Review of Austrian Airlines flight Dubai Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS840
Class Economy
Seat 32A
Flight time 06:25
Take-off 17 Jan 15, 02:25
Arrival at 17 Jan 15, 05:50
OS   #78 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 351 reviews
Published on 10th March 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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This part is about our return back to Toronto from Dubai via Vienna by Austrian airlines

Austrian check in at terminal 1

photo image001_zpsqgpk9zsj

After passing huge lines at passport control and passing security check we went down to the tunnel that connects the terminal to the airside terminal

photo image006_zpszgkskajh

photo image007_zpssoxtmuk6

photo image008_zps6phz5o8h

photo image009_zps11o4f0jd

Shops at terminal 1

photo image014_zpsopk3pbjd

photo image010_zpsou05twf8

photo image011_zpsceokqtlh

photo image012_zpsvobm5bua

photo image013_zpstlxr9h9l

photo image015_zpsp64uc1fq

photo image017_zpstxm6unzp

photo image018_zpsvm833d5m

photo image019_zps3g3u1eqw

photo image020_zpsuxwjulos

photo image024_zpspdcndkh4

photo image027_zpspk2xkmm0

photo image031_zpscgghcpnf

photo image033_zpsfpempc95

photo image035_zps5fjhqnkg

photo image036_zpss8r1lpdr

photo image037_zpsu57iygmq

photo image039_zpsbaxhc21u

photo image041_zpshqhw4hse

Some books in Arabic

photo image047_zpsjk4b8p1t

photo image048_zpsjwxqhw5i

Picture of Dubai's future terminal at world central airport. It looks not bad but I kind of like DXB and it's awesome location right next to Dubai's city centre much more

photo image049_zpsrcm1fjgy

Rendering of future Kuwait airport's terminal, which is very nice

photo image050_zpsitua2cad

Rendering of Rome's future terminal. I had no idea about this one. Looks like FCO is expanding nicely

photo image051_zpsxetm6cnd

photo image052_zpsxku7pinv

Inside a book. The Arabic alphabet is the same as Persian (Farsi) alphabet of Iran but words mean totally different things except for some similar words. It's like English and Italian, same words but different meaning with some common words.

photo image054_zpscfq0wj0a

A cute camel that I got for myself :)

photo image055_zpsej2ja8nr

Now at our gate area

Air Inida

photo image056_zpso8xtknmn

Our plane's tail visible

photo image057_zps2neki2pe

The seating area

photo image058_zpsutetlwl7

photo image059_zpsyiatg5hw

photo image060_zps80yjw8pm


photo image061_zpsizubicbq

photo image063_zpsrb3toejs

photo image064_zpskkxd3g0c

photo image065_zps8746r16m

photo image066_zpsuw1yzlzo

photo image067_zpsuzvwuwwn

photo image068_zpshz7lbu2j

Beautiful refurbished cabin

photo image069_zpsfc5lq8om

photo image070_zps2yjtmhtz

photo image071_zpsdstfajvk

photo image073_zpswikex7mi

photo image075_zpsdzftkdy7

Our seat

photo image076_zpszsorbwcv


photo image077_zpsrs1qdfgm


photo image078_zpsj7sw55mj

The great IFE

photo image081_zpsmqcoi5zh

photo image083_zpsjmgasik2

photo image084_zpsnhr9cszz

photo image093_zps0eiov0kb

photo image086_zpstklunxui

photo image092_zps3324f4sa

photo image100_zpseg0m7d4z

photo image088_zpsgnjgpdog

photo image082_zpscrqzwbvf

Shaheen Airlines next to us

photo image087_zpsafyoe1d4

photo image089_zpskrsr35dq

photo image095_zpsexkhjzvi

photo image096_zpsotkdnckm

photo image097_zpsgmhvveqg

photo image099_zpsjtby6ms3

Safety video

photo image104_zpsyhorvzy3

photo image105_zps6mfim1xz

Shaheen Airlines, Aeroflot and Air Algerie

photo image107_zps3kz3eskj

photo image110_zpsdp0n7mtl

photo image112_zpsjnnzzzgq

photo image113_zpsutx05jjo

photo image114_zpssrwvdetw

photo image116_zps1i7bh5gf

photo image117_zpsuvx8splb


photo image111_zpssrfaifz7

photo image118_zpsv5ouxcxk

Take off

photo image119_zpsnhj9ph2o

photo image122_zpsoxwaemlo

photo image123_zpsr02dczrw

photo image125_zps1utoy6pu

photo image126_zpsy2gznmm7

photo image128_zpsd1tyl4b0

photo image129_zpsv6yntgif

Going over Iran

photo image132_zpsln5gc7c0

photo image133_zpsisefxrk9

First they served a snack sandwich, which was tasty

photo image134_zps80jbzd0w

Around 1:30 hour before landing in Vienna, they served the breakfast, which was very delicious as well

photo image141_zps839q2adr

photo image142_zpsc3xez7ia

photo image143_zpszlzasoa1

photo image144_zpsabgj5kee

Landing in Vienna

photo image145_zps10ymsb2b

photo image146_zpsmdnoapby

photo image148_zpszf7gj1mf


photo image149_zpsdxd91a9m

photo image151_zpsrky2vuha

photo image152_zpsk1jsgtfd

photo image153_zpsllutkxlk

A look at our plane

photo image155_zpspswfii5h

Vienna's new terminal does not have much to do except some shops at the beginning of it, also it's very dark and I wished they used brighter furniture. It was also very hard to take pictures of planes due to glass reflection

photo image156_zps2timj2de

But it had an amazing thing, which is these seats that you can sleep on. It's very handy and useful for passengers with long connections and they were super comfy.

photo image158_zpslbumm98m

photo image159_zps10ecas9y

photo image160_zpsavafczek

photo image162_zpszpywde9p

And I slept on this comfy seat for the next 2 hours before our flight to Toronto :)

photo image163_zpsvxps2wvt

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Dubai - DXB


Vienna - VIE



Overall a great flight by Austrian. Very clean and fresh cabin. Comfortable seats for economy with good legroom and seat width. Nice crew and the meal tasted good too. The IFE was great too.



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