Review of Mahan Air flight Tehran Shiraz in Economy

Airline Mahan Air
Flight W51087
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A300-600
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 25 Dec 14, 13:35
Arrival at 25 Dec 14, 14:35
W5 24 reviews
Published on 15th March 2015
Hi all,

This is about my trip back home to Iran and to the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf area, you can see all parts here:

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This section covers my trip to the beautiful city of Shiraz with Mahan Air and below are the pictures.

Tehran's Mehrabad Airport old International terminal is used strictly by Iran Air, all other airlines, such as Mahan, Aseman etc use the main domestic terminal, which is labeled as terminal 4

Entrance to the airport, which is very cool

photo image001_zpswcjuaz15

Terminal building

photo image004_zps56aytrpu

Pictures of some cool projects under construction in Kish Island of Iran in the Persian Gulf at the entrance of terminal for investors who are interested to fund these projects

photo image005_zpsmxscvaxc

photo image008_zpsmom4if0h

photo image006_zpso32ydnii

photo image007_zpsregurvpd

photo image009_zps1s6xwpba

Inside with numerous check in counters and seating areas all over

photo image012_zps8r9nedlo

photo image013_zpsfyq47h6m

photo image014_zpsfjw29gzw

The check in counters for my flight

photo image015_zpsmgpdgif5

photo image016_zpsci3aianu

photo image017_zps67ywusih

Boarding pass

photo image018_zps1sba6mch

photo image022_zps4rdpolub

photo image025_zpsvok24s2o

photo image026_zps5p4mgac4

Some shops and eateries here

photo image028_zpszazxkduf

photo image031_zpstqf4xgrs

Tehran Mall project

photo image032_zpsvatrs8gq

After going through the security this is the air side. There are no air bridges in Tehran's domestic and all need to board buses to get to their plane

photo image033_zps7tf2jjdo

photo image034_zpsqu5iqonp

photo image035_zpsyzomq9ui

photo image039_zpseykalzuv

Boarding for our flight

photo image041_zpsmc8uuil6

photo image043_zpslqb0rvim

Many planes all over the apron

photo image047_zpsfordkpqy

photo image048_zpsaublqrou

photo image049_zpsde5qhe3r

photo image057_zps2c6lel15

photo image058_zpsmkyj4o3d

photo image060_zpsc1nlnpol

photo image061_zpsiklfaogx

photo image064_zpsbogotthj

photo image065_zpsya0q7av8

photo image067_zps35dzw7um

photo image068_zps0grs7skg

photo image070_zpsioeg758x

photo image071_zps8pv8ocsg

photo image072_zpsoksbpe3u

photo image074_zpsd3inhw4i

photo image073_zpsrjaxv2hc

Then we reached our plane

photo image075_zpsf2zrqpkd


photo image076_zpsicyvhtey

photo image077_zpswnznoudj

photo image078_zpsqrdcddjy

photo image079_zpsmdngf01h

photo image084_zpsftl3e1dz

photo image085_zps5yfcvcru

photo image087_zpsohr3xyrm

photo image088_zpsedf15sa6

photo image089_zpszbmmlfsq

photo image090_zpsjo02wgno

photo image091_zpsj1dvcawa

photo image092_zps2ngsmkgw

photo image093_zpszmnoj1su

photo image095_zpsx4nisj8u

A very nice cabin, clean, very fresh looking with very comfortable seats and great leg room

