zpsgisevsk6

photo image4075_zpsozvyjnwp

photo image4077_zpsb4exylnv

photo image4079_zpsppfamtkx

photo image4080_zpsqfg7cuw3

A beautiful 777 passing by :)

photo image4081_zpsznpth75i

photo image4082_zps40smh9tp

photo image4083_zps52ogbul6

photo image4084_zpsi9pvkz9j

Then it was time to board and we walked towards the plane

photo image4086_zpsnltfey8x

photo image4087_zps9qawipkc

photo image4089_zpsenu4iaxx

photo image4090_zpsrrfvip4h

photo image4092_zpselisbdd4

photo image4093_zpst31mg9ol

photo image4094_zpsgjeixldd

Looking back at the terminal, it looks much nicer from the outside

photo image4095_zpsejrk0fif

photo image4100_zps1e9el7mu

photo image4099_zps4wv8p6re

photo image4098_zpskmz8pozq

photo image4097_zpsshi0d5wq

photo image4096_zpsyo4rhgts

photo image4101_zps5yjmp25w

The seat

photo image4102_zpsuzd6lcf0

photo image4103_zpspvbsyedu

ok legroom and seat width

photo image4106_zps7kovrtoi

The only function that worked on the IFE was the flight map and you had to pay extra for the movies

photo image4107_zpstace6iwi

And of course you had to pay for the food too

photo image4108_zpsw6vkmzg0

photo image4110_zpskyhurmaz

photo image4111_zpsutokaan0

photo image4112_zpsrkft6bnm

photo image4113_zpsflsmjzzl

photo image4114_zpsho9beiwh

photo image4116_zpsrvn0yc1q

photo image4118_zpsewe1ydo5

Security video with some popular Arabic cartoon figures called Freej, which was fun to watch :)

photo image4119_zps4znpwnwq

photo image4121_zpshdctpq3b

photo image4122_zps8tbllo6g

photo image4126_zpsk2nb0wt4

photo image4128_zpsfw5eomme

photo image4132_zps3skld4gp

Taxing with the whole terminal visible

photo image4134_zpsigmh5wkr

Take off

Kuwait water towers

photo image4136_zpsqjhsleoq

photo image4140_zpstkquxqrd

photo image4143_zpstarevktm

photo image4145_zpspbdygc8u

photo image4150_zps4lc5mngq

photo image4152_zpskoptp4iq

photo image4153_zpsxp4ivtqv

photo image4161_zpsrtxwx5k3

photo image4168_zpsbqfcxjop

hazy Dubai

photo image4169_zpscrgtwhhc


photo image4171_zpshuhkrxyo

photo image4172_zpsf2kwykci

photo image4173_zpshwrpcpt9

photo image4175_zpsq2umm0dx

photo image4176_zpsjycx2rwj

photo image4178_zpskgk8uiep

photo image4180_zps24mehsyz

photo image4191_zps7rhegvuh

photo image4192_zpslmgjs557

photo image4193_zpsdzgarty2

photo image4194_zpsd2pz7luj

photo image4195_zpsrgimmcch

photo image4196_zpsybaeresc

photo image4198_zpsmtqoz4fx

photo image4199_zps2alvfymq

photo image4200_zps3nkpt2zm

photo image4202_zpscgtl6ssi

photo image4204_zps19kzffwl

photo image4208_zpsmzf6wl9e

photo image4209_zpsrmctry6d


photo image4210_zpsfx6yn8cz

photo image4211_zpsjc1p7egc

photo image4212_zpschzlwbjl

photo image4213_zpsunjsqyiv

photo image4214_zpsg5u346sy

photo image4217_zpsug7cngqn

photo image4220_zpseqjq1933

RJ 787

photo image4221_zpss9yxvt0j

photo image4222_zpsszwqdzly

photo image4223_zpsa8mumcxo

Fly Dubai flies out of Terminal 2 in DXB on the other side of the airport and below is their ramp

photo image4224_zpskkvun5v5

photo image4225_zpsy2vzixbc

photo image4226_zpscqthqgq1

photo image4228_zps61vxc3fz

photo image4230_zpsm8nukkvx

photo image4232_zps7vu4mdnv

Going towards immigration

photo image4233_zpsbuzovvm4

Thankfully the line ups at this time were not as bad as the huge line ups at terminal 1

photo image4234_zps05nbjait

Baggage hall

photo image4235_zpsskj4ev5h

photo image4236_zpsns7rrxm3

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Cabin crew8.0

Kuwait City - KWI


Dubai - DXB



Fly Dubai is a low cost carrier and like any other low cost career they charge you extra for any single option added. The fare seems cheap but when you pay for luggage and pay to pick your seat, order food or watch IFE it may not be very cheap after all. The flight was ok and the cabin was nice. The seats were comfortable too.

Information on the route Kuwait City (KWI) Dubai (DXB)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 7 avis concernant 3 compagnies sur la ligne Kuwait City (KWI) → Dubai (DXB).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Emirates avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 12 minutes.

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  • Comment 131253 by
    Wingslover 657 Comments
    Nice report! Flydubai looks like a cool airline to fly on :)
  • Comment 131273 by
    K2World 2252 Comments
    Thanks for your report and the whole routing.
    Your reports include some nice pictures. The bonus about Tehran is really interesting.
    How long was the flight ?
    It's a low-cost so you have to pay for everything but at least the plane is equipped with IFE and you can access the map for free.
    • Comment 312087 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thanks os much K2World. You are right, even though it is low cost the great thing is that map is still available. The flight was around 1 hour 20 minutes. I'm glad you liked the pictures of Tehran :)
  • Comment 131302 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Nice pictures as usual

    FlyDubai seems to be a good low cost carrier

    Were the BOB's offers expensive ?

    • Comment 312093 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thank you lagentsecret. Yes FlyDubai is for sure a nice low cost airline. Sorry I'm not sure what BOB means but if you mean the menu food, I should say that it was not pricey at all. It was priced fairly for sandwich and meals around 8 USD and cheaper for snacks :)
  • Comment 131410 by
    mgescheidt 51 Comments
    Hi and thank you for this nice report.
    I´m thinking of flying DXB-KWI as well, can you please tell us what was the exact price for this flight? Sorry if I missed it mentioned somewhere before.
    Thank you,
    • Comment 312177 by
      whitelight44 AUTHOR 346 Comments
      Thank you. Yes, for sure. I bought my ticket on Oct. 20, 2014 for my trip on Jan. 16th. This is a one way ticket. Note that I had to pay $13 for each luggage weighing up to 20 KG. If you reserve your seats online it's an additional $1.50 and to pay for your fare with debit or credit card you need to pay extra $4.00 so with all thee extras and tax my total for a one way ticket came up to $117 USD.

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