Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Cologne Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL1808
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Fokker 70
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 26 Feb 15, 11:15
Arrival at 26 Feb 15, 12:10
WA   #55 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 527 reviews
Published on 28th March 2015
Hello everyone,

Reporting on this opportunity a short hop from Cologne to Amsterdam on KLM, this on start of my day later long haul flight from Europe to Lima.

Check in started in CGN T2 2 hours before departure at the SkyPriority Lane. Interestingly enough, I was designated to be a quality observer for AF/KL for this segment to AMS. Check in was very quick and friendly. CGN has a priority lane for security and in no time I was seated at the ''VIP'' lounge, which of VIP has very little :P

photo IMG_4444

The Lounge operated by the CGN Airport is to say at least…the most below standard lounge I have ever been. It was so small I was feeling like being on the Smurfs village! The selection of food was a joke, cheap old cookies and a terrible selection of drinks. The only acceptable offering was the coffee.

View of the tarmac though is quite nice. I was shocked as I normally avoid low cost carriers to see how a Ryanair flight to Malaga was already boarding and passengers were waiting to board on the jetway while the airplane was just coming in to the gate! :D You got to love European low cost airlines right? This goes specially to Mr. CEO of Ryanair :D

photo IMG_4449

Boarding was done by a bus to the plane. There was no procedure followed and basically no one invited SkyPriority passengers to board first or people needing assistance. Felt a little bit chaotic during the whole process.

The plane had the newly revised livery of KLM which I found very refreshing.

photo IMG_4450

We quickly took off directly to the west and service began. Crew was polite, on a hurry for this short segment and nothing friendly (which I will comment on my conclusion). Today there was a little cake with a selection of hot drinks or juices.

photo IMG_4453photo IMG_4456

Legroom was above standard but of course this was an Economy Comfort seat, which I get almost for free as a FB Gold.

photo IMG_4455

We landed at the infamous runway (36R?) with a 15 minutes taxi to the gate at Schipol Airport, there was some bizarre situation at the baggage belt. All bags were delivered and mine was missing, which I presented myself at the baggage assistance desk showing my tag and they sorted out that my bag was 'forgotten' at the apron and was soon to be delivered. Thank God it had the Priority tag on it. ;)


As I stated initially, this was the first trip segment of my flight to Lima. I had to stay overnight at AMS and decided to give a try to the Citizen M Hotel at Schipol. Normally before my first choice was the Sheraton Hotel which is just across the terminal but the prices were just crazy and for a good amount of money less I wisely decided to give this hotel a try. I recommend anyone having to stay overnight to try it! I was very pleased with the rooms, very chic and modern. Free premium movies on the room, free WIFI, all electronic controls and even offering a mood light on your own room! Very very recommendable to all my fellow world travelers.

photo IMG_4459

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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew4.0

Independent VIP Lounge - 2


Cologne - CGN


Amsterdam - AMS



KLM prides itself as the Reliable Airline, and they surely are. They will take you from A to B with safety and reliability. But I do have terrible experiences with KLM ground personnel at Schipol. Old and tired ladies at the check in area are not friendly at all and try to play the 'I'm smarter than you' game all the time. For instance, I checked in from AMS to CDG the following morning to continue to Lima and I was approached by this dragon lady at the entrance of SP asking if I was flying J or I was elite with them. I found it weird, because the person just before me (a much older gentleman) was not asked this so I replied to her (playing a bit,as I noticed she wanted to play the smart game) I am flying First. Then she replied: Sir, We don't have First (trying to play the smart) and with the other agent were looking like they were completely amused with the situation. Then , me trying to be a bit sarcastic showed her my J class boarding pass and she let me in. Then I heard she was laughing about something ''First Class' with her colleague. I didn't want to make any issue of that as I don't give importance to people who doesn't deserve my attention.Reasons like being overworked, probably have been working for 50+ years with KLM and don't enjoy their jobs anymore and trying to play smart when clearly they don't realize that not only older mature people fly Business/First or have elite status with them but also someone as myself on its early 30's. In any case, I am perfectly aware of what to expect with KLM and what no to expect.

Other very common episode is to arrive at the Crown lounge (25) and find 5 agents at the entrance having a beautiful chat between them and having coffee and orange juice from the glasses and cups supposedly to be offered only to passengers ignoring that the client is waiting to be checked in to the lounge.

Of course this is not the first experience of some weird attitude at Amsterdam's KLM ground staff but yes, in KLM expect no luxury, refinement from its staff or cabin crew but to be taken safely and on time from point A to B with a quick and pleasant experience of transit at Schipol Airport.
Compared to CDG and AF, transit at CDG can be a bit chaotic but I always get a smile and a refined service and attitude from all the staff and crew of AF. It might be a cultural thing but I find some things of KLM disturbing and that clearly management is aware of and are not able to change until today.

As always,questions and comments are very welcome :)

Thanks for reading.



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  • Comment 132770 by
    ivob99 4 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this short flight!
    The snack looks decent :)
    I've never flown a Dutch airline, so I can't judge about the crew, but I wonder what they are going to be like in summer when they have to work more for efficiency...

    • Comment 313079 by
      giancarlo330 AUTHOR 60 Comments
      Hi Ivo,

      Thanks for the feedback, indeed the snack was premium for a 250EUR worth flight of a duration of 40 minutes :D
      Well, indeed summer won't be a good time for many members of staff I guess? as I said, expectations are low and I keep them that way, seat, get a drink, eat what they offer, another drink , sleep and land! voila :)

      Take care, GC.
    • Comment 313085 by
      ivob99 4 Comments
      haha, well in that case you should be flying first for that amount of money.. haha

    • Comment 313093 by
      giancarlo330 AUTHOR 60 Comments
      hahahaha yes yes, but come on! KLM has a great Business product, why should they offer First Class right? I wouldn't hesitate to try their 11EUR bottle of red wine on Business Class, so I fly First maybe they get me a 15 EUR bottle which would be a total refinement I couldn't deny! and don't forget all you can eat caviar ;)

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