Review of Royal Air Maroc flight Paris Casablanca in Business

Airline Royal Air Maroc
Flight AT765
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 30 Jan 15, 17:30
Arrival at 30 Jan 15, 19:30
AT   #57 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 134 reviews
Published on 9th March 2015
This month Flight-Report had the opportunity to try out Royal Air Maroc’s brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Following the delivery of the 787 to RAM, the new Dreamliner flew the popular Paris to Casablanca route prior to launching longer haul routes like Casablanca-New York and Montreal.

The Dreamliner joined the RAM fleet on January 2nd, 2015. The aircraft is in a two class configuration with 18 full-flat seats in Business class in a 2-2-2 layout and a 3-3-3 layout in economy.

On this flight, we will have the opportunity to test Royal Air Maroc’s new Business class product which features a new Business class seating concept.

Royal Air Maroc operates from the recently renovated Orly South Terminal.

RAM check-in area

photo 1

There is a priority check-in desk for Business class passengers. With only 18 seats in Business class, there are no crowds and the check-in process is quick and smooth,

photo 2

Members of Royal Air Maroc’s frequent flyer program with Elite status (Silver, Gold, and Ambassador) also have access to the priority check-in lanes.

photo 3

Royal Air Maroc gives priority security screening access to its Business class and Elite customers through “Accès N° 1.”

photo 4

The recently updated airside section of Orly’s South Terminal is now much more pleasant and modern.

photo 5

Royal Air Maroc operates its own lounge at Orly, giving Business, Gold and Ambassador status flyers access on the date of departure.

photo 6

Newspapers and magazines in the lounge are a mix of French and Moroccan publications.

photo 7

There is a good amount of comfortable seating available in the lounge along with table to eat or work.

photo 8photo 9

Royal Air Maroc has a rather large operation at Paris Orly for a non-French carrier—understandable considering the cultural and historical ties between the two countries. Aside from Casablanca, RAM also serves the airports of Agadir, Essaouira, Fez, Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Oujda, Rabat, and Tangiers direct from Paris Orly—an impressive portfolio of destinations.

photo 10

The food offering in the lounge is quite good.

photo 11

There are dates—no surprise for a North African carrier.

photo 12

A variety of charcuterie and cheeses are also on offer…

photo 13

…along with crudités, sandwiches, and wraps.

photo 14

For your sweet tooth, you’ll find macarons and other sweet treats.

photo 15photo 16

Pastries are also available.

photo 17

A variety of soft drinks and juices can be found.

photo 18

And for those who prefer something stronger, you’ll find spirits…

photo 19

…along with red and white wine, as well as champagne.

photo 20

We tried a bit of everything.

photo 21

After boarding is announced in the lounge, it is a short walk to the boarding gate.

photo 22

And here is the brand new Royal Air Maroc Dreamliner! RAM is only the third African carrier to operate the Boeing 787, after Ethiopian and Kenya Airways.

photo 23photo 24

Once boarding begins, the process is rather orderly with boarding priorities clearly announces and respected. Business class and passengers with Elite status board via the dedicated priority lane.

photo 25photo 26

You can grab a newspaper or magazine upon boarding.

photo 27

And voilà… the new Business class cabin. As mentioned earlier, the cabin is configured in a 2-2-2 layout. Although many 787 operators have opted for a 2-2-2 configuration, RAM’s 787 has a unique Business class product.

photo 28

The In-flight Entertainment (IFE) screens are huge! Quite an impressive size.

photo 29

With only 18 seats, there are just 3 rows of seats, which makes for an intimate and private feel.

photo 30

The large 787 windows let a lot of natural light into the cabin, which is very pleasant.

photo 31photo 32

Viewed from the front, the seats are slightly angled towards each other.

photo 33

The wall decorations in the cabin add an extra flair to the overall ambiance.

photo 33a

The seat controls, reading light, and power outlets can all be found nearby. The remote control for the IFE is touchscreen, as we now see becoming standard with the latest generations of IFE.

photo 34

Features unique to the 787 and Boeing Sky interior on other aircraft include the overhead bins and ceiling lighting.

photo 35

If you are travelling alone and seated next to a stranger, a seperation screen canbe put up to preserve privacy.

photo 36

Pre-departure drinks are served individually at each seat. The serving tray is decorated with flower petals, which is a nice and gives the impression that RAM pays attention to detail.

photo 37

So here’s the deal with the seats. Earlier, we told you that although a 2-2-2 configuration for Business class in a 787 was common, that Royal Air Maroc’s Business product was unique…and it is. The Moroccan flag carrier is only the second airline to have installed this model of Business class seat: The Equinox by French airline seat manufacturer Sogerma.

The seats angle towards each other and slightly overlap at the feet when in full flat position to maximize the use of space in the cabin. In a pair of seats, one seat is higher than the other in full-flat position to allow for this overlapping.

Here is what this looks like when both seats are in bed mode.

photo 38photo 39

The separators between seats preserve a sense of privacy while the higher position of the window seat allows passenger sitting by the window to exit to the aisle more easily than with a traditional forward-facing 2-2-2 configuration.