photo image099_zpszji29q5y

photo image098_zpsllvggnls

photo image100_zpsglwdctdl

Inflight Magazine

photo image102_zpsfghnf0bl

International network

photo image103_zpsnpu9joeq

Middle East network

photo image106_zpsd5yhm59o

Within Iran network

photo image114_zpsusqgidmy

photo image107_zps0gwqutva

photo image109_zpss26z2c7l

photo image111_zpsbxe2owqm

photo image112_zps4gepj7hn

photo image113_zpstrxjsf3n

photo image118_zpsmcaf33sf

Taxing and passing by many cool planes

photo image119_zps1cr8r89a

photo image120_zpsjy4hsgvz

photo image122_zpswylqddi1

photo image123_zpsn6umvrwz

photo image125_zpshoxn9tub

Lining up for take off

photo image130_zpssljhnkcx

photo image128_zpsodqucg1n

Take off

photo image131_zpszi22scfb

photo image132_zpszz3nl1ob

photo image133_zpshrbfesst

photo image135_zpsypfsb9jy

photo image139_zpsqjgrbclh

photo image140_zpshjko4d7u

Amazing, looking back at Tehran with the Mount Damavand in the background. The highest point and mountain in the middle east region with height of 5878 meters

photo image145_zpszbjiyqcf

photo image146_zpse4blwcne

photo image149_zpsvduox3gh

photo image152_zpsf5rbntse

photo image153_zpshgp9a2xr

Couple of minutes later we passed above Tehran's International Airport (IKA) located 30 KM south of Tehran

photo image154_zpsukjbutlp

photo image155_zpszqlxleqq

Beautiful salt lake on the way

photo image164_zpsjngbwn8f

Meal service

photo image165_zpse0pmlvgo

photo image166_zpspmaq0fi0

A very tasty lunch, which I don't know the name of it. Kind of like a bologna with fresh vegetables.

photo image168_zpsh5mcza19

photo image169_zpskjljphfj

photo image172_zps1bdok1jw

photo image173_zpsl3ineqix

photo image175_zpsedbvnzui

photo image177_zpsaaibycwm

The green thing is called Koo Koo Sabzi (Vegetable mix, I don't know the English equivalent for it)

photo image178_zpspo9ciizt

photo image180_zpseacoybfl

Flying above the city of Isfahan after around half an hour, second most famous tourist attraction of Iran after Shiraz with Zayandehrood River in the centre and many nice bridges

photo image185_zpspfdminpj

photo image187_zpshylff0bp

photo image192_zpsddxaid57

Isfahan airport visible on top almost right corner

photo image194_zpsg2vzkinu

photo image198_zpsmnctyqmm

Descend to Shiraz

photo image200_zpsd3f6fpfq

photo image203_zpse1u0jpyi

photo image204_zpsakui1mjt

photo image205_zpsmq9kfyc0

photo image207_zpscdeg6cfk

photo image210_zpsetfmj1hf

A portion of Shiraz visible here

photo image227_zpsiefj8lcx

photo image229_zps3hizycxx

photo image231_zpsdntzbzdx

photo image232_zpsxf8coqyr

Making a U turn above the beautiful salt lake of Shiraz, which had a red colour but due to sun light I could not take a good pic

photo image234_zpsul9vj6bw

photo image239_zpsfa7caxec

photo image242_zpswgpbxb14

photo image243_zpspcjt2f4b

photo image244_zpsozlpi2dx

photo image245_zpsrzkmkvio

Shiraz airport terminal, there is heavy construction inside as they just doubled the size of the terminal, the outside is almost done but the inside is still under construction so the airport was kind of chaotic. The old airport was very nice too but they decided to make it bigger.

photo image249_zpsbvjhxifs

photo image250_zpsjllos3b9

photo image253_zpsvdvofiwj

photo image255_zps6efcb2vy


photo image256_zpsq4nscc9m

photo image257_zpslnzjm740

photo image259_zpsqwuuwa8o

photo image260_zps1lahb6lq

Beautiful cabin and seats

photo image262_zpsn5sbkwjq

photo image263_zpsngh5qkyo

photo image264_zpsch946epg

photo image266_zpsjtjvzfwj

Business class

photo image268_zps1jyzzmne

photo image269_zpsxzgc1y1m

photo image270_zpsgvfg4tuy

photo image275_zpssvkpkefr

photo image276_zps1j7vnapn

photo image273_zpsruuwhmxk

Entrance to baggage hall

photo image280_zpskrx2ecfy

photo image281_zpsluaeavoy

Outside area

photo image282_zpsggq4xacq

photo image284_zpssvmtjy2i

photo image286_zpskarlkjzr

photo image295_zpsbipg6k6s

Looking back at the terminal

photo image297_zpssnbao84y

Picture of the cleric that the airport is named after

photo image298_zpsdz6zfmdf

photo image299_zpsl7c2bv0b

As I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up and she was stuck in traffic, I went back in to the terminal to take some pictures

