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Airline Emirates
Flight EK148
Class Economy
Seat 45K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:25
Take-off 01 Aug 14, 15:30
Arrival at 01 Aug 14, 23:55
EK   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 633 reviews
By 5641
Published on 16th March 2015
Hello everyone!

This is my first flight report, so to begin with I will introduce myself.
I am a 15 year old boy from the southern part of the Netherlands. I also have a youtube channel with a friend of mine where there is some plane spotting and inflight video's! For the people that are interested:
I am an avgeek since I was 7 years old and I started travelling a lot since then. It has to do SOMETHING with it doesn't it? :)

This is a flight report from August 2014 with Emirates. This was not my first time on Emirates, nor an A380, but I am doing this one first because I have the most pictures taken from this trip to Hong Kong & Borneo.
The flights we were on this holiday were:

Amsterdam - Dubai A380 Emirates
Dubai - Hong Kong A380 Emirates
Hong Kong - Kota Kinabalu A320 Air Asia
Kota Kinabalu - Sandakan A320 Air Asia
Sandakan - Kota Kinabalu A320 Air Asia
Kota Kinabalu - Hong Kong A320 Air Asia
Hong Kong - Dubai A380 Emirates
Dubai - Amsterdam A380 Emirates

We booked these flights in March, and Emirates was the cheapest airline to Hong Kong.
Basically, I persuaded my parents to fly from Amsterdam, instead of Dusseldorf, which is only a 1 hour drive instead of 2 to Amsterdam.

On the 1st of August we started driving towards Schiphol at around 10AM.
We dropped of our suitcases, as we had already checked in via the very efficient Emirates website.
Schiphol is an amazing airport with just 1 terminal. Everything is very nearby and it is no pain to walk towards the other side of the airport. After having a drink and lunch, we started to head towards the Emirates gate. Gate G9.
And there the big whale was waiting for us :)
photo 20140801_144729

Unfortunately it was equiped with the older generation of their IFE. However, their ICE system is just awesome with many movies, games, series and so on.

I sat at seat 45K which is the 5th row up front on the main deck. This is a smaller area than the other economy parts, which I really like! Seat pitch on the A380 is great! I could stretch my legs as there is no IFE box underneath the seat.
The only minor thing about the Emirates A380 (don't know if other A380 users have this aswell, I've flown on a SIA A380, but I cant remember) is that there is a pretty big gap between the glas of the actual window and the part where you can sort of lean to… For filming this was a bit annoying, but it lets a lot of daylight in though!

The flight was slightly delayed by just 15 minutes.
The flight looked to be occupied by around 90-95%, which is really good for Emirates.

Pushback was started and the captain made an announcement that we would be flying on an altidute of 37.000 feet and later 39.000 feet with a total flight time of 6.30 hours.
We took off from runway 24 and headded east after. The flight was uneventfull and I slept through most of it.

During the flight, upon take off & landing I did not make any pictures as I was mostly filming for my Youtube channel, although, I did make some.
photo IMG_7054

There were 2 options for dinner. The one I had, spinach with an omelet and potatoes and one that I can not remember…
Dinner was tasty and served with wine, beer, soda or various juices. I think this comes with a wide range of choice.
photo Snapchat-20140802092748

Later on in the flight, we were also served a snack, which was fine.

The crew on the flight were really friendly, as usual, however, I believe there were no Dutch FA's on the flight which kind of surprised me…

Nothing much happened on the flight and the approach was via the Dubai desert.
After a hard touchdown at runway 30L we taxied to gate B17.

As I always do, I asked if I could take a look at the flight deck, and this hasn't been a problem yet on any flight. photo 20140802_002948

Dubai Airport is massive and growing every year. So many A380's…! Security went fast and nothing unusual happened.
And now we had to wait for 4 hours for our connecting flight to Hong Kong!

Thank you for reading my first FR, and if you have any feedback (I'm sure there is ;)), please let me know!
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Cabin crew10.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Dubai - DXB



This was my 5th flight on Emirates, and my 3rd time in an A380!
The flight was uneventfull, but Emirates is just a great airline!
Drinks were served regularly and catering was tasty!

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  • Comment 131868 by
    Wingslover 657 Comments
    Hallo! Welkom bij Flight Report!

    Your report is nice but doesn't includes too much pics. That's sad. I also think that inly one meal for a flight like that is not enough.

    Looking forward to see more reports from you!

    Btw: Do you really think AMS desserves 10/10?
    • Comment 312511 by
      ivob99 AUTHOR 4 Comments
      Hey! thanks a lot!
      I know I don't have a lot of pictures, but that is because I did not plan on writing a report. In fact I did not know this site since a couple of months ago.. and because I mainly planned on filming for my youtube channel.
      The meal would indeed not be enough as you said, we were also served a snack. However, I cannot remember this. In the future I will try to take photos of it as well as the menu.

      About Schiphol, no it does not deserve 10/10, but no airport does actually... and at that time on these aspects of security, parking, activities and cleanliness it was all fine and I don't have any bad comments about it..
      Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)
  • Comment 131879 by
    Mohd Amiruddin 38 Comments
    Nice trip report. but only few pictures.
    I'm from Kota Kinabalu. Wondering what purpose you're going to Sandakan?
    Look forward for your next fr.
    • Comment 312515 by
      ivob99 AUTHOR 4 Comments
      Hey! Thanks a lot! I know there aren't a lot of pics, but that is because I didn't plan on writing a report :).
      Awesome! Love Borneo man! I was going to Sadakan for holiday, we did a trip up the river from Sandakan into the rain forrest! Loved it! Later on we also stayed in Kota Kinabalu btw.
      Thanks a lot Mohd!

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