As this is a new Business class seating concept, it was a rather bold choice by Royal Air Maroc to install such a product. From our impressions so far, this seat seems to have been the right choice for RAM.

photo 40

The IFE is the newer “Thales TopSeries Avant” model, which can be found on more and more carriers.

photo 41

The touchscreen remote control can also be used to view the air show.

photo 42

Looking out the window,it is unmistakable that we are on a 787 with those beautiful raked wingtips and chevrons on the engines.

photo 43

As we push back from the gate, this RAM 737 is bathed in the light of dusk.

photo 44

Headsets are distributed during taxi.

photo 45

The security video is played on the huge IFE screens.

photo 46

And we take off with the last rays of sun.

photo 47photo 48

Little visit of this aircraft after takeoff. The real galley is quite large and open, which must be more pleasant for the crew to work in.

photo 49

The IFE screens in the economy cabin are also quite large.

photo 50photo 51

Back in Business class, one can see that there are special seatback pockets for magazines and newspapers available at all seats.

photo 52

Again, the PTVs are huge, and the Picture-in-picture features allows AvGeeks to keep an eye on the air show while watching a movie or TV series.

photo 52a

And here is the seat in relaxation mode. A pleasant position, especially with 3 large windows to look out of and a nice view of the GEnx engines.

photo 53

In bed mode, the window seat is higher than the aisle seat, as mentioned above. This does indeed allow those seated in the window seat to climb out to the aisle more easily due to the higher position.

photo 54


photo 55photo 56

The foot space is decent and not too constraining until some Business class seats.

photo 56a

There is a nice variety of entertainment choices on the IFE.

photo 56b

A pre-dinner drink is served with almonds and a rose petal for decoration, which is a nice touch. The champagne is a Monopole Heideseck.

photo 57

The Royal Air Maroc logo on the glass is very nice.

photo 58

Menus are distributed shortly after drinks are served.

photo 59

List of drinks and spirits

photo 60

The meal will consist of four courses: an appetizer, two choices for the main dish, a cheese course, and dessert.

photo 61

Smoked salmon tartare

photo 62photo 63

Like the glasses, the cutlery is also emblazoned with the RAM logo.

photo 64

Bread is distributed warm.

photo 65

For the main dish, RAM presents the choices on a cart so that passengers can visually see what they chose rather than relying on menu descriptions. This is a very rare practice in this day and age and a very nice touch.

photo 66

Here is the lamb. Although the cart was very well presented with linens and flower petals, it does not seem as though there was much thought put into the presentation of the actual dish itself.

Mafé lamb

photo 67

For the cheese course, there is a choice of four different cheeses along with some fruit.

photo 68

A choice of four cheeses cut by the flight attendant is definitely above average service for Business class, especially on a shorter flight like this.

photo 69

The cart returns later with desserts, after dinner drinks, and coffee/tea.

photo 70

For dessert, there is a Pâtisserie française, a millefeuille, also known as a “Napoleon” in some parts, accompanied by a Moroccan mint tea and an espresso.

photo 71

The lighting in the cabin is very pleasant.

photo 72

The crew prepares the cabin for arrival.

photo 72a

The IFE is switched over to the air show on arrival, but you can continue to listen to music.

photo 73

Approaching Casablanca from the south.

photo 74

There is not much to see out the window during landing as night has fallen.

photo 75

The Dreamliner flight deck.

photo 76

Upon arrival we disembark by airstairs which allows for a nice last view of our Dreamliner.

photo 77
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After a rocky few years, Royal Air Maroc is on track for a comeback with this innovative new Business class product and a brand new fleet of 787 Dreamliners. RAM is also in the process of acquiring a new fleet of Embraer E190 aircraft as it continues its fleet renewal.

With an impressive level of service, innovative hard product, and attention to detail, the flight with Royal Air Maroc was an enjoyable experience.

The Positives:
• The seat – Full flat with a good level of privacy
• Quality of service with nicely presented cart, nice attention to detail and decent champagne.
• The lounge at Paris Orly – spacious with nice offering
• IFE : a nice selection of entertainment…also, did we mention the screen is huge? ?

The Negatives:
• The 2-2-2 configuration does not allow for aisle-access for all passengers, but the design of the window seats, as previously mentioned, allows for easier aisle-access than on more traditional configurations.
• Lack of side drink table.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Royal Air Maroc avec 7.1/10.

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    eminere™ 271 Comments
    Awesome report! Great pics especially of the interesting seat design. Was Philippine Airlines the first to install this type? If seated at the aisle since you are lower do you get the sense that the window passenger is looking down on you? Having to vault over the aisle passenger must nevertheless still be tricky for the window passenger.
    • Comment 312184 by
      Flight-Report TEAM AUTHOR 486 Comments
      Thanks for reading! Yes, PR was the 1st carrier to install the Equinox 3D seats on their A330s. AT is the second to feature first to install them on 787s. The privacy screens probably prevent having the feeling that the seat next to you is looking down on you. The fact that the aisle seat is lower makes it easier to climb over to get to the aisle.
  • Comment 384520 by
    thejetflyer BRONZE 149 Comments
    Amazing report with lots of detail ! RAM will soon be commencing Manchester to Casablanca !

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