photo image300_zpsfoa6e4c0

Just before stepping in I saw my plane leaving back for Tehran, which was very cool :)

photo image296_zpsq7ah0ohk

photo image302_zps2iw2lvs1

Inside the terminal, which used to be very nice and vibrant but due to construction it was looking like a simple huge hall

photo image294_zpszrk62k0h

photo image289_zpsucxtozfs

photo image290_zpsk2cqnmv4

photo image291_zps1dy7u8zb

photo image292_zps8rnikx1x

And going out when my cousin called me and was waiting for me outside

photo image308_zpsfuuhbekw

photo image310_zpshwniavw6

Pictures below are from my return couple of days later

photo image757_zpskv7u5rtf

photo image760_zpsgbjjks9u

photo image763_zps7jyg28ch

Old style boarding pass

photo image764_zpshtfpkdyy

photo image765_zpse9oxxiux

photo image770_zpskxpzhpun

photo image771_zpswauvmvzn

photo image772_zpsllav8urj

Moving past security and to the airside section, which was very small and over crowded due to the construction. There were many flat seats around, which were very comfortable

photo image774_zpsdpt2letg


photo image778_zpsdheayh6e

photo image779_zps9ptyg5lp

photo image783_zpsaczoqwed

Awesome cabin

photo image784_zpsqy4ri4pe

photo image785_zpshxuj8baf

photo image786_zpspgtpvvjk

photo image787_zps2xk7zp7i

photo image789_zpsmrmcu2x8

Take off with some views over Shiraz

photo image790_zpsl1vwfpvb

photo image791_zpsuyqkjtwi

photo image792_zpsqmxu1yus

photo image793_zpsxremqch8

photo image794_zps2bh0bsmz

photo image797_zpswwogydyu

photo image799_zpsnt85brfj

Meal service

photo image806_zps5rctdnp2

Chicken and some sort of Macaroni salad

photo image800_zpsbdefxbd7

photo image802_zpssjxbd8su

photo image803_zpsmggslwka

photo image804_zpsepftkvq7

photo image807_zpszpracnmg

Handing out extra breads to whoever wants them, great cabin crew, young and very professional

photo image805_zpsobyvc4ua

photo image808_zps0aljqcff

photo image809_zpsc9i6i5az

photo image810_zps8c8h77qx

photo image811_zpsp6qdktr3

Descending into Tehran- you get great views if you seat on the right and go to Mehrabad domestic airport but since it was night due to the speed of plane I could not take many nice pix as the plane goes along the Central part of Tehran and there is a huge sea of apartments and lights

photo image817_zpsy8k4nlzk

photo image821_zpsp7hu6z4k

photo image822_zpsepgegyeh

photo image825_zpsey7gohyy

photo image828_zpsf8cbgpxh

photo image842_zpsae7w1zo5

Beautiful lit up stair case

photo image843_zpspwzpa6ie

Disembark for us from the back door

photo image847_zpsarivrun5


photo image848_zpsyl1f2w4b

photo image849_zpspjvqrjei

photo image853_zpsffknqs1c

Baggage hall, crowded with so many flights landing from all over Iran

photo image856_zpsxagw4at7

photo image862_zpstg4swo8i

photo image859_zpsbwhzqszc

Hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Mahan Air

Cabin crew10.0

Tehran - THR


Shiraz - SYZ



A great flight experience with Mahan Air. Great cabin, fresh, nicely designed, with great seats with excellent leg room and comfort. The crew were also very nice, attentive and professional. Very nice and fresh meal served for this short 1 hour flight.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Mahan Air avec 7.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 25 minutes.

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